Synchronicity Journaling: The Key to Awakening Your Psychic Power


The veils are thin. Many of us are beginning to understand that we communicate with each other on multiple levels. And, as we become aware of this layered reality, it is much easier to define what we see.

It is said that we only use about 5-15% of our energy (in most cases) for our own cell to cell communication? Our cells talking to one another is a huge deal in the formation of our total health.  They must send signals to activate digestion, secrete hormones, tell us to go for a jog, and so much more. But that internal communication may not be their TOP priority. Perhaps we were designed with a much greater purpose.

The other 80 something percent of your energy is spent communicating and co-mingling with the rest of the universe. At this moment some of your energy is communicating with me. And, I’m not just talking about the me who is writing this article. I’m talking about the higher-self me, the present-moment me and all of my incarnations. And, some of your energy is connecting with my neighbor’s dog and the tree in your yard. And, my home planet Vega. And yours too. 🙂

Ascension Time

I started keeping a synchronicity journal in my head just to reflect upon this infinite connectedness of all things. And, it got so detailed, I had to write it down before I lost it.

I am going to share some of it with you to hopefully inspire you to do the same. It seems to me that acknowledging the synchronicities allows us to notice them quicker and more often. Which leads us to attracting more meaningful synchronicities into our lives. And eventually allows us to see the reason and guidance in every moment.

So many people become stuck in the fad of playing with and speaking about the “Law of Attraction,” without the real understanding of how everything vibrates. In order to really call something into your life, you must vibrate with it. But, have you ever thought about why you are vibrating where you are? Like perhaps there is a deeper life-purpose meaning to it? Maybe, just maybe you are vibrating where you are because you need to be. At least for right now.

Keeping a synchronicity journal can help you understand where you are already vibrating.  Looking at the synchronicities may help you see the patterns as to why you are vibrating where you are. Which is where the real lessons are. Awakenings really. And, I know that when I see the purpose and realize that I am moving forward, my whole perception improves. I no longer feel stuck.

We can do simple work to undo patterns that truly don’t serve you, to call in new experiences that aid you better and also to use your energy to your fullest potential. So you can clear your life’s path for success.

I find that my clients and I become happier and happier when we have a deeper understanding and  control of our energies. It’s not always about calling in those thousands of dollars. It’s about getting real with who you are and calling in only what you need to be you. That is serious abundance. That is BLISS.

So, here I offer you my synchronicity journal which I will begin in January with a McDonald’s cheeseburger. It’s not ALL that serious.

Synchronicity 1:  I dream I work for McDonalds. And, I’m making and hiding piles of cheeseburgers under a metal heating duct. My family comes in and wants burgers, and I tell them we don’t have any. I try to hide them. It’s like I want the burgers to melt and disappear, but they don’t. I cant hide them anymore. They keep multiplying (we can psycho-analyze that later).

I wake up, and while still laying in bed I turn on a webinar. In the webinar a man discusses how somebody found a 13 year old McDonald’s burger in a coat pocket – completely in tact. This fact was seemingly unrelated to the webinar topic.

I definitely noticed the synchronicity

Synch. 2: 4 years ago while staying with family, I placed my hand into my toiletry bag and cut off my fingertip on Doug’s ultra sharp razor (it has since healed).  At the time of the injury, the pain and blood brought back specific past-life memories.

Present Day: I entered the same relative’s home for the first time in 4 years, to spend the night. I reached into my toiletry bag, hand right down on the razor, slightly cut my thumb and brought back the same past life memory. I stopped myself this time, as if in slow motion — in order to not really hurt myself. I was able to see my need to address this memory and clear any non-useful connection I had with it.

Synch. 3: Upon taking a drive through a city we lived in 10 years ago, I remark to Doug “this is a cute place, but I’m sure glad we don’t live here anymore.” Then I get the feeling that somehow, we will be living there. This was weird because we had a place to stay where we were comfortable at the time, and no intention of staying longer or needing to relocate.

1 week later: We have temporarily moved into a home that we actually considered purchasing 10 years ago in the same neighborhood we’d just driven through. We didn’t purchase it then because it was particularly “spooky.” (This time, we were just visiting family and doing some work, and we were not actively searching for a home to rent.)

Synch. 4: We suddenly needed a place to call home for a short stay while we took care of some much needed business. We had a lot of needs and requirements in a new home. So, we simply stated that we were calling in the best situation possible. It was after our declaration for a new home that I received the intuitive guidance to write an article “Talking Shit and Emanating Bliss”. Then I intuited to go see a specific doctor, and that my home would be revealed to me. I did both.

12 hours after finishing my doctor appointment: We receive a call from a relative letting us know that he found us a great place to stay. (description in synch 3)

Synch. 5: I go see this doctor whose name has been calling to me for at least 8 months. During my visit, we finish each other’s sentences, we discover a past-life Egypt connection, and most importantly, he shows me a photo of a since-passed doctor-friend of his, and asks me if I know the guy. “Maybe,” I say.

But, when he begins talking about the man’s death-date, I blurt it out.  I knew the date. I knew the exact day he died because it’s my dear friend’s birthdate. And I am almost certain she is him. So, I think I must connect these two. The living doctor and my friend, of course (because she could’ve been his friend 21 years ago in her past life).

When I left his office there was a book with me that I didn’t take and he didn’t give me. It is a book about his  doctor-friend who passed away.

Hours later: I share the info with my friend over the phone, and she shares with me that she is coming for an impromptu visit. She completely connects with the story about her potential past-life self, and it is also very in-line with all of the psychic readings I’d given her over the years.

A day later she is sitting in my living room with two of her beautiful new friends, and her new boyfriend. The boyfriend happens to be (among many other amazing things) a super-fan of some of my dear friends. And, has had his life greatly inspired by their work.

Then,  I discover that my ‘guests’ are all currently living in the home town of the subject of my conversation with the doctor. Then, when I asked their birthdates (for who knows what reason), each person shared a birthdate with a special family member of mine.  (Hope you followed those connections)

Synch. 6: In June, I met the goddess Isis during 3 awake visions and a dream. In the dream she healed my throat with an oil.

In January, I accepted an invitation to share healing oils with a team led by a woman named Isis.

Later in January, I accepted an invitation to travel to Egypt. I had no idea how our family would pull this off, but with all the synchronicities, I had faith that something would show up. Prior to my meeting with Isis (goddess) I had no desire, in fact, only fear came up around going to Egypt. Now, I see it as part of a soul calling which was definitely re-confirmed by the very psychic doctor I visited last week. He told me that we with the Egypt connection must work with one another. He was almost too busy to see me, but fit me in for a late appointment and spent 3 hours with me.

I was going through a super-charged refining period of my own skills.  During this time many opportunities for growth were showing up in the form of need for personal time and reflection, meditation and body care. Lots of body care. I found that I was in Chicago for reasons of clearing karma and releasing blocks to my own personal power. I was floored at the depth of the synchronicities that  I saw each day.

One thing that is sticking to me right now is that we don’t really know our true power until we begin to SEE ourselves in action. Until we allow in experiences that require the use of our power. I’m seeing the reason why I encountered the  Pleiadians  in 2011. I’m knowing why I moved to Mexico in 2011. There is so much more to come, people. I wish you all the synchronicities in the world.

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