Leo King Mind-Blowing Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Update

My Kitchen smells amazing at 2:22 am. as I’m clearing out the last remnants of my OCD cleaning addiction with some delicious essential oils. The Blood Moon is up and I’m feeling so Libra-y.

Thank the universe for people like the Leo King, who can explain how astrology mixes in with what’s going on at this very crucial time. It’s definitely time to say goodbye to the controlling habits that we (I) acquired during this past Psycho-Dramatic phase. Time to set the inner child free.

On my birthday, March 1 — I was downloaded with instructions for opening portals and gateways on the planet as well as within our human bodies. As soon as I said YES, to that inner calling, I’ve been bombarded (in a great way) with people needing this work.  As we pass through this moon phase, we are entering a new way of being. We are literally shedding the archetypal parts of us who have learned our lessons and are simply ready to be home. Home within ourselves. To step more fully into our gifts for the world. It’s really a passageway into FREEDOM. But, I’m just learning astrology, All I know is literally what I discover through meditation. And with these thinning veils, I expect all of us will be receiving more potent divine downloads.

Check this guy out. If you’re into astrology, subscribe to his channel and start learning how we and the stars are truly mirrors. Start learning how it all effects our lives. It’s beyond mind-blowing!

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