Home Made Essential Oil Parasite BioFilm Cleanse and the “Cure for All Diseases”

Everybody’s got worms.  

This post was originally published in 2015

Hulda Clark’s book, “The Cure for ALL Diseases” taught me that back in 2000, when I picked it up at a garage sale from a guy who looked like Vince Vaughn.

To some extent, all of our bodies can harbor parasites. Parasites, viruses, fungi, yeast and even bacteria show up when they sense the need to break down acids, toxins and other microbes. Pathogenic parasites have been found at the core of many illnesses, like autism and cancer. And, in some cases, these guys are being used reversely in immunotherapies to eat up cancer. One can gain decades of immunity and even protection against various cancers by first experiencing a measles infection, for example. While writing my book, “Are You Eating Your Bugs? an Adventure in Thriving with Probiotic Foods, Energy Healing and the Psychic Diet,” I grew a new fondness for the bugs that inhabit us. Certainly they desire their own proliferation, but they are not there to kill us. They are there to eat the the food we made for them in our acidic terrains. And, in Nature, everything has a flip side. They don’t just take from us. There is always a gift in return, so to speak. They influence our thoughts, moods, behaviors, cravings and even our psychic power.

People like Antoine Beauchamp knew what he was talking about when he described how and why these bugs enter our bodies. They cannot exist there if there is no food for them, and once they show up, they can pretty much begin making food out of anything.

In the beginning of our healing journey, I discovered that my son had parasites. With options to consume herbs like wormwood, black walnut, clove, and other bitter and strong remedies, I hesitated to move forward on removing them traditionally. While I was just breaking in to my medical intuitive healing shoes at that point, I trusted my inner knowing that those herbs would not work for him. So, I did a vibrational parasite cleanse on my son (which I often talk about), and saw many “bugs” come out in his poop. This included me consuming the herbs, and sending the medicine to him vibrationally.

There are 2 significant things about our vibrational parasite cleanse.

  1. After releasing parasites, he was able to speak clearly for a while (he’d often go back to being non-verbal until the next time parasites were released).
  2. This led me to realize way back then, the vibrational and emotional attachment to parasites.

Flash Forward to NOW. I’m in a place of deep self-healing and upgrading my body. Anyone on a spiritual journey knows the physical symptoms can sometimes be hell. We are exposed to so many chemicals and electro pollutants on a daily basis that the sensitive, empathic people must learn to transmute as we grow. I’m pretty certain we don’t have to suffer through it, but the programming to suffer may be hard to break. Either way, something like a parasite infection gives us the power to heal down to the template and understand the way energies effect us on a deeper level.

I noticed a myriad of imbalances within myself and decided to energy and muscle test for parasites. Worm overload confirmed. Even Bliss-filled peeps like me can become negatively affected by these guys.

Every Body is different. Every story of how the parasites arrived, and what emotions may be attached is unique to YOU.  For me, I have strong reasons to believe that my parasitic infection came as a result of not fully taking care of myself. When I dropped the ball, these tiny organisms picked it up.

You see, we are all FULL of beneficial microorganisms. In fact 95% of the DNA within our bodies belongs to beneficial bugs. You may not think of parasites as beneficial, huh? But, what if I told you that my own healing depended on me recognizing their positive impact on my life? They eat things like cancer and poison, and I had recently released a large tumor from my liver/large intestine area. When I energy and muscle tested for parasites, I got the message that they were there to help.

Part of my moving through this experience was vibrationally communicating with all of the microorganisms/microbiome within me. I had to discover what the parasites were helping with and how I could do it without them.

Disease can really only be healed once we address our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional connection to it. The physical medicines I chose are very supportive of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies too.

What are Parasites?

These are toxic organisms that feed off of our energy and food and create even more toxicity in our bodies.  As they grow, they make it harder for us to benefit from our nutrition and they cause a host of symptoms from digestive upset to pain in the joints. Even cancer and death, as the toxins they release into our bodies paralyze our immune systems. That is, if they are allowed to grow out of control.

We know of parasites coming from eating uncooked or sick meats, of course. BUT, parasites also have a way of piggybacking off other toxins in our systems. For example, if you have a candida overload, or a strep overload (ongoing systemic internal infections) that toxic environment may be another factor in allowing parasites to thrive.

In the autism community, many people are familiar with biofilms, which are essentially mucousy housing for all of these pathogenic organisms.  In my work, most people are dealing with more than just worms. Worms go hand in hand with biofilms. We also know that heavy metal poison  and other infections live within the biofilm system. Various types of infections have signature biofilm that must be broken into specifically. Lyme Disease is one of those bio films that people find particularly difficult to crack.

Biofilms and Me

I too  muscle tested for biofilms with specific bacteria and viruses that I also must consider when flushing my system.  I’d rather not state the bugs specifically. I decided to create a natural system of healing that would help break through the biofilms, kill the parasites and bacteria and viruses while also helping me keep immune system strong. That means not going too fast.

I took note to take breaks from breastfeeding to allow my body to process the cleansing parts of this protocol.

(We can have further discussions about breast feeding while cleansing, and the various bacteria and viruses that I am experiencing.)

Here’s what’s helping me. The actual Protocol is Personalized through energy and muscle testing and keen observation. All aspects are not necessarily done together or in the same day. 

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are getting a lot of press lately due to their potent plant power. Because they offer the purity of the plant’s medicine without any additives, or water, they are often able to assimilate with the body quickly and give their medicine fully.  I must say that although they are natural, they are most definitely “medicine.” No one is allowed to say that they “cure” or “treat” any illness, but we must be cautious when using them, because they are quite strong.

Essential Oil is TRULY Our most potent natural medicine source. Those of us who have tried to heal with herbs and flowers know that  proper dosaging can be a challenge. We know that certain herbs work to get rid of specific viruses, but we are never told how much to use. And often, it takes quite a bit to achieve the best results.

Essential oils are a game changer for that problem. They are so potent, that they are often best used diluted. You can find your best dosaging through  energy and muscle testing, and building up through trial and error. Just be cautious.

I’m using therapeutic grade organic essential oils that have been carefully created in order to express the most medicinal quality the plant has to offer. I have chosen plants that work with my body to release parasites, bacteria and yeast.  And also to boost my immune system,  and support digestion and relaxation which are also so important at this time. Some of the essential oils are known for these benefits. Some of them are personalized to me.

Herbs and Mushrooms

I’m using specific healing herbs and medicinal mushrooms that my body responds well to, in order to boost my immune system and support detoxification, digestion and relaxation. I find it necessary to round out the healing with plants and homemade plant medicine that may not be as “in-your-face” potent, but definitely share a more “building”  or “YIN” form of energy with my body.

I have chosen Not to take Black Walnut or Wormwood this time due to possible harm to the baby and breast milk

Vibrational Medicine

I’m also combining flower essences and crystal waters to support the sweet emotional release of those  so-called “ugly” emotions like anger that harbor parasites in our bodies.


I am practicing a mostly alkaline diet, with Body Ecology Anti-Viral principles (most of the time).  I incorporate food that makes me feel good and foods that I feel will strengthen and support my body, mind and spirit.

This includes a green diet of :

  • Raw fruit-free juices and smoothies with superfoods
  • Bone, seaweed and medicinal mushroom broths
  • Salads and steamed veggies
  • Coconut kefir and cultured vegetables
  • Coconut and avocado (occasional fats)
  • Fish when needed ( not antiviral)
  • Lemon and lime ( only fruit)

Emotional Release

This is the MOST important aspect of healing for me. I am blessing my triggers and allowing my emotions to show themselves to me. I am being with them in the moment and consciously releasing them when they are ready.

My Protocol and Recipes:

Essential Oil Tinctures:


Clove oil, Oregano Oil and Cilantro Oil

Raw Organic Olive Oil

3 2oz medicine bottles


33-44 drops of one essential oil in each medicine bottle

Fill each bottle to the near top with raw organic olive oil

Percuss the bottle (hit the bottom of it hard on a flat surface like floor at least 100 times (20 x 5))

Store: On your medicine shelf

Essential Oils in capsules


Frankensense, Digestive Blend, Clove, Oregano, lemon, lime, ginger, etc (test for ones that you may need)

Empty pill capsules

Process: Pour  1-3  drops oil into capsule and take orally immediately after making. Create the combo of your choice. I often use 1 drop Oregano, 1 lemon, 1 digest.

Immunity Tincture:

Ingredients: about a cup of each herb

Reishi Mushroom, Milk Thistle seed, Chaga Mushroom, Olive Leaf, Nettles, Skull Cap (these I tested for specifically)

Enough 80 proof organic vodka to cover (herbs will swell in jar.  It’s good to cover over them by a few inches).

Saucepan and distilled water

Large Glass jar and medicine bottles for finished product

Process: Bring Reishi Mushroom to a boil with just enough water to cover it. Add in your Chaga and more water and simmer for a few hours. Turn off heat and add in the rest of the herbs. Infuse over night. Fill the large glass jar with the herbal infusion, and pour the vodka over to cover. Leave in cool dark dry place for about a month.

Option, add your favorite probiotic pill capsule to the cooled infusion before introducing the vodka. For me, this is to include the energy of the good bugs.

Store: When Finished, store on your medicine shelf

Fire Cider:

Ingredients: Enough of each to fill your jar. Not rocket science.

1 onion chopped


mustard seeds

turmeric (and/or curry)

cayenne pepper

Raw, Organic Apple cider vinegar

Glass Jar

Process: Fill the jar with your herbs and cover with Apple Cider Vinegar. Leave covered in cool dry place for about a month.

Store: When done, store on your medicine shelf

Other Healing Items

  • Aloe
  • Monolauren
  • Oregacillin
  • Delenolate
  • Carlson’s fish oil
  • 40000 volts
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Pectasol
  • Zeolite clay
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Coconut Kefir
  • Bone Broth
  • sea veggie broths and medicinal infusions
  • coffee enema, lemon enema, acv enema and implant of chlorophyl
  • Super foods: Bio Age Algae, Aloe


I do this part of my protocol from 6 pm -10 am so that I am sleeping through most of it.

  1. 6 pm: Take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach to break biofilm (so, dinner would be light and hours prior. Like at 4 pm)
  2. 8-9 pm:  Take capsule of straight essential oil ( a combo of clove, oregano, digest zen and Frankincense) ok, monolauren/Oregacillin and clove oil.
  3. Morning: Take Clay or charcoal  (wait an hour) and do coffee enema ( sometimes 1+ hour)
  4. Supportive breakfast:  Super Green smoothie with fresh garden greens, avocado, superfoods, ginger, aloe, Immunity tincture,  (often my smoothie liquid is an herbal infusion)
  5. 1 hour later: Take a few drops or droppers of the fire cider and after that, take a few drops or droppers (depending on what my body needs) of the essential oil tinctures
  6. Spend the day eating whatever I want  slowly and chewing my food well.  If I get the hint that I’m killing parasites very quickly, (sometimes, I get pain in my joints pretty badly), I will take some clay or some charcoal to help absorb that. The i May do another enema.

Moon Phases

Parasites reproduce on a cycle just like we do. During new and full moon phases, I go deeper into cleansing. On these days I naturally desire to eat more alkaline, drink more alkaline or spring water, rest, yoga and definitely use the benefits of enema. During this time, I also may increase my dosages of essential oils.

The Results

I am feeling a huge sense of physical body relief as I let go of the parasites. Yes, you can see them coming out. Yes, you feel so very relieved. You may go into this not knowing what the heck is wrong with your body and, you may even feel like you’re cashing out of this earth life. And, then, these guys leave your body and you are alive again.

For me, the parasite release is the next level of healing. I’ve had dormant infections that are just now surfacing because NOW they are safe to heal. Now, I am healthy and strong enough to release them.

Want to Learn how to take control of your Health? Learn to Muscle Test? Learn to address your health at the core? And, use your intuition to guide through the process? Awesome!!!

Be well and worm free!

And, get a free excerpt from my book, so you can learn what messages live in your poop.

Please see our medical disclaimer: https://blissedlife.com/about-blissed-life/medical-disclaimer/



Notes: I just want to remind you that this cleanse was designed by me for me. My intention is to share my story and inspire you into feeling great! I am not claiming that I have found any cures, and I certainly do not suggest that you follow my ways exactly. Do you research. Connect with the medical professionals of you choice and create a healthy body for yourself.



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