Must Watch Documentary on HUMAN THRIVING

It’s TRUE! The whole MULTIVERSE (all of the many universes and dimensions) are going CONSCIOUS! We are raising our vibrations and expanding both our knowledge and WISDOM.

So, what does this mean for you? What’s your role and how can you step more into it?

Here’s a sweet resource that has helped us along the way.  Doug and I have watched this over 20 times. Maybe more than 50. Our son know some parts by heart.  Somehow we never get tired of the deepening of truths. May it be a kick-starter for you. Some fuel for your conscious fire.

Don’t Believe a thing. Just Consider it All!

Thrive The Movie By, Foster Gamble

We found this video to be a great place to start.   We first shared it here in 2011, and well, we think perhaps now is a better time for our awakening readers to enjoy it.

According to the film, Mr. Gamble spent his life looking for the reasons why we are not THRIVING, and discovered what we can do about it. Humans  were born with the physical capability to adapt, regenerate, detoxify and heal. Not to mention our brain potential and unrelenting spirits.  Right?

So, why then do we have so much poverty, disease and suffering on our planet? It is not i our nature to fight. When we are in FIGHT mode, we do not grow.

Mr. Gamble is going to share with you a brief introduction behind the well-planned agenda to keep us sick. But, what’s possibly more important is that he shares many solutions. Many of which my family already successfully lives by.

This film touches every important subject from health and awareness, to banking and government. It really speaks the truth. And, you will see many positive changes that can be done to change the old paradigm.  Find out more about them here:

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Notes: Since this film’s release Gamble has of course received his fair share of criticism.  Here’s my two cents on that… (comment below if you need to talk more about it)

Mr. Gamble has been criticized for being everything from fake to illuminati. For the animal cruelty of his family company to the notion that UFOs can’t possibly exist. There is symbolism in the movie often used by the occult. But, why they use it is because there is power in it. It depends what you do with that power. Your intention and actions play a huge role. Something like the Super Bowl  half-time show which traditionally contains heavy illuminati symbolism has the intention to make us slaves.. or continue our slave-dom with entertainment. Does someone like Madonna know the implications of dressing like a goddess and mimic-ing some crazy sacrificial ritual? Um probably! But, is everyone aware?  No. Many don’t have ill intentions. Many have great intentions. And, just because the symbolism is being used for a negative agenda does not mean we have to remain hypnotized. I’ve seen people who have enough money to do so, bring out the truth only to allow their people debunk it in the near future. Or have the truth spoken by a “patsy” so that way it’s out there, but no one believes it. Like Trump and his vaccine stance. The media has said something like TRUMP had a friend whose child was vaccinated and immediately got autism. The quote sounded stupid and came from a guy that many people feel is ridiculous. PERFECT. Fits the agenda and the promise to make the truth available.

So, If you’re questioning the authenticity of the messenger here, I’d look deeper into his message. He interviews many leading visionaries in the world of awakening, including Nassim Haramein and James Gilliland.  The key to really waking up is to take in all of the info and use it. To be aware of the many layers of the truth.

Even tough this film feels cheesy in some parts,  (there is just so much more to the truth that this film cannot share), I deeply appreciate its power to awaken us to the fact that we are made from energy, and we can tap into that to create anything we need. And, of course to the idea that we can THRIVE.

See for yourself.



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