DeNiro My Hero: Robert DeNiro Stands Up for Vaccine-Injured and Vaccine Truth

My kids are still sleeping. So, here I am dipping my gluten-free crackers in avocado and relishing in the alone time. As if my heart wasn’t full enough already, I see the headline of this video, and notice that Robert DeNiro is speaking about vaccine truth on main-stream media.  The Today Show, for Love’s Sake!

DeNiro recently pulled the movie “Vaxxed — From Cover-Up to Conspiracy,” produced by Dr. Andrew Wakefield,  from his Tribeca Film Fest. The movie, which uncovers CDC lies about vaccinations created an obvious stir. But, his otherwise “controversial” film festival (created to re-build NYC after 9/11) just couldn’t handle the pressure and threats (from other film makers??), and they decided not to run it this time. I didn’t care about that. Just the fact that DeNiro considered it in the first place was enough to help so many people wake up and question.

In the middle of it all, we learned that Mr. DeNiro has a son affected by autism as well, and that the vaccine conversation is one he personally needs to engage in order to get answers for his family.

DeNiro says we still need to watch the film. And others like it. He mentions “Trace Amounts!”

If this is your first time reading here, I have  a vaccine-injured child with documented poisoning,  who received the label of “autism” at age 3 –and has since recovered.  And, I help other families detox and heal their children. In my 10 years and thousands of encounters with families, I have met 3 children diagnosed with autism who did not have vaccines. And, their healing was dependent upon clearing other toxins from their guts, and rebuilding their immunity — in a similar manner to that which we use to heal the toxic effects of vaccines on their guts.

When I speak about healing from autism, I am referring to undoing the cascade of illnesses attached to every person I know with autism. I am not referring to changing a person’s life purpose. 

So, you can imagine my deeply felt GRATITUDE, LOVE, APPRECIATION, HELL-YESSNESS  over the fact that this very private man, a man who has a son with autism, a man who has never spoken about his son’s experience, a man who has lots of money and a successful life, and who doesn’t need to tout “anti-vaccine” for anyone else’s benefit — came out in public to discuss  and question the truth about vaccinations. I’m holding back tears.

DeNiro is not anti-vaccine. He says-so several times. He is “pro-safe vaccines.” He is for us getting to the truth.

The truth about vaccinations is not one that people want to hear.

Hearing it means that the medical establishment has lied to us?

Hearing it means that we are not actually strong in our immunity?

Hearing it means that we have to re-evaluate so many of the other truths we hold close.

 So Begins the De-Programming of Earth People!

This, my sweet friends, is the beginning of a huge awakening. No one particularly likes being woken up. We like to snuggle for a while, yawn 300 times, go pee, and come back for more pillow time until we are good and ready.  So, if this makes you angry, I would ask yourself why it makes you angry.

If it’s because you fear that children will die from non-vaccination, I will tell you THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. 

If the statistics of children  dying from measles or flu are true– they have died from a weakened immune system that could not handle the virus. No one talks about this… But so much of the info you get on this is fabricated. Also, since so many children die and have severe reactions to the measles shots, it is quite possible that such a toxic vaccination would also kill a person with a compromised immune system. That said… it’s entirely unacceptable to allow for any of our children to die, if we can help them in any and every way possible. And, we can. I promise. I dedicate my life to it. We can create healthy families. We can decrease deaths from flu, measles and anything else that vaccines claim to do… we can actually do. You can hold me to it.

The movie “Vaxxed” documents confessions of  a head CDC scientist regarding LIES  published in the only study done to dis-prove the link between autism and vaccines. The only study we refer to is one that was fabricated purposely.

DeNiro calls for us to look more into this as a society. He even corrects the interviewer on her statement about people not getting vaccinated and dying from measles etc. He says we need to look more into that too.

Listen Guys, Robert DeNiro may be just learning about the connection of vaccines and autism. And, he is in a sensitive place regardless — being a public figure and risking threats. If he is just waking up to this and is capable of stepping up and simply asking us to have a more public discussion on the topic… do you realize how important this is? We need to reach the public with a soft note like his. He is merely saying that there is a strong reason to talk more about the truth behind vaccinations.

You can see the discomfort of the interviewers and film fest producer, and I commend them for being a part of this anyway.

For many years, doctors, scientists,  researchers and parents have shared the countless ways in which vaccinations harm our immune systems  by surpassing our bodies’ first line of defense, overloading us with toxicity, accumulating viruses, causing strokes and seizures,  allergies, auto-immune responses and more. We have also been given truths on the agenda that perpetuates the intentional poisoning of our people.

However many have not believed the truth because the amount of money and programming that go into making us believe otherwise is just stronger. But, with us pushing the 50% autism rate… more are hearing the call. Let’s not allow our kids to be poisoned anymore. Let us come together to understand how to create strong immune systems. Let’s learn to drop the fear that makes us give away our power to choose what we put into our bodies. Let’s stop judging other parents too. My stance has always been to give the truth and not be stuck on what people do with it.  MOST of the close people in my family and old friends vaccinate. I love the heck out of them. I’m not connected to the reasons that they don’t hold my truths. I’m not on a time schedule for their awakening. Nor do I believe they must accept and awaken to the same truth. I do believe though, that there is an overriding power that would like to keep us separate.

And,  coming together is what will heal all of us and our babies.  Now, can we talk about this?

On to Mr. DeNiro, My Hero:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.31.10 AM

A little kicker: The FDA admits to “autism” and even “SIDS” as an adverse effect of Tripedia a DTAP vaccine that was allegedly used until 2011. My son had that shot. So did many of my clients. If it was actually phased out what do you suppose they replaced it with? hmm?  look up Tripedia and autism.  And, see screen shot below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.16.18 AM

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