How To Quickly Spot Organic, Conventional, And GMO Foods (And Make the Best Food Choices On A Budget)

See this pic? It was taken on an organic avocado farm where much of the goodies you see were home-grown. That’s the kind of eating I wish for all of you. My friend Alyson got a great shot of a great memory, and none of us grew extra limbs due to chemicals in our toast or anything crazy like that.

How do you know what you are eating? If you are not growing it yourself, you’ll need some help getting your information together. Here ya go.

Thanks Environmental Working Group

Do you guys follow the Environmental Working Group? They are a great source for non-toxic family living.

And, they’ve got lists called the “Dirty Dozen” which shares with us the most chemically sprayed foods and the “Clean 15,” which suggests foods with less toxic sprays.

I am a firm believer in eating organic food. But, I have issues with the crap that is allowed even in our organics. In order to really know what’s best to eat or least toxic,  that is –you need to compile your own research.

For example, avocados and corn are listed on the “Clean 15.”  Have you ever been to a non-organic avocado farm? I have. I’ve seen how they inject chemicals directly into the trees. It took my friends years to have their farm converted to organic after having raised their trees this way. While avocados and corn contain less spray directly onto the plant, my concern is that it makes people think that there are no chemicals in them at all.

Corn, well we all know that corn is a GMO baby, don’t we? But, are we eating the GMO corn or is it going to animal feed? Papaya too makes the list and is also often genetically modified. Please be aware of what you are putting in your beautiful body.

By understanding these simple lists, you can at the very least avoid purchasing some of the most filthy non-organics. Strawberries are often the worst, then apples.

Check the “Dirty Dozen” list, here.

But, I wouldn’t be too fooled by this Clean 15 list. Look deeper into why they need fewer chemicals.

Check the “Clean 15” list, here.

Now, you can also use this groovy scanner to tell you what’s in your food. Check it out here:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.49.51 PM

If you want to know an easy way to see if a food is organic, conventional, or GMO, look at the produce sticker, and memorize the 4 and 5 digit numbers .

Also, by knowing who supported proposition 37 (wanted mandatory labeling of GMO products for consumers), and those who were against it (wanted to block consumer knowledge of GMO foods), check out the handy visual below.

Furthermore, this is a list of companies who opposed GMO labeling because they don’t want you to know how your food was created.

Make your food choices wisely.

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