How are You Embracing Your Psychic Awareness?

What is Psychic Awareness?

It hasn’t always been a popular topic. The idea of mind-reading, seeing the future or communicating with source energy (god/goddess, spirits, or angels) has fueled witch hunts in the past. So, what’s so special about it? Maybe “somebody” doesn’t want us to use our psychic abilities.

Is there a way to turn it on whenever you want?

Maybe your psychic awareness makes you more powerful. Maybe it’s the key to something. When you open your perception and allow yourself to be as you were built to be, maybe your own psychic awareness will get stronger.

What if I told you that your psychic awareness is a natural ability that you can build upon? And, that it’s more than “fortune telling” or having visions? It comes in unique ways for everyone, and brings you the “messages” you need in ways that you are comfortable with.

My Growing Awareness

I have received psychic messages for my whole life, and they have all been amazing.

I woke up on the day of the 2011 tsunami in Japan and knew that something catastrophic had happened. We don’t use any corporate media, so we don’t usually know what disasters the main-stream is reporting.

I told my wife that I knew something terrible had happened and that we needed to do something good for the world to show our appreciation for life. That day we went out and did energy work on the ocean and sent energy to heal and bless the planet. It wasn’t until days later that we found out there had been a tsunami.

When I was younger, I would see visions of my whole day, before getting out of bed in the morning. It was a completely normal thing for me. It happened whenever I was sitting calmly in my room waiting to leave for school with my mind clear. I would get a glimpse of a short scene from my day ahead, and then later in the day I would see something like the “road full of hundreds of motorcycles” just like my vision. I have met a lot of people who had this same experience as children, and they always kept it to themselves, because they were concerned that they might get criticized.

It wasn’t until I started taking medication for a seizure disorder that my visions stopped. Now, since I have been off of western medicine for years, I am remembering what it is like again to “see.” It’s work trusting myself at times. There has been so much propaganda fed to me growing up that there is that small part of me that wants to hide it. But, the truth is that I would much rather have everyone understanding and practicing these concepts.

This talent and gift is innately in us all. I can’t think of anyone I know that hasn’t at one point in their lives experienced a psychic message.

You might have called it intuition, luck, coincidence, but we all know when someone is staring at us. How did you know to look up? We are all connected. You knew when someone was going to show up unexpectedly. “I was just thinking about you.”

We are receiving messages all the time. This concept has been held down for millennia. Even now there are people who think that it is a scary practice. When instead, it’s a beautiful practice with insight and wisdom as you grow with it. I couldn’t imagine a world any more where I didn’t use my psychic abilities for everything that I do.

Open Your Awareness


Try saying mantras to yourself as you are driving to work or taking a walk. Tell yourself over and over that you have strong psychic abilities. Get specific with your mantras and know what you want. Every time that you absorb a new reality in your mind (such as learning that we have a pineal gland that excretes DMT located at our third eye), there is a physical war of neurons in your brain where the new knowledge takes over the old information. By repeating something about yourself enough it will start to become real.

Be with Yourself

Another good exercise is to sit down in your favorite place to relax and clear your mind for 15 minutes.

Every time a thought comes to you, gently observe it and push it away, as you focus on relaxing your mind and body.

Through this experience, I usually get great direction. My brother has to go to a specific place every year that is completely secluded, in order to clear his mind and “get inspired.” Sometimes I do this to music or to my own meditative voice recordings.

Whatever it takes for you.

Trust Yourself

I follow my gut instinct on everything. If something is good for me then I go for it. I believe in myself over everyone else because I am the only one inside my body living my life.

Trust in yourself. And give yourself credit when you do. Open your mind and see how aware you really are already.


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