Making Positive Decisions and Inspiration from Ganesha

Ganesha at Halebeedu
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Originally published in 2011, But oh how relevant it still is!

A late night visit from the 3-D Ganesha helped clear my air last night and remind me of my path. Ganesha, the remover of obstacles (according to Hindu culture) appeared to me as I looked up from my near-sleep, and he simply smiled. He’d never shown himself so clearly to me before, so of course — I rubbed my eyes to look again. 

And, I so love the way spirits have of proving themselves subtly to us. He moved to the left, moved to the right, and smiled again right into my eyes.  All I could feel was complete gratitude and freedom.

Self empowerment takes on a whole new meaning for many of us right now. I believe we Lightworkers are being called to directly stand up for ourselves in new ways — in order to re-claim the strength we need to help others do the same. So often, I have not “realized” the severe consequences of allowing myself to “play it small.” But, my consciousness took a quantum leap through this summer, and I’ve learned to talk directly to my guides on a daily basis. When I let go of a problem and give it up to them, it gets solved in an instant. And,  I mean an instant. And, when one obstacle is gone — my path becomes more and more clear.

I think your path is about to open too.  A lot of the answers come from how we make our choices. What new choices can you make to further your purpose and your joy? What are some of your obstacles that need work?

 Desperate Times Call For Joyful Measures

You may feel we are going through desperate times due to the economy, wars, health crises, or the like  — but the message that my obstacle champion brought to me was that we need to make our decisions based upon what makes us happy.

If you are afraid these days — there are a myriad of legitimate reasons for your fear. But, to act out of fear will only perpetuate a pattern of fear and destruction.

I help people get in touch with their gut feelings. Their instincts. In fact, I believe that by doing this we will best connect with our truest selves and really find peace inside. But so often our gut feelings are clouded with what we fear rather than what we really want. The message I received last night calls for a shift in gut thinking. It challenges us to make the decision to go somewhere, do something, help someone because we will feel joy from it  — rather than choosing to do something because of the threatened backlash if we don’t. Part of empowering ourselves is using our voices  and abilities to accomplish what is true for us.

Sometimes, we simply don’t know what is true because we are living out a blinded pattern. So, here’s a simple little exercise I do when I’m trying to make a decision. Try this:

  1. Sit outdoors (half-lotus style) with your back to a tree if you can (or stand w/ bare feet on the ground if you are more comfy that way)
  2. Relax your breath and your body and allow the energy of the tree to radiate through you
  3. Begin to think of one thing (person, concept, picture, animal) that makes you happy
  4. Allow that happy feeling to penetrate inside and outside of you until you naturally smile and relax a bit more
  5. Check in with your body and notice how it feels when you are happy. Take mental notes.
  6. Put your hand over your gut and “feel” what your gut feels like when you are happy
  7. Breathe and relax some more
  8. Now, let your mind drift to the thought of your impending decision
  9. Make a mental choice, and let the feeling of that choice penetrate through your body
  10. How does it feel?
  11. How does your gut feel?
  12. Is this choice bringing you joy?
  13. Continue to do this, with mental breaks in between until you find the most joyful choice.. if it doesn’t bring you joy, consider not doing it.

Mantras for Positive Decision Making

I like to tell my self things like:
  1. I Choose Love
  2. I Choose Joy
  3. I Choose Peace
  4. I Choose a Party
  5. I Choose Fun
  6. I Choose what is Best for Me
  7. My Choices are Mine
  8. I Can Change My Mind Anytime I like

If you can make positive decisions, you not only further your path in a positive direction, but you also dissolve the negative energies that sparked your fear in the first place. The energy of Ganesha tells us that if we are willing to let go of our “obstacles” by not thinking about them, and instead focusing on the positive – -we open the door for a clearer perspective on ourselves. That’s when we really prosper and are fed the higher energetic  info we need to do good work.

We all have guides and spirits helping us. Sit with yourself, and just listen for the messages that come through for you. Is there something you can let go of for the opportunity to welcome more joy into your life?

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Have a Blissed night!


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