How do You Know what is True? And, Source Field Investigations with David Wilcock

In a dream long ago, I became keenly aware of the ethereal guides that I have with me in this lifetime. Spirit guides. Ones who many of us cannot see in the physical form in our dimension. 

Following my first conscious dream visit with these beings, I’ve had continuous and constant connection with them.  And, I  have received information regarding my purpose, my abilities and how to best use my strengths to help this planet in her ascension period.  Ascension simply being a path toward rising awareness of TRUTH.

Truth is what I am about. I used to go to sleep at night in my childhood bed with truth-seeking, burning questions in my head. I’d tell my parents that my head was on fire, and I don’t think that they understood what I meant.  I’d wonder, who were these “people” who visited me. I’d wonder if they were “God.” I had such conflicting feelings about God, although I always felt the LOVE. But, what I was experiencing was much different than what my Catholic family was teaching me.  And, beyond those questions was the hardest one of all to explain for me and that was “Who Created God?”

I never let that go. I just kept it quiet for a long time. Always wondering.

As my dreams and visions guided me into adulthood, and became burning sensations to share truth on a larger scale and help others find it for themselves –I have a clearer knowing of what Truth means. I am an Emissary of Truth. It’s not a side. It’s not in the middle or on the fence. It is all-encompassing, like your own core.

I was asked to be on a radio show the other day with an amazing healer and numerologist. I cannot wait to share that with you. He posed the question “How do we know what is true?” And, how  do we? I invite you to share your ideas in the comments here.

In several posts, I’ve spoken about being in a whole brain-state when determining what is true for you, and finding your own simple truths first.  This refers to having a fully activated brain that relies equally on intuition and logic.

When you understand the way your own mind works, and how your body tells you what to eat, for example — you can create a personalized system for knowing the big things. Like, are humans really a hybrid species? I mean, don’t you RRRREALLY want to know who we really are and where we came from?

I think that at the very least we need to recognize a method of discernment within ourselves for knowing the truth. And, that method has to include not just knowing because any other being told us so. Including spirits. Spirits are just energies, and yes they may have a different perspective. But, they may also have an agenda.

A channeling of the Magdalene energy that came through a few years ago left me with the  same question, “how do you know what is true?” She shared with me that she helps bring up those dark parts, the lies stuffed down for lifetimes. But, when the truth is brought to the light, everyone will not accept it. Not in our times. Not yet.

I have my ways of knowing the truth. I recognize how my psychic messages come in, and I have a way of evaluating them. What’s more, is that I practice being in a whole-brain state every day.  And, I’m open to being wrong too.

 How Can You Get into a Whole-Brain State?

You can do this by simply crossing the midline of your body with your arms and legs. A  simple pose of right hand to left shoulder and left hand to right shoulder, with ankles crossed — works. Take slow deep nose-breaths filling your belly first and then your chest, and exhale through your mouth.

There are so many other ways you can begin to activate your whole brain, but I love this as a start. You can add it to your daily meditation, or start a daily meditation where you do this for 5 minutes. Or more.

Our bodies and brains are accustomed to taking in information in a certain way, and when we cross the midline of our bodies, we are asking ourselves to take in information in a new way.  We activate logic and intuition. We make it possible to discern truth! It’s funny how we learn these poses in yoga and are not often taught how important they are. There’s more to it, yes… but let’s begin here.

I’m sharing this video below because it knocked my socks off when I first saw it. It filled in many blanks for me, and although I haven’t discovered every single human truth, I see the connection between the simple, ultimate truths and the details we need to uncover here on Earth.

Please watch it!!

The Source Field Investigations By, David Wilcock 

David Wilcock is not only a research genius, intuitive, brilliant scientific mind, but he also has been able to bring together so many concepts that have never before been collected in one place. This particular film covers ancient myth, modern science, prophesy, conspiracy, symbolism and tons of proof.  Check out David’s website,

The Source Field Investigations By, David Wilcock 

If the Universe is consciousness, then somehow the part of us that is the conscious mind, must be only a small portion of what consciousness really is.

Perhaps, he says that we are walking around in a trance. And, he goes on to prove  how  and why we have been hypnotized, and what coming out of that means. It’s crazy amazing. Especially if you’re in the midst of walking up and have lots of questions. 

Please  enjoy a little bit of our magic: 3 Day Bliss Kit



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