Reiki Certification Trainings to Master Level 10/8-10/9 (San Diego)


Are you Ready to SEE what you’re made from and use it to bring healing into your life?

We’re back in  San Diego and here to share!!


This time, Join Gina, Doug and our dear friend,  Reiki Master — Bonnie Jean for 2 days of Reiki Bliss. Choose to spend 1 or both days with us. Receive your professional certifications, deep healing, and amazing connections. We will also be sharing an organic lunch and beverages throughout the day. 


How We were Introduced to Reiki 

When Gina first became attuned to Reiki, she did it to help her grandfather who was on his way out of this lifetime. Little did she know that this beautiful practice of energy healing would bring health, peace and clarity to Dougie as he recovered from autism, to Doug as he recovered from a seizure disorder and to herself in every aspect of healing that she needs.

Since then, there have been countless miraculous experiences like helping children heal injuries and organ malfunction from a distance, helping people connect with their own intuitive and psychic abilities, and simply expanding the consciousness of those who desire.

Now, our whole family has been attuned to Reiki, and we allow that beautiful energy to flow through everything that we do. This makes our need for sharing even stronger.

Advanced Reiki Classes for 2016: Earth and Self Healing

Become a part of the inspired adventure into the art of Reiki Healing with a Shamanic Twist. These classes offer a practical take on using both modern and ancient healing techniques to help yourself and others through pain, indecision and illness – as well as heighten your consciousness and open you to your spiritual path.

We live within an energy field of rapid advancement into higher consciousness for our planet as a living being and all of us who live within Her. There are also major galactic shifts that influence our expansion. We are truly coming into an integration period where we are calling back the parts of our selves that have been lost over lifetimes, and realizing that each one of us holds parts of each other. We are One. And, we are figuring that out.

Ancient Shamans and “medicine people” understood how to live with our planet and use and restore her gifts for the growth of all. Integrating these teachings with modern experience, we can learn to transcend our problems by transforming our perspectives and heightening our vibrations.

We have more than just the power to heal. We have the inner power to shift. This connection offers one of the deepest, most satisfying feelings we have ever experienced and that is why we are sharing it with you now. We know that if this class is calling you — you will really dig it too.

Class Details:

These are Advanced Certification Courses in Usui Ryoho Shikki Reiki

When you complete the courses you will be certified to practice Reiki on yourself and others. This can be included into your healing practice or can be the foundation for a new healing or meditation practice. This certification may be used professionally. Please see your own state’s laws for using Reiki professionally.

You may want to become attuned and certified if you:

  • Have huge challenges you are ready to break through
  • Are interested in opening up your psychic ability
  • have been wanting to create or expand your healing practice
  • Have sick children or family members in your care
  • Work in the medical field
  • Work with people with special needs
  • Would just LOVE to share your amazing vibrant gifts with the world
  • Reiki is great for doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yogis, parents, teachers, realtors, cooks and… YOU

All of our graduates receive 1 year of e-mail support and complimentary admission (audit) to our Reiki Classes up to the highest level you have completed with us, FOR LIFE. We also hook you up with our other students for group support, discussion and practice.

Auditing and Refresher Classes: Feeling called to join us as a refresher to your Reiki Training with other teachers? We welcome you! We ask that all  levels 1-2 students joining for refreshers simply pay the $222.  Master Class Refreshers are $333.   (You will not be turned away for lack of funds). All former students may audit for no cost.

Saturday, October 8: Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Advanced Certification plus Shamanic Reiki Techniques

10:00 am 7 pm

San Diego (Private Residence. Address will be given upon registration).

$555 (for individuals certifying into Reiki levels 1 and 2)

$888 Special (for a group of 2 friends certifying into Reiki levels 1 and 2)
A $111 per person deposit must be paid through PayPal to reserve your spot and the rest is paid by cash, paypal or money order before class starts. (Unless otherwise arranged beforehand)

2 Class Special: Share both days of class with a friend, and both of you will receive your Reiki Master Teacher attunements and certifications for $1333

Please contact us if you need to set up alternate payment arrangements.

Please Register by contacting, and paying the deposit fee.

Preview Image

Sunday October 9: Reiki 3 & Master Teacher Certification Plus Advanced Intuitive Reading Practices

This class is for those inspired into the deepest healing and/or who feel called to teach.

11:00 am-7:00 pm

San Diego(Private Residence. Address will be given upon Registration).

$888 (for individuals certifying into Reiki Master Teacher)

2 Class Special: Share both days of class with a friend, and both of you will receive our Reiki Master Teacher attunements and certifications for $1444

A $111 per person deposit must be paid through PayPal to reserve your spot and the rest is paid by cash or check before class starts. Please contact us if you need to set up alternate payment arrangements.

Preview Image

Please contact to register. We will discuss your needs and be certain that these classes are meant for you. You will receive your class handouts and some homework upon registration, so please register early.

All former Reiki students are welcome to audit these classes at no cost.

Here’s the breakdown of what each level includes:

Level 1 Attunement and Certification: Heal Yourself and begin to Share the Vibes

Learn the history and principles of this ancient healing art, and begin to experience the flow of energy through your own body. We will also cover:

  • Reiki hand positions
  • Energetic protection
  • Self-treatment
  • Using Reiki in your healing practice/with clients
  • Practice time with fellow students
  • Unlocking your own healing power
  • The difference between Reiki and other energy healing practice
  • Muscle testing and energy reading with Reiki
  • Support for post-attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)

You were born with the ability to heal and the ability to feel energy. In Reiki Level 1, we help unlock that ability.

Level 2 Attunement and Certification: Deep Emotional Healing

This level of Reiki helps you discover emotional connections to your own and others’ blocks and illnesses. It also helps you find a balance between the mental and emotional conflicts you may have. Becoming attuned to Reiki Level 2 often inspires balance in all of your relationships as well. You will also learn:

  • 3 Reiki symbols and how to connect to them for use in practice and with yourself
  • How to send Reiki through time and space
  • How your body can read intuitive messages during a session
  • How to connect deeper to spirit
  • Clearing of toxins, blocks and stuck emotions with Reiki
  • Support for post-attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)

Level 3-4 Reiki Master Teacher Attunement and Certification: Walking in Energy

There is no mastering source energy. The Reiki Master is one who understands and chooses to forever tap into that beautiful light, and live in alignment with their true purpose. A Reiki Master lives by the Reiki principles, and uses Reiki each and every day. It is not difficult. In fact, it’s almost too simple. The attunement and certification are here to help remind you of the bliss behind living in alignment with your true self, and since they raise your vibration, they make it easier for you to live this way. As a Reiki Master you experience and learn more about energy and the connection of all each day. You will also learn:

  • Master Symbols
  • How to perform a Healing Attunement and Initiation Attunement
  • Exercises for cultivating energy in your own body and transferring it
  • Advanced Healing techniques through identifying specific blocks (illness, toxin, trapped emotion, past life trauma, etc)
  • Teaching your Own Class
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides
  • Support for post-attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)

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