Are You Seeing the Numbers 111 Everywhere? Atlantis, Halloween and a Message about Unity.

In visions, I’ve seen myself at the ledge of what appeared to be the Earth herself. Standing side- by-side with who felt like my greatest companions. There was fire and land-crumbling. We held hands. We overlooked the ocean. We were scientist-priests in a place where those roles were synonymous. Our world was changing for better or for worse.


We tried to stop it from happening. But, other people who wished to abuse our technologies simply won their way. While we used commonsense and compassion along with our technologies to advance in science, our adversaries were much more naive in their approach. Or, so it seemed. I felt depleted, as if I had given it my all and failed. My heart was so heavy, yet there was that deep wisdom that the only place we could go after this was up. I was hopeful. I stayed until everything was burned and sunken, and I don’t remember what else happened.

It can be difficult to explain that inner knowing all of us have to special places in time. But, the idea of Atlantis has always just made sense to me. I’ve felt I was there. Had specific dreams about Atlantean technologies, musical instruments, buildings and details that link me back there. And, in this life I often talk about the synchronistic validations that come to me regarding my psychic “assumptions.” I’ve never let go of some of my visions. They come back to visit in greater depth each time throughout my life. Perhaps the most notable “Atlantean” experiences come from my son who was not “schooled” on this potential lost world. I love him for that. One night, he woke me up with his sleep-talking in a different language. Before waking to his own voice, my husband, Doug responded to Dougie in the same language and then said “yes captain.” The 3 of us had been co-dreaming. And the language we were speaking was not one that sounded like anything from now. Yet, it was familiar. When I retuned to sleep, I was on a ship, being guided by my son. And, I was given the knowing that I was in Atlantis.

Halloween commemorates the anniversary of our last day in the ancient world of Atlantis.

My vision of the destruction of our sacred home took place the next day on 11/1, (The Day of the Dead) Today, on Halloween, the Earth people celebrate thousands of years of the calm before the greatest storm ever. Apparently, there was a massive party beforehand as our demise was predetermined. We all dressed up as the spirits or people we wanted to be in our next life. I also feel we dressed in the way we felt we needed in order to call in the right energies to help us transition. Tradition has shifted the original story into our various religions and cultures over time. But, at the core, Samhain, new moon, and the beginning of fall and end of summer all hold the same energy. There is a death of summer and nature goes to sleep. Trees shed their leaves. And, we too go into a period of gentle cleansing in preparation for winter. Over our more recent history Halloween was a time when we could celebrate the hidden knowings. Where spirit came to life. But, the very hiding of these concepts is reminiscent of a time and place where the separation of the divine masculine and feminine occurred so drastically, Atlantis. So, in a sense the way we celebrate Halloween as a culture has shifted with us over time to serve whatever level of awakening we are at in terms of moving through the Atlantean story.

If you often see the numbers 111, this is known to be symbolic of new beginnings.

Since Atlantis dissolved on the last day of October, the new world began as the spirits of his people crossed over into our new realities. And, on November 1, we celebrate “All Soul’s Day,” or the “Day of the Dead,” where we honor our ancestors and deceased relatives. November 2 is “All Saints Day” in the Catholic world where I was born. Considering the symbology of 3’s and how even Jesus rose on the third day, we can see the connection between the idea that the souls were destroyed, died, and rose on the third day. Hence, three days of celebration around the event. Moon phases also last 3 days and we are in the new moon phase at this time of year. I’ve seen the number “111” repeatedly since I was a child. And, when I asked my guides “why can’t I read numbers?” I was told that I could, and to simply try it. Since 2010. I’ve been giving readings using numbers and seeing numbers while giving readings. 111 and 1111 often show up for people who have deep wisdom and intuition and need to tap into it for creating a new opportunity or embracing a new opportunity.

Are you seeing 111 Today?

I have to share this message that came to me yesterday. It is indeed a time for a “clean slate.” You can completely shift your reality with the supportive natural energies that are here right now. But, you must let go of those things holding you back. Whether you need to tell someone how you really feel (without making them wrong or you right), or you need to spend some time with the emotions you have not given time to in the past. Simply say what you’ve been thinking, and potentially hiding or passive-aggressively stating. Whatever feelings of sadness or resentment you’ve had toward the work you do, in particular, the work you do for your family and the community in which you live, can be let go of now. Just spend some time being with them. Cry them out. Act them out. Dress up in a costume that represents this expression.

It is also time for some of us to consciously timeline shift.

In the US, we’ve been karmically living out the Atlantis story. When Atlantis was finished, I realized that I had not been acting in complete oneness with our adversaries. I have since learned that there is no bad or wrong place to be in the journey of Ascension. Every role we can play here is important for teaching, mirroring and shadowing. All of these aspects are ways that we grow. And, so we chose to destroy our home, only to repeat the same lessons until we get it. We are one. We are at a time where our Unity is paramount. Elections happen in the coming week in the spirit of a “new leadership” after the destruction. And, I’m working on some specific timeline shifting inspired by the intense energies that surround us during this time. I shift us into a space where we are one. Where the “vote” does not decide our happiness, our thriving or our success. But, instead our energies combine to create the best outcome beyond candidates and politics, which represent the original destroyers of Atlantis. The key to transcending their false assumption of power is to see ourselves as one with all of them, and use our truly elite power to move forward. It’s time for those of us who know what is right, to make the right things happen.

Join me in shifting our reality into the one we’ve always wanted.

As you put your truth out there, see that everyone has preferences and beliefs based on their experiences. But, even modern science continues to prove our oneness and connection with each other and our ancestors. There has never been death in the way we think of it. But, I would really like to see what’s beyond this story, wouldn’t you?

Happy Halloween Loves.

I’m here for you, love… offering medical intuitive sessions and psychic coaching  to help you get well, stay well and of course Thrive through these important times.  How can i best serve you?



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