Standing Rock and Our Awakening


It’s Thanksgiving. Besides having the soul urge to free all the turkeys and farmed animals and plants in captivity and create a sustainable free energy existence here with you in light speed, I know we have some work to do.   I know that it may take time.  I also know that instant manifestation is a real thing. I’ve been telling you for a while that our human race and planet Mama Gaia are Ascending. I’m not certain of what that means to you and urge you to share your wisdom. To me, Ascension is about expanding awareness of our magic. Our ability to connect with the above and the below on a much more profound level. To know where we came from and why. And, for that to happen, all of the illusions are coming to the light for us to once again, use our free will to discern.  Economic and political illusions. The illusions of governments and the entertainment industries. Illusions of false histories. Human history, earth history, galactic history have all been mucked in lies.  So, if you are feeling anxious, afraid, sad as hell, disoriented, angry, or any other uncomfortable sensation,  you now have so much validation for that. We can decide to, once again, fall into the comfort of the validation of our stories and repeat this pattern again, “Matrix” Style — or we can transcend and break through the false chains and ascend to a place of much higher knowing.  That is to say, feel your fears, embrace your stories and all of the work that comes with them, but if you eventually decide to set your inner navigation outside of that story — you will see this pattern end. You will see the truth without needing to have it validated by “authorities.”

This brings us to our brothers and sisters Standing in Solidarity at Standing Rock in North Dakota, protecting our water from the threat of the Dakota Access Pipeline. I’ve been outside of mainstream media for years, so I do not even know the lies you have been told about the DAPL. What I do know is that indigenous Earth Tribes, including those native to the land most of my readers live on, hold extensive historic records which have assisted them in maintaining a symbiotic and honorable relationship with our planet –consistently helping her to detox and rebuild throughout  ages of our human involvement in her destruction. What I do know is that these people carry within their DNA (DNA holds real memory for survival), the wisdom to help shift our planet into Ascension. With or without humanity. I do know that we can look to these people and we should, for the answers about how to best treat our planet and best use her gifts. I do know that within all of us there is water. Water connects every being, and without it we are dead.  The water of our planet represents our flow of energy, our fears and sense of security. Our inner mother herself.  Our deepest fears have now become collectively manifest in the North Dakota happenings.

When you really stand for truth, you cannot be shaken. Your whole being changes. The way you feel inside your body changes.  You walk feeling a pillar of connection to the heavens and the roots of our planet. Or at least I do. This holiday, I am inspired to say that we are not in a bad place. Hurtful things are happening. The same people whose land was brutally stolen from them with the intentions of eradicating their conscious culture for the sake of a one-sided, masculine agenda,  are facing the same pattern of attacks. And, those with eyes to see and ears to hear can get clear on it. This has not JUST happened. Our society has spent all of our known time  programming us against our nature and harming those people who personify any glimpse of the divine feminine magic in all of us. Any culture or practice  that honors the planet has been  consistently mocked. As many of us awaken, we are seeing truth appear. But, we are seeing it from our own perspectives and from the necessary lessons we require.  I get really really sad sometimes because my fellow humans don’t see things the way I do. They don’t see that separating ourselves in any way -politically, spiritually,  or racially serves the agenda against our Ascension. I get sad when people mock others for having the opposite political opinion, because they think their politics is based on “good.” I get sad when others protest any questions that simply seek truth. But, my position is no more valid than any of theirs. We all have roles to play in the Ascension journey and we all have valid passions that drive us to fulfill our mission. The Standing Rock energy has the capacity to transcend a lot of the energetic sludge that has been holding us back. All of those things that matter to you. All of the freedoms you seek for your family and others, we can  greatly improve upon  or even completely solve (depending on how far we can stretch our beliefs) with the energies held at Standing Rock.

In dreams recently, I have succeeded in freeing myself and others from a concentration camp using my wits and my power to access universal energy. In my waking life, I have experienced instant magic by consciously using this energy. Things like wound and pain healing, car repair, mood shift, temperature shift and more have all been instantly possible for me because I know how to use the energy that flows through all of us. And, I use it for the good. Not working against nature.  Studies have been done to show that prayer works, and that people gathered in meditation have stopped crime by epic proportions. Very little time is required to make these shifts, if we can have clear focus. Unfortunately, the truth is that most of us do not have clear focus lately. But, the silver lining is that Indigenous Tribes of the land have prepared for lifetimes to guide us in this shift. Their power to hold the space of positive change is one that we can be humbled at and quickly learn from. How you get to your place  of focus is going to be unique to you. But, getting there and sending that focus to our brothers and sisters on the front line strengthen their power and our mission.  The same system that brought us slavery of the African people, burning healers at the stake, economic rape, mind control though media, false flags, medical tyranny and the blocking of our true origins has recent roots in the oppression of these Earth Keepers. If we allow them to do what they do, and follow their lead here, I  foresee a retreat of Pipeliners, militia and oppression as well as the return of treatied land to her rightful children…. all of us.

I see the Standing Rock experience as a turing point in our human evolution. Banding together under one just cause will allow us to transmute many other lines of separation.

So, what is it that you need to know, in order to help you send healing focus to the people and land a Standing Rock?

Do you need to know what the pipeline is?  In summary it is a pipeline intended to carry over 500,000 barrels of crude oil across North Dakota to Illinois every single day. It will move through 2 sources of drinking and crop water, the Missouri River and Lake Oahe. Please do some research regarding the dangers of oil spills and just how much water will be affected by this as well as the dangers of pulling up fossil fuels from the land.

Not only does this pipeline threaten our water supply, but it negates all of the technological advances we have made and could potentially make in the field of renewable resources. We do not need to gas-power our planet anymore. People who discover even better sources of Free Energy often turn up murdered. Look that up too.

The building of this pipeline also moves through treatied Naive American land. As of now, from what I hear through friends on the scene, peaceful (as in weaponless, respectful, non-violent, non harmful) protectors are being tear gassed, water-grenade-ed, maced, and assaulted in ways that are harming them physically enough to require hospital care. I’m being very light. Look up the photos yourself.  Some are being severely injured. There are reports of aircraft spraying them with unknown substances as well. All on their private land. All by a militant force that has no jurisdiction at Standing Rock. The injustice and wrongdoing is at an all-time high. And, so is the potential to SHIFT! When things get this intense, we get to tune in and turn it around.

How will you use this energy to further your purpose here? What would you like to contribute? It’s never been a better time to own up to what you were made to do.



I’m here for you, love… offering medical intuitive sessions and psychic coaching  to help you get well, stay well and of course Thrive through these important times.  How can I best serve you?



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2 thoughts on “Standing Rock and Our Awakening

  1. Having a Native American grandmother and reading your writing about Standing Rock, I just became aware of something. It has always been said that their land was taken from them. But in the Reality of Oneness, it was never theirs either. That just keeps the illusion of seperation going. So me having African American,Native American, and Caucasian in my family line would be victim,victim, and victimizer, just made me wake up from that illusion so thanks.

    1. yes yes yes yes!!! thank you for pointing this out. I feel the same. From what I can see, the Native people have an understanding that they are keepers of the land. they don’t own it. when I was travelig and loking for a home to set up off-grid, i kept having these dreams where Spirit would say “nobody owns land, Gina” that’s so hard to come to grips with when you are looking for a home. it was so humbling and necessary for me to realize. So much Love to you!

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