Lucid Dream: US Election, Dissolving the United States, Concentration Camps and Saving Humanity

I have prophetic dreams. Maybe you do too. If you start paying close attention to your dreams, recording them in words, you may find out that you are being given both helpful psychic information for your present moment, as well as healing tools you need to recover from emotional, spiritual and even physical wounds.


We are very open in our dreams. And, we can consciously use them to achieve the answers we seek. Personally, I’m usually too tired when I finally hit the bed, to make any such requests of myself or my guides.  In fact, as I lay my head on my pillow, I often plead with my guides, “please no messages tonight. I just need to sleep.” Sometimes it works.

About 2 weeks pre-election 2016, I didn’t make any sleep-time intentions or requests of myself. But, I did sleep with my head pointed toward the newly painted “Cho Ku Rei”  spiral-shaped, Reiki power symbol that my husband created on our bedroom wall. It’s a design that can be mesmerizing. But, I was too tired, as usual, to think too much about it.  I had just returned home from 8 hours of working on my book at a local San Diego coffee shop. I was feeling accomplished and ready to crash.

Upon waking into my dream, I found myself being led, along with a long line of women, out of vans, through a grey hallway and into a large industrial murky grey and cold warehouse room. There was a sense of knowing that we were some of the “last ones to arrive.” Police were forming us into lines with about 2 inches between our shoulders. Our heads were down and we knew that we could not make eye or bodily contact. Let alone speak.

I made eye contact with the officer who was responsible for getting me and my group into place. She was a young, fair-skinned black woman with long relaxed hair, slender build, beautiful almond eyes and a familiarity that I couldn’t resist. I looked at her in the eyes, and said “sister.”  Completely put off by the danger my comment could bring her, the woman put me in my place in line abruptly. Next to me was another woman who chose to use her voice to softly talk towards me  without moving her lips, “wow, I love how you just did that. You know we are not supposed to talk. This could get us all killed.” I knew. Even though I had just entered this space, there was a lot of implied authority over us.

I whispered to the woman next to me. “She is my sister.” I could tell by her energy that she didn’t understand what I meant because of the obvious racial differences between the officer and me. “Soul sister,” I whispered. And, I felt very annoyed that she didn’t understand. This is how we got here, I thought.  Looking around me I could see that all the messages I had from Spirit about implanting the Christ Consciousness and Oneness vibration were what we needed. I was angry that my sisters hadn’t listened to my messages.  I was in the second to back row of 2 very large groups of 10 rows with 100 women in each row. In between the 2 huge groups was the doorway in which more lines of women were entering and lining up. All following suit. I was the last person in my row. To my right was a set of 2 elevators with open doors. The elevators were packed to the brim with men and children. People were standing too close to breathe. Children were stacked on top of adults. People filled the elevator cage from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The open doors suggested to me that they were awaiting the time to move to their next destination. My heart pained for them. And, I flashed back into my life in Mexico where I witnessed trucks carrying pigs to slaughter, filled to the brim with animals squealing, no room to breathe or poop. So, excrement was everywhere, and the suffering pigs cried loudly.  I knew these people were headed for death. And, I began to know where we were. A place not too different from ones that I experienced in past lives. A death camp. I started to receive guidance about our food, and how we treat the plants and animals that we eat. I was overcome with the knowing that when I got out, I would hold my kale differently. I would honor each item before putting it in my mouth. 

But, how had I gotten there? The last thing I remembered was working that whole day at the coffee shop. I remembered my husband picking me up in our truck,  me getting into the back seat with my daughter and  us driving away. I did not remember going home and going to bed.

A voice came over a loud speaker and said, “show your United Sates identification. Remove it from your person and put it in the pile. The United states has been dissolved. This identification is false.” Officers were now collecting ID cards and passports. I didn’t have one. The officer who I made eye contact with put out her hand for my identification. And, I spoke to her again, stating that “I do not have one. But, that is perfectly ok, because I am in the system. My name is Gina LaVerde. When you return to the computer, you will be able to look me up and identify me.” My words meant little, and I knew that. But, the energy I was sending to her through my voice and eyes captured and convinced her. Remember, I was already warned that I could be killed for speaking. But, I saved myself another moment.

Our next objective, after I witnessed a pile of US identification literally dissolve into thin air, was to move our entire group through another doorway and into the next waiting place where we would get grey uniforms. My officer, who could only be identified by her blue uniform and tag, because she had no weapons, led us. When we entered the next hallway, a higher-ranking officer came to take her away, presumably to her death, for allowing me to get through without identification. I made eye-contact again, but this time without words, with the higher ranking officer. This time, I sent the message from my heart vibration to leave “Sonya” alone.  I could feel a heavy anchoring from my feet surge up through my skin and culminate at my heart. It was heavier than any energies I’d remembered moving in my life. But, I felt I wasn’t the only force of good working through me. I had help and the work came naturally. And, this was also when I discovered my officer’s name was Sonya. The higher ranking cop was convinced. Sonya was saved. And, she clearly became aware that she now “owed me.”  When we got to the uniform changing station, I approached her again speaking, “give me your uniform, now. I promise I will free you first before I even free my own family. I will free you, my family, then we will free your family.” I had to be brief and specific, so that’s all I could say.  She agreed and changed places with me, giving me her uniform and tag.

I could psychically see my children and knew they too were in the warehouse building. I had a brief moment to sink into my mind and find out how I had come to be there. There were spirit guides now that I could sense above me. I worried about my babies, but was shown what was going on with them and assured that I had time. Dougie was in a room, body squished up against the bodies of other children. There were metal “testing” trays in the room. Some of the kids were making noise, and were afraid. But, Dougie just looked bored. I saw a light above him as well. He was being guided to just feel bored and not be be afraid at all. He was oblivious to what was going on, and he didn’t see the importance of the children around him. His mind was elsewhere and this would save him. Violet was being treated totally differently. She was in an examining room with about 3 other babies. She was being held by a nurse and being treated with love and delicate touch. They tested these babies for “elite,” or “royal”  blood and confirmed that they were too special to kill. These babies were to be given to families who could best honor their “royalty.” I was also assured that I could rescue Violet from this situation.

So, there I was with my new blue uniform, coming to the realization that I actually didn’t have much power, and of course, no weapons to help me. But, blue uniforms were permitted to walk the hallways alone. So, I decided to start there, and walk toward where I thought the closest door might be. I entered the hallway and immediately crossed paths with another higher ranking officer and a large white woman wearing a 1940’s era hat who was leading a group of school girls to the bathroom.  The higher ranker shouted to me, “HER!” Immediately, the large woman pulled me into her line of girls and said, “stay in line… she’s with me. and, she’s in trouble.” She shoved me into the bathroom door and did nothing else. No more contact with me. Only the knowing that she just saved my life. How I, an adult in a blue officer uniform was confused for a 10-year-old, baffled me. But, my heart started to vibrate again. And, I understood that somehow, there was an energy working through me that was saving me.

Knowing that I could not just walk in the halls alone, I had to come up with a better plan. I would surround myself with an energetic force-field and get to the kitchen, from which I could psychically smell and see some kind of stew cooking. I opened the wooden door, the only wooden (non cement/metal) fixture I remember in the building. And, I crossed the hall into the kitchen. Here, I see some nuns cooking, and I received the knowing that nuns and priests, although they would eventually be killed too, had free reign to walk the halls of the building. I took a tray. And,  decided to try walking down the hallway with it, in order to look like I had a reason for moving through the space. Only I had nothing on my tray and no lid covering it to hide the fact that I had nothing. So, I could look suspicious. I only got so far, having to sneak back into the bathroom, then back to the kitchen, dress like a nun because  the tray carrying theory wasn’t working, and then fall back to the kitchen where I was able to sneak outside after someone opened the bolted kitchen door.

Before exiting the kitchen, I asked a nun where we were. She looked at me dumfounded. I said  “I mean, is this California? Is this earth? What dimension are we in?”  I was completely in shock with her non-reaction.  My guides came in and filled me up with the understanding that I was in San Diego. The election had not occurred. Obama had not left office, but the power wasn’t coming from him, but rather his superiors. I got to see a flash of him still living in the White House.  Memories of politicians and societal “normalcies” had been mostly erased from the people’s minds. They would only have small tidbits of recollection. I sent the nun some love through that heavy heart vibration. And, I made it outside. There, I could see that the warehouse  was in a downtown location. I crossed the street to a parking lot where there was another higher ranking officer, another female. And she had a gun.  “Hello,” I said to her, using my Jedi mind trick skills. She was confused that I was speaking, and asked who I was. I told her, “My name is Hillary Clinton,” hoping she would sense the power in that name. And, she did. She had no idea who Hillary Clinton was since the election had not happened. But, she was still programmed to hear authority. She gave me her uniform and weapon and I had her hide behind a Mazzeratti parked on the side street, so that she would not be harmed. I promised to come back for her and surrounded her in the protection that I used on myself.  I knew she was safe.

At this point, I looked to the building which was now across the street from me. I could see through the walls into the rooms where my children were, and knew they are still okay. But, I could not find my husband.  The guides were showing me that Doug was being intentionally hidden from me. there were forces that did not want us together.  I would need to rescue Sonya first anyway, so I allowed my worry about Doug to sit aside. I entered through the kitchen in my new power and relied mostly on the strength of my protective bubble to guide me back to Sonya. She was still in the uniform changing room. I found her sitting and talking with Doug. He entered with intentions of saving me, and found Sonya instead.  He got there with no weapons or uniform change. He solely relied on energy and agility. He was able to convince Sonya to speak to him, and they waited for me to arrive.  I had to sneak the two of them out of the building as they did not have weapons or rank. It wasn’t that difficult. Although there was some confusion as to whether they should don priest and nun costumes. We were able to exit through the kitchen again. This time there was a male cop on duty, hanging out in one of those small plexiglass cabins that parking lot cops hang out in. There was no way I could save our children with these two non-ranking friends of mine. We needed this cop’s weapons. He noticed me. And, it scared me. But, he seemed more concerned than authoritative and offered to “drive me home or walk me to the car,” because being a woman on those streets was more dangerous, even for an officer. So, I learned right there that officers got to go home. Officers still had homes.

I had made Doug and Sonya hide behind the Mazzeratti with the other  female officer, whose uniform I was wearing. I led the man cop to the Mazzeratti, implying it was my car. Doug hit him on the head and stole his uniform and weapon, laying him down in the back seat of the car. Now, we both had ranking uniforms and started on our journey to rescue ours and Sonya’s children. On the way back into the building, a cloud of light formed above me. It introduced itself to me, as it often has in various forms, “We are the Elohim.” The message that came through went something like this: They have known you were here the whole time. Do you think you could have gotten through  those halls and walls without protection? You were never supposed to be picked up in the first place, for you are the true elite. You were picked up in a van right outside of the coffee shop because you looked like everyone else. You chose to blend in. And, since you got here, on your own free will, there was no obligation, on their part to free you. Nor could they interfere too much with your escape. Nothing you have done has gone without them seeing. Make no mistake about that, But, the power you have is much higher than what they have. That energy got you here. And your protection from us.”

I asked questions to the light. “What happened to San Diego? What is happening the world? Why me? Why my children? What now?

And the reply came flooding in “San Diego was sprayed with a chemical substance that made the people more compliant. People have been being hauled in for months, right under the eyes of the blind.”  “What did I do differently?”  I asked. “CHLORELLA,”   came the voice. I eat high quality foods, and this was becoming evident that it is important. When recalling this dream, I thought the word was “chlorophyl,” but it was clearly, chlorella, a type of algae.

What did they mean that I was elite?

They told me that the “fake” elite are those who attempt to take power over others, believing that they are entitled, and with no consideration to others. But, the true elite are those beings whose energy is so high that they have the power of awakening the rest of the people. That heart vibration was the key. It was what really got me through that place. My children and husband also had it.  I looked at the building and saw where my children were and prepared to go back for them, when suddenly blasting music came playing from behind me on the right side of the street where the car was parked. And, for the first time, I noticed another building behind me. This building was lit-up with pink and yellow lights. Out of the building came a very popular doctor and his partner, 2 writers from natural health sites, and the hosts of a renowned series on natural cancer healing. I was told that these people are also a part of the true elite, and that although threats have been made and carried out on many doctors in the natural health industry, these people were safe. They were safe because they have the Elohim, they were safe because the fake elite were actually using their information and in need of them, and they were safe because they banded together.

My guidance suggested that I see myself in the same light as I see these people, and to not fear the sharing of information for I will always be safe. Upon hearing that they were “elite,” I had some doubts about trusting their information. I wanted to be clear that I was not being told that they were with the perceived elite… illuminati, cabal, etc. My doubts were merely doubts. This was confirmed by me seeing them embraced in the  color of unconditional love, pink,  and yellow which represents power. They were using their love and power for good. I was assured. I saw the small group of natural health workers get into a sparkly limo. And, was also made aware that they had no idea what was happening just across the street from them. I may be connected to them, but was being told that my role was different. I chose to look like everyone else, so I got the experience of being captured. I saw the inside of the concentration, death camp. But, it is no longer time for me to look like everyone else. It is time for me to fully embrace every human attribute that brings me closer to my soul mission.

The light cloud stayed over me. And, I reached my hand out to the building to grab my children. Beginning to understand that I don’t need the weapons after all. I escaped with my wits and my knowledge of how to use energy. I escaped with guidance and protection. My kids could just manifest out of the prison at will.

I woke up at about 5 am and had to wait hours before I could pour this information out in conversation with my husband.

So, what was it all about? Obviously now, the election has happened, and we know that. But, what farce it was, even from mainstream beliefs and standards. There were personal messages that surpass election details though. The energy that we can channel is far more powerful than tactics to bring us down. Keeping our bodies well and our minds clear is essential for making important decisions. There may be agendas to bring us down with chemical warfare and such… like they are doing at Standing Rock, but we can overcome that power with very simple things like eating well and learning to connect with our Source.  Human consciousness can and does save the world, change the atmosphere and stop crimes against our unity. There are helpful beings who have always been with us, giving us a nudge in the right direction. We are not alone here. And, I for one have become uninterested in sharing anything but the deep wisdom which has been engrained in me for ages.

In 2012, while living in my Mexican Faerie Cottage, I had another very profound dream that warned me that if Hillary Clinton became president in 2016, I would know this was the “dark agenda.” I did a lot of energy work during this election asking for the best outcome possible, as I saw no true hope from either candidate. I also did not “feel the bern” or want to “vote independent.” I didn’t vote with a ballot. But, perhaps that makes up for those who voted twice, illegally or were bought, written -in or whatever tactic was used to make us believe that voting matters. All of my work came from the energy of wanting to uplift the people as opposed to make changes within the extremely corrupt system. When Donald Trump was “selected,” I breathed a sigh of relief for about 15 seconds.  I think that this means the people are ready for an even more drastic change. And, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this man’s proposals and assumed policies will heal the world. I don’t even know who the man is. I see what the media portrays and I know it’s not the whole story. But, from a stand-point of his words and actions that I heard and saw during the campaign that were derogatory toward most everything I hold dear, it’s difficult to simply support him outright. We should be so lucky to discover that he is not racist, fascist, sexist, and a hateful person. That he will not build a wall. Will not deport my Mexican and Muslim friends. But, then again, I’m not holding my breath. What president has ever really done what they said they were going to do? Or made us feel safe from these issues? They are puppet actors who know exactly what to say. Not to get votes, but to woo the people and separate the people.   It has been suggested that Trump used something called Cambridge Analytics to gather data for targeted messaging. I heard him say that he wasn’t trying to win the entire vote.These days data collectors use social media, our phones, our purchases to track us and separate us. Why wouldn’t a kajillionaire who wants to win the presidency use this technology to his advantage. Obama used a different form of information collection. I’ve worked in advertising. You’ve got to know your client.  And, of course, this is merely one layer of “deception” that we so willingly play into when we willingly give up our personal information and power.  Donald Trump has made some statements about vaccine safety that spoke to my heart. There is hope in every human. I will not pretend to know him as a racist or as an honest person. He is an actor. I cannot prove or disprove anything about him. And, I have not ever once hated him. Or feared him. In fact, I would love to talk to him and discover what might be the truth. That said, the type of drastic change I am referring to is the change that occurs when people take responsibility, complete responsibility for their own lives. This is what makes me THRIVE. Do we live in a society that programs us for racism, classism, victimhood etc? Of course we do, and it sucks to high hell. So, whatever your role in abolishing it, I support. I just ask you to dig deep and find out what your role really is. When your mind is clear, you can trust yourself. You can look to the signs that come to you for answers.  You can read, listen and understand in un-biased ways. You can reach out for help. It’s okay to be confused right now, because a lot of truth is coming to the light, and many of the things we held as true are dissolving.

This election represents that people can wake up and see what we have created out of our need for authority, our need to vote for the better of two evils, our need to stay under the veil and not own up to our power.  Our need to honor a system that dishonors us. Then, we judge the results and the people who voted in the opposite way, which is all in the scheme to keep us separate.

I think this was the best election ever, if we do what we should do with it… wake up and create our own best lives. And, I mean that in every way.

I don’t think we can trust anything coming from mainstream media. The election is surrounded in lies, and it may turn out that we audit it with more lies. It may turn out, as has shown up in  dreams of mine, that Obama will not leave office. The future still wants to be written. This is only one step, and it may not look good — because it is not the final step. Those of us who can see the benefit of calling out the shadows, understand that racism and hatred often surface in order to clear. We also see that the false flags and false events need to surface too, and are created to make us think we are not doing as well as we are. Earth used to feel like a battle ground between light and darkness, but now is a time when we are closer to achieving balance and truth. If I didn’t have the energy and connection I speak about  in my dreams, I would have no way of knowing this. I would potentially go crazy like so many of my friends who think our planet is going down the toilet. When you connect with the energy above, you have a greater understanding of the energy below. You can shift the heavy things. This is all about us moving into a place where we use our power and connection to our own inner guidance for the good of all.

All Love

I’m here for you, love… offering medical intuitive sessions and psychic coaching  to help you get well, stay well and of course Thrive through these important times.  How can i best serve you?


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