Dream Sharing with Shamanic Friends: My First Dream Entry

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

I LOVE dreaming. These days I get lots of my work done during my sleep-time travels. Dream boundaries are endless. I believe that spirit speaks to us in dreams, because we are much more open then.  So, when my friend Astra ( who just-so-happens to be the first person to intro me to modern Shamanism), asked me to join her in sharing our dreams on this new blog, Heck YES was all I could say!

This post was originally published in 2010

So, here’s my first entry. 

Chakra Toning with the Master Zoser

I emerged from inside a smoky cloud, and found myself relieved and out of breath in a large stark room . A gorgeous crystal-laden GRAND piano looking instrument at the far end of the room caught my attention. Once again, I had intended this dream to land me in the “Hall of Records,” but I quickly  forgot that original intention. That “piano” was so beautiful that I almost didn’t notice The Grand Tall Magical looking man playing it.

He was obviously very busy, taking notes and carefully  humming and listening for the perfect tones and pitches, and recording them again.

He had been waiting so patiently for me. We knew each other for a very long time. He has been my guide for many lifetimes. I instantly felt comfortable with his instructions.

“Hum,, uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm” , he and I said. And we both felt the blocks in my throat chakra. Without speaking to me he began rubbing my throat and playing his gorgeous piano at the same time — adjusting the notes he played according to what he intuited that I needed.

“Do you hear that crack in my voice?”, I asked him. He nodded and showed only a little concern. “We can fix that,” he told me.

He asked me to repeat “uhhhhhhhhhmmmmm.” And, when I did he told me that I was wavering in and out of the tone. “Here, do you hear that”? he asked. “Yes, I hear it, but I can’t hear my own voice”, I answered.  Then I quickly chimed in….” But, I can feel it!”

“Then we will go by your feelings”, he said. He showed me what it felt like inside when I made certain sounds. “Am I tone deaf?” I asked him really concerned.  He said that even if I was, we would fix it.  I then had a vision of myself in some kind of choir.

We were quiet for a while while the piano just worked on me and The Master Zoser gave me Reiki on my throat and my lower chakras.

“You are a voice healer. We just need to tune you. You use your voice. You need it.”

And I awoke. I saw him again a few nights later when he massaged my shoulders and told me that I was also a swimmer, and that water has a lot to do with my abilities. I can’t wait to see him again. Each time I awake feeling so much better, physically. I thank him in my waking state. He then confirmed that he was the master Zoser, and that the piano was some sort of  Atlantian healing instrument. But, in the dream, he didn’t need any recognition. It was amazing how he simply worked on me without asking for anything in return. Wow!

Can’t wait to share more dreams.

Bliss You!


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