Earth Healing: Transmuting the Energy of Monsanto/Bayer and Healing our Food Supply

Do you have worries about Monsanto and what they are doing to our food supply with GMOs and Round-Up/ Glyphosate? This message came to me and I needed to share. Transmuting the toxicity of glyphosate and the rape of our Planet’s soil biodiversity–the feminine part of us all– takes an awakening of body, mind and spirit. But, the good news is that you can do it.

This post originally published in 2012

Monsanto represents one of the major threats to our safety and survival. That is true. If they spread their way across the land, we will all be much more susceptible to cancer, malnutrition, and autoimmune disarray. But, controlling the energetic vibration that is YOU completely dissolves their work.

Start Here

  1. Know that you are safe and thriving. What does it look like when you feel safe and thriving? Can you recall the last time you felt really well and connected in your body? Go there in your mind. Revel in the sensation. Allow the feeling to shift your emotional state.
  2. Know that there is no real death. They get us on this one. Sometimes we freeze, or give in to fear that someone else has control. But, wrap your mind around the fact that there is no real death. There are only different levels of knowing. What does that feel like for you? How would you look at yourself differently if you truly believed that death was not real? Invite in the possibility, and allow that to even slightly shift your emotional state. I love to begin working on vibrational change through emotions, because emotions are powerful human tools that teach us what’s going on in our bodies and minds. We all feel. And, when we begin becoming aware of those feelings and how they shift, we can use them to consciously open our minds and change our beliefs and behaviors.
  3. Know that you have the strength and power to transcend this kind of corruption of our health and planet. Your body was designed to thrive, and you have overcome illness and threat before. Your body detoxes and breathes life into each cell on a daily basis. Know that there are foods, natural resources and practices that not only keep you safe from the harm of glyphosate and Monsanto products, but, that also completely transmute their energy in your life.
  4. Know that you are supported. Let thoughts of what Monsanto is doing or might do to our food production be replaced by thoughts and behaviors of the most exquisite self care, as you become informed and empowered to protect yourself.
  5. Fill your heart with the relief of success that has already happened. Send out the vibration that you cultivate every time you feel safe, connected, and powerful. Bless your food with this vibration. Bless your digestive system with this vibration. Bless our soil with this vibration. You are safe here, our food supply is healthy and safe.
  6. Challenge yourself to face your triggers to feel fear around this topic by choosing a self-healing behavior (like dry skin brushing, self massage, yoga, drinking an alkalizing juice or smoothie, making a delicious meal, taking a healing bath or sweat) that doubles as a protective mechanism.

This doesn’t always change facts in an instant. But, I promise if you stick to it, it will help you look at things objectively and make balanced decisions in all areas of your life. Victim mentality can be paralyzing. And, we all fall into this from time to time, when we don’t see our own power to change things. See my post about letting go of your story to learn how to face, not block your fears as you bring them forward and clear them. Our fears come to protect us and help us set boundaries. Honor yours as you move to your next steps.

Spend some time generating the feeling of peace within you until you totally vibrate BLISS. And walk in that vibration.

I don’t believe in war. But, a war against our health has already been declared. In my book, I cover things like the loss in soil biodiversity, lack of nutrition in our food, agenda 21, the Flexner Report and Codex Alimentarious –all of which are indicative of a future of declining physical health for our people. To win this, I see an opportunity to embrace transmutation and harmony, rather than using the common weak tools of war that they expect us to use.

If there’s any way to “fight” these dangers — it’s to change our own vibration into one that doesn’t allow for them to harm us. We only need Monsanto as long as we don’t welcome and accept our own shadow parts. Once we can see that they can only keep us down as long as we are afraid –we will be free. I’m free now. Join me. Send this vibration out now.


Empowering Facts for Transmuting the Monsanto effect

  1. Dr. Stephanie Seneff and her team of researchers at MIT discovered that the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up, glyphosate –actually can mimic the essential amino acid, glycine. This discovery creates more evidence of harm in the vaccine realm too, as it shows how glyphosate can enter into vaccines and potentially mimic glycine there –replacing our own cellular glycine with the toxin. This means that it is genetically modifying us as we receive vaccines. This info is out there now, allowing more people to opt out of being zombified. But, it also leads to answers on how to detox glyphosate out of our bodies.
  2. Stephanie Seneff also discusses the healing power of simple probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kimchi to help detoxify glyphosate out of the body. Hooray for something many of my readers have been doing for years. She also mentions other supplements like clays in successfully treating cows with glyphosate toxicity. Specific physical remedies abound as we open to the need. A health food based MLM called Purium also boasts a product they claim is the only one verified to get rid of glyphosate poison. Others are successfully using homeopathic solutions. If you have glyphosate toxicity, which we all may, you can connect with your body to ask when and how you can best release it. In my book, I call this “Asking Your Body,” and teach you various energy and muscle tests to help you ask yours.
  3. Courts just proved a groundskeeper’s cancer was caused by RoundUp, leading to more awareness and bans on the product. Be mindful that Monsanto is owned by Bayer now, and Bayer funded concentration camps. They can and will create other toxins. This is is about us taking in the information we see and making sustainable changes with it.
  4. I love these tools of exquisite body care to keep me physically able to transmute: dry skin brushing, neuro-lymphatic drainage massage, far infrared sauna, near infrared laser, castor oil packs, enemas, essential oils, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens, sunshine, clean absorbable water, shungite, orgonite, coconut kefir, marine phytoplankton, moringa, bioage algae, ecstatic dance, yoga, chiropractic care, brain balance and brain gym exercises, vagus nerve exercises, meditation, grounding in nature, and eating raw when possible.

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I adore you! YES, I really do!


Raise your vibration with sound.

Codex alimentarious

Stephanie Seneff on Roundup and detoxing glyphosate:

Flexner Report:

RoundUp trial:

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