Why I Love Coffee Enemas for Cancer, Autoimmunity, Detox and Liver Health


If I hadn’t grown up in a family that talks about poop any chance they get, I don’t think I would’ve been so inclined to consider coffee enemas for healing my tumor. I mean, let’s face it, many of us are still so afraid to talk about our bowel movements and the health of our digestion, that we walk around with gas and constipation, and don’t ask for help. In fact, most of the clients I meet at first think that their bowel movements are normal, when they are not even having one steady release each day. I aim to remedy that.

Coffee enema power goes way beyond bowel cleansing and relieving constipation. In fact, if you’re going to use them and you are constipated, you may be better off starting with some good magnesium, a castor oil pack and a water enema to clear the colon first.   I used  coffee enemas specifically to help heal a tumor because they help the liver and cells release Glutathione — which is known as the master anti-oxidant.

Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

Oh, to know glutathione is to know relief. Essentially, we can describe it in simple terms by saying glutathione relieves the body of oxidative stress. The key factor here is stress.  Stress meaning the build-up of toxins  (at least, in part).  In my case, I break down toxins quite quickly. As a Medical Medium who can see into the body and interpret what’s going on from an energetic stand-point,  I have a very strong masculine side which is great at breaking things down.  In my own body, I’ve lacked the production and use of gluathione which helps release those things that have been broken down (dead cells, pathogens, toxins, infections and yes– tumor matter). I’ve been told by a teacher of mine that “glut-a-thione” literally means “get the metal out,” in its Latin origin. And, as many of us know, heavy metal toxicity contributes to tumor and cancer growth.

The coffee enema gets directly absorbed through the colon wall into the liver and produces gluathione. It is known as a retention enema as it is typically held in for 15 minutes ( through cycles of glutathione release) or for as long as you can hold it. 

My Tumor Healing Protocol Simplified

When I used coffee enemas in my healing protocol, incorporated taking proteolytic enzymes to break down the tumor, herbal anti-fungals and herbal  antibiotics to kill pathogens within that bio-film, and sweeping agents like clays and charcoal to sweep up all that had been broken down. My final step was a coffee enema to help release it.  I also did infrared sauna sweats, castor oil packs, skin brushing and lymph drainage massage almost daily.  You can check out my home made essential oil parasite healing protocol I created for myself here:  https://blissedlife.com/2016/02/15/home-made-essential-oil-parasite-biofilm-cleanse-and-the-cure-for-all-diseases/

I find that the toxins released through the combination of these techniques are beyond what accumulates in the digestive tract. After an enema,  I’d re-nourish with a mega-dose of super food based minerals and vitamins.   I usually talk to clients about also adding in a colonic implant of minerals following an enema as well.  What you add will be personalized to you. My entire protocol was centered on the coffee enema because without it, I didn’t have the ability to release whatever I’d broken down. And, when I didn’t use the coffee enema, but continued with other parts of the protocol, I suffered  skin eruptions, exhaustion, moments of deep fear and anxiety and major brain fog. Not to mention mucous build up in my sinuses and difficulty breathing.

There were times I’d done 2-3 coffee enemas in a day, and when my tumor finally released on the day of my best friend’s wedding (can you believe that?)  — it was literally following a coffee enema at the hotel. At the end, a large parasite was also released.

You’ll see below just how these infections relate to tumors and cancer.

As I healed, I got to understand that when I was in pain, I should stop and do an enema. There was a reason for the pain or emotional stress. And, after the enema, more than just the pain was relieved. I believe my tumor healed quickly and I got to feel good through my recovery because I kept up this practice.

Coffee Enema and ALL Types of Cancer

In my work as a Medical Medium/Medical Intuitive, I often get clients with various types of cancer. And, most of the time, they choose to incorporate coffee enemas in their  natural healing protocols — because they feel the relief right away. It’s undeniable.  Whether they are just coming out of chemo — and making a choice to go the natural route, or they are newly diagnosed, or they are at Stage 4 and feeling totally wiped out, the coffee enema:

  • Reduces all body pain
  • Gives sustained physical energy
  • Relieves pent-up emotions (which is why I always suggest using them before voting, arguing or making life-changing decisions)
  • Gets the dead cancer out

Cancer cells and cancer stem cells forget to die. Energetically, they feel disconnected from the body, and like they must fight for survival on their own. They can block themselves from hearing the messages of the body. But, we also must look at why they feel this way. Often, there is a microbial infection at the core of a cancer diagnosis. And, the microbes who show up, do so because of a need. They themselves often feel they are there to “clean up a mess” and help the body survive ( immune system freezes when a trauma happens and microbes go out of balance).  Often, the body forms a tumor in order to compile that “mess” into one area, to be dealt with when the time comes.  Since our bodies are always working for balance, there is always a part of us that knows exactly why this has occurred and  how to remedy it, or live in harmony with it.  We can call this our subconscious mind.

I can see the opportunity for cancer stem cells to take hold when a trauma occurs, that brings on infection and then that energy of separateness begins to form.

It’s as if the trauma tells the body, “Ok, start growing cells like this now, because we need a different type of protection.”

The cancer will continue to grow when that trauma is triggered, or a similar stress is triggered.  Any kind of stress can make the body believe it must grow this cancer, because the body sets to autopilot — survival mode. In order to stop cancer growth, we must get to those stem cells. Something popular cancer treatments  still lack in doing.

I had to teach my tumor that I didn’t need it. I had to communicate with the “bugs” inside of it. And, if I’d only relied on Energy Work, I  don’t know if I’d still be here.

The details and chain of events happen uniquely for each person.  But, for me it was also physical body pleasure and appreciation. Exquisite self -care. I had to pay attention to my body’s physical needs in a deeper way. So, I needed physical remedies too.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Max Gerson and even the Merck manual have recommended coffee enemas in cancer therapy, and used it successfully to help cure patients. Dr Gonzales teaches the work of Dr. Beard and Dr. Kelley who believe that pancreatic enzymes play a huge role in breaking down cancer cells, and the coffee enema is often done twice daily in his protocol.  It certainly worked for me. And, I’ve even seen it save people from the side -effects of chemo-therapy.

Your Liver, Emotions and Your Coffee Enema

Since your liver and its energetic region (chakra) holds emotions like anger, frustration, confusion and shock –coffee enemas tend to help people who have not had an outlet for these emotions. The liver region also holds emotions like confidence, certainty and the healthy expression of your personal power. In terms of cancer having energetic and emotional connections, you can see how just this one activity helps address many of those aspects of a cancer diagnosis. Relieving  the physical stress, also relieves the emotional stress.  We must address our emotions and discover our own best ways for releasing them. But, they must be released.

You may be surprised at how happy you feel after an enema. 

Auto-Immune Conditions and Your Morning Joe 🙂

Psoriasis is a “auto-immune” condition that I had, which was healed with the help of coffee enemas. These are the results I saw upon using a coffee enema:

  • Immediate reduction of psoriasis redness and elimination of itching and burning
  • Lesions would never mature or become oozy
  • Complete halt to impending outbreak ( I’d do an enema when I felt it coming on).
  • Reduction and gradual healing of psoriatic arthritis

By now so many of us health-conscious people know that our bodies are never truly attacking us. Toxins and infections are trying to get out and their pathways  may be overwhelmed. Often, much like with in the case of cancer — there is a pathogen and a trauma as the root cause. I share a lot of my own story in my book. But, I had a vaccine injury from the Hepatits B shot which is directly connected to the liver and our ability to produce glutathione.

When  I muscle-tested to check the source of my psoriasis, I got “Hepatitis B.” An infection. These days viruses and bacteria are morphing into beings that can make their way deeper into our cells. And, this to me is the source of auto-immunity.

If you have an autoimmune condition, consider what ways you can relieve even that normal detox stress from your body.

Food, herbs and physical remedies are not always enough to completely heal from what’s ailing you. We always have to address the energetic connections. But, when we need physical help, it’s nice to know we have this tried and true tool.

Is a coffee enema right for you? That’s up to you, of course.  But, you can always take the best care of your body, mind and spirit. You can always slow down and get to know yourself better. I teach people energy testing and muscle testing that allows us to access our subconscious mind, energy fields and higher selves, in order to find the best remedies.

As with any remedy, there’s no “one size fits all.” But, let’s say you have an allergy to caffeine or simply an adverse reaction to coffee– you can also try lemon enemas ( fondly called lemon-as) or chamomile tea enemas. It’s the caffeine and palmitic acid specific to the coffee that creates the amazing-ness with glutathione. But, chamomile and lemon also support liver function. I’m personally very sensitive to caffeine. Drinking one coffee can get me high for days. The enema doesn’t dare do that to me. If you’re sensitive, you can also consider starting with even a teaspoon of organic light roast coffee, and gradually adding more coffee to your enema water each time you enema.

The Coffee Enema helps in autoimmune conditions because it:

  • Helps relieve normal detox stress from every day
  • Reduces pain
  • Helps people who have toxic build-up from gluten, or candida trying to be released
  • Gives a sense of hope through release of liver stagnation


Check out this video where my friend Derek Henry from healingthebody.ca  interviewed me on my beloved coffee enema.



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