Born to Thrive Workshop March 21 Virtual


 Become the Healthiest YOU by simply understanding what you’re made of.  We’ll show you how you can use your intuition to guide you into the food and life choices that are right for you. Right Now. 

We believe that You are Born to Thrive

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No more wondering what new diet is best, or what foods you need to spew from your cupboards.  No more guilt for devouring a bag of chips. Loving carbs does not need to be a secret. There’s no golden ticket for the person who buys more green protein powders or succeeds in the 30-day Paleo challenge. The raw vegan superfood lemonade liver detox does Zero for the person who doesn’t need it. 

Image By Alyson Granaderos. Instagram: @Hapahamburger

Do you know why diets, even my favorite ones are Almost Always Doomed to Fail? Because none of them address your Individual Needs! Only YOU can do that. Your Body Knows. All of this information is programmed into your subconscious mind.  And, we’ll show you how to access it.

No diet Guru wants to tell you that because everyone is afraid of being too “woo woo.” Well, Not Us. And, certainly not you anymore, right?  Thing is that this is HUGE. So far beyond diet. Once you know the methods for accessing your subconscious and intuition you have to THRIVE. 

It’s time to really just be you and finally understand what that means. Your health is a unique compilation of your history, environment, desires, karma, thoughts, beliefs — and so much more. No other person on the planet will need the same things you need.

Ready to Rock Your Wellness to the Next Level? To Sustain Your Good Health Throughout Your Lifetime?

In just 8 short weeks, you will discover your innate ability to understand your own body and the energy that makes up everything around you. And, this my friend is your key to everlasting Bliss! 

Group Classes begin March 21, 2016 and continue for the next four alternate Saturdays  at 9:30 am pst. from the comfort of your own phone or computer. Classes are recorded for you to keep. So, there’s no missing a thing!

Fun Stuff : Register Now, and Receive your Intro Packet and Access to the RECORDED PORTALS (Audio, Video and PDF exercises, “PlaySheets” and Meditations)

YOUR Portals Represent your intuitive foundation to Ultimate Health. 

YOUR Group Classes are Your Practical Tips and Tricks to Make it all work EVERY DAY

You will learn to become your most qualified Medical/Health Intuitive 

Medical Intuition is a skill that can be very useful if not completely necessary as a complimentary or alternative health solution.

We share simple tried and true techniques that can have you Accurately Sensing what foods you need, what is happening on/in your body, and how you can connect the dots to improving any health condition you wish to improve. We’ve seen it all, and we know that the answers lie in deeply understanding ourselves FIRST.

There is a new kind of knowing that is making its way into our collective consciousness. And, that is the knowing of your inner feelings, and how to translate them into YOUR BEST LIFE.

We want you to know that You absolutely can TRUST your Intuition and build that innate knowing into your most useful tool for manifesting the life you desire. And, we’ll be here, making you think deeper, live louder and act on those dreams. It’s not time to be quiet anymore. There couldn’t be a BETTER time to be YOU!

Join us for an un-learning of everything that ever held you down. Where every exercise brings back soul memories! Where, as if for the first time, you feel POWERFUL in your purpose! You will discover skills that are as old as they are new– because NOW you have that inner WISDOM. Now, you are Awakened!

Images By: Gergana Petrova

In the Words of Our Amazing Clients…

Gina on her own is an intuitive powerhouse sharing her gut, her learning, her messages with gentle confidence. She is a perfectionist and a superior fact checker. Adding Doug’s wit, intelligence, savvy, creativity and presence to Gina, you now get an unbeatable combination for your foundation of support for you, your health and your personal and professional growth and healing. I am awed by their unshakable faith in the laws of nature, themselves and their family. Thank you Gina and Doug for living as you teach. — Lisa Reichert (Chicago, Energy Healer/ Acupuncturist)

In a world of no’s, Gina and Doug gave me a big fat YES. In the midst of lies, they are helping me find my truth. I couldn’t be more grateful. And, I am able to apply many things that I learned in Psychic Skool to my everyday life. — Maria Perez (Chicago, Massage Therapist)

If you are looking for the best Reiki and Psychic Teachers available, sign up.  Do not stop and think, just let go and trust.  You’re in safe and loving hands.  You’ll be taken on adventures that you may at first question, but take the advice given and try everything offered.  You’ll be so glad you did.– Amanda Hodgson (United Kingdom)

It really only takes a short amount of time to begin seeing Results. Below you will find the themes we cover. But, understand that THIS IS YOUR PROGRAM. We only accept small groups of students at a time in order to give you our best selves! We want you to succeed. We want you to heal!

4 Portals of Learning:: 8 weeks of SKOOL:: Lifetime Access 

We designed our Born to Thrive training, a distance learning program,  so that you can learn with us while taking your time to go deeper into the areas that you wish. You will receive an intro packet upon sign-up, and then we will dig in to 8  weeks of SKOOL together. You receive lessons each week, and enjoy our guidance and support through group phone sessions and personalized q and a calls. 

Multimedia LEARNING: You keep all lessons, pdf hand-outs, audio recordings, videos, emails and phone calls! Complete them at your own pace, and revisit them for continued deepening of your abilities. 

To Begin: We will share an Intuitive Energy/Brain Balance to open your third eye, and assist you in receiving this information properly. You will continue to receive energy healing throughout the course to literally expand your brain and allow you to best use your new gifts. 


Born to Thrive: Body, Mind and Soul Transformation Program

A Division of Psychic Skool

Sowing the Wisdom Seeds

Portal 1:: You Write the Story of Your Life:: Where Do We Come From? What Are Our Roots? What Does it Mean to be Rooted?

2 Weeks

Let’s Discover:

  • Creation Stories
  • Your Creation Story
  • Your Divine Energetic Essence
  • How to Get Grounded and In-Tune
  • Earth Energy…Universal Energy… the Multiverse
  • Earth’s Shamanic Roots
  • Altar Building
  • Energy Sensing Exercises
  • What Kind of Psychic are You: Understanding the way you receive messages
  • As Above So Below and beginning laws of the Universe

Portal 2:: You Are The Vibration:: Dance, Sing and Feel Your Way to Balance

2 Weeks

Let’s Feel:

  • Sensing Energy in Nature
  • Raising Your Heart Vibration
  • Chakra Activation
  • Tapping into Source
  • Energetic Protection
  • The Rhythm of BLISS — How We Move and Mingle with Mama Nature
  • The Sound of Your Soul — What Sounds Soothe, Ground, Heal, Inspire, Release?
  • Ancient Practices for Honing-In and Feeling Connected
  • Animal Spirit Communication

portal 3 :: You Are the Dream:: Interpret Your Dreams, Begin Lucid Dreaming, Heal Through Dreams

2 weeks

Let’s Create:

  • Maps of Your Dreams
  • Symbolisms
  • A New Vision for Manifestation
  • A New Way of Seeing
  • A Waking Dream
  • A Focused Mediation or Trance
  • Past-Life Regressions and Healings
  • Dream Work (who and what are you connecting with in our dreams)

Portal 4:: You Are the Universe:: Understand and Live the Laws of the Universe

2 Weeks

Let’s Open Up To:

  • The Laws of the Universe
  • Astral Travel
  • The Powers of Your Brain (3 Brains)
  • Forgiveness Exercises
  • Muscle Testing
  • Food/ Plant Energy and Medicine
  • Connecting your Personal Needs and Your Personal Medicines
  • Finding and Healing the root cause of your problems (trauma, imbalances, allergies)
  • Begin Project Manifestation to Bring Forth Your Soul Purpose

As a Born to Thrive Participant You will Receive

  1. A Welcome with Reiki Healing Attunement, Third Eye Opening Energy Balance, Intuitive Reading and Envisioning (Goals)
  2. 4 Live group classes with Gina (2 hour calls)
  3. Audio/Video Class Recordings
  4. 4 Portals of Learning to experience at your own pace (Audio, Visual. Pdf Exercises, “Playsheets” and Meditations)
  5. A Certificate of Completion
  6. Huge Delicious Surprises
  7. Support through it ALL.

This is both a personalized program that we design for each student, AND a very well-written, researched and experienced gift we share as a whole in order to REALLY GIVE YOU OUR BEST and SERVE THE BEST OF YOU!

Use these tools to help improve your life as well as the lives of those around you. You may decide to start or expand your healing or coaching practice, or simply use your new magnified intuitive magic to enhance your career, health and DREAM LIFE. You can accomplish whatever you can imagine. You’ll See!

Once you sign up you will begin receiving the exercises.

Email Gina Now to Receive Your Intro Packet and Get Going!

The Portals are Live and Waiting for You to Access Now


And pay Here:


We meet you exactly where you are on your path, so we can create the perfect classes for you.

Love Love Love and Amazing Health to You!!


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