Blissed Life is our Dream for You!

It was born out of our desire to share with you all of the gifts that come from being YOU. The Realest, Youest You you’ve ever been.

Without Limits.

You Have A Dream that wants to burst from your heart. You have a passion that wants a higher purpose. You came here for a reason and it’s time to own up to those “feelings” you’ve been having.

Nothing tastes better than Delicious Freedom — Setting Yourself Free from Your Self.

Free from doubts about who will support you
Free from doubts about IF you are right
Free from Fear about what’s on the other side of OWNING YOUR GIFTS
Free from what you don’t yet know about YOU

There could be a lot of magic underneath. But how will you know unless you take that leap?

Don’t sweat the journey! We’re gonna leap with you. Small steps are where it’s at. Now’s the time for instant manifestation and gratification. You might be surprised how one little notion, like a 5 minute meditation or a 3 minute conversation can completely shift your reality.

You will learn to absorb the truths you need to make yourself feel amazing. You will learn to embrace your Own Creative Style for personal growth, and honor your need for time. You will become your own best expert, and know where to turn for true wisdom and guidance.

Your Purpose and Path is becoming Clear. And, it all feels so darn good, that the doubts fall away on their own.

This is Your BLISSED Life. A place to connect with people and energy that completely love and support the divine spark that you are– and challenge the heck out of your abilities–so that you can give yourself and the world what you were meant to give.

Check Out Bliss Academy

These are online interactive consciousness boosting courses like Reiki and Psychic Skool that we built for you because we know how it is to need a creative outlet and a center for learning that fill your need to experiment with energy and intuition AND that fit in with your busy regular life.

Plus, we know you like to have a good time.

Just because you are a developing intuitive powerhouse with the ability to manifest anything you desire, doesn’t mean you don’t like to laugh, dance, and simply chill with your friends.

Expanding your conscious may just be the most Relieving, Exciting, Rockin’ Adventure you’ve ever taken, and we are so honored to walk the path with you.

We are Gina and Doug. We’re married. We like to write, share wisdom and DANCE! We are Reiki Master Teachers, Intuitive Healers and in LOVE. We channel Universal Energy and bring forth messages from helpful energies like Angels, Saints and Spirit Guides. We’ve been able to use our intuition to Save Our Lives. And assist clients and students from all over the world in finding health and BLISS. But, it wasn’t always this way.

Our love affair began in art school where we came together to write our hearts out. There, we discovered our combined passion to marry creative arts with spiritual work. And, that has been the theme behind all of the work we do.

12 years later, we have successfully run several businesses, landed big-ticket clients, lost clients, had a child, undid our child’s autism diagnosis with food and vibrational healing, bought a home, sold a home, landed our “dream” jobs, then lost those too — and moved our family across the country upon being given a message from an angel. We ran a magazine. We lived in Mexico. We’ve experimented with every “diet” you can imagine. We’ve taken classes and spent hours researching, studying and practicing with energy healing. We’ve learned to let go!

We’ve been very sick and discovered total wellness. We’ve explored many lands and worked hard. We’ve helped hundreds of people connect with their best health and truest selves. We’ve met some of the most amazing souls on this planet and others.

We are grateful!

We’re on a terrific journey and we’re ecstatic that you’re here to join us!

in 2012 we began  reaching out across borders, traveling the Globe to learn and share with you — We take all we know about autism healing, consciousness, and mama earth loving BLISS –and bring it right to your doorstep. We’ve taught all across the US, Mexico and Costa Rica.

We also teach energy healing classes, host gatherings and camping retreats, and hope to meet YOU in person.

We’ve been told by most of the people we know that we “can’t,” shouldn’t,” “didn’t” or “won’t.”

But, one concept that remains true for us, is that we always have an abundance. We understand the power of energy in everything we do, and when you align this energy with your own life’s purpose — you too will get that INSTANT gratification.

Gina’s writing has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Age of Autism, Raw Mom, and many others. She has also ghost written books and website copy.

Gina is a Reiki Master Teacher, Writer, Intuitive Energy Healer and Bliss Alchemist who uses art, nature, food and high vibrational healing to help bring you closer to where you want to be.

Doug sold everything from refrigerators to real-estate until he realized that by selling what was more true for him — he could make a greater impact, AND get happier. After running a very successful Chicago Law Firm for two years, and spending most of his life consumed with law firm work– he let go. And, his dreams of expanding his gifts to you have come into fruition.

Doug is a Reiki Master Teacher, Writer and Bliss Alchemist. He’s all about helping you release the stories of doubt you tell yourself. And create a new story each day.

Our dream is for all of you to discover how perfect you really are, and how being more true to your purpose will bring collective success for all.

The Bliss is what it takes to undo eons of fear and worry. You CAN change the world, and you already are!

Blissed Life ‘s gonna swim across borders into other places that don’t even speak our language. Blissed Life is pulsing through the veins of every entrepreneur with the “best” idea yet, and every HUMAN with the NEED to SOAR.

Join us on this blissy journey won’t you?

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Rock On!

Gina and Doug

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