Write for Blissed Life

We want to hear your story. What does BLISS mean to you? Send us your soul-driven writing, and help spread the message of BLISS Consciousness to the world.

We’re still rather new here. But, we’re growing and we’re about to explode a lot more beautiful words into the internet dimension. We were story tellers before we ever knew what those stories were revealing. So, we know that sometimes you just need a delicious outlet for your work. Sometimes sharing those magical words of yours helps bring you to your Bliss. We’re certainly aligning more with our higher selves each time we blog here. So, come on and join us.

What We’re Looking For

Blissed Life will be publishing monthly themed issues, and we have an editorial schedule of topics  we intend to cover. Contact us if you’d like to contribute to this with a larger researched piece, interview or the like.

We will also accept stories throughout the month that fit with our theme and categories.

Check out our manifesto, us page and some of our articles to get an idea of what we cover, and how we cover it.


Feel free to send ideas for any story that floats your boat. You can simply send us a story about how you discovered your own BLISS, your feelings on the current issues threatening our BLISS, affirmations, recipes,  healing, politics, spirituality, ufos, ets, autism, unschooling, environment,  sustainability, rv-ing, traveling — are all possibilities. But, not the only possibilities. There’s a Consciousness Expansion Twist to everything here.

All of your opinions and feelings are welcome.  So, long as a solution is offered along wth a problem and you have direct experience with the topic. We like personalized pieces. What amazingness have you been witness to? What tragedies? How can the rest of us use your information to grow spiritually, emotionally, and even physically? We’d love to get a heightened vibe going and we need lots of voices.


  1. Contact us at Gina@BlissedLife.com to let us know you want to contribute.
  2. Each piece should be between 250- 2000 words. Spell checked. Grammar checked. And REALLY FUN to READ
  3. Break any grammatical rules  necessary for getting your point across in style, but do it with purpose.
  4. Please properly link any hyperlinks that need to be added (from reliable sources).
  5. Include your name,  short bio, links  to your work that you want added, a color photo of you and all references (if any…properly sited in MLA style) at the end of your piece.
  6.  Send as MS Word or Pages attachments to Gina@Blissedlife.com.
  7. In order for your piece to appear in our bigger, more marketed issues — please send them in by the 20th of each month.

We won’t cut up your words. We promise. But, if it doesn’t feel right here, we’ll let you know. For your  contribution, we’d love to share your website links and any other work links you want to showcase.

Thanks so much. We look forward to co-creating with you!

Gina and Doug

2 thoughts on “Write for Blissed Life

  • “I’ve helped my son heal from autism”, do you have more info on how that was done? Is there a 1, 2, 3 protocol like methodology involved? As I have never heard of this before…

    • Hey there,

      Check the link above that says “autism” we have videos and step by step of how we did it. I also teach classes, consults and runs. Healing program. It’s differ for everybody, but we all can heal for what ails us. I help people discover the tools that work best for them. This could mean detoxifiication, eating healthy (organic etc), healing he gut with certain foods, herbs, supplements, doing energy healing, sensory learning, and of course completely changing our mindset on what it means to be well.

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