If you would love to share something positive about working professionally with Gina and/or Doug, this is your space. Give us some LOVE!

Osunlade Daphne Edwards-Em: Oh, Yesssss! Gina’s  good… very intuitive, very powerful, very loving, and very on point…. helped me with some natural remedies that I was unfamiliar with, but swear by now….. and I LOVE her!!!

Pam Tree:  Gina is powerful beyond measure, this woman can clearly articulate the deepest stories of our soul; integrating many years experience in healing energy work with playfully intuitive messages of our past lives and ancestral history. Everyone comes away feeling guided, supported, answered and loved

Becky LaCroix This woman is a precious gift to those of us who have received guidance, support and love from her be it through a reading or just being in her presense. The reading she did for me has quite literally changed my life in so many positive ways and I am deeply grateful that she appeared in my life when she did. She has helped me so much. I love Gina and I can not recommend her enough.

Carmin Caterina I’ve never met anyone as incredibly intuitive as Gina LaVerde. Her reading opened up a magical gateway for me and I’ve been on the most incredible journey ever since. I know for sure that I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for this amazing woman. I’m proud to call her my sister. ️

Jean Marie Dimillo Gina LaVerde is truly love personified! In my reading she targeted each area of my body where I was blocked and helped me cleanse and move that energy. The lens that she helped me see my life through has helped me through some very intense times recently. Her words always stay close to my heart where I can access them and sooth myself in times of transition. Many blessings sister on your journey and keep thinking beautiful violet thoughts my love.

from Eulalio, Fabie De Silva (Chicago Artist)

“Gina is a very spiritual and genuine person and healer whom I had the opportunity to associate with in some capacity in the arts while she has helped me HEAL UP via remote healing.

It happened last year around late June 2009 where I had a slight pneumonia. We were conversing over the phone and right on the spot she asked me to close my eyes (as I go to my relaxed tai chi meditation mode)…

I felt a sudden rush of warmth on my chest and she said that my left lung was affected and sent her wonderful CHI, waves of loving and tender energy of light. Then she hanged up the phone to do an important chore. I proceeded towards doing my usual Tai Chi standing meditation to help me open up and more receptive.

Lo and Behold, I was healed that night.

Thank you and you are a light of love. Generosity. And Compassion.”

from Maria Perez (Chicago)

“I reconnected with Gina on facebook and something told me to look at her page (which is something I really don’t do). Today I’m so glad I did, because at the time, I was ill, very, very ill and thanks to Gina and the many useful tools and insights she has I get a little bit closer to my true, healthy, happy self every day. In a world of no, she gave me a big fat YES. In the midst of lies, she is helping me find my truth. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Love you, Gina!”

from Emily Shaules (Raw Breakthrough Coach. RawBreakthrough.com)

“Gina is quite possibly the most inspiring woman I have met in the healing community. Her passion for healing her son and the children of the world through nutrition and energy is unparalleled. I feel blessed to have met her!”

from Shannon Downey (Chicago, Events Coordinator)

“I can’t believe how immediate the results of my session were! I felt energized and cleansed and ready to take on the world. I look forward to using my new EFT technique and incorporating my new supplements.

What a peaceful and lovely experience. You are truly a talented and gifted woman and I look forward to our next session.”

from Christina Allen (TX)

“Gina, What a wonderful person that you are! You continue to be an inspiration and light to so many people and I admire you deeply for that!Whoever has the opportunity to learn from you is sure to walk away with new ‘tools’ of knowledge and a whole new sense of direction and inspiration of how to feed and care for themselves and their families. I highly encourage anyone remotely considering to go, to GO and LEARN from Gina!! She has a wonderful, positive, beautiful prescence that she’s simply a joy just to BE around.

Gina, I LOVE your website…LOVE your message…LOVE YOU

Thank you so much for your support. -)

from Jen Khatchatrian (Chicago Author)

“If you ever need a healer check out Gina LaVerde. She is seriously my closest health advisor at this point! A couple emails with easy instructions & her remedies soothed my throat, broke my fever and I am on the road to recovery…Along this amazing path, I am blessed with some serious heavy hitters supporting me. My healer, Gina Laverde  has been instrumental in relieving old wounds through reiki, affirmations and EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. Quieting my body and my mind is getting a little easier each time as I wake each morning to say “I love you” in the mirror. And despite the long road ahead, I am feeling truly free again.”

From Melanie Miller (Chicago)

“I have to tell everyone one thing is for sure, my 4 year old daughter is doing so incredibly well since I have been working with Gina!

It may sound a little crazy how a small thing like algae could improve someones life, but it’s true.

My daughter when from being frustrated, crabby and painfully shy to a happy, well adjusted 4 year old. She is talking more now and understands upon explaination when she can’t have what she wants right away. No more screaming and temper tantrums. Don’t get me wrong my daughter was always lovable and charming, but when it came time to waiting patiently or understanding the meaning of no you can’t have that right now, she did not.

Everyday is a better day and I see more of her creativity and intelligence everyday.

Even better I was able to pass along all the great advice Gina has given me to help others.

She is great, she is wonderful, she knows what she is talking about… so listen you may just learn something, or better yet, heal someone you love!”

12 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • from Amita, (India)
    I was looking for help since my sons diagnosis. i wanted somebody who could understand the problem and whom i could ask whatever i wanted to. Then i found Gina’s site through a Google search last year. I have been taking her guidance regarding my son’s diet and it has helped him tremendously. He is doing good. We still have long way to go. but something i wanted to tell is all this wouldn’t have been possible without one person and that’s Gina.

    She is always there whenever i want her and believe me she can read my mind, that’s an extra advantage I have in having her. She is a wonderful person and I will not forget to mention is she is COOL and CALM always, that’s something I love about her.
    Gina, I m soooo thankful to God that he has helped to find out. I know you are the one who will get me out this.

    Gina U ROCK.

  • from Lisa Reichert (Chicago Energy Healer, Acupuncturist)
    Gina on her own is an intuitive powerhouse sharing her gut, her learning, her messages with gentle confidence. She is a perfectionist, a superior fact checker and an amazing adaptable creative writer. Adding Doug’s wit, intelligence, savvy, creativity and presence to Gina, you now get an unbeatable combination for your foundation of support for you, your health and your personal and professional growth and healing.
    I have witnessed their journey and am awed by their unshakable faith in the laws of nature, themselves and their family. Thank you McDermott-LaVerde family for living as you teach.

  • When trying to describe Gina, I feel like I’m limited by having to use words. Gina is more of a presence than a person, one who grounds me, while at the same time, gently reminds me that there is so much more to do for myself and for everyone and everything around me. Although her reminders are subtle (usually leading by example rather than instruction) the impressions are lasting. I have never left Gina feeling short of inspired and generally stronger for having been in her beautiful presence. I can surely say that I don’t know anyone else like her. Her warmth, kindness, and knowledge give me something to aspire to. Gina’s teaching has made me healthier and more balanced. In a place filled with those who only follow, it’s encouraging to know that Gina is out there…a true original. I am grateful to have her in my world, and even more grateful that she allows me to be in hers.

  • Gina,
    You are genuinely an amazing talented woman. I want to thank you so much for taking the time for tuning into me and seeing what you could see to help my life. What you said made complete sense and I will run with it 🙂 Once again Gina thank you and keep up the great work! We are all lucky to have healers like you on this earth 🙂

  • I chanced on Gina’s blog/video last year when I was looking for some information after my kid’s diagnosis. I really loved her wonderful personality and the way she got her son out of autism, based on what I read. So I scheduled a meeting with her. I found her to be exactly the person I thought to be. Completely, honestly and true to the word, compassionate and full of good intent, good energy and tons of great information. At the end of our first call, I asked her, ‘Gina, do you think we will be able to make it?’ and she said ‘There is no other option but to make it’. Gina makes me feel confident about what I do for my son, she makes me feel empowered. She trusts my instincts when no one else does and has made me confident about trusting my own instincts. She is a wealth of information and has ALWAYS been there with the right answers for me when I needed her. I just don’t have enough words to praise her. Her daily emails are something I look forward to reading each day – they are really empowering. It especially feels great to learn from someone who has been there done that and has learnt so much in the process…God Bless you, Gina! Thank you for everything you do for us each day.

  • Gina and Doug are two of the most wonderful, inspiring people I’ve ever had contact with. Gina is helping me see a brighter side of everything I face in daily life and remove blocks that have been in place since early childhood. Doug gave me another way to see a nasty habit that I can’t kick, that no longer serves me and I get closer to saying goodbye every day. Their energy is refreshing and insightful, I feel honored and blessed to know them both. Thank you so much, love you guys!!!!!!!!


  • Gina is one of the most talented, loving, nurturing, and inspiring healers I have ever met. Her approach is so soothing and comforting and gentle. I have worked with her several times and the results are always magical. She is thorough and intuitive and always knows just what I need. Her compassion and energy will fill you up. She is MAGIC.


  • I am going through one of the most unsure, fearful and stressful times of my life. I am in full on survival mode. I went to see Gina, still in some fear and apprehension about ANYONE’S ability to help me release some of my stress and fear right now. After walking into Gina’s healing room, I had to silently laugh at myself and my persistant apprehensions. I felt safe and warm and open. And she hadn’t started yet. Her entire home is filled with light and high vibrations that started the healing before I even lied down for my Reiki session. During my session, I felt deeply connected to my mother who I have been missing immensly lately and other sensations that made me feel free and loved and safe. After the session, as Gina told me what she saw and felt, I got goose bumps at some her insights and up until just a few days ago, I am still seeing things happen that were brought up in Gina’s insights which was over a week ago. Gina makes me feel loved and ok. Thank you Gina. You are truly a healer.

  • Simply want to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is simply nice and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

  • I am able to apply something that I have learned from Gina’s programs to my everyday life. She has been such a blessing in my family’s healing and I’m so glad to have such great help on our healing/unlearning journey. I love you, Gina! xoxoxox

  • I met Gina at a metaphysical shop in Southern California, in what I can only say must have been spiritually planned. Her reading was calming and reassuring, as well as empowering and uplifting. What I like about Gina’s energy is that she offers guidance and support, but never controlling or insistent. This aspect matters a great deal to me because I am sensitive to dominating personalities. Even with the best of intentions, healers and psychics can at times be overwhelming. With Gina, I knew I was safe and that she would respect my space. Gina is also very generous with her time and energy; yet a wonderful example of setting boundaries and knowing ‘a time to every purpose under heaven’ . When she reserves her space for an appointment she is very grounded, present, and focused in helping whatever it is a person needs. Gina is incredibly genuine and lives the life she teaches. Her devotion is beyond measure and without limits; open to her own vulnerable growth. Gina is definitely someone to keep in your contacts as someone to reach to when your life seeks a breakthrough. Her calm and gentle approach will remind you that all life’s questions can be answered within. I forever wish her and her husband Doug, as well as their children, a beautiful journey as they touch lives and share their holistic way of life.

    • thank you so much Karen for the beautiful words. you are yourself extremely gifted and connected and humble. its an honor to know you

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