We get loads of questions each day from parents wanting to know how they can help their children with autism and allergies the way we helped our son, Dougie.

While each child has unique needs, we share our answers so you can see how healing can happen and hopefully take some inspiration and advice from the way we do things.

Remember that these are not medical answers. Please contact your physician or natural health practitioner for help with all medical questions.

Q. What do you mean by “undoing autism”?

A. We mean  slowing down and getting a full understanding of what your child’s specific needs and symptoms are. We mean breaking apart the things that hurt your child, getting rid of them, and helping your child flourish. We mean slowing down even more and understanding the messages and the beauty behind autism. We do not mean accepting pain, hurt, illness etc. We just mean looking at it from all angles. We mean finding the person under the diagnosis. We are here to teach you everything we know. You may do something completely different from what we did. Undoing autism means finding balance, health and happiness for you whole family. It means dropping labels. Dropping “the norm” and welcoming the extraordinary. This is only part of what we mean. The other part comes from what you want and need for your family.

Q. My child is quite a picky eater. How do I start him eating better?

A. Here is more info on helping picky eaters to eat.

Q. Where do I buy coconut kefir?

A. We make our own kefir, or buy a probiotic beverage from Body Ecology or Real Food. Real Life. The probiotic beverages are very high quality, and help re-build the good bacteria in your gut. But, they are not “kefir” as they are made up of different strands of beneficial bacteria and yeast.

Q. How much coconut kefir should I start my child on?

A. Try Starting him/her on a small amount, like 2 oz of kefir each morning just before he/she eats. This way you can more easily monitor results and build their health. They can drink their kefir in cranberry juice, black currant juice, water, lemonade or raw home-made green apple juice — as these have the least sugar. If he is very picky, you can mix the coconut kefir with any liquid that he already drinks. Eventually, you will want your child to drink kefir on its own. The good bacteria in coconut kefir also helps change your taste buds to crave healthier foods. So, they will begin to enjoy and even crave this magic juice.

You will need to watch the results he/she is having closely so that you will know when and how much to increase. Any digestive upsets or emotional upsets are an indication to slow down. Kefir helps build your gut flora and detoxify illness (among other things) so, sometimes it takes a while before your body fully falls in love with it. Give your body time.

The least amount of sugar and other toxins that are in your child’s system when you start kefir, the better chances you have of seeing faster results.

Q. When do you start milk kefir?

A. You don’t have to make/drink milk kefir as part of your autism healing diet –unless you find that your family benefits from it. Our family does not drink milk kefir. We have tried it and found no great benefits. It is however, a much healthier drink than pasteurized milk or plain raw milk as it is chock-full of the good bacteria we need in our guts.

Q: Can you tell me the difference between green juices and green smoothies, and how i know which ones are best for my child?

A. Juicing and smoothies are great ways to give our kids loads of minerals and vitamins in one fell swoop. But, how much to give and when to serve juice, smoothie or take breaks takes a little bit of mom-tuition. Firstly, when we are talking “green,” we are talking potential for detoxification ( and you know this is a good thing if we go slowly). We are also talking about foods that raise your child’s vibration (Good or bad depending on what your child needs for balance) and may make them hyper. Raw foods can be great for children with autism if you can find your comfortable balance. We did almost 100% raw for a year and it worked for us. For some, these foods are too harsh and detoxing.

The obvious difference here is that smoothies have fiber. Fiber acts like a broom to sweep out the muck in your digestive tract. Fiber also feeds your probiotics. Fiber also helps the veggies be digested more slowly — which was more ideal for my son’s and my healing. Typically we would drink more smoothies than juices because we digested them slower and felt a more sustained energy/satisfaction level.

Juices get digested very quickly and may also raise your candida because of that. I personally love juices in the warmer months, when am feeling ill – but I make sure to have some food in my stomach an hour prior to having a juice because it will cause hypoglycemic for someone like me with a very fast metabolism.  A child who is hot natured may benefit more from juices than we do.

My son and I are very similar with our health needs and reactions. We are both on hyper speed when it comes to digestion. So, we always did more smoothies than juices.

I follow Chinese Medicine principles, and my own intuition. Juices and smoothies are cold in nature. Juices would be “colder.  If your child’s skin is cold to the touch, you may not want to do too many cold/raw foods because it’s all about balance.  You can serve these drinks at room temperature to help reduce the “cold” if your child will take them that way. Candida, which we all had an overload of, is also cold in nature. But, with the right amount of sugar-free juices/smoothies you can beat candida. That’s partly because you are getting such mega- nutrition, and of course combining it with other healing modalities.

I always say to start slowly with any new food, take breaks from each food every now and then and of course — experiment. I recommend starting with smoothies. But, you can also blend some avocado into a juice to slow the digestion of it if you need to get the raw food in, but like the taste of juice better.

Check for distended belly, changes in poop, skin temp and color — are things improving?

I also recommend that you give your child these raw foods early in the day and pay close attention to how they react. Since you are only starting 1 new food at a time, you will have better knowledge of the results. Remember that our needs change. They may need an 8 oz smoothie every day for a year and then need juice for another year.

I don’t typically suggest blending or juicing cruciferous veggies like kale, collards, cabbage, cauliflower because they are known to slow the thyroid and I find they make us tired or those with lots of sugar like carrots, beets, sweet potatoes or sweet fruits due to risk of raising candida yeast. We do use berries, lemons, limes and green apples in our juices and smoothies.

Q. Is cabbage a must ingredient for making the cultured vegetables?

A. You do not have to use cabbage in your cultured vegetables. It’s simply a great source of plantarum bacteria, a bacteria that also thrives in our guts and helps promote health. Really, you can ferment most vegetables that you like — if you are using a good starter culture, like the ones from Body Ecology.

Q. How often do you give culture veggies to your child? With every meal?

A.  In our house, the cultured veggies are not as important as the coconut kefir. We often take long, like months long, breaks from them. I have found that I can ferment coconut water, herbal teas and things like beet juice with both the Body Ecology kefir starter and veggie starter  00 in order for our son to get lots of varied good probiotics in him. The starter cultures work very well together. 

When I do give him cultured veggies, I try to give a simple tablespoon with a meal to help make his meal more digestible for him. he really likes my fermented green salsa which goes well with red potatoes, quinoa or fish. 

All fermented foods are astringent in nature which is great for clearing up candida, but too much can also br drying for the stomach. so, no need to give too much at a time.

I tend to like them more than Dougie and just use my intuition to measure how much I want at a given time.

I feel that as long as the kids are getting the kefir, and perhaps other good fermented beverages like fermented herbal teas, Body Ecology’s Innergy Biotic — that they are getting a good amount of probugs ad I don’t worry too much about the cultured vegetables.

On the other hand, the vegetables are less healing (detoxifying) than the kefir. So, more can be tolerated by most people. You can use them prior to introducing kefir ion order to acclimate your kids’ systems to the food.

Remember that if your kids don’t like mushy vegetables, you can ferment beet juice and add to cooled broths and soups, or ferment your veggie mix into a crispy dehydrated cracker. 

Q. Are there any cheese substitutes or cheese making recipes?

A. We like Daiya cheese for the occasional store-bought vegan cheese snack. It melts well and is soy-free and gluten-free. I also make this pine-nut cheese.

Of course, you should ferment your coconut meat too, and that can be used as a cheese substitute.

Q. Do I have to soak almonds before I blend them to flour?

A. Some say this is unnecessary since blending with a high -speed blender breaks the cell-wall of the nut. When we make flours, we actually soak the flour itself in some coconut kefir overnight to help break it down, and make it more digestible (right before we use it).

That said, we do not use much nut flour as flours are acidic in nature, harder to digest and nuts do aggravate viruses and allergies (even if you do not have an allergy to nuts).

Q. Where can I buy Lakanto?

A. You can buy Lakanto through our website by clicking here.

Q. What is coconut butter?

A. This is a delicious store-bought, ready-made combo of coconut oil and coconut meat. It’s great to add to raw dessert recipes and smoothies. Try Artisana brand.

Q. Do you believe in dry skin brushing and the salt baths?

A. Yes, and we recommend them as part of our one year healing program as well. Make sure to use natural bristled skin brushes. Your skin is your largest organ and a major organ of elimination. Dry brushing helps you release toxins. Epsom salt baths help block toxins from the water from entering your skin and also help pull toxins out of your skin. We like to do whole home spa for our child that includes the skin brushing, epsom salt baths, enema, and castor oil pack. After brushing and bathing, we always re-hydrate with alkaline water and moisturize our skin with raw coconut oil.

Q. When, during the healing process do you introduce enema?

A. We waited quite a long time (1 year), and did lots of research on home enemas before we began using them for our son’s recovery. We think it’s important to feel very comfortable about doing enemas for your children before doing them. There is no time line for starting.
Do not do them if your child has diarrhea, or injury to his/her rectum (or any other warnings listed on your enema bottle/bucket packaging).

We find them great to do in the mornings about 2-3 times per week when we are going through a cleansing phase (primarily in spring/summer).

Home enemas help clear away built-up waste from food and other toxicities, and allow your child to better absorb the nutrients from the food and supplements they take, get better sleep, have a sense of calm — and simply open the door to further healing. We use them at the threat of a cold/flu, and find that they prevent or slow down the course of sickness. We haven’t been sick in years.

Note: Always do an implant of probiotics and/or chlorophyl after an enema. You must put back the minerals and good bacteria that has been wiped out with the waste.

Q. Where do you get your enema equipment from?

A. We use disposable enema bottles that we buy at the regular drug store (Fleet brand). These are small and very manageable to use with kids — although not kid-sized, officially.

We empty the bottles and fill with distilled water or home-made herbal implants as needed. We do not use the saline solution that comes with the bottle.

bottles, as that causes cramping. You can also buy enema equipment

(buckets, tubing etc.) from Body Ecology.

Q. How much water do you use in an enema?

A. When we were just beginning, we started with 1 full enema bottle of distilled water (8 oz), and gradually increased until we used enough water that Dougie no longer had anything to release but clear water.

If your child has a sluggish system, it may take a while before you get a big release. So, if nothing comes out the first time –don’t sweat it. Just remember to go very slowly. Consult with your natural health professional for more help as giving enemas to children may pose risks.

Q. Can you recommend an Herbal Medicine book?

A. Our favorite is Healing With Whole Foods, By, Paul Pitchford.


These are great questions that I often receive, so I thought it would be best to share them with all of you.

Q: What is a Medical Intuitive?

A: A Medical Intuitive is someone who has the intuitive ability to strongly sense the subtle energies around people and/ or animals, and understand how they relate to health.The first person who I know of to use the term is healer, Dr. Caroline Myss. Her book “Anatomy of Spirit” mentions her first encounters with this ability, and breaks it down using examples from every major religion– and so much more!

A medical intuitive can “tune in” to you and your body (only if you are willing), and detect things like food sensitivities, illness and emotions — and help you relate them to your spiritual path, and find relief where needed.

By nature, intuitive work is done by sensing vibrations. That means that at any given moment your body will be pulsing out vibrations of thought, emotion, well-being etc. And a medical intuitive will be able to differentiate between these in his/her own way. It is very common for a medial intuitive or intuitive healer to scan all of your body and energy field around your body to sense for any blockages that are upsetting the flow of your true health. They will scan for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connections to the information they are receiving from you so that they can give you the fullest picture possible.

An intuitive will only be able to give you the information that can be sensed at the time. We often send out the signals for what we need at the present moment so this is perfect.When you chose a medical intuitive, you are probably choosing the best one for your needs because these relationships have divine ways of manifesting.

Some medical initiatives may get their answers in the form of words, pictures, sounds, colors etc. And, the deeper they know themselves and their abilities, the better they can explain to you what this all means for you. You will find medical intuitives who specialize in a variety of areas. Many of my intuitive gifts have to do with understanding how nutrition and food effects us. I also quite easily sense colors, emotions, temperatures, and can see the organs communicating with one another. I understand how to explain these things that I see hear and feel to my clients so that they can make improvements they want to make.

Some medical intuitives may describe the same condition differently, but the ultimate benefit of their work is to help you get to the core of your illness or problem and solve it naturally for lasting results. They see the whole picture.

I’ve been doing medical intuitive work since I began helping people heal about 5 years ago. That means that I’ve been able to pinpoint exact foods that would help people get well, or exact reasons why they’d been unable to conceive etc. But, I only recently started using the term “medical intuitive” because it kept showing up in my life. After 5 years doing this work, I can tell you that it has gotten much better and easier for me with time. Just as a medical doctor would better be able to diagnose pneumonia after having worked in the field for some time, I too have noticed patterns. So, medial intuitives often have researched into the patterns of illness that they see in order it inform you with documentation to support their discoveries. This is not always the case though, every healer has their own unique way of working. And, in cases where pure spiritual work is needed, someone like me might revert to a more ancient way of providing healing to a client.

If you think you are a medical Intuitive, you probably are. Those of us who have this type of calling can feel it within us. Let me know if you want to learn more about honing in on your skills.

If you are thinking of working with a medical intuitive, this is great for those with really open minds who accept the energetic and spiritual foundations for illness. Before choosing someone to work with, take some time to think about what you desire out of a session. Decide if you want to work in person or by phone. I have great results with distance clients. But, you will find what works best for you by choosing someone you can understand and easily communicate with.

Q: How Do You Do Distance Healing?

A: Distance healing has been being performed since the beginning of time…. So, I have my ways, but there are many other very valid ways.

I use Reiki, a form of energy healing where I tap into source energy, and direct it to bring healing with intention.

This is something I learned how to do through practice, and of course –some training.

It’s something we all can do. Source energy is that subtle vibration that connects us. If it sounds pretty obscure, that’s because we are completely trained to ignore subtleties.

However, it has been proven over and over again that even our DNA changes, not because of protein synthesis, but in fact through vibrational pulses.

For example, the feeling of joy can be measured through Heart Math. And, this same feeling, if tapped into and used properly– can help heal someone. People who are very good at it can do it very quickly.

If this interests you, check out Masuru Emoto’s work with water. I think this is a cool way of explaining how energy and intention create positive change. And, remember that we are made up of water.

So, doing Reiki from a distance merely involves me including that intention in the session. There are ancient techniques passed down from Tibet which we learn as Reiki Practitioners. But, the simple answer is that it is done with a strong intention.

My first ever experience with this was when I was in Vegas and my son was in Chicago. He was sick with a fever and has way too many sensitivities to take medicine. I was freaked out. I tuned into his energy and was able to break his fever and help him release what was blocking him.

Since then, I’ve experienced things that are nothing short of miracles. It’s hard to believe actually. Even for me. Most of my clients are distance clients from all over the world. I have witnessed through them — clearing of infections, healing of heart problems and so much more.

Reiki usually works best when the recipient is very ready to make a change. It’s a very subtle energy but can do huge things quickly if you flow with it. It’s easiest for me to do Reiki for you when you are sleeping because we are more open to being healed at that time. We’re in dream-land, so to speak. Not over-thinking things. So, I will often do distance healing while a client sleeps. Or, my clients will tell me that they had fabulous dreams on the night after we did our healing session over the phone, and the real transition is made during sleep.

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Check out this link to more of your questions answered about, diet, colon therapy and autism healing questions and let me know if there is anything you’d like me to answer for you.

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