How are You Embracing Your Psychic Awareness?

What is Psychic Awareness?

It hasn’t always been a popular topic. The idea of mind-reading, seeing the future or communicating with source energy (god/goddess, spirits, or angels) has fueled witch hunts in the past. So, what’s so special about it? Maybe “somebody” doesn’t want us to use our psychic abilities. Read more

Your Psychic Abilities Need Expression

Blissed Life


What is Psychic Awareness?

It hasn’t always been a popular topic. The idea of mind-reading, seeing the future or communicating with source energy (god/goddess, spirits, or angels) has fueled witch hunts in the past. So, what’s so special about it? Maybe “somebody” doesn’t want us to use our psychic abilities.

Is there a way to turn it on whenever you want?

Maybe your psychic awareness makes you more powerful. Maybe it’s the key to something. When you open your perception and allow yourself to be as you were built to be, maybe your own psychic awareness will get stronger.

What if I told you that your psychic awareness is a natural ability that you can build upon? And, that it’s more than “fortune telling” or having visions? It comes in unique ways for everyone, and brings you the “messages” you need in ways that you are comfortable with.


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Paradigm Shift: How to Change Your Timeline Reality

What is a timeline and how do I S20121106-084929.jpgwitch?

You are on one of an infinite amount of timelines available. What you are experiencing in your waking world is all a manifestation of your belief structure. To explain timelines we must first get a solid grasp on now. Right now.

When all of the research has been examined and all of the tests tested, there is no way to say definitively that I am not a figment of your imagination. I might write this post and then disappear the next moment, which would be beautiful. Though we experience on this physical plane with our avatars in conscious awareness of the environment, as real as that might feel, there is still no reasonable explanation for how we got to now. Right now, this physical and mental realm, this timeline is no more real than your dream state.

In western school we are taught the Big Bang as if it’s factual, and even if it is, then there is still the question of what energy created that explosion of life. I used to get light headed when I would think about this as a child. Now I am blissed out at the idea that there is no explanation that clearly shows how we developed to this NOW, and even if there was, how could it be accurate?

It’s truly amazing when you really sit down and think that we are nothing more than an idea. How liberating! How amazingly potential and vibrant are we. What power we possess in the knowing of who and where we are. Where is the planet, galaxy, universe anyways? The possibilities to live your life exactly the way that you want to are endless. Merry Christmas… Early (or late depending on your own excitement level).

So, are you having trouble with your timeline? Do you want to alter your course and float down another path more agreeable to your soul’s desires? It all starts with the acknowledgement of who and where you are. Really understand the truth, which is that life in its unexplainable existence is miraculous, and you are a part of that miracle. You inhabit a bio suit that you can program and you do program it. You taught your suit to walk through electrical impulses that you spontaneously created in your brain and directed through billions of cells into your legs. Magic.

Once you TRULY know where you are and how you got here, then it’s a matter of directing that energy towards your goals. I FEEL as if we are all here to experience. To me, the most logical explanation of my existence is to explore the world and all of its treasures. Maybe even get off Gaia for a bit. I used to work in office environments. I used to live a pretty normal life. Then, I realized who and where I was.

My life is wild at a minimum and I love it. I am constantly in awe of how amazing it is to be experiencing love, pain, and all the rest. I have lived in jungles, traveled off the path and found bliss in the most amazing places. I swam with jelly fish, dolphins, whales, sharks and everything else. Walked with royalty and peasants. I have traveled continents and hemispheres. I have touch healed people with my hands and astral traveled with my friends. I know what I am and I know that I am capable. I know that life is a dream and I am gonna live it merrily down the stream.

Know yourself and everything else will conspire with you to live your life’s journey. See your goals clearly, focus on the time and space that you want and start acting accordingly as if it is so now.

To switch your timeline, become aware of your current one and step consciously into the next through thought. This is the type of activity that is done with patience and a lot of awareness of your environment.

There are many ways to bring divinity into your life. I could write all day about different practices to increase personal energy and pursue your dreams, but it would be a long article.

We offer  classes to aid you in scratching that intuitive itch you get when you’re looking at life. There is more to be had from this reality. Breathe, focus, breathe. You’re already there, now.

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You Are Abundant inspirational Recording

Angel1You are abundant in your life. You are a being of energy that creates the story. Understand your cosmic abilities. A plant doesn’t send a check to the soil in order to grow each month. There is so much more to us than what the main-stream would have us believe.

Humans are designed with amazing capabilities. Everything in our bodies is directing us towards leading a Blissed Life. You have the ability to harness the power. The natural flow of life.

I have passed energy through my hands, and I have healed my friends pains with it. I know what we are. Even the most anti-esoteric person still has dreams or “gut instincts.” Have you ever thought of that? Even they get visions.

We, you, are designed this way. Intricately housing billions of cells, our bodies are planets themselves. We have glands that secrete visionary substances in order for us to see clearly through that third eye. It’s magical. Our bodies are on auto pilot. They don’t demand anything for it. They simply are. The more natural that you make yours the stronger your true light will shine.


You are truly here for a reason. A purpose. You are designed to have all that you can imagine. Manifestation Reality. Vibe with your innate nature and ride the wave with your senses open to discovery.

We are here for you and you have the tools all around you to increase your awareness. Even what may seem like a bad situation is all entirely for your growth. The world wants you to succeed. Own it.

Letting Go of The Past: What Patterns are Holding You Down?


The Scorpio New Moon inspires us to dig up that which doesn’t serve it and allow for its infinite transmutation into LIGHTNESS.

My life is a whole bunch of miraculous events that shake my foundation and sculpt my reality, and these insights always bring me back to my core belief… We need to connect to our true nature in order to be complete. We are designed to be so much healthier than we are. Your body a magical machine, but so many of society’s normal and highly advertised products are meant to hold your body in a sick pattern and inhibit you from reaching your true potential.

There are foods that clog your insides and create pineal gland calcification. In fact, most foods that the public eats are designed to keep us docile and infertile.

With a clean system, your body can function at higher levels, giving you elevated psychic and energetic strength

Shoes with arch support create and environment where your feet get locked in place and never strengthen like they should. Why do you think that we have such high rates of shin splints, bad knees, arch distortion, bad backs, and the list goes on?

Lets also not forget that we are not even connecting to the Earth anymore, which is naturally antioxidant and inflammatory for your body.

Walk barefoot and sync into the healing power of the Earth

Our planet has its own electromagnetic field that flows through the whole planet. This means that if you were standing in Chicago with your bare feet on the ground and another person in Tokyo had his bare feet on the ground, you would both be connected to that same energy source. Not both feeding from the current, but both a part of it sharing the collective. We are made for the planet, but society is trying to tell us that we aren’t.

The media and elite agenda doesn’t want a bunch of clear minded, healthy beings walking the planet. None of us would listen to their dribble if we were awake. I am not as much of a conspiracy theorist as I am an observant person. I see doctors selling pills, getting paid on both ends, and I see the public staying sick. Holding their patterns as they await the next round of vaccines. It’s all so that people can get sicker and sicker, and pay more and more. I have observed this nature in just about every industry where big business is done.

A person will fight to keep their parasite. They will surrender their unhealthy cravings for dominance over their psyche. They will do anything to keep their parasite at bay so that they don’t have to be bothered with fixing a problem. This type of living is an allusion. To make a new year’s resolution to stop eating fast food instead of just learning what fast food is made out of and deciding to be a conscious eater IS NOT CURING your problem.


Address the real problem or else another evil will take the place of the first parasitic motive

Look at your day in its entirety. What did you do today, yesterday, last week, month or year? What are your patterns and where are you being held down? I took a lot of time with this question.

I had a very typical lifestyle before my son got sick. I was money and power-driven as I amassed wealth and toys. It was an easy life, where I ignored my body and true natural purpose. I would eat what was delivered for lunch and take a pill when the aches and pains showed up. I had crutches for every aspect of my life that wasn’t perfect.

I couldn’t see five feet beyond my own objectives. It took catastrophe which turned into amazing experiences to change my perspective and get me to view my world all over again. I began getting rid of everything that didn’t serve me. I only do the things that feel right for me now. I live by the example that I want to see projected all around me in my life.

I say do anything that feels right to you, but be smart. If you are doing things that hold you down, then change them if you feel like taking on some liberty. You are a natural being, here to live your life for you. You are not a puppet for the politicians, pharmaceutical companies, banks or big agriculture.

As I have said a million times over… enjoy your life.

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How Do You Meditate?


How do You Meditate?

How do you get yourself in the mindset to connect deeper? Did you ever think that this process is different for everyone?

I used to spend so much time thinking and talking with others about my meditations. The way that I was practicing them. What I was hearing from Source. And, of course, I thought plenty on how long I was staying in meditation.

I thought about all of the things that I have learned from those meditative “masters” I knew who had a healthy regimen. I thought about people telling me that I needed to sit in silence for an hour and not let my mind wander.

“It gets easier the more you do it,” I kept hearing.

Problem is that often times I found it hard to take an hour out of my day to just sit. I have a highly analytical and quest-driven mind. I like obstacles. How do I follow all of these meditation guidelines and still get my meditative rewards?

I was looking for answers and guidance from Source, the infinite, universal nature. I had already been receiving insights all my life and I knew there was more to be achieved through meditation.

“Relax. Stay relaxed, ” I simply kept telling myself to enjoy the process. It’s my core belief, and I wasn’t doing it with the one practice that I craved so deeply. I smiled at myself and my silliness, as I came up with a new form of meditation that made sense for me and my day.

I started focusing on my joy response and went from there. The thing that I can recall that connects all of my miraculously received messages is my attitude at the time of receiving them. I was in the light of acceptance. I was seeking the guidance on my own terms, with my own beliefs.

This is What I Do

I calm my mind and think of one of the many beautiful places that I have been.

Sometimes I think of my son or wife or just a great memory. Then I color the picture as perfect as I can in my mind. Make it vivid. I taste and smell the memory. Then when it’s clear and I am enjoying the moment and completely in the memory, I focus in on the feeling that I received from this recollection.

The Joy Response

From here I can allow my mind to wander and ask for messages to come. I will do this on walks (be careful), during yoga (much easier), or any time when I have a minute to relax. At a bare minimum, the joy response is worth creating inside yourself. Just stop and try it now, by focussing on something that makes you smile. It’s relaxing, and that is what it’s all about. That’s how you begin to get your mind in the right frame for Real Meditation.

Have Fun

I don’t believe that there is one way for all of us. What works for me might not work for you, but it might get you started on discovering your own methods. I genuinely feel that we all have these abilities, but the way that we learn to explore them will be different.

I like keeping an open and accepting mind. You never know when you will learn something new and need to change a part of your life to become more of the true you. We are amazing creators, so create what you want in life.

Talk to me. Share what you are doing.

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Television Mind Control: Free Your Divine Mind


It was before Dougie was born, that Gina and I decided to get rid of the television in our house. It was only because we decided that we were more interesting to each other than the news . With all the travel that we have done over the last couple of years though, we have been around a lot more television then we would normally.

At first it was easy not to turn the tubes on in our hotels, but soon we thought that it would be nice for Dougie to have something fun to watch on the Disney channel while we did our work. That turned into him wanting TV even more. It was concerning to hear him reciting commercials for chemical laden products, like Raid or McDonald’s, but like most parents caught up with lots of work we succumbed to his cravings for media.

I didn’t think too much of it at first, but then he started trying to school me on how good Monsanto’s products were. That’s when I started taking note of this situation a lot more carefully. He could watch 30 minutes of mathematics with a commercial for a medication in the middle of it, and afterwords the only thing that he would talk about would be the medication.

The TV was brainwashing my son. He would talk about the need to use pesticides and how he wanted cologne. These are things that my son has no need for. This is what he retains. Why? How is it that the commercials are what are sticking with my son? More over than just Dougie, I see these products in so many people’s houses. I hear people talk about them in passing and see them use them in front of me. It is EXTREMELY rare when I see a commercial for something that isn’t toxic and people are interested.

People can look at a topic like this and say that we aren’t being forced into buying and using these products, but I believe that those people are just so caught up in the advertisers demands that they can’t see their own reason. If a stranger walked up to you on the street and said “this pill could kill you, but you might feel great for a few minutes,” you would probably run the other direction. If they did it on your television then you might pick up the phone and order it. Sound extreme? It isn’t. In fact it happens every day.

How did we lose our divinity as a society? How did we fall so far as to think that it is normal to rub toxic chemicals on our body and ingest poisons that could lead to IBS, dementia, death etc.? Why would you be willing to pay for that type of torture? If you don’t see the psychological warfare that is being played out in your living room, please take one night out of the week where you search only independent media online. Just learn something new from someone who isn’t trying to sell you something.

You could even initiate game night. I would take scrabble over gang shootings on the news any night. Expand your minds instead of flattening your brain waves. There is so much interesting and informative news going on outside your mind control box that would at a bare minimum make you into a smarter conversationalist at holiday parties. Don’t just learn what the news is force feeding you. Learn for yourself on your own terms. Free your mind.

Of course, we are talking about more blatant mind control here. But there are known agendas for controlling us on much deeper levels. Disney has used intentional manipulation since its inception to get people to do everything from pay taxes to conform to self-depreciating values.  All to give us a warped perception of reality steal the essence of our true power to change things.

Begin to Free your Mind Now and Understand that the Real Truth is far more exciting than it is frightening. Let us know how we can help!

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Manifestation Reality


The other day I met up with some friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time and of course we got into a rather deep conversation about life and what we are doing in our own realities. It seems like this discussion is always coming up with me wether it be with a stranger or a life partner. While having the conversation I sat back and reflected to myself about how truly amazing we all are and what makes us do what we all do on a daily basis.

I was thinking about the person who goes to his job in a cubicle, the yoga instructor who sings to her students, the business man who drives his Lamborghini to his favorite coffee shop across the street instead of walking. We are all living out our realities. We have all chosen to be here. We have chosen to subscribe to this reality and participate in its course.

Gina and I have been talking so much about the subject of reality lately that it really gets my head spinning at times.

I believe that each person lives in his/her own reality in correspondence with everyone else, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is living in the same reality. I am not talking about parallel realities here, which is another equally interesting and important concept. I am talking about people living in your reality, however completely disconnected from the life that you have created.

Have you ever wondered how others varied so much from you in their perspectives, ideals and awareness? How are people allowing problems in their realities and not seemingly noticing them. It’s as if you are living in another world. Maybe the truth isn’t so far off. Just like the colorblind man, these others can not see the colors of the beautiful butterfly or the red blood on a politicians money, because you can’t see what you don’t know is there.

We are all here to live out our realities. I believe my life is a quest to learn and grow. The wonderful truth about it is that none of us can say for certain what our purpose is here, for none of us can prove indefinitely where we come from or how we managed into this physical form. It is all simply guesses, educated or not.

I am here to learn and grow. To do the acts that bring me into awareness and a highly developed consciousness. I couldn’t imagine a life without miraculous events and new experiences. I have come too far to subscribe to someone else’s ideas of life. It is my path to explore and be me at all costs. Some people blindly follow doctors orders, where I wouldn’t blindly follow anything. It’s more than the acceptance of someone else’s view point, it’s the desire to live my path next to theirs and understand that we are all on our own paths. That path is theirs and this path is mine.

I’ve learned to love everyone for their unique journey and never worry for their safety. I find myself worrying less each minute. Worry never changed my situation, it only incorporated into my reality. Live the life you want to. I believe it is the reason that you and I are here. I hope to see you out there smiling. Enjoy your day… Always.

Today’s Ultimate Truth


Everyday I feel like I am getting closer to some sort of ultimate truth about who I am and what I am doing here. I have had a lot of eye-opening and miraculous experiences over the last few years. Experiences that were too insightful and intriguing to turn my back on. My life has taken so many turns that sometimes it’s difficult to accept where I am now in it. I love my life now more than I ever have in the past. It is the type of life and awakening that I hope for everyone, but I realize that plenty of people would not see it as I do. It is my path. My journey. My truth.

I used to be so caught up in materials. Wondering what new toy I could acquire next. Trying to outdo my neighbor. It turned out to be all for nothing. I learned that my gains were only holding me down. When I finally learned about source energy and how we are all energetic beings, I started to realize how silly I had been. How silly the whole system is. We are meant for so much more than we are giving ourselves credit for. So many get caught up in the rat race of business that we forget to take time to work on ourselves. To enlighten our minds. To feel the power that innately courses through our bodies.

We are all so awesome! So full of energy that needs to be released. I live day by day trying to understand what the next step will be that will bring me to some full understanding of the answer. The answer to the question that is behind us all when we are trying to sleep at night… Why are we here? The best and most reasonable explanation to our existence to me is that we are meant to enjoy ourselves. To break through our fears and seek the answers that our souls thrive for. It is in our nature to learn and grow.

So, this is me sprinkling some energy packed, highly nutritious water on that pineal gland of yours. Enjoy yourselves and never stop wondering. To hold onto an idea and conform to its teachings is to put your brain in a prison and throw away the key. Live your life to its fullest.

Releasing Anger and Allowing Abundance

I have been thinking about what creates vindictive thoughts and revenge lately, because I was recently accused of having them. It all seems like a truly sad venture to have your heart set on hurting another person. I understand that wanting to get even with someone is a human emotion, but to what end? I am not telling you to let people slap you around, and at the same time I am not the person to say to get your revenge. So, where is the middle ground?

Recently I had a landlord in my life who was trying to goad me into a confrontation with her. Every day I continued my personal work and left her alone, yet the situation continued to grow. I was told that I was a very negative person with some master plan to only bring pain to others. These comments didn’t hurt me because I knew the truth, but then she crossed my fine line, which was to attempt her tactics on my wife. It was hard for me to see the positive side in this anymore.

The night before this happened, Gina and I were on the beach and we did a Reiki Healing Attunement on the issue. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense that this woman would go after Gina the next morning, as we needed something to open up my eyes. We immediately packed up our belongings, requested a refund (which we only got some of) and left to find a much better place. Now, instead of living with bugs coming out of our faucets and the smell of drugs every day, we are staying in a very clean and beautiful hotel right on the ocean. A king-size bed with air conditioning after a long stay in the jungle is magical.

If someone is trying to hurt you, then ask yourself why. Maybe you have something that they don’t and they are mad at you for it. Maybe that person has serious problems of their own to deal with and they find it comforting to take it out on you. Most arguments that I run into turn out to be big misunderstandings. One person believes that the other is trying to harm them for some silly reason and the other thinks that person is just evil.

I attracted my situation. It’s hard for me to admit. I have had an aggressive past that taught me a great deal about how to treat and deal with others. I am not the dog that barks at the mailman. I like to leave people to their own growth. In not participating in the repeated attacks of having my utilities randomly shut off or crazy emails about my character, I helped increase her anger. It wasn’t my goal. I was simply trying to not involve myself deeper into a bad relationship.

When you get to the core of people you remember that we are all children. We are all uniquely and divinely placed here as individuals on our paths. We might pick up ideas about life and handling conflicts from media and society, but in the end we are all simply little creatures running around learning together. We are all weird. You’re weird and I’m weird. The goal is not to overcome your weirdness, but to grow with it and understand the real you and your part in this collective reality.

When you are seeking revenge on another you must remember that each person is simply another organism on the planet trying to make it their way. Hurting them in any fashion only hurts you. You cannot wholly gain from hurting another. You might feel positive about it for a while, but that is the same high that you can get from drugs. It is your momentary fix. Instead of putting that energy into destruction, try spending it on bettering yourself. Go to yoga, seek out your promotion, elevate the real you.

My upbringing raised me to attack all situations. I was always looking for an edge on an opponent. I must say though that all of my dueling never equalled one beautiful day on the beach with my family. I can’t recollect a successful fight that felt as good as making my way in the world. I learned on my own that my path to true happiness was through finding the bright side in my life and putting all of my energy towards it.

The truth is that the only way to truly feel good is to work on you, not on someone else. Live YOUR life for YOU. Don’t worry about others. Focus on you. I am not saying to be selfish or uncaring. It’s truly quite to the opposite. What I am saying is to be the beacon of honesty, truth and success that you wish for everyone else. The best way to help others is to show them through your example. You don’t need to harm anyone, just live the life of light that you were meant to. Be free!

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