Autism Recovery Free Webinar: Autism Undone

I’m so happy to share this part of our journey with you. I hope it inspires you. This was recorded in July 2009. Let me know if you have any questions

Autism Undone Webinar by CertifiedOrganicWoman.Com from Gina Laverde on Vimeo.

Our children are wonderful beings of light that often come to bring us to a deeper understanding of our own life’s purpose. We always want the best for them. When recovering our babies from something as complicated and widely misunderstood as autism — it’s common to be faced with confusion, frustration, fear and guilt.

This road is nothing short of a spiritual journey. I’m on it. And, I am in a place where I feel the desire to share as much as I can.

Parents need community!Please join Christina Allen and me as we candidly discuss the methods we’ve successfully used to bring our own families and clients to optimal health.My son Dougie was officially diagnosed with autism two years ago and now enjoys vibrant health and shows almost no signs of autism.Christina’s two boys have been severely afflicted with chronic infections and allergies. She has pulled them out of their sickness slumps and is experiencing the joys of wellness that every mom deserves!

This call covers:

  • Raw Food and Body Ecology principals that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle for further healing.
  • The digestive connection to autism and how probiotic and cultured foods play a huge role in gut health
  • The importance of baby steps for full recovery
  • Energy and sensory therapies that help create a well rounded healing regime at home

Moms – you are the center of your children’s lives –and, quite possibly the ones who will have to ultimately take on this challenge of healing your little bundles of joy. Christina and I will take care to offer you useful grounding and energetic exercises to keep you going strong.


I’d love to help you create Bliss in your life through healthy eating and more! Contact me for your personalized session!


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