Autism Recovery Story: Steps We Took to Undo Our Son’s Autism

This piece was written in 2009.. We’ve had MUCH more progress and made some more changes that I will continue to share.  But I really thought that these steps would be of great value to you. Enjoy!

It is important to note that I studied my son’s deficiencies, intolerances and symptoms both by researching and by paying very close attention to his body. All of our treatments for the first 2.5 years have been either coming from whole food or herbal sources or through energy healing done at home by me. We have never hired a professional for these services (in the first 2.5 years). In the case of mineral deficiencies I have always (because of cost) made my own supplements by simply using foods and fermenting them… or buying whole food high quality supplements. I have listed helpful supplements at the end of this.

The first 9 months: In this time Dougie went from very sick (ear infection, pneumonia, sore throat, cough, and diarrhea) to very healthy. He gained back eye contact, focus and began identifying objects and people by name. This is also the time when we recognized his ability to retain information in memory. He began repeating everything he heard and even reciting it months later. He was still having major tantrums quite often, but was decreasing stimming (hand flapping, toe walking, staring into space, licking everything, brushing his face against the floor, spinning wheels, spinning himself etc, spreading feces all over himself and the walls.. these were not totally gone but were slowly drifting).

1.       Began with 1 tablespoon young coconut kefir and slowly increased to 1 cup per day within a week

2.       Made him lots of soups and blended foods that were easy to digest

3.       Got him to eat cultured veggies by dipping blue corn chips into them or using stevia to sweeten them

4.       Added digestive enzymes (Enzymedica Brand before meals)

5.       Began following strict Body Ecology after 1.5 months of transition (this meant no fruit at all, no acidic veggies or mushrooms etc )

6.       Made cultured foods about 40-60% of his diet (dips, juices, veggies, kefir etc)

7.       Added in another probiotic (fivelac): saw more improvement in focus

8.       Added cod liver oil: saw more improvement in focus

9.       Added vitamin C

10.   Added spirulina (saw amazing results… it was like his brain really kicked in and he began learning new things each day).

Month 10: Gone Raw: We were not progressing fast enough. I was feeling that Dougie was still sluggish and sad a lot of the time. He barely had any speech except repeating and labeling. So, we decided to go more raw…. My new motto became… Green it, Blend it, Ferment it

1.       Began Donna Gates’ antiviral protocol which included no fats, no grains, no fruit at all for 10 days

2.       Added enemas, castor oil packs, Epsom salt baths and skin brushing to our routine. : Dougie released lots of toxins through enema and began talking so much more after each enema… sometimes this speech miracle would only last a short while (10 minutes)

3.       Increased morning green drink to 1 quart and added more greens to it (Vitamineral green etc)

4.       Implemented energy healing (massage, reflexology, eft, reiki – saw amazing results like better sleep, happiness, calmness, less stimming, and again more speech. No colds, infections at all. He was also becoming interested in other people… but not yet really wanting to socialize

5.       Added liver support (milk thistle, artichoke etc)

6.       Cultured beet juice for liver cleansing and  he released lots of toxins (parasites)

7.       Added peter Gillian’s Natural Calm cal/mag supplement

The next year: Here we went almost 100% raw and vegan – no animal products at all. We used highly absorbable super foods and supplements. I began making elixirs of herbs and roots, fermenting more foods, and creating a rotated food schedule that allowed him more than what Body Ecology offered. On such a high probiotic-rich raw diet his body could now handle sweet fruits on occasion, beans, potatoes… we still had (have) an issue with protein digestion. He flourished here and began telling us what he wanted; taking interest in playing with other kids, spoke clearer every day, cognitive speech was really improving. He was very healed by end of year 2

1.       Began each day with 1 quart green smoothie

2.       Consumed 1 qt of yck per day

3.       Baby spa ( skin brush, Epsom salt bath, castor oil pack and enema, then EFT before bed on the infrared mat.. with classical music) amazing results

4.       Lots more time in nature (camping, hiking swimming) resulted in him being much more grounded… tantrums were finally dissipating

5.       Mini juice feast… we began juicing (in rotation with smoothies)

6.       Added hemp, chia, bee pollen , blue green algae, Vitamineral green and earth,

7.       Began tummy massages to help stimulate digestion of protein

8.       Added peaceful planet  supreme meal protein powder

9.       Created sensory learning at home… home school with other children and alone (helped very much socially and with him being grounded in himself

Beyond year 2: We continued on a high raw probiotic diet but I stopped worrying about diet…it was no longer my main focus.  I studied reiki, shamanism, energy healing and began very intricate meditation on my own which helped bring us even further out of the darkness of autism. The movement and spiritual practices have helped him use his body in a more coordinated way. Combining this with sensory learning and practical chores like doing dishes and cooking food have helped him become a lot more balanced all over. – even in his thinking and expression). This is where I have realized that energy healing is a HUGE key to recovery. He has only been sick for 5 days in the past 2 and half years and we treat it all naturally. His autism truly unravels each day

1.       Continued on diet  with baby spa treatments ( he continues to improve each day)

2.       Implemented structured yoga/exercise routine

3.       Grounding exercises ( Gabriel Roth’s 5 rhythms, chakra balancing etc)

4.       Exercises to jog brain development (criss -crossing legs, skipping,  dancing)

5.       Added e3 Live “Brain On” and saw amazing results

6.       Added in marine phytoplankton and he literally lost a tic that he had

What’s Next: Now, his gut is healed to a point where we can really focus on his brain. We continue our diet but are much more flexible in what he can eat. He has had spouted wheat and raw dairy with no bad reaction. He has had sugar with no bad reaction. During winter months he eats more cooked food and has had egg and salmon as needed.  Our energy healing practice increases daily.  He now knows how to wash dishes, put on his own clothes, and turn on lights in bathroom – problem solving skills increase.

Here is a list of new supplements we will add for brain swelling, and cognitive development as well as immune support:

1.       Zango brand mangosteen juice ( fermented)

2.       Acai and goji juice fermented and fermented treats with these

3.       Multivitamin (looking for highest quality)

4.       Fish oil ( looking for highest quality)

5.       Vitamin D

6.       Selenium

7.       VSL 3 probiotic

8.       Body Ecology brand ocean plant extract

List of some helpful healing herbs, supplements and super foods that we have used

  • Young coconut kefir
  • Cultured vegetables
  • Cultured homemade juice and herb blends
  • Blue green algae (spirulina, chlorella)
  • E3 Live brain on (frozen)
  • Marine phytoplankton (Ultimate super foods brand)
  • Cod liver oil (green pastures brand)
  • Peter Gillian’s brand magnesium calm (with calcium)
  • Hemp protein
  • Chia seeds
  • Bee pollen
  • Vitamineral Green
  • Vitamineral Green earth
  • Vitamineral Green Vitamin C
  • Vitamineral Green Liver rescue
  • Delenolate (olive leaf extract blend for antibacterial, fungal viral)
  • Peaceful planet supreme meal protein
  • Oil of oregano
  • Garlic
  • Colostrom
  • Lipolic acid
  • Burdock root
  • Holy basil
  • Milk thistle
  • Ginger
  • Biosuperfood
  • Cilantro
  • Dandelion

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20 thoughts on “Autism Recovery Story: Steps We Took to Undo Our Son’s Autism

  1. thank you for sharing your truely is inspirational..I have been thru very similar story in many ways. i recently started my son vegan lots raw foods..but I always have times of doubting myself. and feel scared everytime i tell people about my woerd healing treatments with my son..because yes people judge so badly with out having a clue. so thank you for being another parent who is doing same thing i am doing:)
    my son also doing ten times better on vegetarian diet..i give him some dairy but so far he seems be ok with that and he tolerates beans sprouted very well. love the internet ,love meeting other warrior moms…

    1. Yay for you Channa. Go with your instinct and remember that food is food — you are feeding him extremely healthfully. YOu can also change your mind any time. That’s the beauty of life. I used to be told I was going to hurt Dougie (by not giving him burgers and chicken nuggets) sounds rather crazy right? people actually think that by taking away junk and feeding our kids real food that we can hurt them.

      I will say that ouir needs have changed and we added in some animal products. we eat lots of veggies … like 80% of our diet. But we now do bone broths, raw fish, meats soaked in cultured veggie juice first and then cooked lightly, lots of green smoothies and warm broths, sweet potatoes, steamed greens, brown rice. all depends on what we need in a moment. stay tuned because i am writing on what good and bad effects we had with raw and vegan. xo

  2. Hi,
    your story is trully inspirational! I would love to feed my son more veggies and smuthies,but the problem is: he does not eat them. How did you make your son love/eat them. and would you, please share your secret making fermented juices.
    thank you, Inessa

    1. hey Inessa. I just answered your question in a blog. Great question, by the way. hope this helps!

  3. yes would love to hear your reasons for adding in back animal protien..
    I try give lots beans and now trying the camel milk because i do believe in the importance of protien in kids he has some beans or dairy with all meals.. he cant digest nuts:( or would be incorporating that too..I tried soaking them with no avail. my son is a real gut kid.
    but i am also am vegetarian for ethical reasons. so I try very hard to not go back to meat. althought i understand there is reasons to eat it.

    1. I’ll blog about this tomorrow. But the short of it is that our needs do change. I as veg for ethical reasons too. and I do believe we can keep those ethics. I don’t eat lots of meat at all because i do not need it. I’ll have a great post on this tomorrow. check this one for now.

  4. Gina and Doug
    Wow, sounds like you guys have really run the race. I’ve been doing a health blog for about a year now, and some people have been asking questions about autism. So, I did the best I could… this is a great resource. Thanks. have you guys heard of Kangen Water? I’ve been using it for cancer patients with great results. The picture is a fishbowl… if we don’t change the water with real water… then it pollutes and the body/fish dies. But change it well and it can flush out many of the toxins in our body quickly. Some of my friends have been using it to flush the heavy metals out of the brain. anyway, glad to know there are many friends interested in health today. Blessings to you guys. is my blog. Check for autism and I’d love to hear any feedback.

    1. yes we use alkaline water. we have used kangen but own the life ionizer. we love alkaline water. Yes, please share this w/anyone who needs autism help. we are traveling the country offering support and will soon have more videos and even online classes for families and those in need.

      we will check out your blog. thanks so much for sharing it.


      1. please help me too my twins here in Uganda have the same problem of autism and have completely refused to eat

      2. Hi Susan! I’d love to help. please email me at so that we can set up a time to speak.

  5. Gina, Thanks for your detailed blog. Do you used to give “E3 Live brain on (frozen)” in the form of capsules? What would be the recommended dosage?. Are both E3 Live brain on and Spirulina same.Can Spirulina be taken with rice? Thanks in advance!

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