BL Retreat Tickets

Join us April 4th – April 6th

Boulder Gardens, Joshua Tree, CA

Please, accept our various ticket options as help to join our relaxing rejuvenating consciousness-boosting retreat!

We are creating an intimate  event with plenty of opportunities for connections within and without. And we are offering multiple ticket choices , as we want all lovely humans who feel called to join us, to be there:

 Eventbrite - BLISSED LIFE RETREAT:Activating Our Highest Bliss

 $222 “Pay it Forward” Bliss Ticket

 $111 “In the Vortex” Bliss Ticket

 $88 “Infinite Abundance” Bliss Ticket

 $55 “Young Bliss” Bliss Ticket (humans 11-17 y.o.)

 Free for children 10y.o. and under

Please, share what you can and wish, and understand that in the spirit of sharing, you will be experiencing THE WHOLE RETREAT WITH ALL ITS OFFERINGS with ANY of the ticket options you are choosing.

We believe what we have for you is priceless. And we believe YOUR presence is priceless. So follow your spirit and come join us on this sacred land! Let’s do this bliss!

EVERY TICKET Helps us establish and grow our food forest and sustainable conscious community of BLISS BOMBS.

Tickets are transferrable but nonrefundable .

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