Bliss Academy

Welcome to Bliss Academy

The place where you come to Uncover and Discover the Magical Being YOU Are meant to be!

Whether you’re looking to expand your consciousness of what’s going on in the world, mend your relationships, career, finances and health OR wanting to CREATE a BRAND NEW BLISSED LIFE where you can share your inner wisdom to Make HUGE WORLD-ROCKING CHANGES –the Answers Lie Within! And, they’re simple. And oh so fun to FIND OUT!

If you’ve been told this isn’t so, and that you should doubt your INTUITION and your DIVINITY — we hope you’ll join us because people spilled the same junk at us… And you know what? We Blissed-Out Our Lives Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. You’re not wrong! You’re not crazy! You are not wasting your time digging into the reasons behind your “gut feelings.”  You have a purpose here. It’s Big. And, you’re on the cusp of it! In fact, you’ve been doing it all along.

We don’t simply Teach… We Help You Find Your Answers. We Share. We Challenge! We Support. And, Oh do We LOVE!

All of our virtual classes includ, group calls, interactive exercises, email support and updates for 1 year to answer any of your questions, practice time with “clients” of your own, invites to special events, and the opportunity to audit the same LIVE CLASSES for FREE (as we are traveling and offer live classes across the planet).

Check out our offerings and contact us with questions and to book your classes at

Born To Thrive: Body, Mind and Soul Transformation


Reiki Classes: Unleash Your Inner Healer

Tell the doubters in your life to scram! You Can Heal Yourself and Help Others do the Same. By now, we know how thirsty you are for what is true and real. We are too. And, we’ve found so much light in this beautiful practice called Reiki, that we must share it with you.

Hands-on healing and using source energy for healing purposes has been practiced by mystics and shamans since the beginning of history (and possibly beyond). The source of Reiki (as it is practiced today) comes from ancient Tibet, and was re-introduced to us by a Japanese monk named Dr. Mikao Usui in the 19th century.

You can use Reiki to Heal wounds and pain, illness and stress and even reach goals and strengthen your connection to your HIGHEST SELF!

We are all our own best healers. Life has simply clouded our understanding. Reiki helps you unlearn those patterns in a very loving way.

You are powerful. And we make it our mission to show you HOW you can take control of your life, accept help from source energy, and get those important things like VIBRANT HEALTH, ABUNDANT LOVE, and SATISFACTION.

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