Reiki Certification Classes: For Sending Healing Energy


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Energetic Un-Schooling

Originally published on January 13, 2011

Tell the doubters in your life to scram! You Can Heal Yourself and Send Healing Energy to Help Others do the same. By now, we know how thirsty you are for what is true and real. We are too. And, we’ve found so much light in this beautiful practice called Reiki, that we must share it with you.

We are all our own best healers. Life has simply clouded our understanding. Reiki is the holistic approach that helps you unlearn those patterns in a very loving way.

You are powerful. And we make it our mission to show you HOW you can take control of your life, accept help from source energy, and get those important things like VIBRANT HEALTH, ABUNDANT LOVE, and SATISFACTION.

Reiki is a gentle, safe and effective energy healing practice that raises your vibration immediately, and helps spring you forward into a life that is more in alignment with your true self.

Hands-on healing, distance healing, and using source energy for healing purposes has been practiced by mystics and shamans since the beginning of history (and possibly beyond). The source of Reiki (as it is practiced today) comes from ancient Tibet, and was re-introduced to us by a Japanese monk named Dr. Mikao Usui in the 19th century.

You can use Reiki to Heal wounds and pain, illness and stress and even reach goals and strengthen your connection to your HIGHEST SELF!

The system, which literally means “spiritually guided life force energy”- allows the practitioner to tap into source energy and use it to help heal . The Reiki vibration is one of intense healing power, that is now even being recognized as effective complimentary medicine all over the United States. Even Doctor Oz spoke about it.

To become Attuned means that you are receiving an energetic gift that has been passed down for centuries, as well as the knowledge that comes along with it.

To become certified means that you have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to share Reiki healing with others.

Yes, You Can use these Professional Certifications to Help Advance Your Career in the Natural Health or Spiritual Field.


You can also use it to enhance Any Career, Your Health, Your Family’s Health and Your Connection with Your Higher Self and Life Path!

All of our graduates receive 1 year of e-mail support and complimentary admission (audit) to our Reiki Classes up to the highest level you have completed with us, FOR LIFE (when space is available). We also hook you up with our other students for group support, discussion and practice.

These offerings are for Attunements and Certifications for the Usui Ryoho Reiki Lineage. This is the original Reiki that was re-discovered by Mikao Usui in the 19th century, and currently, the only one recognized professionally in the United States.

With each Reiki Attunement, you delve deeper into self-healing and consciousness, and therefore have deeper healing to share. Remember that we are the only ones who can heal ourselves, but the Reiki energy helps you inspire that in others.

We have personally used Reiki to heal broken bones, correct digestive upset, get rid of headaches and burns, mend relationship troubles, get better sleep, “clean” water and food, make vibrational medicine, and help heal our son’s nervous system and autism diagnosis. And, SO MUCH MORE!

You may want to become Attuned if you:

  • Love helping others
  • Need your own deep healing
  • Have sick children or family members in your care
  • Work in the medical field
  • Work with people with special needs
  • Would just LOVE to share this amazing vibrant gift with the world.

Reiki is great for artists, writers, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, parents, teachers, realtors, cooks, police officers, and… YOU 🙂 Anyone looking for a safe and holistic treatment.

You are invited to experience private training from the comfort of your own home!

We also share Group Reiki Classes all over the Globe as part of our Bliss Tour. Let us know if you’d like to host a Reiki Class.

Level 1 Attunement and Certification: Heal Yourself and Begin to Share the Vibes

Learn the history and principles of this ancient healing art, and begin to experience the flow of energy through your own body. We will also cover:


  • Reiki hand positions
  • Energetic protection
  • Self-treatment
  • Using Reiki in your healing practice/with clients
  • Practice time
  • Unlocking your own healing power
  • The difference between Reiki and other energy healing practices
  • Support for post-Attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)

You were born with the ability to heal and the ability to feel energy. In Reiki Level 1, we help unlock that ability.

This may be a time for you to really get a closer feel for your true life’s purpose. Reiki has a tendency to quantum Leap you from the space you’re in to where you need to be. So, it works with you at your pace, while also removing the blocks that kept you from taking the leap earlier.

Reiki Level 1 students commit enough effort for themselves to connect with Reiki each day during training. The more you flow with it, and allow it into your life — the more profound results you will see!

Level 2 Attunement and Certification: Deep Emotional Healing

This level of Reiki helps you discover emotional connections to your own and others’ blocks and illnesses. It also helps you find a balance between the mental and emotional conflicts you may have. Becoming attuned to Reiki Level 2 often inspires balance in all of your relationships as well. You will also learn:

  • 3 Reiki symbols and how to connect to them for use in practice and with yourself
  • How to send healing energy through time and space
  • How your body can read intuitive messages during a session
  • How to connect deeper to spirit
  • Support for post-Attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)

jackie Reiki

Level 3 Reiki Master Attunement and Certification: Walking in Energy

There is no mastering source energy. The Reiki Master is one who understands and chooses to forever tap into that beautiful light, and live in alignment with their true purpose. A Reiki Master lives by the Reiki principles, and uses Reiki each and every day. It is not difficult. In fact, it’s almost too simple. The Attunement and certification are here to help remind you of the bliss behind living in alignment with your true self, and since they raise your vibration, they make it easier for you to live this way. As a Reiki Master you experience and learn more about energy and the connection of all each day. You will also learn:

  • Master Symbols
  • How to perform a Healing Attunement
  • Exercises for cultivating energy in your own body and transferring it
  • Advanced Healing techniques
  • Support for post-Attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)


Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher Attunement and Certification: Living the Energy

The Reiki Master Teacher lives the energy and knows that their greater purpose is to share that. This class focuses on how you can share your Reiki practice with others on the deepest of levels. You will also learn to build your confidence and teaching style.

  • Receive Level 4 Attunement and instructions (including symbols, advanced healing and energy practice)
  • Review teacher resources
  • Understand the commitment and responsibility that comes along with the role
  • Earn the privilege of Attuning others to Reiki
  • Support for post-Attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)


In the Reiki Level II Class you will learn 3 Reiki Symbols to deepen your work and use of Reiki, receive attunement, how to send Reiki through space and time, heal the past, support mental and emotional balance, and more…..Reiki II allows you to learn how to listen as you offer a laying on of hands to others, which cultivates a deeper awareness of your inner voice, intuition, and spirit

Need Prep for Your Reiki Attunement?

Try our psychic school program! If you are searching for ways to get prepped for your Reiki Attunement, or simply want to increase you awareness and knowledge of energy work, take a look at our Psychic Skool program. It is full of many ways to aid you in your Blissed Life.

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