BL Retreat Accommodations

You will be joining us in the Soul of Nature where the energies for Consciousness-Boosting and Oneness meet.

We are an off-grid, solar powered growing intentional community. And, we invite you to share in the simplicity of living with and for the land.

We provide breathtaking space for you to camp under the stars.

Weather: We are in high desert weather conditions. Temperatures can range form 40- 90 degrees each day, cooling off into the night and early morning.

Camping: You can set up your tent (call ahead to reserve space for an RV or trailer), small grill and should bring any camping tools you need to create a comfortable camping experience.

Please bring –
Layers of clothing to accommodate shifts in weather conditions.
Sleeping bag (and anything to keep you warm at night/morning)
Reusable water bottle
Rain Poncho (just in case)
Sun Hat
Sun Screen
climbing/walking shoes
Towel (for sauna and cool-off pool)
Eating Utensils (fork, spoon, knife, bowl, cup)
Trash Bag (to hold your trash)

Cooler and foods (grill, optional) Click here for more food details.

Folding Chair
Musical Instruments to share around bon fire
Hoola Hoop
Yoga Mat
Snacks to Share potluck style
Solar shower setup
Grill (for cooking your food)

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