Bringing Your Own Food

We are celebrating our First Ever Blissed Life Retreat by bringing our own delicious food. This way you  get to enjoy all of your favorite tastes and remain  satisfied during your stay.

You are welcome to bring any and all food that makes you happy as long as you remain conscious about your waste (keeping recyclable and trash containers in your own bags or containers and disposing of off the land, and please refrain from bringing styrofoam to the site).

You may also bring a small grill and natural charcoal to warm or cook your meals at your campsite.

You are welcome to eat and snack throughout the day at any place on the land, including bringing a snack to your workshops, as long as each space is left clean.

We will have a few designated community eating spaces set up to eat and share in groups and a scheduled community dinner. Dinners may be done potluck-style for those who wish to participate, and all are encouraged to join in group dinner and discussions as a way to connect with some amazing new friends.

Here are some ideas for making the most of your meals while at the Blissed Life Retreat:

Tools to bring:


Ice packs

Tableware (fork, spoon, plate, bowl, knife, reusable water bottle)

cookware needed for heating hot foods (if you are cooking)

shaker bottle or jar for smoothies

Ideas for Packaged or Premade  Delicious Healthy Foods (to make camping easier)

Almond Milk, Hemp Milk or Coconut Milk

Raw Almond Butter

Raw or Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter

Raw honey

Breads (bakehouse Canyon GF Bread, Eziekiel’s organic sprouted grain breads, Udis Gf bread)

Tortillas (Eziekiel’s sprouted grain tortillas, other organic or GF tortillas)

Hummus (tons of great brands and varieties)

Mary’s Gone Crackers (crackers and pretzels)

Cacao Nibs

Kale chips ( home made or store bought)

Rice Cakes

Rice Crackers

Organic Cassava Chips ( like potato, but better)

Bubbies Pickles

Fremented veggies and/or sauerkrauts

Guacamole (premade or homemade)


young coconuts

coconut water ( very hydrating in the desert)

Dried Fruits and nuts

organic granola or trail mix

pre-popped organic popcorn

Pre-made salads (make at home or buy, leave dressing off until ready to eat)

Fresh fruit and veg that can be eaten raw

Dehydrated or smoked meats and fish (which can be stored easily without refrigeration)

Premade Juices or smoothies that you can freeze (this also helps keep your food cool in your cooler)

Premade quinoa or rice or both ( all you need to do is warm it)

Premade soup ( just warm it up when ready to eat)

Pre-made chili

Organic Oatmeal

Superfoods: goji berries, hemp seeds, algaes,  (can go in oatmeal or can be made into a shake)

Filling Camping Recipes:

Superfood Oatmeal Breakfast

Combine 1 serving of warm oatmeal, coconut oil, sea salt, raw honey, goji berries, hemp seeds,  granola,  cacao nibs and (other superfoods of choice like Maca, moringa, etc)

Superfood Snack

Hearty Avocado Salad

Start with 1 avocado halved, and fill sprinkle with sea salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and add in crunchy kale chips.

Abundant Dinner (Pre-make at home and just warm up at site, or eat cold)

Sautee cut-up onion, garlic, sweet potato and butternut squash for 10 minutes. Add in qunioa and steam until cooked. Season with sea salt, pepper, herbs of choice and top with honey mustard dressing.

This stores very well for a few days and tastes delicious.

We will be setting up community dinner space and welcome sharing pot luck style if you wish to participate.


Click Here for accommodations and other things to bring.

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