365 Books to Bliss: Book 2–“Cell-Level Healing” By, J.W. Hawkes, Ph.D

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I just finished reading “Cell -Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell”  By, Joyce Whitely Hawkes, PhD. I was naturally drawn to the book because I have a deep interest in how our cells and physical bodies respond to energy healing. I mean, I know it works — but what happens on the cell level?

Dr. Hawkes is a scientist whose near-death experience left her with the consciousness of her power to use energy to help others heal. Her science background has proven really useful, because  she not only  understands life at the cell level –she has the equipment to measure it.

I’m also particularly interested in stem cell therapy. A few years ago, I kept getting major messages from friends, co-workers,  books, teachers and the voices in my head about stem cells and autism. As many of you know, my son has recovered from severe autism.

I could see how stem cell therapy could really benefit people with autism…. and it since has benefited them. But, in my personal life — medications and medical interventions (especially those that involve needles) are a real last resort. My interest in stem cells comes from my desire to somehow re-create the therapy energetically.

I’ve already been at practice with that. But, I figured that this book would teach me something I need to know in regards to my energetic healing experiments.

Dr. Hawkes does a great job of detailing the components of the cells and their functions, as well as how she tunes in to use this info in order to spread healing at the cell level.  One thing that particularly caught my attention is the swirling nature of the cells, the swirling nature of our chakras, the swirling nature of the kundalini energy (not mentioned in this book, btw), and the swirling nature of ancient symbols (not mentioned in this book). Our galaxy, our cells, and the energy around us are  swirling swirling swirling.  Pretty rad.

She provides  us with meditations and visualizations to help become more aware and appreciative for our bodies and the NOW. She says, and I agree that this is a necessary part of healing.  She also describes how she uses a series of techniques in order to get into a deep openness for the energy to flow. What’s super cool about this  is that Dr. Hawkes’ brain waves have been recorded during the times of her healing (even even distant  healing), and the amount of synchronized brain activity is amazing.

It rocks to have scientific proof of the practices that I have so much faith in. I have a little bit more info to help me on my path as an energy healer.

This book is a quick and easy read that gives a very basic take on how energy healing affects our health  at our core. Read it if that sounds awesome to you.

I’ m reading 365 books this year . Check out the rest of the, here

365 Books to Bliss: Book 1 — “Psychic” By, Sylvia Browne

Don’t ask me why I picked up this book in the “first” place — other than the fact that it must’ve been divinely placed in my hands. It wasn’t the book I was looking for “Psychic Children,” and after reading 2 Sylvia Browne books in the previous week — I was a teeny bit bored of her.

I’m a writer. And, I can get cranky  and arrogant about all the zillion mediocre books that get published without  so much as a spell-checker. I so wrongfully assumed that this book was going to be one of those… yet I THANKFULLY picked it up anyway.

I’m obsessed with Mary Magdaline and Jesus. Have been ever since I was a kid. So, 2 weeks ago, when I was  bouncing down the library steps with my son, the hardcover copy of Sylvia Browne’s “2 Mary’s” fell into my  recycled grocery  bag.  I gobbled it down in 10 hours and found it a bit disappointing. She kept repeating the same concepts  and left me wanting to know more. So,  then I ate up “The Mystical Life of Jesus,” by Sylvia Browne, and began developing a soft spot for this famous psychic.

The JC book was much better in that there was more info to reveal. I felt the book about the two Mary’s didn’t contain enough info to call it a book.    If you wanted, I could summarize it in one sentence. But, I won’t. Because ,by now I am deeply in love with Sylvia Browne… almost more than I’ve ever been with any other psychic. And, “The Mystical Life of Jesus is so worth reading IF you are intrigued and new to the subject. It’s so easy to read, and so full of love and respect.  She shares new information about Christ that is likely to help anyone develop a stronger relationship with themselves and God. This is not a book  touting Christianity  or any other religion, and it takes Christianity far beyond the constraints of the Bible. In fact it totally shakes the Christian paradigm.

“Psychic”  By, Sylvia Browne

I’ m psychic. Have been for many lifetimes. Only now, finally — Ive figured out that it’s not a sin, or too weird. In fact.. I actually am fairly normal. But, when this book landed in my hand, it was because I first thought it was another of her book’s “Psychic Children.” I was hoping on some advice to help nourish my son’s abilities.

What I got instead was laugh after laugh as Sylvia describes her metamorphosis into a fully developed psychic. Everything happens so organically for her. Like how she has no idea that past lives exist, until she unintentionally regresses someone to ancient Egypt during a hypnosis.

Being psychic doesn’t mean that you know everything. We are just given messages sometimes, and it is for us to experience the life around the messages. I could so relate to her story. Sometimes I feel naive because terms like “astral travel” are fairly new to  me — but I’ve known how to do it my whole life.

The book wasn’t written as a “how to, ” but I found myself taking notes.

She teaches the difference between ghosts and spirits and what to do if you encounter either. She dispels myths about the Other Side, fairies, doppelgangers, angels and so much more.

Because this is a memoir, we come to understand that Sylvia is a person first devoted to logic and research.

I think that we all should be pretty skeptical of paranormal stuff if we have no proof. I am. There are lots of scams out there. Because I am psychic, I really benefited from the advice of the veteran — even though she didn’t write it as advice.

Read it if you are a young psychic. Read it if you would love to know more about exercising your psychic abilities. Read it for lots of laughs and a really great story about how one woman found BLISS by becoming her truest self.



note: I’m not selling this book.  I linked it to the Amazon page where I got the image

I’ reading 365 Books this year. Brace yourself.

365 Books to Bliss

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Writers read, right? Well, this year, I’m gonna take a pretty huge bite out of some books that I’ve been dying to read for years. And then some more.

It’s On!

Someone said I couldn’t read a book a day and blog about it this year… that’s all I needed to hear to officially challenge myself. My reading quest this year will consist of reading 1 book each day and sharing the juicy bits with you.

I don’t plan on spoiling endings for you. But, I’ll let you  in on what I got out of each book, why I was drawn to it and if and why I recommend it.

100 Years of Solitude

My heart is crying  tears outloud for how long it’s been since I read a good novel. I’ve been stuck in a non-fiction world, filling my brain with reality and it hurts. Every time I buy what looks like a great book, I ask my hubby to read it. I haven’t been allowing myself to indulge in fiction (especially  new fiction.. for like…. years (if you don’t count the fact that I read “On the Road” once a year.

100Years of Solitude By Gabriel Garcia Marquez will  pull me outa the  fliction slump. Can I read it in a day?  We shall see. I’ve been practicing with some shorter, less hilarious works to get me started.

Can I really read  365 books in 2011? We shall see! I’ll tell you for sure, I’m going to read whatever I’m drawn to, and then report honestly back to you and see what happens.
Let me know if you have any recommendations or want to join me.

Let the games begin,