Dream: Shadow-Self Embracing with Jesus (Part 3: The Red-Power Tricycle)


Here is part 3 of last night’s dream. Catch up with part 1 and part 2

I ran  down the old Roman street so fast that my body began lifting off the road, and again I was flying. When I let go of the loss I felt for my life there and my husband I was sucked back into the light portal. I felt the colors cleansing me of pain left behind from Rome. I didn’t see the pain as details, but I felt it lifting. Pressure lifted from my head and limbs. I felt a sensation like being sucked through a vacuum.

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Dream: Shadow-Self Embracing with Jesus (Part 2: Rome, 1836)


Here is part 2 of last night’s dream. Follow up with part 1

I swallowed the violet light and felt it bringing me back to life. My spirit was again detached from my body, and the boys were still asleep — so I decided to see where the violet spirals would take me. At first, I began walking into the light. But, then my guide whispered — “ You can Fly.” And so I did.

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Dream: Shadow-Self Embracing with Jesus (Part 1)

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica... Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church http://www.stjohnsashfield.org.au, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreams are very important to me and my work. It is in our dreams that we let go of the human (3 dimensional world) limitations that keep us from knowing our true selves. As I travel my path and continue to help others on theirs, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my dreams with you. I’ve been so close to Jesus (in the most non-religious way imaginable) since I was a child. He has physically held me and guided me through the craziest and most confusing times. This post is not to offend anyone else’s interpretation of who Jesus is. 

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Dream Sharing with Shamanic Friends: My First Dream Entry

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

I LOVE dreaming. These days I get lots of my work done during my sleep-time travels. Dream boundaries are endless. I believe that spirit speaks to us in dreams, because we are much more open then.  So, when my friend Astra ( who just-so-happens to be the first person to intro me to modern Shamanism), asked me to join her in sharing our dreams on this new blog, Heck YES was all I could say!

This post was originally published in 2010

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Have We Met in Dreams? The Council of Dreamers

 2014 Update: I have nightly trips to the “council” and continue to receive guidance to implant the Christ Consciousness, the alchemical marriage energy into the planet, and into every physical place I go. Ive been woken out of my sleep with the booming message that right now, the only thing thats important is spreading this message of balance and harmony between divine masculine and divine feminine within all of us. Have you been to the council? Do you remember? It is time to wake into our dreams and REMEMBER our Truth. 


(from 2012)



I’ve attended the Council of Dreamers during many sleeps for the more than a year now. It seems that I only have the power to enter as a dreamer but that other beings from various planets and galaxies join us in their physical bodies. We come together to discuss solutions and predictions that will save the earth and our neighboring planets from destruction caused by human misconduct (so to speak). Last night’s meeting was quite significant, and it seemed I had to share.

I must admit that even as someone who works as a professional intuitive, I’m quite skeptical. I thought of these episodes as mere dreams influenced by some science fiction or something…Until I realized that I have never really been into science fiction. I also thought of them as symbolic tools that were referring to parts in my literal human life… Less profound parts. It’s good to be a skeptic sometimes. I think it keeps my mind working. But when the same occurrences keep happening louder and brighter and more often…. I listen. I listen carefully.

Last night while my body slept, I again entered the Council Hall where representatives from across the universe gathered. Every seat was taken. I looked around and witnessed so many colors, shapes and sizes of “people.” More than I usually encounter there. We welcomed the guest speaker, a human-like man with wavy brown hair and a beige robe, who literally had to cross over from another dimension (which apparently is not often done) to bring forth his message.

“It’s time to talk,” He said. “Now, is the time for those with information to share it.” He reiterated that all of us there have been waiting for centuries (or more) to reveal what we know. “It wasn’t time to talk before, we had many people against us.” I focussed on his mouth and the space between his teeth. He demonstrated how we can look into the mouth and lips of someone to determine if they are speaking truth. He encouraged us to form smaller focus groups with specific intentions. He said that within the next 12 years there was going to be a lot of destruction. In fact, he said that my hometown of Chicago was going to suffer quite a bit from a massive destructive force in 12 years. He seemed to be bringing this to our attention so that we would know where to be when this happened.

I joined a smaller focus group with a man who guaranteed our safety in New Mexico when this destructive event happened. The speaker was talking directly to me when he said to go to New Mexico from 2020-2024. I was shown how to escape such a tragedy. And I was told to share the information. The destruction was only going to be good for the planet in the end. We were encouraged to stay clear of areas being cleansed, and reminded that we could go back peacefully when the clearing was complete.

Now, as I write this my new moldavite stone is tingling in my pocket. It’s a stone that I only learned about in dreams of the Council. One I hadn’t been able to find for myself, but I received this week in trade for an amazing Reiki session. The stone is said to have formed as a result of a meteor hitting the earth over 14 million years ago. Not only does it influence our ability to connect with beings from other realms, but it also has a great power to heal the Earth Herself. It’s my feeling that moldavite was given to Earth as a great healing device, and that it’s rarity reflects its need to be in the hands of those who will use it properly. The person who shared it with me is also a great healer, but has more of her own moldavite. I’m grateful for mine, and can feel the magick of it deepening my connection to other worlds, and to the deeper parts of our world as well.

This healing moldavite and gift of ramped up connectedness comes at a very sacred time for me. I turned 33 last week on March 1, and have been living on a white fluffy cloud for some time even before that. 33 is a number that I’ve consistently seen throughout this lifetime and that has always represented the protective and enlightened feeling of Jesus. Not the Catholic or Christian Jesus who was created by propaganda. But the spirit Jesus. The Ascended Master. It might be because Jesus himself, when he lived as a man 2000 years ago was crucified at the age of 33. For me, The spirit who I see as Jesus always comes surrounded by 33s and brings me messages that catapult my growth. One of the most recent times I saw Jesus in full light and color was before 2012 began. I was lying on my couch resting and looked up to find him there. So, I asked him straight out what he thought of the year 2012. He said no words. Only showed me a zipper in the air that he slowly unzipped and walked through. I continue to see this vision more clearly every day and know that it refers to the melding of dimensions of reality, the melding of nations, cultures, galaxies, beings— and most importantly the squashing of time. Time seems to melt away when you realize that we have the capability of truly going anywhere we want whenever we want. That means not only being on your dream vacation in a flash, but visiting another reality in less than a flash.

This kind of growth is what many of us are working on now. The constant visits from the spirit Jesus and other guides who have lit my way continue to show me that this is possible by sharing so many glimpses of other realities that I have lost count. I am told by my guides that I am shedding the fear accumulated over past lives that prevented me from sharing my truth with the world. And, for those of us who turn 33 this year… Oh what a perfect time to shed the junk. There is also much significance for me in my personal upbringing as a Catholic Cristian, because in my adult life I have been able to connect with a spirit world as opposed to a religious dogmatic world. And as I unfold the false facts of my own childhood, my heart and mind open up to a delicious reality that is far more Bliss-Filled than I could’ve imagined.

The original simplified message of Jesus is that we are all one. It remains my favorite lesson of all time. Of course it was conceived far before the man we know as Jesus was born but, this energy is what the Christ Consciousness is all about. When we remove the barriers that separate people, places and times, we will enjoy enlightenment.The more I’ve forgotten that in my own life, the more I’ve caused struggle for myself. And although Jesus most-likely survived his crucifixion ( according to many reputable historic and religious sources not affiliated with the vatican), and was able to spread this message along with many others for quite some time, much of what he taught had to be encoded in stories and texts that would be able to pass through the hands of biblical editors. And it DID. Through the convoluted histories and lies, people like us can see the light. We can feel our connectedness and we know.

Now, here we are in March 2012. The month of the Pisces fish which is so influenced by the spirit of Jesus. The Year of compressed time and space. A gorgeous moment to be alive on our planet and finally see the fruits of our dreams of consciousness come to life. You are very supported right now in your endeavors to connect more deeply to your own psychic powers. Use every inch of what you have — body, mind and spirit to Bliss Out in being You! Let go into the magnified energy of manifestation.

At one time, I was one with ears to hear. I understood. I understood so that one day I could share. Today, we all must open our ears to hear. We must all share.

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I am Shaman


I awoke this morning still sweating from my feet stomping through the mud to the rhythm of the rain. My throat dry, for I gave my voice to the healing water. Together, we called her and she nourished us as we danced in her glory. My people felt much relief. There were beads and bells and women singing. The medicine woman who looked over us was held up by the strongest arms in our tribe. She chanted shrill melodies from your heart, and I felt their meaning in mine.

I chanted with her. This was my language too, and each syllable moved me. I looked down at my dirty veiny feet and sunk them deeper into the earth. We stayed dancing until the water dried. The ground pulled me in and I pounded more for that feeling of being connected. I was safe in my fear. Safe in my anger. I gave it to the ground and the ground sprouted for me. The men brought fire and drums. It got hot.

I began to recognize faces. I saw you. You danced like fire under the moon. We loved you so. I thanked the creator for having been reunited with you. How long had it been? I began to remember that we have been here before. I remember the men coming at night and raiding our village. I lost my baby. But this… This was before my baby was taken. When were they coming? Could I stop them now?

I find my girl and I dance with her. She is alive here and we cover our bodies with Earth’s colors and celebrate more. It seems like we never stop celebrating. I smell yellow flowers. I taste red fruit from the tree. There are so many people here and I can feel all of their thoughts.

My muddy bare ankles are shackled to my sister’s. The one with heaven in her voice. We were dragged to a wooden ship where we sat too close and could see the men across from us. But they wouldn’t look. She cries and cries and I tell her to sing. But she can’t. I tell her that she will get her time. I am here to tell her that she will have her time.

My gaze falls into the wooden slats on the ship and I can see another ship, and another ship and another ship. And I remember them shaving my head. I remember hiding. I remember trying to escape. I fall asleep feeling drugged and sore.

And, that’s when I woke up– finally understanding why I’ve been having so much pain in my feet, and why I actually have markings that reflect trying to escape shackles. I’ve often hidden these parts of me… My feet. Not anymore.
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I’m On the Road to Find Out

Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock, as  today began — I brushed away the tinsel of my dreams. I’d just been flying over mountains under angels wings. I heard the voice of God boom a “you’re welcome” as I thanked him for the trip.  I’m on my way.

I thought of my parents, and asked the dream guys to take me to Chicago to see what I could find out.  Were they okay? I landed in a plaza of dreamers on their way to getting what they want. Were you there too?  So many familiar and yet unfamiliar faces.  This song swallowed me.

Every trip begins in my mind first. Every dream coated in music. I saw one who could’ve been the mother side of God. She was a shiny black woman draped in baby blue. I raced toward her and fell  flat on my face. But, she lifted me, and insisted that I trust.  I let go. Into the sunshine.

I’m hugging  the world from the tops of the snowy mountains and bathing in the yellow sun.  And, I won’t wake up til I’m done.


Energetic Protection: Don’t Leave Home Without It

an explosion of positive

Here is an article from 2007, when I first learned of energetic protection.

Energetic protection is a concept I learned in my Shamanic Training Program last summer. It’s a method for cleansing and safeguarding our energy fields so that we don’t absorb negativity from people, places or situations. The teacher,Joan Forest Mage, is a Shaman and performing artist who taught in a very ritualistic song-and-dance way that didn’t really vibe with me at the time.

Back then I thought I was shy.

Drums, stones, altars, guides, chants, journeys, sage burning — my head was spinning with symbols that felt something like church. I grew up Catholic and church always made me queasy. But there was something deeply authentic about this Shamanic ritualing that opened me to learning. I wanted to absorb the knowledge even if I didn’t know exactly what I would do with it in my life.

For months before taking the course, the word Shaman had been coming to me in dreams, literature, overheard conversations, emails, and even messages from friends. I don’t recall ever hearing the word before that and really had no idea what a Shaman was. But, by the time I met Joan Forest Mage at another healing workshop, I could no longer ignore it. When she announced that she teaches young shamans I immediately signed myself up – having absolutely no idea what I was in for.

There I danced and sang and chanted and journeyed for my power animal and spirit guides – this took a lot of letting go of doubt and presumptions. But, the more I did the more old pain and illness just drifted away.

So, when Joan taught energetic protection I knew it must be important. I followed her instructions, visualizing a protective cord wrapping around me, keeping me grounded and aware of my own energy – yet blocking the unnecessary from entering my energy field. I figured I would use this one at home with my husband. And I did. At first.

The program continued for three months and my consciousness continued to magnify. I was finally learning how to call upon and control my psychic gift. I also dropped the shyness. It doesn’t suit me anymore.

In what seemed like no time at all I understood how to lend energetic healing to those around me. The more I accepted the messages and followed through with them the more frequently and profoundly they came to me. Iwas sending healing to people over the phone, in person, across state lines and through intention. I was helping so much that many people began to send me gifts. Members of my Catholic family of skeptics were asking for my advice and listening intently to the wild stories of my growing spirituality. (Note to my readers: I do not mean to imply that all Catholics are skeptics… just that my own family is Catholic and are skeptical of spirituality in this light…. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with being skeptical. We all need to come to our own conclusions).

I practiced many of Joan’s meditations each day and found that they helped in my work and at home. But, soon I felt called to do so much work that I lost the importance of energetic protection. I stopped focusing on self care.

And there began my decline. I found myself feeling the pain that my clients were feeling before they told me what was bothering them. If someone had pneumonia I felt sharp pains in my lungs. This didn’t last long, and I considered them helpful messages that lead me to answers.

But, then after a very deep meditation I put forth all of my energy to help a person who was having problems eating. He told me he hadn’t eaten a full meal in weeks and was very worried about himself. I knew there were underlying circumstances that contributed to this problem, but I merely focused my intention toward his digestive area and visualized his body accepting, loving and growing from healthy food. He began to feel better slowly but surely.

I, on the other hand, got sick immediately afterward. My spleen actually swelled. I couldn’t eat. Inhaling was extremely painful. I tried everything I knew of nutritionally including going for spa day with colonic, lymph drainage, sauna and oxygen bath. I received Reiki a few times. I spent hours talking with doctors and researchers whom I’ve connected with in the past year. They were mostly baffled. I could not eat solid food for 15 straight days. Even drinking green juices hurt. I lived on spirulina, marine phytoplankton and vitamin C. I lost several pounds.

I was suffering from many of the same symptoms as my friend who I helped to heal. But, I couldn’t have caught it from him as I performed a distance healing and hadn’t seen him in person for months. I took on his pain. But, simply realizing that didn’t make me better. I was homebound, crabby, and beginning to annoy the bajesus out of myself. I’m not used to being sick so there was a huge lesson here.

I could have avoided absorbing his illness if I had first acknowledged my own scared energy and wellbeing. It’s like what they tell you on the airplanes: secure your own oxygen mask before you help others. It would’ve taken me two minutes to close my eyes, acknowledge my breath and assure myself of my safety and role as a healer. All I had to do was set the intention to help him without bringing harm to anyone else. To ask for guidance and accept it. I dove right in because I felt his dire need.

I’m no longer afflicted by the need to be a martyr. I practice energy protection on most days, and especially if I am going to be working with a client for any type of healing work including nutritional coaching. And, for me –it’s not all song and dancey.

It’s about slowing down, acknowledging energy, setting a positive intention and asking for and accepting protection in whatever form I need it in. I also use visualizations. Sometimes I envision a bubble, or light or coil around me…whatever I need for the day.

If you ever get the feeling that certain people bring your groove down as soon as they enter the room, or you become affected by other people’s sorrow and pain, then you may want to try some energetic protection exercises on your own. I believe protecting our own energy also helps us become more aware of our true selves. Our true emotions and desires. For me it also involves shedding thought patterns that I no longer need. If we secure ourselves we can be of much better help to others.

Awareness and intention are key, and sometimes all that we need to begin furthering our consciousness, wellbeing and the impact of what we wish to achieve.

I not only use these methods for myself, but I also practice it with all of my clients in whatever form best suits them.

How do you protect your energy? I want to know.

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