Why I Love Coffee Enemas for Cancer, Autoimmunity, Detox and Liver Health


If I hadn’t grown up in a family that talks about poop any chance they get, I don’t think I would’ve been so inclined to consider coffee enemas for healing my tumor. I mean, let’s face it, many of us are still so afraid to talk about our bowel movements and the health of our digestion, that we walk around with gas and constipation, and don’t ask for help. In fact, most of the clients I meet at first think that their bowel movements are normal, when they are not even having one steady release each day. I aim to remedy that.

Coffee enema power goes way beyond bowel cleansing and relieving constipation. In fact, if you’re going to use them and you are constipated, you may be better off starting with some good magnesium, a castor oil pack and a water enema to clear the colon first.   I used  coffee enemas specifically to help heal a tumor because they help the liver and cells release Glutathione — which is known as the master anti-oxidant.

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Magical Mushroom Elixir (Recipe Included)

Dougie and I began our Monday Moon-day celebration with a calming, warming winter drink that both supports the immune system and aids in gentle cleansing. Plus, to us…it’s pure deliciousness. Read more

To Vaccinate or Not: Your Decision

When I first became a mom, deciding whether or not to vaccinate my son was not in my realm of thinking. I didn’t realize that I had a choice in the matter. I thought that being vaccinated meant being safe against disease. I decided to raise the healthiest, happiest child, and follow the best advice about how to do that.
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Preparing for Home Birth: How We Planned an Unassisted Lotus Birth

For years, I’ve dreamed of welcoming a child into this world surrounded only by LOVE, music, warmth, and the most supportive people in our life. Just imagining that security of HOME inspires me. I hoped for this with Dougie too. And, for all I knew at the time, I truly did my best to create the most natural space for my son’s grand entrance.  It is my deepest feeling that birthing a child this way can be the healthiest way to begin their life.  When done correctly, I feel we can reduce and eliminate common risks. In fact, in the planning alone, an expected mother can learn to prevent, adjust and overcome so many of those risks. Nine years ago, I had no idea that women were giving birth at home, let alone without the help of midwives, nurses, doctors, doulas and experts. In fact, I never even knew what a midwife or doula was until my son was already about 2, and I dove into the world of natural wellness. And, now there’s no going back from the wisdom I’ve gained. My intention is to make the birth of our next Love Muffin one of our most deliciously blissful experiences.

What “Unassisted” or “Free Birth” means to me

I’ve spent the last 5 ½ months brewing a baby beauty in my womb, and the 8 years prior prepping my body for the adventure without the intervention of the medical profession. I’ve had no tests. No prodding. No diagnoses. No medications. Nobody weighed me or told me what to eat.

But I’ve had loads of help. I’ve spoken with soul sisters, nurses, midwives, doctors, mothers, acupuncturists, hypnotists, energy healers, nutritionists and friends. And, I’ve consulted loads of books and spent uncountable hours researching to find information that makes sense and helps me feel comfortable in understanding the natural journey of pregnancy and birth. I may have been born with the physical power and intuition to do this without any help at all, but I sure didn’t remember that. I needed an awakening on the matter.

Because I’ve had so much help, I can confidently plan a birth experience that doesn’t include the assistance or intervention of medical professionals or their chemicals/drugs/medications and machinery.  My baby will birth herself (himself), and I will be the body, mind and spirit who fully allows this natural miracle.

I am teaching myself to trust myself in the deepest sense. I am re-learning the remarkable power we have as humans to create life.  I’m going through major shifts in my own spiritual growth – picking up pieces of myself from across time and space lines, and facing shadows and fears head-on. When I was pregnant with Dougie, I felt that my doctor was really there to direct how I should be feeling and acting and I was grateful for that. But, this time, it’s pretty freaken awesome to allow myself this deeper inner knowing that comes from the desire to fully understand and express my beautiful human power. And really give my child my ALL.

The multiple internal ultrasounds I was “required” to have with Dougie, irked me. Physically hurt me.  And, left me with fear and anxiety that I am just now healing. Doctor visits during my first pregnancy often left me crying. I chose a very well -known and rather progressive Chicago group of women gynies who definitely meant well. I was mostly bothered that they steered me away from my favorite foods, (salmon and avocado… too much calories and fat and mercury), put me on bed rest for quite a while, constantly put their hands inside of me for way too frequent visits (due to a false risk which was determined by a misdiagnosed miscarriage at 5 weeks), and really didn’t show me the compassion I craved.  In fact, I heard the word “NO” a lot from them. I was stoked to be having my first baby, and I really craved “help” from someone who was just as stoked. I felt emotionally lost, but logically guided into which steps to take. And, I reasoned that having a healthy baby was the most important thing, and that all of the exams were leading me to that. I took birthing classes and learned healthy breathing, but when I arrived at the hospital to give birth — the professionals there, over-encouraged drugs and forced me into bed to “measure my contractions.”  After 10 hours of being told, “don’t try to be a hero,” I said yes to the drugs. Then, the drugs backfired and only caused temporary paralysis in my legs and a full body rash but no pain relief. The measuring of my contractions backfired too and only caused extra weight on me. It was the most amazing experience of my life, clouded by so many uncomfortable interruptions.

Having a healthy baby is the most important thing. But, I went about creating that in the wrong way. I didn’t educate myself on how birthing really happens.

I’ve held that first birth experience in my muscles and skin. I’ve known there was something very very wrong about it.  And, now, thanks to the child-within, this forthcoming birth is a fully intentional one. One where I design the setting and make the choices for moving forward. To me, a free birth means that together my baby and I are in complete control. I get to to allow my body to bring our baby into this world.  I get to listen to her/him. She gets to move and shift and so do I. And I get to pay attention to that. Serious attention. I will shift my body around physically as I intuit because our bodies know how to sit, stand and how to position perfectly for the birthing of each little blessing. I will be free to ask for the kind of help I need if I need it, and trust that even if I am completely alone, I will have the tools. Perhaps, I will even need to ask to be left completely alone. It’s a Free Birth. Anything I say — goes.  The key to success for me is in the preparation of really learning everything I can about my own body and needs and abilities.  What a different place to be than the one I spent most of this life in.

Can I Really Do This? Overcoming Fears

With my son, none of the interventions worked the way the professionals planned. So having them there seemed like a distraction and a nuisance. I was made to tell them when I was going to “contract” and  “push.” I was asked many questions and was motivated to please them. But, when it came down to it — my baby came freely and relatively painlessly with only about 30 minutes of “pushing. “ I did that.  During early “labor,” I found huge relief by yoga-ing on a yoga ball. I did that until I said yes to meds. Intuitively, I asked if I could use the bathtub, which was in the hospital birthing room, and was told “no.” But, I did that. I knew as the time came for Dougie to arrive that the water would make it much more magical and comfortable.  I had “Simon and Grafunkel” playing from a speaker overhead, and I remained as focused as possible on the music. I did that and it helped. My husband was there the whole time in support of me. My son arrived in a surge of BLISS that I will always remember. I did that. We did that. He swallowed some fluid, and I was happy to have professional support in removing that fluid from him. But, I also believe he swallowed it due to my positioning and the drugs in my body. So, can I do it this time without the distraction of the medical industry? Hell Yes I can!

Hell Yes I Can: Self Hypnosis and Mind Set for Free Birth

I’m a Hell Yes Person!  I wouldn’t plan an unassisted birth until I find that HELL YES for it deep inside of me. That knowing that I truly can do it. For me, that means creating a mindset that blows through whatever fears I have/had about birthing so freely. Fear tightens. Fear stops the flow of blood. Clearly I cannot birth freely if I’m in fear. And, of course I had fears. Fears that something unexpected could happen that was beyond my scope of power to solve. And that list is quite long.

So, stepping into my Hell YES, I create mantras for myself. Mantras that speak directly to what I want from the experience. I will repeat affirmations like “My body is all knowing and wise. I have every tool needed for giving birth blissfully.” And, “My baby is healthy and happy and will enter the world smoothly and comfortably.”  And, “ I will know just what to do when the time to birth comes, and I will trust my intuition above all else.” And, “I am blessed with the complete knowing of how to bring my healthy baby into this world.” Throughout the day, as I do a million other things, I’ll pause and talk to the baby. And, saying really simple things like “you are perfect” really helps me too.

Hypno-birthing is a practice that empowers women to birth as perfectly as they dream.  It has worked wonders for a few of my friends who took classes and used self-hypnosis throughout pregnancy and birth. One of my super mama soul sisters affirmed herself of a speedy birth alone with her hubby, and her baby came so quickly and smoothly that there wasn’t even time for the midwife to arrive. Another woman told me that it completely helped her manifest a pain-free birth. An older friend who has brought five children into this world shared that there was never any pain. Certainly my life continues to show me proof that I can attract just what I set my mind on. And, nature gave me 40 weeks to practice. I’m so grateful that my friends have shared their hypo-birthing books and literature. It is a great source that I continue to read.

Resolving What Can Go Wrong

Sure our bodies were created for birthing beauties. But, how does a woman know HER body can do it… without help? We all think about this. But, it’s a perfect opportunity to educate ourselves, and help us make decisions on what kind of help we want to welcome into our space. I think it’s empowering to ask for help. It’s very different from simply giving our power to “professionals ”– which is what I did with Dougie. We can have an amazing birth experience amongst a team of western medical doctors and nurses if we allow ourselves to completely tune-in to our magical intuitive nature while giving birth.

If you take the time to learn about what happens inside of your body and with the baby as he/she makes his way here, you will understand how to create the safest, healthiest birthing experience.


Proper nutrition helps our bodies build strong babies! Simple as that. We can eliminate tons of risks like early birth, low weight, developmental delays and even problems with physically “pushing” and birthing naturally.  Think of all of the other “issues” completely eliminated by having your baby born on time, weighing in at a nice plump “normal” weight, born vaginally, and without added mama stress!

Laura Stanley, home birth educator, advocate and mama says that anthropologists observing healthy tribal women who eat well –even 100 years ago, claimed to never see a complication or death.  Of course it was also their complete knowing that they could birth freely.  It was simply the way. In our society we anticipate problems.  And, many of us may not be connected to why we anticipate problems.

I ask myself — what did tribal women eat? What was different about food 100 years ago? What was different about our bodies and stress levels? How can I solve this in a modern world? Holy Easy Sauce! Yes, soils are more and more deplete of nutrition, food is gmo’d up the wazoo and I’m working full time and definitely contending with some environmental toxins – but superfoods are rocking my world. I simply eat the most nutrient dense food in the best combinations that I can. I love spirulina and chlorella, fermented fish oils, maca, bee pollen, reishi, raspberry leaf, coconut kefir, sea veggies, avocados, green smoothies, hemp, chia, fermented vegetables, coconuts and salmon. Lots of amazingness to choose from. I use whole-food based raw, organic mineral, vitamin and protein supplements and definitely remain satisfied and listen to my instincts. If I’m craving meat I eat it. If I’m craving salad I eat it. If I’m craving cookies, I try to get the healthiest sweetness or alternatives available because every craving has a reason.  So much of my food is coming straight from a garden, fresh and abundant in enzymes! 100 years ago, hungry, tired pregnant women didn’t have the temptation of fast food that depletes nutrition. They didn’t perhaps have the option to even crave the wrong kind of milk. No worries about added hormones or antibiotics in their food. Now, we just have to be a little more conscious of what we put into our mouths and babies bodies. You can see a little more about what I’m eating here.

Breech Babies Wrapped Cords and C-sections

Beyond nutrition- related complication prevention, I like to think of all other “complications” as potentials for varied experiences.  Some babies are simply born breech. They have no “problems” living. They are simply more comfortable coming out this way. My brother was born breech, naturally. Daily yoga practice and “downward Dog” ing can help your baby get in the right (way easier) position. Hypno-birthing teaches a position called “the polar bear” which also helps babies’ heads and bottoms get into the easiest position for birth. That’s butt up, head down.  I spend time each day assuring my baby and myself that he/she is in this position. I visualize it too.

You can also manually check your baby’s position, and stay connected with just what you’re feeling as she tumbles around.

Belly Mapping

Check out this simple way to help determine your baby’s position

Many babies do get the cord wrapped around their necks. It’s very important to know this even if you are planning a hospital birth.  When planning an unassisted birth, dads and moms need to be prepared to calmly unwrap the umbilical cord. And, remember –as long as the cord and placenta are attached, your baby is receiving some oxygen into her blood stream.

At least 25% of women experience C-Sections.  And, many of them do so for reasons that can be prevented by practicing some techniques mentioned above. You can also prepare your body to birth by practicing yoga stretching and muscle toning. Squatting and hip opener exercises are great for this. Also, using coconut oil can help your skin and muscles stretch without tearing. I use coconut oil (as well as blends of organic oils) both internally and externally. I’ve had no stretch marks with Dougie and don’t foresee any this time.

When a baby can safely pass though the birth canal, she receives nature’s first inoculation from illness – though her mother’s vagina. She will get to be exposed to the proper bacteria to help set her immune system.

Necessary C-sections save lives. And, by educating yourself, you can more deeply understand if and why you will need one.

Checking Vitals

Heart Rate

We plan on having a fetal stethoscope on hand, and we’ve already been checking our wee one’s heartbeat. Changes in heart rate can indicate problems and you can be right on top of this. If your baby is in distress on her way out, there is a good chance you will know so by checking her heart rate.

I also think it’s smart to be prepared to help the baby if he or she swallows or gets fluid stuck in their mouth or throat. As they take their first breaths, this can happen. But, also a mom’s positioning can help her baby enter without swallowing. Doug and I know infant CPR.


There are many indications of infection that can make it difficult for your baby to birth without medical assistance. And, if we really tune in, we can work to know this ahead of time. I had a friend who noticed this as her water broke, and she decided to go to the hospital.  She had a sludgy, very smelly “water” that wasn’t baby poop. She had also been sick during pregnancy. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise to her.

Going to the Hospital

There are plenty of valid reasons for going to the hospital, and having a hospital “plan B” for sure. To me, western medicine is best used in trauma situations, and I am grateful we have hospitals and doctors for that. Many midwives can take care of a breech birth naturally. I met one who has delivered more than 200 breach babies.

We will have a midwife and hospital back-up plan in case we need it. If not being used to save a baby’s life, I believe these interventions are more risky than helpful.

Reading Birth Stories

There are countless stories about why birthing at home was the proper choice for many families, even in what seemed like “medical” situations. In-tune mothers have been able to push out their babies far quicker than a doctor could prep for emergency surgery, and in effect save their babies lives. When I read these stories I feel that so much of their success depends on how much they believe in themselves. If they were overcome by fear, and unable to focus, they may not have been able to do it. I don’t attach to birth stories, but to the essence behind them that inspires me to really focus on exactly what my baby needs. That seems to be the connecting thread of the stories. Women, bold enough to do what they know is right for their babies. Amazing Mamas.

Who knows exactly what is going to happen on the day our baby is born. You can’t plan nature. All I know is that whatever happens will be divine. And, that our experience up until this point has been divine.

Are You Planning a Blissful Unassisted Birth? If so, You must completely empower yourself to understand what’s going on with your body. Please contact us for any help in your planning phase including what to eat, affirmations for success and completely blissful experience.

Also, Check out our Free Bliss Kit which includes a few delicious recipes, affirmations and exercises to get you started. 


Healthy Pregnancy: Eating, Yoga and Meditation


I feel more amazing than EVER. There’s this inner sense of BLISS that keeps me KNOWING and CONNECTED. Dougie tells us “HER” name is VIOLET, and we agree. Although this tiny being is but the size of a grape at 11 weeks in womb, we know that “she” is a soul mate. Someone we have long known and long awaited.

Violet who represents the highest frequency Healing Light. The Violet Flame of Transmutation. Vision. Connection. Protection. ENLIGHTENMENT. I asked Dougie what would happen if the baby is a boy, and he says ” She is not a boy, she is my baby sister, Violet.”

Violet has been coming to me in dreams since I met my husband. And, as time passed, she’s been showing herself to me outside of dreams too. Years ago, while swinging on a park-swing in Chicago, I saw and felt her by my side.  She told me her birthday is December 2013. And, so it is.

To top off our excitement, several of my best girlfriends are also expecting bundles if BLISS soon.  Sharing this Journey with them, even from afar, inspires me to make this the ROCKINGEST time of my LIFE.

I’d love to share with you some of the things we’re doing and choices we’re making to keep the Bliss flowing.

Mom’s Health and Food

You know I’m all about eating right for your needs and that food has been my medicine for ages — helping me recover from candida, fatigue, migraines etc, and helping my son Dougie pull out of autism. Now, my body is someone’s  home for her first 9 months of life. This is a seriously amazing opportunity.

So, here’s what I’m eating and why:

Every supplement is raw and organic.

Daily Smoothies (up to 1 qt throughout the day but it varies)

Varying Ingredients:

  • Spirulina Plus (Body Ecology brand): Great source of predigested, easy to absorb super protein with REAL LIVE probiotics. Helps keep my digestive bacteria in balance, as candida yeast  can rise during pregnancy. This super food is also full of vitamins and minerals that go directly to your developing baby. The probiotics living in this food help to create vitamins in our bodies. There is even evidence that these “bugs” are responsible for making B12.
  • Chlorella (Healthforce Nutritionals Brand: Nutrient Dense super food that has a load of chlorophyll, and has even thought to deflect toxins from harming our bodies.
  • Maca: An adaptogenic super-root that we have been introduced to through Peru. It has the ability to regulate hormones, and like any other adaptogen, give your body exactly what it needs for balance. It also oxygenates our blood, and helps neurotransmitter communication. Maca is also said to help produce mother’s milk for mamas. It tastes great, a little like malt, and offers a nice grounding energy to balance out the expansive green foods mentioned above.
  • Cod Liver Oil: (I’d do krill oil if I had it here in Costa Rica) High quality fats are needed for the baby’s brain development. I find when I don’t have this, I intuitively feel something is missing. It really gives me a sense of ease throughout my body.
  • Vitamineral Green (Healthforce Nutrionals Brand): Covers a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals all in food form.
  • Ancient Earth Minerals (Body Ecology Brand): Exactly what it sounds like. This supplement offers a top-notch source of humic and fulvic minerals. Things that are now missing from most of our soils and foods. It works to support thyroid and adrenals.
  • Chia Seeds: Fiber! But also these beautiful seeds have a way of soothing stomach and joints too.
  • Hemp Seeds: Another great source of protein.
  • Hemp Seed Butter: What a yummy source of fat of fat and protein.
  • Reishi extract (Dragon Herbs/22 Reishis): Perhaps my favorite Herb. As an adaptogen Reishi really supports every bodily system. Reishi works on our physical bodies, but also has a distinct role in increasing our spiritual connection and overall “spirit” for life. I’ve been told by Chinese doctors that they can tell when a mama consumes Reishi during pregnancy.
  • Reishi Tea: I feel a more yin support ( core support/kidneys) when I drink Reishi Tea. A little vanilla and stevia and it takes the place of coffee for me.  Sometimes, I use Reishi Tea in my smoothies. Sometimes drink it warm. Reishi also keeps our candida index down.
  • Coconut Kefir: Amazing source of probiotics and mineral. Gives me energy. Helps build the baby’s inner eco system and immune system.

These ingredients will be blended with coconut or avocado and frozen berries or frozen plantain from our trees in Costa Rica.

Other Delicious Raw Organic Power Foods

  • Cultured Veggies (Cabbage, Beet, minerals added): Helps digest everything else. Tastes Great and filled with probiotics too.
  • Earth (Vitamineral Green Brand) another delicious form of  high-quality minerals that tastes great on warm foods like eggs, sautéed veggies, soups.
  • Young Coconut water and Coconut Meat:
  • Coconut Oil: Healthy fat with amazing healing power for thyroid and more. This oil can be heated without becoming toxic, so its the only oil I use for cooking.
  • Every color of veggie!: I’m having huge salads and feeling very drawn to the taste vegetables! Yum!
  • Black berries and strawberries:
  • Local goat cheese: Ask Violet. This stuff tastes like Heaven to me right now. I’ve read not to eat raw cheese when preggers. This to me, doesn’t seem logical. In it’s raw state, cheese has the enzymes needed to digest.  If there were pathogenic bacteria on the cheese I chose to eat, In wouldn’t chose it. But, I am not suggesting that you follow my lead on this one. I can tell a difference between raw and pasteurized cheese. I cannot even digest pasteurized cheese. Again, this offers some fats and proteins.

Delicious Cooked Foods on the menu:

  • Egg Omelets (Made by Dougie): Served with veggies and cultured veggies. I’m normally not an egg fan, but I’m loving them a few times a week. We keep them a bit runny and raw.
  • Fish Cakes, Fish  salads: Local Costa Rican caught small white fishes (lowest mercury) blended with spices and herbs. I’m having fish a few times per week too. I’d have it every day if I could keep up with myself.
  • Rice noodles with home-made sauces and dressings

Treats and Sweets

I went gluten free again officially in January. It totally helped clear me of  back and joint pain and I literally felt like a veil lifted. I intended to have  a gluten-free pregnancy too. But, had a few slices of home-made organic pizza here in Costa Rica. I totally LOVED it! I think Violet did too. We’ll see how the rest of the time goes. Because we found a few places who make gluten-free treats that are sweetened with fruits.

  • Almond flour banana-nut Cupcake
  • Raw Banana Ice Cream
  • Raw Chocolate Bar

Foods I’m not Loving

Some of my normal favorites are not so awesome right now. I’m not able to digest them very well, and my body is just saying no.

  • Brown Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Beans of any kind
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Watermelon


Violet’s got me going deeper and playing with yoga much more than usual. I find slower, longer poses and deep stretches are giving me energy, keeping me flexible and pain-free AND helping my digestion. I have  a notion that yoga during pregnancy will make for a more comfortable labor and birth. Not to mention increase oxygen flow to the baby and help with her development.

My last yoga class in California, before we headed out to Costa Rica, left me feeling strangely unbalanced. I couldn’t hold a pose. I couldn’t breathe fully down to my core. I kept tipping over during Tree Pose. The pregnancy definitely changed me.

Now, I’m yoga-ing for about 3 hours a day.  My body leads me into Cat/Cow, Down Dog/Up dog, forward bends and light back bends. I just listen to what I need and with each stretch my body feels even more BLISSED. I’m lightly focussing on hip openers, blood flow and strength and endurance. The slower pace feels like its allowing me to heal my body even further. Who would’ve thought? I used to think pregnancy was about giving your body to another person. I know. I know. But, now I see that she is giving me so much healing as well.


We’re feeling an un-assisted birth will be the best for us (and we did have one).  So it’s even more important to connect on a vibrational level with the soul we are welcoming. To make sure we are fulfilling her needs and wants. To make sure that the experience will flow in a healthy way. Positive affirmations have helped me a lot. So has Kirtan music like Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur. I take time throughout the day to pause and create and recognize the flow of LOVE between Violet and me. I’ve been internally talking to her about her positioning and her absorption of nutrients as she grows I send each bite of food down with a gratitude blessing and intention for each food or plant’s medicine to reach her.

I share Reiki with her too. I’m making space in my day to meditate for longer periods and really have a more complete sense of Violet’s needs. Intuition is up now, and it will be my strongest tool for preparing for this miracle.

Can’t wait to share lots more!

Need Help with pregnancy eating or planning an unassisted birth? Contact me for a consult or coaching package.


Autism Recovery Stimming : An Autism Mom’s Insight

English: Subject: Quinn, an ~18 month old boy ...
English: Subject: Quinn, an ~18 month old boy with autism, obsessively stacking cans. Date: Late 2002. Place: Walnut Creek, California. Photographer: Andwhatsnext. Scanned photograph. Credit: Copyright (c) 2003 by Nancy J Price (aka Mom). This is an edited version of Image:Autism-stacking-cans.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s Post comes from my Friend, Client, Soul Sister, and fellow autism Advocate.  If you haven’t already checked out the amazing Thinking Mom’s Blog, where she contributes…. do it today.

The idea of “Spiritual Stimming,” represents most of my work to help heal autism. When our kids stim (repetitive behaviors like hand-flapping and spinning), there is a reason. It is natural for them. These movements and habits are meant to bring them into balance.

Spirtitual Stimming, By Guest Blogger: Princess

So, in the day-in-day-out reality of living with a child on the spectrum, do you ever stop and think to yourself, there’s got to be more to this? I mean, at the very least, those of you who believe in God or a higher power must have trouble settling for the idea that autism is merely toxic exposure and the result of corporate greed. This is not to say that it isn’t both of those things, but beyond that – if you believe in God, like I do, then you must often ask yourself more personal questions – why YOU? Why your child? What lessons are you supposed to take from this experience? After all, I don’t know about you, but the God that I like to believe in is loving, caring and wants my very best. I remember really struggling with this in the past – looking at my son and then being unable to fathom how there could be anything good about his autism. How come I got stuck with this terrible tragedy?

Lately, I actually focus way more time on all of its blessings for me. And do you want to know why I do this? I absolutely, consciously and intentionally choose to because every moment is like a new choice all over again. I do this because I don’t like the way the alternative makes me feel. On days where I lose sight of many of these ideas, I feel sad, depressed and like a victim. On the days where I can remind myself of the bigger picture, I feel hope, limitless, excitement. Best of all? It usually opens up a channel, opportunity or possibility that I didn’t have before with my son. Staying committed to comfort and happiness no matter the situation is something that has completely saved me from my past self.

So, as I already design my destination (happiness, finding opportunity with my lot), how do I then build a case full of evidence to support this destination? I have spent hours and hours and hours creating beliefs to support this goal and pondering the purpose for it all. I can’t say I know the ‘right’ answer, nor will I ever with certainty, but using my imagination gives me so much solace and excitement for the future.

I also look to the past and the present to build my case for meaning. I still find pieces from six months ago that are only starting to click now in my life. What a shame it would have been for me to spend the last six months miserable only to now find that there was a purpose for the situation when I could have trusted in this principle from the start and remained trusting of God and the universe that they too had a purpose for my benefit and stayed comfortable all this time?

Some helpful questions I have asked myself are:

  • What can I learn from my son?
  • What is he here to teach the world?

  • How is this experience perfect for me right now?

  • How do I explain his behaviors as meaningful?

Living the persona of victim didn’t really give me an empowered feeling. These questions take the power away from the ‘damage done to me’ to a personalized, specific and intentional path designed just for me by God. And adopting these beliefs doesn’t mean that I don’t stand up for what matters to me anymore either – all it means is that I take the control back by how I respond.

As I’ve created this blueprint for living for myself, I am constantly on the look-out for new opportunities and significance to my life and my son’s autism all the time. Recently, while participating in a guided mediation at a personal development program at the Option Institute, I was instructed to rock back and forth during the meditation where I then addressed God or the Universe for answers to some of my questions (in a series with other repetitious exclusive behaviors). While doing this, I immediately was reminded of my son and his stims or ISMs. I let go into the meditation and allowed my body to sway to its own rhythms, tuning into my core. This was different than the experiences I’d had joining my son (See video on joining here)  in his ISM because it was entirely my own! I moved to my own tempo, intensity and could change the rhythm as I pleased to deepen my connection to myself and to God. I marveled during this experience how deeply spiritual it felt and immediately imagined that all my son’s ISMs were actually his own meditations, tapping into the creator. Wow! What a shift! I now not only saw them as something he needed to do to help himself physically and mentally but now spiritually, too!

Here is an excerpt from a recent blog post I wrote on this experience:

“As we drummed, I shared in the exquisite beauty of his looks to the light peering through our open window, in the midst of the storm – the branches and leaves being heavily swayed by the powerful wind. We looked together and marveled – I could feel God with my son…In the course of two minutes in my mind, by believing that the cause is in the future, I created so much meaning and intention to joining and the experience was wildly different than any other session we’ve ever shared in the playroom. I could feel his real joy at including me and instead of me just attempting to join him in his world, he truly did invite me in. He gave me flashes of smiles of worlds of understanding, occassionally would reach over and beat on my drum too and during one precious moment, relaxed onto the cushioned padding in the corner of the room, assuredly, knowing I’d follow him and as I did, and we both laid in a 90 degree angle with our respective drums, he had the most all-knowing and peaceful smile I’d ever seen. We directed our bodies toward the cracks in the windows and played to God as we watched the branches dance before us.”

This time when I entered my son’s special playroom and joined him in his ISMs, it took on a whole new meaning. I joined him… but truly truly joined him, taking myself back my own experience of ISMing, and our souls danced together! How amazing that I could build such closeness with this special soul gifted to me and to also see it as such a gift!

Now, this could be completely made up – I have no ‘proof’ that this is what he’s doing when he’s exclusive and repetitious, but when I went into his playroom with this belief, he was so much more open and receptive to me – so, either way, it’s here to stay! Am I ignorant for being okay with that? Absolutely not – I am staying true to my #1 goal of being happy with him and my life in this moment by adopting this belief. Nobody is pulling a swift one on me – I am jumping in head first knowing full well that it’s entirely made up by me and not looking back because the end-result feels so good. I already lived life trying to have proof for all my beliefs and it led me to a life of misery and disconnectedness from my son. How can you make up a belief for why your child’s ISMs are amazing or intended to teach you something?

My case is not closed, but I have collected a lot of evidence since I decided to open it for why God brought me this special little guy. He is not just one of the many canaries in the coal mine for our world. He is also MY canary … destined for me specifically — helping me turn my heart and soul into a glistening gold mine.

Or maybe not…?

Hmmm :)

So now’s your chance – you get to decide too.

Coal or gold? What’s it gonna be?


~ Princess

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Television Mind Control: Free Your Divine Mind


It was before Dougie was born, that Gina and I decided to get rid of the television in our house. It was only because we decided that we were more interesting to each other than the news . With all the travel that we have done over the last couple of years though, we have been around a lot more television then we would normally.

At first it was easy not to turn the tubes on in our hotels, but soon we thought that it would be nice for Dougie to have something fun to watch on the Disney channel while we did our work. That turned into him wanting TV even more. It was concerning to hear him reciting commercials for chemical laden products, like Raid or McDonald’s, but like most parents caught up with lots of work we succumbed to his cravings for media.

I didn’t think too much of it at first, but then he started trying to school me on how good Monsanto’s products were. That’s when I started taking note of this situation a lot more carefully. He could watch 30 minutes of mathematics with a commercial for a medication in the middle of it, and afterwords the only thing that he would talk about would be the medication.

The TV was brainwashing my son. He would talk about the need to use pesticides and how he wanted cologne. These are things that my son has no need for. This is what he retains. Why? How is it that the commercials are what are sticking with my son? More over than just Dougie, I see these products in so many people’s houses. I hear people talk about them in passing and see them use them in front of me. It is EXTREMELY rare when I see a commercial for something that isn’t toxic and people are interested.

People can look at a topic like this and say that we aren’t being forced into buying and using these products, but I believe that those people are just so caught up in the advertisers demands that they can’t see their own reason. If a stranger walked up to you on the street and said “this pill could kill you, but you might feel great for a few minutes,” you would probably run the other direction. If they did it on your television then you might pick up the phone and order it. Sound extreme? It isn’t. In fact it happens every day.

How did we lose our divinity as a society? How did we fall so far as to think that it is normal to rub toxic chemicals on our body and ingest poisons that could lead to IBS, dementia, death etc.? Why would you be willing to pay for that type of torture? If you don’t see the psychological warfare that is being played out in your living room, please take one night out of the week where you search only independent media online. Just learn something new from someone who isn’t trying to sell you something.

You could even initiate game night. I would take scrabble over gang shootings on the news any night. Expand your minds instead of flattening your brain waves. There is so much interesting and informative news going on outside your mind control box that would at a bare minimum make you into a smarter conversationalist at holiday parties. Don’t just learn what the news is force feeding you. Learn for yourself on your own terms. Free your mind.

Of course, we are talking about more blatant mind control here. But there are known agendas for controlling us on much deeper levels. Disney has used intentional manipulation since its inception to get people to do everything from pay taxes to conform to self-depreciating values.  All to give us a warped perception of reality steal the essence of our true power to change things.

Begin to Free your Mind Now and Understand that the Real Truth is far more exciting than it is frightening. Let us know how we can help!

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How Spirulina Helped Heal My Family Of Autism And Seizures (And My Chocolate Spirulina Recipe!)

Green Food Is Good

Allow me to introduce you to spirulina,  one of our most favorite super foods! With all of the hype about GMO- Monsanto-Franken-Neuro-Toxic-Mutant food, I wanted you to know that you can still get pure amazing nutritious HEALTHY food. Food that can even negate and detoxify you from the ill-effects of eating the packaged poop stuff.

And prevent further damage.

Spirulina, a form of blue-green algae,  boasts 10 times more beta carotene than carrots, is about 65% protein and provides us with essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants.

Millions of years ago, before we were even a tear-drop in Mother Nature’s eye – Spirulina flourished. The nutrients contained in the spirulina plant helped our planet evolve. It’s perhaps our earliest ancestor.

To me, it offers one of the simplest ways to end world hunger!  You actually need less food when you eat it because it takes care of so many nutritional needs. It grows easily and well in lakes and oceans, and I’m just discovering that it can even be grown in soil.  Think of what savvy organic growers could do with this stuff!

At times when Dougie and I were in deep healing from his autism and my candida — we THRIVED on spirulina. Just adding it to our diets made us happier, gave us energy, and REALLY curbed sugar cravings. Plus it helps tremendously with brain-fog.

The plant has undergone intense studies for the past 30 years, and proves safe for the little ones as well. So, don’t worry so much if they won’t eat their lima beans – push the algae, and get super healthy kids.

Dougie had his first serving at age 3 years and 1 day. And, at 3 years and 1.5 days– he was potty trained. That’s without practice. And, experts told us he had autism, and that meant we could expect delays and complete lack in development.

The first time he ever had the kicked-up spirulina blend from Bio-Age (Bioage.com), he buttoned his shirt for the first time. He lost a tic that he had for a few months, and over a small period of time — he began to speak more clearly. We saw so much developmental BLISS with the BIOAGE Algaes, that we removed most of our other supplements. It’s still a staple.

It reduces brain swelling. It sends nutrients where they need to go without making your body work so hard to digest. This is majorly important in autism and many cases of common illness like allergies and auto-immune dysfunction because digestion is so compromised.

My hubby used it as the main healing tool in helping him recover from a seizure disorder and a 12 year reliance on some pretty harsh prescription seizure meds.

Why wouldn’t we want to use spirulina to feed the hungry? It would open their minds and lift their spirits while nourishing them!

Consuming spirulina (algae) has been linked to recovery from diseases like cancer, ADD, and autism. Research also shows significant progress in its effect against the AIDS virus. In my time working with private clients, I’ve been able to see clarity of mind come back to people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s through the use of  spirulina.

Spirulina is a super food  — which means it is a complete food. Think — something they’d eat on the Matrix. People use spirulina to enhance energy, detoxify poisons (sugar, alcohol, mercury), control weight and balance mood.

Check out this great e-book on Spirulina and Chlorella by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams of Natural News!

Spirulina For Dinner?

So, the question is how does it taste? I’m sure you don’t want to be making yourself an algae salad three times a day just so that you can tout gorgeous skin and enough energy to keep you awake through the night, right? I gotta be honest — some of it is pretty gross! And, while it can be taken in pill-form, you’ve got to watch that you get the purest kind that is without mercury…because if it comes from a toxic lake its got nothing but chemicals, metals, and junk to share with you.

It must be pure. And, I have my favorites. I’m quite fond of Healthforce Nutritionals TRUGANIC Spirulina Manna. I LOVE Real Food Real Life’s Pro-Daily Otic, which is a fermented blend of algaes (green, grains, seeds and sprouts). Both of these taste so good that  I even get my non-health-food-lovin’ friends to crave them. They can easily blend in a smoothie and even be hidden under some raw chocolate as you transition to adding it to your diet. But, once you’re like me and crave this stuff — you’ll find it tastes great in salad dressings and dips too.  Courtney Pool wrote a whole book on spirulina recipes!

How Much Spirulina Should You Eat?

Always go slowly and learn about a food’s energy when adding something new to your diet. Spirulina has an expansive energy which means that it pulls your energy up. For some, this can mean headaches. If you’re feeling hyper or light in the head, that can mean you have some stuck energy, and spirulina can exaggerate that. Not to fear.  All greens have expansive energy. Balancing this out with the “grounding” nature of good quality sea salt is enough for some people to really benefit from this amazing algae minus the headaches.

My recommendation to my clients is usually to begin new healing foods even more slowly than suggested on the label, and take close note of how you feel. When you reach a point where you feel good, you may have hit your ideal dosage. But, it has to be built-up-to.  Traditional Chinese Medicine says it takes 100 days of an herb to start feeling the true benefits.

Most people don’t need to consume lots of spirulina to get great results. It’s potent stuff. The more you consume, the more detoxifying it becomes. Smaller amounts can address nutrient deficiencies from the core up. The way I see it is if you are deficient, like we were, it makes sense to go slowly and really allow the algae to work.  Our family shares a spirulina smoothie almost every morning, and we only use about 1 tablespoon of manna or 1-2 capsules of BioSuperfood brand (much less than recommended) in total. In the colder months, we may have a little less, or at least combine it with more warming and heavier foods in our smoothies like avocado, coconut and cinnamon.

I find the fermented algae from Real Food Real Life to be more grounding.

The fun of natural health is that you build it. Your nutritional needs and tolerances are unique. It’s cool because the experimentation makes you so much smarter about your body and what you put in it. GMO food just causes tumors and sterility.  No fun!

A Heart Of Green

Green foods open your heart chakra. It’s becoming even more popular knowledge that our emotions matter. In fact, they create vibrations that actually heal us.  The vibrations that come from your heart chakra are 500+ times stronger than those that come from your brain. So, yes, your thoughts matter. But real brain connections that create change in your life only happen when there is a corresponding emotional experience with your thought.  When you open your heart to emotions like love, gratitude and forgiveness — your body heals. Spirulina opens your heart chakra in the same way! Seriously…have a few servings and tell me if you don’t feel grateful and in LOVE with life. Food can be a healer for our physical and emotional health.

Here Is My Fave Way To Eat Spirulina…In Chocolate Of Course!

I wasn’t going to let you leave without this.  This is a recipe for my fermented chocolates. Raw chocolate or cacao is another heart chakra opener!  Some of my clients have a hard time tolerating plain raw chocolate.  But the fermentation and addition of these healing herbs and SPIRULINA seems to take care of that.

I like to add spirulina to it to balance out the acidity in the cacao, and add nourishment. Who knew it would taste so good? Most of my friends are pleasantly surprised.

Cultured Cacao-Wows


  • 2 ½ cups raw organic cacao powder
  • 1½ cups cacao butter
  • ½ cup – 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 tbsp Vitamineral Green powder
  • 1 packet Body Ecology kefir starter
  • 1 packet Body Ecology culture starter
  • Glass jar or bowl with lid
  • Candy molds of choice
  • Blender

Add-ins: spirulina, vanilla sea salt and mint;  sea salt, cacao nibs, and mesquite; cherries, cayenne and sea salt; maca, mesquite and lucuma; cinnamon, maca, mesquite and lucuma; Gojii berries, bee pollen and anything else you like with your chocolate!


  • Melt cacao butter at 80 degrees in food dehydrator or in double boiler
  • Stir in cacao powder
  • Blend with coconut sugar in blender
  • Pour into glass jar
  • Add green powder and culture starters
  • Let ferment for 36 hours (keep in dehydrator to keep in liquid form)
  • Add your add-ins
  • Pour into molds
  • Refrigerate and Bliss Out!



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Bliss Cleanse 2012 Eating for Manifestation — Join Us!

Got too many things whirling around in your mind to focus on what you really want? It happens! 2012 has been a year of massive shifting in consciousness, and we’ve all learned so much about our purpose. I keep saying it, but it’s oh so true — people are waking up everywhere!

For once, the things that consume Doug’s and my thoughts are EXCITING images of all that we have. We’re reeling in the abundance of supportive friends and beauty everywhere! It’s kind of ironic when you’ve got a mind so full of awesomeness, that you get stuck materializing that awesomeness into what you know is supposed to serve the world. We have so many more gifts to share with you. So, many that we can’t hardly contain ourselves. It’s taking everything we have not to completely spill the beans. But, we need more energy to go through with some of the work involved. We need more focus. I could say we are a bit stuck. But, we know that these moments are the most inspiring for us. These moments when you think you are stuck, may actually just be catalysts for needed change.

Bliss Cleanse 2012 and What it’s All About

For us, this is about reclaiming our energies and providing ourselves with all of the necessary comforts and tools to shed what is not working. And, to make more space for what IS WORKING.

For you, we hope you will take our inspiration and build a cleanse for yourself that helps you MANIFEST what you want!

We will be using food, yoga, meditation and spiritual exercises to help us through. These are things we already do everyday. BUT, we are adding a greater intention and doing them with MORE PURPOSE. When you solidify your intention, and can see what you want as if it is already yours, then you create an emotional response that literally reprograms your thoughts.

Have you yet heard that your thoughts create your life?

Once you have connected neurons (like electrical wires) in your brain with thought and emotion, you will vibrationally attract more similar experiences that triggered the original connection. This is why mantras work. We repeat them and they change our perception and our life.


When I went all raw for 2 years, I felt amazing. I was warm in the winter — contrary to what experts said was supposed to happen. I also became more in touch with my intuitive abilities, and was able to begin offering intuitive services.

When I shared the benefits of a living food, probiotic rich diet with my family, my son spun out of autism symptoms in a blink. And, my husband got rid of his seizure disorder.

As you know, we have been eating some cooked foods and animal products over the last 2 years and that has also proven very beneficial to all of us for gaining strength. The foods we have chosen to eat have been very helpful to keep us energized and focused, happy and MORE!
During this Bliss Cleanse, we will focus on raw living vegan food, raw vegetable juices, wild foods, healing herbs, smoothies, and over all clean organic food. Of course, we will also have plenty of coconut kefir and fermented foods! We have a big pot of bone broth available to us — should we need those minerals and strength! As the fall leaves begin to shed, we too hope to shed any stored toxins from our trip to Mexico, or life in general. It often takes layers of cleansing and rebuilding to reach ultimate wellness.

The 3 of us are each unique beings with unique dietary needs. Our cleanse is personalized for each of us. And, we will share recipes and results with you as we go!

Our Personal Goals

Gina: I want to feel more energized and heal my dryish skin. I’d also like to increase my ability to quiet my mind, meditate and “see.”

Doug: I want to lose some weight and feel lighter. I want to feel a higher energy. I want to feel a better appreciation for food, and shake off my Chicago food taste buds (cravings).

Dougie: We hope to improve Dougie’s desire to learn and participate in home-school activities, his expressive abilities and his cognition in math. He has come very far and no longer displays the painful autism symptoms that he used to have. Yet, we know that healing happens in layers and he still has some viruses and metal poison that, when addressed, will open up his mind and abilities even more.

All 3 of us are intending for a new eco-fied house-on-wheels that will take us around the planet and allow us to bring our gifts straight to you. We’ve been traveling without one, teaching classes all over and really feeling the LOVE. We envision a Blissed Life much bigger. We envision a hunk of land where we can build a permaculture that feeds your souls. We envision luxury! We see it all happening now and are setting out to fill in the space between vision and manifestation with Bliss!

Today’s Recipes

BLISS Herbal Decoction

This “tea” contains lots of liver support, immune support and spiritual-upliftedness support. Our family does very well on olive leaf which controls candida, viruses and infections. Each of these herbs have so many interlinked healing abilities, when choosing herbs, I recommend starting with one at a time and creating a relationship with them.

1/4 cup of each dried herb (I used chaga mushroom powder to help the process go quicker)


Schisandra Berry

Milk Thistle


Holy Basil

Olive leaf

2 quarts clean water

I boiled the chaga for about an hour, and then added the schisandra berries for about a half hour, and then added the rest. I let the whole sha-bang steep for a long while.

Doug and I are drinking lots of it. Dougie is having only about a cup of it.

Bone Broth

We made this one with farmer’s market beef bones and added fennel, ginger, onion, celery and tons of garlic and good sea salt to the mix.

Dougie and Doug are having some. I’m not attracted to bone broth today 🙂

We’ll post the rest of our recipes as we go and let you know how we do with them.

We think its very possible to achieve material goals by changing your diet and to achieve health goals by changing your perception. We are all connected. When you join us on this cleanse, our magnified energy will support one another. What do you need to manifest?


Want to find out how you can Welcome more Bliss into your life? Check out our Three Days to Bliss-Ness toolkit… free!