In Gratitude: What an Awesome Client Testimonial!

" LOVE " LOTUSES always :-)  ^__^I’m so grateful for the work I get to do with clients. They teach me so much, and I get to witness so much growth. We are all our own best healers, best gurus, best teachers– but where would we be without one another? When I have the opportunity to help people find their own healing, I’m pretty humbled. I don’t always know exactly why my work, works… But it does. And my gratitude is overflowing,  I just wanted to share this lovely  note my dear client and FRIEND, Amanda has written about my service to her. I’m so thrilled that her family is Thriving now!

Here goes:

When Gina first came into our lives, our son still had horrendous gut issues.  She helped us, step by step regain his health.  Today, you wouldn’t know he is any different to any other 6 year old child, except for the foods he eats.  Before, the differences were clear for all to see.

Life can be exceptionally tough when you’re desperately trying to recover your child’s health.  Gina understands when no-one else does, believes in you when you’ve lost faith in yourself, holds your hand as you take brave new steps, never judges you for being unsure, and simply loves you through all the monumental changes that are required to recover your child.   Daily emails keep you supported and loved.  Your child has an ally and you have inspiration, new information, recipes and ideas to keep moving forward.
If I ever have any queries, Gina is always there.  We’ve never met in person.  She has such a big heart though, that I feel so close to her and lovely Dougie.
This past year, my baby was diagnosed with a hole in the heart.  We were told he would need open heart surgery to close the hole by age one as it wasn’t healing on its own.  Telling us the mortality statistics put us in panic mode.  I asked Gina for a distance reiki healing, thinking that at worst, nothing would change.  At the next consultation visit, the consultant announced within 2 seconds of seeing the scan ‘that hole is healing itself’.  A material difference!!!  Our baby is now off all medicines and the hole is still healing.
Gina has remarkable abilities and she is a great teacher.  We’re on to new adventures together, reiki and psychic skool!  All my life I’ve felt that something was missing, but never knew what.  Now, I think I’ve found it.  Things are clicking into place like never before.  If school had ever been like this I would’ve loved my time there much more!!!!!!!
My advice to anyone thinking of getting Gina on board in recovering your health or that of anyone you care for, do it.  Or if you are looking for the best reiki and psychic teacher available, sign up.  Do not stop and think, just let go and trust.  You’re in safe and loving hands.  You’ll be taken on adventures that you may at first question, but take the advice given and try everything offered.  You’ll be so glad you did.
Beautiful Gina, Lots of love to you and your lovely family,
Amanda H. (Uk)

Apprenticing with Gina: Wow, What a Testimonial!

Hey Friends, here is a beautiful note I received from my friend, client, and new apprentice, Maria.. and I wanted to share.
xoxoo Gina

“As most of you already know, I’ve been working on healing from an illness that according to doctors has been causing me lots of problems for years. I was told that I would never heal and more than likely my health would only get worse as time went on.

I didn’t know what to do; I listened to what the experts had to say and also followed a friend’s advice and started to change our diets to include more organic foods. I really didn’t expect that to have that much of an impact on my health, but I so wrong!

Eventually though, I found that just making that change wasn’t going to be enough, I knew that more changes needed to be made, but I didn’t know what else to do.

Then, one day while perusing on Facebook, I came across an old friend from high school, Gina LaVerde. I sent an add request to her and when she accepted, something “told” me to check out her info on her page. There I found information on a program she runs called “Heal Artfully” and I knew right away that I needed to keep reading.

At this point, the doctors were not helping me and like I said, the changes I made in diet, although helpful, just weren’t enough. I contacted Gina right away, and it took me a while to get the ball rolling, but in February of this year my daughter and I officially started our healing on the “Heal Artfully” program.

It hasn’t even been a year yet and we’ve come a long way already! This past Thanksgiving I was thinking about how grateful I am for everything I’ve learned on this program and how much healthier my daughter and I are and how abundant our opportunity to get even healthier in the future is and I was wondering how I was ever going to “pay” Gina back for everything she’s helped me do for myself and my baby, when I thought, “not back, forward….pay it forward.” Ok, I get that, pay it forward, but how? Not long after this string of thoughts, I got a message from Gina asking me if I would be interested in joining her as an apprentice.

So now I am working as Gina’s “grasshoppa” and I love every minute of it. I’m participating in Gina’s “BlissedLife” and “Psychic Skool” programs, learning about medical intuitive work, and was recently attuned to Reiki level 1. This process from the beginning has been so liberating and powerful for me! I’m learning so much every day and this holiday season I’m grateful to have found Gina, that I’m participating in her programs, and so very honored that she sees the potential in me and my healing abilities that she has offered me this opportunity. Yes, there are a lot more details, if you want to know more just ask.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!”

Maria Perez, Chicago