Body Ecology Diet/ Gut Health

The Body Ecology Diet, created  by Donna Gates,  is a detailed map for  healing your digestive tract, and creating energy in your body to balance health and push out disease.  It’s NOT really a DIET. It addresses your UNIQUE needs. We combine Body Ecology coaching with our Intuitive Healing Consults.

Intuitive Healing + Body Ecology + Bliss Eating = Your Step-by-Step path to taking control of your health!


Intuitive Healing Consults

The gift of understanding your feelings, visions, voices and the spirits you connect with is one of the most refreshing and healing aspects of life.

Psychic power is not “super natural.” In fact, it’s a sense that is naturally ingrained in each and every one of us. We’ve been conditioned to ignore our own inner-knowing — but let me tell you, once you embrace yours — the doors to consciousness and synchronicity open for you.

Your Session is Specially Designed For You According to Your Needs and Desires.

What to Expect from Your Intuitive Healing Session

  • We connect in-person, phone, email or Skype
  • I use Reiki, intuition, emotional freedom techniques, movement, sound, and/or sensory healing to help you release blocks (things that are keeping you from feeling your best)
  • I teach you exercises to do at home to help yourself heal and unlock your own intuition
  • We discuss how Bliss Eating can help your healing
  • I may use cards, a pendulum, or other divination tools to make your session more fun and enlightening.
  • I share the messages that come to me during your session, and you receive a detailed follow-up email

Combine a Bliss Eating Consult with your session!

Learn the Yin and Yang of Eating and how to eat intuitively to create the healthiest food for you. Plus, conquer candida, autism, fatigue, fibromyalgia, acne, eating disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes and more (please see our med disclaimer)

I am an Intuitive Healer and Certified Body Ecology coach who discovered how to use food to help pull my family out of autism and illness. Our family’s healing journey began with fermented foods and the Body Ecology diet, evolved into Body Ecology-style raw veganism, Chinese Medicine inspired eating and finally landed in a gorgeous place we like to call Bliss Eating.

I combine my training, experience and intuitive gifts to help you find your Bliss Eating so that you can feel better about food and you and Never diet Again!

I’ve found the pitfalls of dieting and the Perks of knowing how to choose what’s right for you!

It’s not hard to be healthy, it just takes a little help from our friends to crack the code on what the right foods are for you. Once you understand some of the fundamentals of food, you can use food to help heal anything that ails you.

Your needs change all the time, so you will learn tons of tried and true tips to keep you savvy and thriving.

Discover how to use and improve upon your intuition for eating.

  • Food Energy
  • Fermented Foods
  • Body Ecology
  • Super Foods and Supplementation
  • Raw Foods
  • Easy Meal Prep
  • Grocery Shopping

Other gifts that I may share with you or teach you how to use in your session

  • Essential oils and aura mists
  • Flower essences
  • Healing stones and crystals
  • Intuitive eating and healing foods
  • Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms
  • Shamanism
  • Art therapy
  • Meditation and Visualizations
  • Mantras and Affirmations

Email Me at to design your unique session

Bliss Tour Sessions: Would you like an in-person session in your home? Find out if we are in your area or request a visit

In-Person sessions may include:

  • Healing elixirs and foods
  • Work with crystals
  • Hands -On Reiki

If you live on the other side of the world, I happily welcome you to join me via Skype chat or phone and enjoy the Bliss of energy crossing borders. I do most of my work online and find it amazing how time and space disappear when the right people connect.

You Also Receive:

  • Recipes for what to eat following the session in order to maximize your benefits
  • A written follow-up from your session

Sessions may last an hour or more. I believe in going with the flow of what you need, so let’s talk about how I can make your session work best for you.

Book Your Session Now:

Phone or Skype Chat Session: $155

More about Bliss Eating:

Bliss Eating is about Eating the food and feeling Awesome because of it!

Food is one of your primary sources of energy and strength.

Yet much of the current data that we rely on to tell us what is healthy is funded by industries cashing in on you buying their products.

Or worse– “they” want you to eat a certain way to maintain the “sickness quota” as we like to call it. Pharmaceuticals shovel in a huge percentage of US profit, and most of the “health food” on the market causes illness– ie: energy drinks, soy protein, pasteurized milk, non organic or genetically modified fruits and vegetables, packaged diet foods and microwaveable meals etc.

But, there is HOPE!

What you eat has the power to help you tremendously!

There are ways of preparing nearly all natural whole foods to make medicine for what ails you and also to create a delicious and easy alternative way of keeping you happy and healthy without a host of expensive products.

Many of us are starving ourselves due to lack of absorption, toxicity, energy blocks, as well as the simple fact that we often don’t eat enough of the right foods for our unique bodies to keep our systems in harmony.

I offer nutritional coaching with a Medical Intuitive twist. That is to say that I will not only help you discover the right foods for you and your family, but I will teach you how to do it yourself. My medical intuitive abilities simply offer you the option of understanding your body from a energetic standpoint. We can test for food sensitives, power foods and more.

Heal your Gut and Trust Your Gut

Many people suffer from an overgrowth of candida yeast in the digestive tract which can become pathogenic and in effect leak through the gut walls and set the tone for auto-immune havoc. Things like metal poison, parasites, viruses, bacterial infections and breathed-in contaminants go hand-in-hand with candida and create overly acidic, sick blood. This is at the cause of most disease…. Indigestion due to an overload of toxicity–with a leaky gut at its core. People who suffer from allergies, asthma, autism, fibromyalgia, alzheimers, cancer, arthritis, colitis, and autoimmune disease are surely infected with sickness in their digestive tracts.

Did you know that vitamins are manufactured in your gut? Toxic build-up from diet is released though our guts. Our moods are governed by organisms in our our guts.

We find this to be an excellent place to begin healing.

The Body Ecology Diet, created by Donna Gates, is a detailed map for healing your digestive tract, and creating energy in your body to balance health and push out disease. Once your gut begins to heal, you can experience mental clarity, brilliant energy, restful sleep and massive healing.

So Much Help!

You really can start feeling better right away

I am honored to be able to light your journey, and witness your thriving!



4 thoughts on “Body Ecology Diet/ Gut Health

  • I’ve been on the B.E.D. since last september, it is one of the best things I have done for my health. I had a consultation with Donna Gates a couple months ago which was great. The step-by-step principle makes it easier to stick with it.

    • Yes, BED continues to make my health more and more awesome! I’m glad it’s working for u! Remember the step of uniqueness as well. 😉

  • Oh yea, that’s a good one too. I just switched from red potatoes to sweet potatoes because I’m a type O and so far so good. I actually noticed my strength increased. But I still haven’t used the 80/20 principle for portion sizes too much, it’s more like 40/60, lol.

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