Raw Foods

Raw, living foods (unheated above 118 degrees ) pack tons of nutrition and healing power per bite because their enzymes, proteins and phytonutrients remain in tact.

When you eat vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, honey and even many meats in their natural, raw state, there is the potential to absorb more nutrition from them.

Our family experienced a great deal of healing from our son’s autism related toxic infections including candida yeast overgrowth, seizures, food allergies and our own allergies, lack of energy, depression and more when we adopted a raw vegan lifestyle for about 2 years. During this time, we did not eat any sweet fruits. This way of eating worked for us because we understood how to make it our own.

We advocate the inclusion of more nutrient dense raw foods, both vegan and non vegan, for those whose bodies can handle the more cooling, expansive nature of these foods, and who are seeking recovery from illness.

We do not advocate a restrictive diet of any kind. We believe these foods are tools for you to use as you see fit. And if we can help you on that journey, we are honored to.

Raw vegetables, fats and superfoods like algaes, coconut kefir, bee pollen, chia seeds, hemp, raw omega 3 oils (fermented cod liver), cultured raw butter and cream, fermented whole-food superfood powders, and herbs can be gradually added to your meals, and begin filling in the nutrient voids left by deficient diets, illness, metal poison and the like.

People with more robust and warmer constitutions tend to do better with raw foods because these foods cool us down. For this reason, the warmer months of the year are better for most people to consume raw foods.

Raw foods are generally Yang in nature, which is the masculine force in us… The creative force. They have a speedy effect on our bodies. They can rather quickly push out poison through detoxification.They help our creative nature and inspire us.

Those of us with extremely delicate systems like children with autism, may find it difficult to digest food in its raw state because they lack natural digestive acids or have low energy. In these cases, we pay close attention to how we incorporate raw foods and which ones we can add for the ultimate healing experience.

This is how we rebuild after being infected with so many toxins.

Contact Gina for a private Intuitive Eating session, and learn how you can enjoy delicious raw foods, and better health today



4 thoughts on “Raw Foods

  • Hi Gina, ever since I came across your blog,I feel this is the diet and healing plan that can help my son. as we are strictly vegetarians and My son loves veggies.. only thing is He eats them cooked .there are lots of ups and downs in his progress.. but not consistent.. Can u help us.. He is 4 .5 years old diagnosed with autism and can speak few words

  • As a blog owner I believe the subject matter here is reallyfantastic. I thank you for your hard work. You should keep it up forever! Good Luck.

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