Autism Recovery Program: One Year Autism Healing Program

One Year to Autism and Toxicity Recovery

with Gina

Let’s Join Hands In Saving our Children

mommy dougie loveSo, you’ve been struggling through illness, caring for someone whose condition scares and confuses you. You are full of love and light and in need of a little inspiration to help you find the way.

Maybe with just a bit more rest or a bit more direction you could envision the whole shimmery recovery.

Welcome to Heal Artfully where we will Forge a New Path to Lasting Bliss

And, with some more structure and constant love and inspiration, you will begin to learn how to turn disease and discontent into absolute harmony in your life.

I have moments of pure amazement and gratitude each day. Many moms do. Oh, the chills I get when my little boy discovers something new, expresses himself differently, or simply smiles because HE GETS IT. I’m overwhelmed with love and satisfaction as I watch him grow. And each day, he has a new breakthrough. He’s 7 now and living healthfully and peacefully and as cute as any other 7 year old. Except, he glows. Dougie glows with the light that can only shine through someone who has overcome as much struggle as he has. He has the essence of peace that seems to come when one has really seen the darkness.

With him, I feel in the presence of ancient wisdom and understanding. I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for me.

Dougie has overcome the misunderstood cloud of toxicity known as autism because our family took charge of his health and began detoxing and rebuilding his body, mind and spirit in ways that support life’s natural flow.

His recovery has taught me more lessons than I can count. But, perhaps most importantly I have learned the nature of disease and illness. I have come to understand sickness as a manifestation of toxicity in the body that can be caused by physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental poisons, and can therefore be cured by using the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional medicines.

We have incorporated each and every one of these healing modalities into our daily lives and the results have been miraculous. I have found that dietary changes support emotional and mental health and that emotional healing techniques can improve digestion and balance etc. Nature gives us all of these tools for free. And, when we use them properly we open the doors to complete health and happiness.

mommy and dougie eating apples!

I know how it feels when it seems you’ve lost a loved one to illness, yet they still live and breathe and cry out to you for help. But, you can rediscover their blessings. They can heal and so can you. The souls that recover from such toxic overloads are quite magnificent beings and have so many lessons to teach us.

The healing program that I designed for my son healed my entire family. Where there was anger there is no more. Where there was depression, resentment, infections, confusion, pain—there is no more.

Now I have some healing to spread to you.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a zillion times — the road to wellness can be so easy if you have the right kind of support. And that is my gift to you.

Caregiver Love

In times of grave family illness caregivers MUST be well cared for.

Moms, Dads, daughters, sisters, best friends – you are someone’s hero. You are the caregiver who can help recover your loved one. But who cares for you? Do you realize that if you had just a bit more help you could project the image of health that you wish your loved one to achieve?

I designed the Heal Artfully program to support caregivers and parents throughout their journey to achieve better health for their loved ones. This is a program where ultimate health matters most, hope is constant and labels are thrown out the window.

Mommie and Dougie

Whether you’re recovering from what is being called cancer, autism, alzheimer’s, diabetes, or any other disease, you have the capability of healing. Our bodies were designed to heal themselves. Sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction.

And that is why I am here.

For one year you will receive

  • Email coaching with Mantras and answers to any of your questions
  • Delicious Healing Recipes that can help detox and rebuild immunity
  • Specialized tips to get picky eaters and reluctant patients to adapt to a healthier routine
  • Instructions for detoxing the home both physically and energetically
  • Guides for sensory, energy, sound, movement healing
  • Guidance for detox support through colon therapy, skin brushing, castor oil packs
  • Tips on emotional freedom techniques
  • Physical exercises
  • Outside resources for practitioners, books, websites and ideas that support your journey and your needs.

The Heal Artfully program is for those of you who are dealing with the toughest of health struggles.

I have incorporated

  • A 1 hr phone consult
  • 10 day prep period for you to begin understanding the science behind this system
  • A personalized strategy for using the body ecology/antiviral diet to overcome major illness and ample time to work up to this way of eating
  • Complete guides to rebuilding your pantry step by step and on a budget
  • Games and activities that can be used with children and adults to teach or re-teach skills
  • A natural flow to how you receive information so that you can understand it, use it and continue learning from it in the future.

You will learn how to:

  • Get yourself grounded
  • Feel and use energy healing
  • Understand food energy
  • Visualize and manifest your goals for complete wellness
  • Take it slow and practice healing with gratitude and intention
  • Get your entire family on the same page with a healthier lifestyle

Labels can be thrown out the door! There is a thriving human being underneath the confusion of diagnosis and modern stressors.

The Heal Artfully program focuses on Intuitive Eating inspired by the Body Ecology Diet written by Donna Gates (which is a probiotic rich diet focused on gut health); raw foods; blended foods; ph balanced eating; healing herbs; super foods; highest quality absorbable dietary supplements; Reiki and energy healing; sensory therapy; sound and movement therapy inspired by Gabrielle Roth; and the Waldorf school system created by Rudolf Steiner.

Your journey will be different than mine. You may experience things that neither of us expected. But you will be well equipped with the most up to date information and practical advice on natural health, and I guarantee you will have the strength to see it through. Let’s hold hands through it. I think we can do amazing things together.

Can’t wait to begin working together!

Gina LaVerde

Heal Artfully Program:


Once registered we will set up your one hour consult to kick off the artful healing.

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Email with any questions or comments.

Gina LaVerde is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Body Ecology Coach and mom who has recovered her son from autism. She has studied Autism and Digestive Recovery with Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet and continues to further her education in natural health. She is not a doctor and her help should be viewed as educational material. She is a coach and medical intuitive energy healer who created this system to heal her sick family and has had success using it with many clients. You are encouraged to do your own research and seek professional medical advice when needed. This system is non invasive and can be complimentary to any traditional therapies you wish to receive.

Please read this medical disclaimer.

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