You Are Abundant inspirational Recording

Angel1You are abundant in your life. You are a being of energy that creates the story. Understand your cosmic abilities. A plant doesn’t send a check to the soil in order to grow each month. There is so much more to us than what the main-stream would have us believe.

Humans are designed with amazing capabilities. Everything in our bodies is directing us towards leading a Blissed Life. You have the ability to harness the power. The natural flow of life.

I have passed energy through my hands, and I have healed my friends pains with it. I know what we are. Even the most anti-esoteric person still has dreams or “gut instincts.” Have you ever thought of that? Even they get visions.

We, you, are designed this way. Intricately housing billions of cells, our bodies are planets themselves. We have glands that secrete visionary substances in order for us to see clearly through that third eye. It’s magical. Our bodies are on auto pilot. They don’t demand anything for it. They simply are. The more natural that you make yours the stronger your true light will shine.


You are truly here for a reason. A purpose. You are designed to have all that you can imagine. Manifestation Reality. Vibe with your innate nature and ride the wave with your senses open to discovery.

We are here for you and you have the tools all around you to increase your awareness. Even what may seem like a bad situation is all entirely for your growth. The world wants you to succeed. Own it.

Gratitude Experiment Day 2: Gratitude Journaling Results


So, yesterday we started this experiment to help us see exactly how the act of expressing gratitude attracts health, wealth, abundance and all that good jazz in into our lives. We know it works because we have been rather BLISSED throughout our relationship. We express gratitude, love and high vibes and we are constantly rewarded. But, is there any way to prove this to the skeptic side of us? There are of course, some things we desire right now that would make our lives and business run much smoother. We think. That means we have something measurable.

Each day the Dougs and I will share our gratitude journal with you. And, we’ll let you know the results we see from that expression too. Dougie just jumped on board last night, so we’re excited to have the whole family doing this.

We’re not just Journaling gratitude though. We’re focussing on living on that vibration or higher. We’re allowing worried or fearful thoughts to drift as we notice them. We’re spending extra time on meditation and self-care because it feels good and adds to our gratitude. And, we’re doing what we can to transfer that vibration to you. We’re not simply being grateful because we want things. We’re focusing on the gratitude we already have to see what effects it has on our lives.

We’ll focus on the positive results we’ve seen, but if anything crazy or seemingly negative comes up — we’ll tell you about that too. Tomorrow you’ll get to see our vision board, so that hopefully we can all have a better view of what we would like to accomplish.

Gina’s Gratitude List

Singing and Dancing in the shower
Going back to sleep
My soft blanket
Hearing my boys play and sing
Fresh air
Sweet notes from friends
Smiles on the street
My head in the pillow
Peace and quiet
Healing hands
Doing homeschool
Deep breaths
Ceiling fans
Singing Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s “Lucky” with Doug. He sings Colbie and me Jason. It’s the best.

Doug’s Gratitude List

Fresh food
Fresh air
Fun people
An over active imagination
Help from strangers

Dougie’s Gratitude List

Iron man 2
(Today our imaginative son made “salami” and pickles out of a cucumber. So, when I asked him what “meat” he cooked, he was like… “you know, that salami I made.”)

Yesterday’s Results

After spending a morning in gratitude, doing yoga and just loving each other– we went out and had a very productive work-day, talked to lots of new people en espanol and got many smiles.

Overall, there was a newness to the happy feeling we all had. We felt lighter and freer. We put out the intention to attract more money and financial stability, and there were moments during the day where we felt ourselves being detached from the power of money. No money came, but instead a feeling of freedom from it started to creep in. We had a fabulous day. We walked across the Jalisco, MX state line, and enjoyed banana trees, hiding kittens and simply being together.

Then, as we rounded our corner to enter our apartment last night, a neighborhood drug addict began screaming in our faces. That was a bit silly, and I became sad for him. But, we found ourselves able to send him love and not be as negatively affected by it as we may have been a few years ago. We were able to witness what happened and take a lesson without being emotionally tied to it. That was cool.

We’re already feeling calmer and more satisfied. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Join us in sharing your gratitude, won’t you?

Love You!

Gina, Doug and Dougie

Keep up with each day’s results here!

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Abundance for Sale

Give, take 'n share
Image by Funchye via Flic

This Post was originally From a Black Friday Special. But we can Create NEW Celebrations of Abundance Every Day!

How about we transform “Black Friday” into “Blissed Friday,” and we focus on abundance over scarcity? Everyone gets just what they want and need. There’s more than enough Bliss to go around. In fact, we have left-overs. And we use them to GIVE BACK.

You don’t have to leave before Thanksgiving dessert and camp out in front of Best Buy with your hot cocoa and lawn chair and freeze your buns off only to fight some old lady over a cart full of  laser printers. Who needs all that “stuff” that they shove at us on “Black Friday” anyway? It’s the idea of scarcity that gets us to  buy into the hype of this day.

But scarcity, like TRUTH is what you make it. If you believe that you only have a certain amount of money and time (money and time get everyone), chances are that your life experiences will prove you right. You will always feel that you don’t have enough.  When  I buy into this line of thinking, nothing good comes from it (except, perhaps some hard lessons) And, that’s just no fun.

The idea of abundance is a whole lot more useful. When you think in abundance, as if EVERYTHING is taken care of. –you have plenty of time. You have plenty of money. Your friends and family adore you — you’re loaded with love. You are at the perfect place at the perfect time. Congratulations! How do I know this works? Because I’ve tried it. I tried it once about 6 years back when a friend of mine suggested that perhaps I should try to tell myself that I love myself. What?  I thought. I had no idea this was even possible. But, I tried it. Then, I realized that my thoughts mattered, and I could re-program them out of the ideas of scarcity that I was raised with.

Maybe it will work for you too. Its pretty easy to try. Thing is that you have to believe it, and that may take time. But, if you simply desire to believe it, you may see an instant change for the better. And, that’s what happened to me 6 years ago. And, now that’s what happens to me everyday. I’m surrounded by abundance. Constantly.

I believe that there is enough money, time, people, love, food, friendship and more in our world today to nourish and comfort every being on the planet. Much of our wealth has been distributed incorrectly, of course. But,  the wealth is there! And, it can be re-distributed. You can claim what is yours as soon as you are ready.

Creating the new Blissed Friday

  • Extend Thanksgiving by spending extra time being grateful with your family. The vibration your heart emits when you practice gratitude is one that has the power to dissolve the emotions of scarcity.
  • Give love and time that you wouldn’t normally give –removing the need for material presents, and helping spread the feeling of abundance.
  • Spend some time doing something good for the physical planet (plant, clean up debris, compost, collect rain water, unplug your electricity, walk or bike where you’re going. Many of the processes by which consumer products are made rape our planet (the use of crude oil, chemical toxins in materials).
  • Support local merchants or even 2nd hand stores for you holiday gifts  (eliminating the need for making NEW products)

Can you feel the abundance in you life? If not, would you like to?

We all see things in our own way. But, I continually learn that when I improve the way I look at things, there is also a physical reward. It translates into my material life too. When I don’t know how to begin a needed change, I simply begin with the intention to make that change. It works.

How about saying OUTLOUD “I am abundant!!!” How about starting there? You know all of those treasures here on this LUSH planet? They’re yours too!

If you’re one of those people affected by the rampant scarcity that’s going around, know that there is a thing called false reality. It’s a reality we create because we believe what we hear without questioning. It seems very real when you lose your job and money. But, these things can be easily turned around by tuning into our higher vibrations.

Abundance For Sale

I promised a sale in this title and you’re going to get a sale. Except that you don’t really have to buy anything. I’m offering up a Reiki Healing Attunement “Pay-it-forward” style to those of you who’d like a boost in the abundance department. Just jot your name down below, and please pay it forward by doing something AMAZING and inspired for someone who doesn’t expect it. This way we can keep the energy going.

This is a virtual energy healing session. You don’t need to do anything or be anywhere special to feel the affects. But, here are the details in case you want to consciously tune in.

Blissed Friday Pay it Forward Reiki Special

Friday, Nov 25, 2011

11:11 am- 12:11 pm (cst)

Reiki Healing Attunements: 

A Reiki Healing Attunement is an energetic quantum leap to your best self. Healing attunements help you remove blocks (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) so that you can see your path much clearer. This is great if you have a specific problem that you feel is blocking your growth. Healing attunements can also be used to kick-start a specific goal, or release undesirable life patterns. The Reiki energy connects directly with your higher self during a healing attunement.

Check out these recent scinetific studies that prove the power of Reiki and Affirmations

Stay Tuned For More Pay it Forward Healing Attunements!

To Abundance!