2012 Earth Healing Affirmations: Laugh At Life


Life is just funny and silly and exciting and awesome. We all run through this rat race seeking what we believe to be our true path. What’s great is that we are all correct in our pursuits, and to say that someone else’s moves aren’t wise is a lost notion. We all need to experience and grow from our decisions in our own way. Your neighbor quits his job because his manager wasn’t treating him right, and you might say that they were being irresponsible. Well, fuck that! None of us on this planet has a true grasp on what we are here doing. There is no way for it. No matter how solid someone might be in their beliefs or understandings, they can not know for positive what our reason for being here is.

I am a very spiritual person. I have been visited by spirit and I have communicated with entities that I never thought possible. I am not closed off to possibilities. I simply understand an undeniable fact, which is that there are too many possibilities to truth. Just like someone can not prove to me that they are not a figment of my imagination, I can not prove that I am not a figment of their imagination. Yes I wrote that correctly. It’s a simple statement with complex possibilities. We can not prove that our whole universe isn’t in some particle accelerator on a small planet in an infinitely larger universe somewhere.

People can speculate on big bang theories and creation myths, but it’s not possible to be a hundred percent correct about who we are, how we got here, or what we are supposed to be doing with this reality. Even for those, like me, that have heard irrefutable spirit communication, we can only have that momentous drive that houses our belief. It’s not conclusive. It is only OUR belief.

Life is up for speculation and exploration. I am not saying for anyone to deny the truths that they might have found in life. Truly, I am very for people seeking guidance and beliefs. What I am saying is that to hold a single idea through this life is to hold yourself down. Enjoy your life. Do the things that you want to do. Live the life that you want to live. Others might not agree with your choices, but that’s life. Live.

Today marks the alignment of the Earth, the Sun, and our central Sun in the Pleiades Constellation. It’s a time for new beginnings.

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What I Want You to Know

*You are so beautiful, inside and out and the world is a better place because you’re here

*Time is Fake

*Open up to new things, you may really dig what you see


*You Can, if you BELIEVE you can

*You were meant to THRIVE

*You are so loved

*The answers to your toughest questions may be so simple that they may seem unreal – THEY’RE REAL

*You’re in charge, but it’s not all about you

*You look amazing when you smile

*You don’t need to bust your toosh to please the right friends

*A single delicious thought will attract more of the same to you

*You don’t have problems; you have experiences… what would happen if you believed this?

*All of us here on earth want to know more about what you have up your sleeve… express yourself

*Welcome to YOUR MOMENT

*You are love



img Credit: Nyoin