365 Books to Bliss: Book 5 — “Rich Dad Poor Dad” By, Robert Kiyosaki

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Found this one at the local thrift and remembered how popular it was when it came out.  As an entrepreneur and life coach, I NEED to keep educated on money matters.

I Loooooved about 97 pages of this book, then, for me it got dull. In the beginning, Kiyosaki introduced me to a new way of looking at cash flow — with words instead of numbers.  Wow that was helpful! And the lesson to “buy only assets, not liabilities” was an eye opener.  He explains how lots of us, especially those who don’t quite strike it rich –buy liabilities like cars and houses. I have neither (by choice), so I figure I’m on the road to millions.

When the book was good, I learned a lot, and that is important. If this book was written today (not in 1997), it may have included some info about how our thoughts create our world. After all, he does say that it is our view of money and its power that creates our relationship with it.  It’s all about attitude, isn’t it? He hints at this throughout.

He then spends lots of time teaching about what we can invest in and how to know if it’s  right for you.  Investments like stocks, bonds and real estate seem to be big for him personally. But, he says you gotta love  what you invest in.

It’s kinda funny to me, because I actually think its a whole lot easier to get rich than what he explains. I think old systems are changing because they no longer work, and the door is open for a new kind of bazillionaire.

That said — there are still plenty of peeps making it work by owning huge corporations like McDonalds, who are using their money to literally kill their people and their planet with GMO foods, toxic chemicals and such — but, the very foundation that these systems are built on is shaking. Maybe in 1997 it was still honorable to be the owner of McDonalds, and own a monopoly on the world’s supply of  potatoes  apples and beef. I don’t know. I was in High School then and sharing a 2 cheeseburger meal  with my friends  after school with the money I made working.

Sales are huge. These people can sell anybody on anything. But, you too can sell your ideas.

If we take that mental leap, and say “I am rich” that does wonders! I believe in making my money work for me, and even if I only have $100, you best believe that that $100 will be making me $200 or more.  The rich dad attitude would agree with that too.

Today, there are tons of people who are just waking up out of an unconscious state of being and  have inherited debt and poor money management from that time in their lives. (Um. like me).

So how do you catch up, get rich and change your relationsship with money?

here are my simple rules:

  • Think rich with an attitude of gratitude (not only is it already yours, but you are grateful for it)
  • Scrap every liability you can (for my hubby and me — this even meant cell phones)
  • Create a spiritual connection with money: money is simply energy and you need it to fulfill your purpose, right? Know that the universe knows this, and you will be taken care of. (this will happen most successfully when you are in alignment with the youest you)
  • Make your money work for you (are u an entrepreneur? can  you use your home for an office? Can you teach classes about your profession at home)
  • Take the risk of unlearning what you used to think about money… get coaching or team up with people who know what they are doing and succeeding in today’s world

There’s so much ore to write on this subject. Our Blissed Life program goes deeper into  how to achieve financial freedom. And, we will be sharing more advice here too.  Until then… think  ” Thank goodness that I am rich and my money works for me,” and see where that gets you today!

I’m  reading 365 books this year…woah!



Come On Get Happy

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The type of HAPPY that you feel when you’re in alignment with your youest you is the kind that lasts. This is the kind that doesn’t  revolve around anyone else’s happiness. It’s natural feeling of joy, peace and gratitude that will flow through your body no matter what. And guess what? That vibration will actually inspire happiness in others without you doing anything at all.


What makes you happy? Feel it today!



Selling Sugar Highs For Gold

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I used to sell candy in school.  I was just talking with my brother yesterday about how when we were younger we used to always be in some sort of hustle to either make some money or at least a name for ourselves — both of which we did successfully.

I was dealing Nerds and Now & Later’s to the kids at school for a premium.

It was great money back then.  I got to eat candy and make money all day.  What’s more, people were coming to me for their sugar fix all the time.  I was the go-to-guy. I brought a product that had high demand and low supply to a bunch of already wired kids.

I was the only 7th grader with gold on my hands.  That was in style back then.  Eventually someone got jealous and they called my parents about the jewelry.  After telling my parents an outlandish lie about getting the rings and bracelet from a friend, we went right back to where we were minus the bling.

I learned that I couldn’t flaunt the things that I got and that if I was going to be truly triumphant — I was going to have to be more concerned about the big picture than getting some quick treats with my money.

Don’t sell one candy just to get another.

Selling sugar was the first step that I took towards being a free thinking industrialist.  I was always looking for an edge that would defy the general logical rules that  hold us down.

As a teenager, I didn’t want to listen to the adults around me anyways.  I was doing something different, and it was really just for the sake of doing it.  Candy was easy to sell and relatively danger- free.  Of course, right now I would tell you that the candy I was selling was just a grade better than selling real drugs, but media said otherwise back then.  Candy was a free food that not only wouldn’t hurt, but was also a normal thing to eat everyday… all day.

Reflecting back, I feel like I was just another dealer peddling to a bunch of junior high crack heads seeking out the blue sugar from my Jolly Ranchers.

I might not be proud of what I put in these kids’ systems now, but it helped to sculpt me into the man that I am today.  I love Clients.  I love providing a quality product to clients, and watching their own version of a sugar high when they are pleased with my services.  I like finding the ways of showing my self worth through unconventional methods.  I never wanted to be sitting behind a desk printing out TPS reports, and I never did.  I am a proud outcast of the “get in line” system.  I guess that a part of me will always be selling candy.  I have merely learned to sweeten my products with the alternative.

Hey There Vanilla

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By, Gina LaVerde

Not too long ago, a client (in a distinctly unsatisfied tone) dubbed my writing, “VANILLA.”

And, I, on the other side of the  phone line, closed my eyes – feeling for the gift in her remark.

See, I’m at this place in life where I’ve finally recognized that each moment truly brings a gift. If I manifested the vanilla comment, then I can only stand to gain from it.

I’m passed being offended by criticism. As a professional writer, like most of us – I’ve grown a pretty thick skin for vanilla-ish commentary. I figure that clients are people too, and, sometimes they just can’t find better words to express what they need. Heck, that’s why they hire writers. For Words.

An editor once told me that my work was “more suited for advertising” – as if that were a bad thing. I’ve been told that my restaurant reviews left the reader “too breathless” – as if that were a bad thing. I’ve been told that I am “more of a story-teller than an article writer” – as if that were a bad thing.

I’ve been asked to speed up, cut to the chase, slow down, get into or out of a character’s head, switch perspectives and possibly my total fave critique came from a fiction editor who told me it was “impossible” to write from the perspective of an unborn child. Gotta love it. The thought that even in fiction, things could be “impossible.”

And now, “vanilla.” And, I like vanilla. I mean, it’s no chocolate, but some vanilla in my morning tea or smoothie really brings out the other flavors.

Was my client trying to say that my words provided her with a deliciously subtle yet strong foundation from which she could build the spiciest pizazziest work?  Mmmmmm, I took a short pause on the phone, and began to miss those vanilla lattes I used to drink. But, then I snapped back.

Oh yeah, she didn’t mean the least good thing about this truly exotic spice. Or the work being judged, for that matter.

Truth is, as a writer, of course I want to please my clients. I chose the job. If I can keep my clients happy, I can get paid and move on to the next gig. They can expand their businesses and skip off to vacationland. Everyone wins. So, I stopped to REALLY listen to her AGAIN.

What had I missed? I’d recorded all the conversations we had, and there were many of them. I had a lot of material to work from and was using her own words in the drafts I sent her.

So, how was I gonna please vanilla lady? If my work was vanilla to her, how could I make it chocolate for just one moment? Or, should I recommend her to someone else –because name-calling’s just not nice?

Well, I decided that it wasn’t a good idea to pawn her off on any of my writerly friends, because none of them deserved the potential heckling.

And, the process that followed the decision to stay has been quite eye opening. And, yes a gift.

I stayed. And I wrote. Vanilla-laced-cinnamon piece after fruity, salty, bland doo doo piece after another. Never chocolate. Never. But, I didn’t know that as I wrote. Even pieces that came from deep within my soul didn’t hit the mark for my client. And, later I realized that they didn’t hit the mark for me either.

Her vanilla comment lead her to (in not so many words) refer to me as a liar, lazy person, bad communicator, and yes, even stupid. For a few weeks I actually found myself going out of my way in search of my gifts that were quite obviously sewn between the seams of her words. I let her believe that I lied. I figured there might be a lesson in that too. I even enlisted my spiritual advisors.

I kept sending gratitude for the challenge. I knew there was no way I was in this situation for no reason; I knew I would hit a major breakthrough. And I did.

In the end, there was no pleasing my client. The experience brought me back to a recurring one I had with a family member who used her words to praise my friends and put me down.

When I decided I’d had enough, I sent the client the best work I had, didn’t charge her more, and left her with love and more gratitude than she can ever know.

Her words to me were my manifestation. A mirror of how I was feeling about my writing. Truth hurts, baby cakes. Thank the goddesses that she didn’t call my work “shit.” I’d have a harder time coming up with sweet sounding words about why shit ain’t so bad.   But, I decided that I’m no vanilla. At least not when vanilla means boring. And, I’m not going to attract that kind of crap anymore.

And, so you wanna know why I felt vanilla and she was just strong enough to call me out on it? Because for years, I’ve been writing for other people, while this spicy voice inside me died a little each time.  And, that frightened little writer girl inside me went out searching for another soul who could hold her down. Not inspire her breaking loose. You know – the comfort zone.

I chose pleasing others and making money above publishing my own work. Writing for this client was grueling. Each time I sat down, I got headaches and nausea. Each word was a complete struggle.

Finally, that writer inside is stronger than my fear of failure or being broke on my butt. I’m no longer trying to find people who keep me down. Because, if you look — they are there. Always willing to make you feel inferior.

Here comes MY work.

I can’t fit into anyone’s box anymore. Even if it is a tempting box of chocolates.

Keep it spicy loves!


What’s Wrong with Making Money? The Green-Spirited Entrepreneur Needs to Earn a Living Too!


My good comes from everywhere and everyone. I release all resistance to money, and I now allow it to flow joyously into my life.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere and I keep attracting them. Whether it’s the state of the economy or the state of my being lately – every 2nd person I run into is working for him/herself. Since opening my first lemonade stand on Nashville Ave. back in third grade, I knew this was the only way for me to be. And, I grew up hosting fun fairs, directing plays, selling dolls and crafts, taping flyers on lamp posts to advertise my babysitter’s club, running a cleaning service, freelance writing, selling more crafts, cleaning houses, selling food, and of course holding “real” jobs for people who never appreciated my true talents.

These days, I’ve found ultimate fulfillment in discovering my real self and offering that entirety to the world. So, I work for me, being me. And I get paid for it. Most of the time.

I’m detoxing from the stigma that money once held (in my mind). And, that has set me on a journey toward discovering that my true value will never be measured in dollars – but dollars pay rent and buy that coconut kefir I love so much.

This topic comes up all the time when talking to my new spiritual-preneur friends and those who work in the field of helping sick people get well. No one wants to pay us. Sick people are sick for a reason and don’t have money to spare. We want to help them so badly. We feel drawn to their situation and know we can help. So, we devote ourselves without expecting money in return and wind up falling short on our own bills, missing out on projects that do pay, or realizing we’ve taught them how to make kefir but cannot afford our own coconuts. It gets worse when those folks decide not to take our advice after they’ve asked for it.

Could this pattern of discontent with clients and myself be completely prevented if I set payment standards at the beginning of my transactions? Yes! I believe so. But I also believe that true success with money involves just a bit more conscious thinking.

The best piece of money advice that I have ever received came from a friend, Shauna Aura, whom I was blessed to meet last summer during my Shamanic training. I told Shauna that I could barely afford the class I was taking. I told her that although I’d love to attend one of her classes, I probably couldn’t afford that either. But, it just so happened, that Shauna’s class was called “Money Magic,” and that sparked something huge in me. Could money and spirituality mix? Could I lead a spiritual life and feed my family without guilt?

She told me to simply think of money as a form of energy like everything else. When we do work for others there must be an exchange of energy between us. That exchange could be in dollar form, and in business it often is. Seeing as though I still live in a human world where life takes cash, I would have to come to grips with accepting money from people who I was coaching.

And, so I created the intention to have an even exchange of energy for my work so that I could remain healthy, fulfilled and continue to spread my gifts to others. I’m not the kind of person to hear advice like this and ever look back. But, I have had to set some rules for myself to stay on track. I thought these might help those of you who are running a similar business, or if you are having a hard time getting paid during these “so called” hard economic times.

Money is Energy and Energy is Abundant

There’s enough for everyone! Yeah, I know. I have so many friends out of jobs right now. But, I’d like to focus on the folks I know who are making money. And there are plenty of them. These are people who set their standards and do their job without focus on the actual dollars and cents. These are people who share themselves and don’t get bogged down with thoughts of going broke.

I created a vision board for myself to help manifest the intention of getting paid properly. Surprisingly, it didn’t have much to do with cold hard cash as it did for happiness, survival, contentment, health and (insert any positive vibration). With this, I really discovered more about the type of client I was attracting, the type of job I was doing and my overall feelings of inferiority that kept me poor for so long.

By somehow believing that I shouldn’t be charging I was attracting clients who couldn’t pay. But, a client who cannot pay is a client who really doesn’t want my help. Because there is always a way to pay (more on this in a bit). These clients will beg for my help and praise my every word, but won’t take action in listening to my advice – and in turn they will not heal. Of course this drains me. And I lose connection to paying customers. When someone is paying for services they tend to listen more closely and respect my time.

I have had this experience in all of my business endeavors including freelance writing and lemonade making.

But, I can see this so easily occurring for spiritual and green-preneurs because we often come from a hard place in order to have the know-how to help others out of their problems. And, our work is still considered alternative. So, we wonder if it should be taken seriously. Or we do something crazy and compare ourselves to Jesus or the Dahli Lama and think that we should live in poverty. It is necessary to think of ourselves as individual sparks in a massive stream of wonderful energy. If we nourish our little spark we will bring more light to the world.

I highly suggest creating vision boards to map out your intentions for success. It’s great when you see your dreams in front of your face and realize how easy they are to achieve.

If you create a clear vision and belief that is based in intention to do good and share energy, your money will come to you. But, it will come when you are ready and know what to do with it. I always think that the folks who don’t have to worry about money have either really discovered this truth, or have way too many other problems to deal with that the universe has spared them this heartache.

My financial difficulties have obviously been necessary to bring me here. How else would I be able to help others realize their dreams of prosperity? How else would I be able to recognize the infinite connection of all things?

Energy is Money

You know those family and friends who you just don’t feel right about charging? Well, good! I don’t feel right charging my son for his reiki or my friends for diet advice. When a friend comes to you for help, I advise that you don’t put yourself in a situation where you NEED money from them. This can create negativity between you. Instead, set your boundaries and offer your services in exchange for something they can do for you. This may even be spreading the word about how good you are. And, when your mom needs your help, you will have time because clients will be paying you properly. Family and friends also pay you with the pure joy that comes from being surrounded by blissful people. So, if you can help bring bliss into their lives do it without regret.

Do things for Free

Satisfy your craving for saving the planet by offering free blogs, small seminars, e-books, advice or whatever you can on a small scale to help reach out to those who have not yet found a way of paying for services like yours. This is a great way of spreading your energy into the general public and helping people to understand the value of natural healing, spirituality, and whatever greenish endeavor you have embarked upon.

Get Some Healing

Connect with other healers, artists, entrepreneurs. Especially those who do your type of work and trade services. Keep yourself in check that you are not letting your own practice drain you from providing yourself with what you need. Listen to your body’s message and follow through with what you need to do for you. Remember, the healthier you are the more you can provide the world. Health also clears our perception of energy and allows us more control of our lives

Darling friends, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making money and exchanging equal energy for the work you do. If you don’t make profit somehow,  you may need to go work for someone else’s company where you will have less time to spread your entrepreneurial gifts. Money and gratitude will come when you are ready to embrace it. And, it will grow in your life when you know what to do with it.

Love and Blissings to you all!!


photo credit: Vision Board by amypalko

Place Your Orders with the Universe

writing sample lamy vistaHow many times are you just gonna “wish” you had the money to take that trip, or the energy to go to that party, huh? What is it that you really want out of a job, a home, a lover…life?
Well, today I present you with a challenge. I say that whatever your heart desires shall be yours. That’s right! Provided you place that order consciously and that you actually want what you order.
A few months back my guru-spiritual teacher-psychic friend-knowledgeable elder- timeless spirit-person presented me with the same challenge. I was telling her that we needed to find a new place to live because my son is growing and really needs his own bedroom. And, my hubby and I would appreciate some personal space too. In my imagination, I kicked myself in the head because I recalled the promise I made to myself when we signed the lease on the one-bed where we currently live. I made an internal pact not to make another move unless it was to California.
13 years earlier I’d written the same promise in a pink plastic covered diary with a lock and key. It’s something I’ve always known was right for me.
BUT, the man in my life was tied to his career and I found myself giving in, and going on the hunt for places in Chi Town. I do love Chicago, so I wasn’t completely devastated.
My friend asked me what I wanted in a place. I told her “space, cleanliness, convenience.” Blah Blah Blah… All I was thinking was warm weather and the ocean. “Write it down,” she said. “Write down everything you want, and be specific. Then put it up on the fridge and keep looking at it. It will come true. Just understand that it will happen when it is supposed to happen. The Universe works on its own time. Not Yours” (or something like that).
Believe it or not I got the husband to sit down with me over tacos and carefully describe our dream residence on a restaurant napkin. It was fabulous. It said: “3 bedrooms (1 for office), close to water, safety, convenience… Blah Blah Blah…. We hung it on the fridge.
Three weeks passed.
We looked for apartments tirelessly. Our lease was about to expire.
I constantly wished my husband would find a career that made him happier. I constantly envisioned us in California.
After a month the napkin got gross and I threw it out.
Then, we got a strange call from my brother in-law who was super excited to take us out for steak and I was secretly yearning to go even though I don’t eat meat because I felt something amazing was going to happen. My husband is in business with my brother in-law. So, we arrived at the prissy steak house and the BIL and his woman were glowing. Something was up.
Turns out they had some sort of spiritual awakening, got Jesus tattoos and decided to sell the business. And, guess where they decided to move?
That’s right – California.
I almost kissed the guy. Not only could my husband unravel himself from a job that makes him complain, but we could move to our true dream home and even bring some family with us.
I placed my true order in my mind. As soon as Joan suggested I do it, I knew what I really wanted. So, I didn’t get any of that stuff I would’ve settled for. I’m still in my one bed apartment with an extended lease and a plan to be out by September.
Can this work for you? Consider a situation you wish you could change — a health issue, relationship problem or something even simpler. Now, envision yourself with that problem resolved. How do you look? Who is around you? What are you doing? Write down everything positive that you see. Do you want more money? Why? What will you do with it? If you are going to buy something, envision yourself with it, using it for good, and write that down.
If you are very specific it will help create a vivid picture in your mind.
Tack that order up on the fridge, wall or somewhere that’s open for you to look at daily.
Do It!
And, please let me know how it works.

image credit: Writing Sample:LamyVista by, Churl