Reiki Certification Classes with Shamanic Reiki Techniques Now Available Online or by Phone

Come join us for an inspired adventure into the art of Reiki Healing with a Shamanic Twist. This class offers a practical take on using both modern and ancient healing techniques to help yourself and others through pain, indecision and illness– as well as heighten your consciousness and open you to your spiritual path.

We are experiencing global and even galactic energy shifts that have many of us starving to know more of our natural intuitive abilities. We have more than just the power to heal. We have the inner power to shift anything in our lives that does not serve us or the greater good.

Ancient shamans and medicine people understood how to work with the earth to heal the self and the planet. They further understood that we are one with our planet and all beings within her. This connection offers one of the deepest, most satisfying feelings I have ever experienced and that is why I am sharing it with you now. Combining the universal energy of Reiki with Shamanism feels so right to me, and I know that if this class is calling you — you will really dig it too.

This is an Advanced  Certification Course in Usui Ryoho Shikki  Reiki

When you complete the course, you will be certified to practice  Reiki on yourself and others.  This can be included into your healing practice or can be the foundation for a new healing or meditation practice. This certification may be used professionally., but is not licensed in the State of California. Please  See Medical Disclaimer

Class Details:

Reiki Certification Class: Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Advanced plus Shamanic Reiki Techniques

You Pick the Dates and Times

Level 1:3 hours of Study+ homework (3 Sessions)

Level 2: 4 hours of study + homework (4 Sessions)

Learn more about Reiki

Contact  to register


Class must be paid in full by completion  (unless other arrangements have been made)

Please make all payments  through PayPal to

Contact or 773-598-8807 to register or with questions

You may want to become attuned and certified if you:

  • Love helping others
  • Need your own deep healing
  • Have sick children or family members in your care
  • Work in the medical field
  • Work with people with special needs
  • Would just LOVE to share this amazing vibrant gift with the world.

Reiki is great for doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yogis, parents, teachers, realtors, cooks and um… YOU

Here’s the breakdown of what each level includes

Level 1 Attunement and Certification: Heal Yourself and begin to Share the Vibes

Learn the history and principles of this ancient healing art, and begin to experience the flow of energy through your own body. We will also cover:

  • Reiki hand positions
  • Energetic protection
  • Self-treatment
  • Using Reiki in your healing practice/with clients
  • Practice time with fellow students
  • Unlocking your own healing power
  • The difference between Reiki and other energy healing practices
  • Support for post-attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)

You were born with the ability to heal and the ability to feel energy. In Reiki Level 1, we help unlock that ability.

Level 2 Attunement and Certification: Deep Emotional Healing

This level of Reiki helps you discover emotional connections to your own and others’ blocks and illnesses. It also helps you find a balance between the mental and emotional conflicts you may have. Becoming attuned to Reiki Level 2 often inspires balance in all of your relationships as well. You will also learn:

  • 3 Reiki symbols and how to connect to them for use in practice and with yourself
  • How to send Reiki through time and space
  • How your body can read intuitive messages during a session
  • How to connect deeper to spirit
  • Support for post-attunement 21 day cleanse (foods to eat, affirmations, journals etc)

Check out our Reiki Blog and more information on Reiki Treatments here

Level 1:

Level 2:

These are  private classes.  We teach all of our  classes by phone, Skype and email and internet.


Gina and Doug

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No More “Guilty” Pleasures, I’ll Take Plain and Simple Regular Pleasure

The other night a friend and I laughed at how I knew all the words to some obscure Air Supply song. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for those tunes my younger bro and I sang  in front of the TV while watching “Solid Gold.” Up until 2 days ago, anything 1980’s or chocolate, or crocheted,  or anything resembling a cupcake were all guilty pleasures. Not anymore. The guilt is gone and I’m jammin with my Trader Joe’s gluten-free vegan ginger snaps– that I am eating sans guilt despite the sugar.

A lot of guilt goes into and comes out of changing to the “healthier” side of things, you know what I mean? But, the worst I’ve created for myself comes from what I decide I want to eat. Once  you dive into learning what goes into our food — from the ingredients to the energy, processing, and scams behind who is making money by poisoning us with chemicals, gmos, and godknowswhat, your higher self doesn’t want to go back. Healthy food makes you feel food. It tastes good. And us smart and savvy peeps have found ways to even make it cost less, prevent and heal illness and give us enough energy to stay feeling young for long.

Coming to Chicago to visit family and  make our first Bliss Tour stop has taught me that I’ve had to let go of a little bit of my  “healthy” eating. That is because ultimately, I have to eat. I have these ideas of what I am supposed to eat, what I want, what I need, what I crave and all of that. But, my experiences here have taught me just how hard it can be for the average person to make these healthy choices. Whole Foods Market is more full of processed and sugary foods, than it is of “whole foods.”  The Farmer’s Markets cost 3x as much as the one in Santa Monica, and the discount organic market has older produce that is ready for the trash.  Believe me, you can find good, organic and healthy options here. I know it. I used to live here. But, living in California spoiled with variety, convenience and price. I never had to shop at Whole Foods in California. We bought everything at the farmer’s markets.

I initially felt guilty for making choices to buy fruit and veggies that I knew were sprayed with chemicals. Our family has gotten  sick for the first time in years. We were exposed to mold. And, I originally blamed that on my poor meal planning and poor shopping decisions.

But, I think the guilt hurts more than the pesticides.  It’s proven  that not only are emotions connected to our physical health, but that our heart vibration is the strongest vibration  we emit. If our hearts are heavy with guilt, that has the potential to harm us even more than what we eat. 

Pleasure, on the other hand… pleasure has the power to raise your heart vibration and actually bring physical healing into your body. So, what if I eat my chemical-laden grapes with the utmost gratitude and pleasure? What if I just enjoy them today because they are what I have? What if I give gratitude for the experience that helped me better understand how  most people have to struggle to get healthy food? It’s gotta work.

So, that’s what I am doing now. It’s important to me  to eat the best I can because it does make me feel my best. But, if I live rigid-style how am I going to help anyone? Diets stink.  I’m glad I discovered my guilt because I realized I was living in a diet mentality. When  you are on a diet you have “forbidden’ foods. This is never going to work in reality.

Guilt is one of those complimentary emotions granted to the good-hearted, bleeding hearts. Believe it or not, it’s one of the hardest emotions to get a handle on. It took me forever to realize how selfish it is to be guilty. How that emotion strips us away from ourselves because it often involves pleasing others. The only real remedy for this is joy — doing whatever truly makes the real you happy.


The next time you feel a tinge of guilt coming from your mama, your spouse or your inner critic, try smacking that experience in the face with some pure happiness. Stop what you are doing. Stop right in the middle of doing it and focus your attention on the happy part of it.  Be thankful that you have that experience.

It may be natural to feel guilty. But, that doesn’t mean it always has to be so. You can change your story. You can find the Bliss in any moment. I’m erasing guilty feelings all day long with a simple thought, and sometimes a bite of cookie.

Rock on!



Place Your Orders with the Universe

writing sample lamy vistaHow many times are you just gonna “wish” you had the money to take that trip, or the energy to go to that party, huh? What is it that you really want out of a job, a home, a lover…life?
Well, today I present you with a challenge. I say that whatever your heart desires shall be yours. That’s right! Provided you place that order consciously and that you actually want what you order.
A few months back my guru-spiritual teacher-psychic friend-knowledgeable elder- timeless spirit-person presented me with the same challenge. I was telling her that we needed to find a new place to live because my son is growing and really needs his own bedroom. And, my hubby and I would appreciate some personal space too. In my imagination, I kicked myself in the head because I recalled the promise I made to myself when we signed the lease on the one-bed where we currently live. I made an internal pact not to make another move unless it was to California.
13 years earlier I’d written the same promise in a pink plastic covered diary with a lock and key. It’s something I’ve always known was right for me.
BUT, the man in my life was tied to his career and I found myself giving in, and going on the hunt for places in Chi Town. I do love Chicago, so I wasn’t completely devastated.
My friend asked me what I wanted in a place. I told her “space, cleanliness, convenience.” Blah Blah Blah… All I was thinking was warm weather and the ocean. “Write it down,” she said. “Write down everything you want, and be specific. Then put it up on the fridge and keep looking at it. It will come true. Just understand that it will happen when it is supposed to happen. The Universe works on its own time. Not Yours” (or something like that).
Believe it or not I got the husband to sit down with me over tacos and carefully describe our dream residence on a restaurant napkin. It was fabulous. It said: “3 bedrooms (1 for office), close to water, safety, convenience… Blah Blah Blah…. We hung it on the fridge.
Three weeks passed.
We looked for apartments tirelessly. Our lease was about to expire.
I constantly wished my husband would find a career that made him happier. I constantly envisioned us in California.
After a month the napkin got gross and I threw it out.
Then, we got a strange call from my brother in-law who was super excited to take us out for steak and I was secretly yearning to go even though I don’t eat meat because I felt something amazing was going to happen. My husband is in business with my brother in-law. So, we arrived at the prissy steak house and the BIL and his woman were glowing. Something was up.
Turns out they had some sort of spiritual awakening, got Jesus tattoos and decided to sell the business. And, guess where they decided to move?
That’s right – California.
I almost kissed the guy. Not only could my husband unravel himself from a job that makes him complain, but we could move to our true dream home and even bring some family with us.
I placed my true order in my mind. As soon as Joan suggested I do it, I knew what I really wanted. So, I didn’t get any of that stuff I would’ve settled for. I’m still in my one bed apartment with an extended lease and a plan to be out by September.
Can this work for you? Consider a situation you wish you could change — a health issue, relationship problem or something even simpler. Now, envision yourself with that problem resolved. How do you look? Who is around you? What are you doing? Write down everything positive that you see. Do you want more money? Why? What will you do with it? If you are going to buy something, envision yourself with it, using it for good, and write that down.
If you are very specific it will help create a vivid picture in your mind.
Tack that order up on the fridge, wall or somewhere that’s open for you to look at daily.
Do It!
And, please let me know how it works.

image credit: Writing Sample:LamyVista by, Churl