Bliss Cleanse 2012 Eating for Manifestation– Recipes, Results and Breakthroughs

We decided to change things up a bit in Bliss Land and try a full cleanse in honor of aligning with our higher selves.

Food is not only a way to get energy, but food is vibration itself. So, of course we started playing with food — even more-so than we usually do. This cleanse incorporates high vibrational raw living foods, wild foods, power herbs, and nutrient dense superfoods. Plus, we are focussing a lot more on keeping our thoughts aligned with what we really want.

Do you know how much energy is truly wasted when you allow your mind to drift into worry, doubt and fear?

So, there will be meditation, yoga, and plenty of surprises– and of course, we are planning to share how it changes our lives.

The best part if this cleanse is that each of us is honoring our unique needs and therefore may eat slightly differently and choose different practices.

Good News! We Have a Guest Joining Us on Our Cleanse!

A great friend and dear client, Moe, has decided to join our cleanse with us. Since we are currently living in the same house– this works out best for all of us. We all have deeper support and the extra help in the kitchen is great too!

During the course of our cleanse, we will share Moe’s breakthroughs and results as this is her first cleanse and she has her own goals.

Today marks our 3rd official day Bliss Cleansing together!

The Recipes (from 9/18)

Herbal Elixir

1 cup herbal decoction from 9/17
1 whole coconut (meat and water)
1/2 large avocado
1tsp cinnamon
1-2 cups carrot, ginger, celery, fennel juice (fresh)
MSM (for skin healing and bone healing from car accident last year)


Blend all of the ingredients together and drink as much as you need.

Us three adults had about 12 oz and Dougie had 6 oz. Then, I drank more later on in the day.

Zucchini Noodles and Sauce X 2

Ingredients/ Sauce 1:

3 cloves of fermented garlic (fermented in olive oil, coconut oil, honey, coconut kefir and raw apple cider vinegar for 30+ days)
1 avocado
1 cup sun-dried tomatoes
Juice of 1 lemon
Dash sea salt
1/4 cup delicious raw organic olive oil


Blend and mix into raw spiral-sliced zucchini noodles

Ingredients/ Sauce 2:

2 tblsp GF Dijon Mustard with horseradish
1/4 cup of amazing olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Sea salt
Cumin, curry powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and a sprinkle of nutmeg
Shaved almonds


Whisk all ingredients together except almonds and mix into your bowl of noodles. Top with almonds.

Kale Chips ( We didn’t eat these entirely raw for purposes of Thyroid Love)


1 lb of yummy kale
Juice of 2 lemons
Coconut oil and olive oil to completely coat kale
sea salt, garlic powder, curry, cumin, cayenne and nutmeg (in keeping with flavors in the noodles)


Cut off kale stems
Drench kale in the above ingredients
Line a baking sheet with the kale leaves
Bake at lowest temp for a few hours or until it reaches your desired texture.
We make them crisp but not burned ( burned food promotes cancer)

Liver Lovin Juice

As we transition into cleansing phase we ate a lot of fat on our first 2 days. We needed it. Fat is a great source of caloric energy, and also warms your adrenals and has a lot to do with brain health. But, we also wanted to give our livers some more help, as our livers must process those fats. Of course raw, organic fats are much easier to digest. ( note: there is already liver support in our elixir… milk thistle, schisandra etc)

5 carrots
1bunch celery
1 fennel bulb
3 inches ginger
2 whole lemons… rind and all
2 heaping tablespoons of curry powder (cumin, saffron, turmeric, garlic)


Juice the veggies and stir in the powder

We each drank as much of this juice as we needed.

Doug had about 12 oz. Dougie had about 4 oz and i had about 6 oz. We really didn’t need more.

The key for us is not to feel bloated when drinking, and to moderate our liquid intake so as not to cool down our systems too much, feel cold, have an energy crash or experience frequent urination. These symptoms are a result of over-hydration which I experienced after going all raw vegan for a period that was too long for my body.

By over-hydrating, I actually did to myself what the Chinese Med teachers warned me about– I put out my digestive fire and wound up hungry, losing weight and energy, and being cold all of the time. So, although raw veganism worked for me for a very long time, I’ve had to adjust it to make it more sustainable and this includes moderating liquid intake.

Lemon Bars

Crust Ingredients:

2 cups soaked raw oats
1 cup shredded coconut
Coconut oil
Sea salt
Zest of 1 lemon
Handful soaked dates
Splash vanilla

Filling Ingredients:

Juice of 10 lemons
Zest of 2 lemons
2 avocados
2tblsp coconut butter
2 tblsp soaked Irish moss


Blend crust ingredients
Add in some coconut oil to both whirl it around and help it stick together once it’s formed
Form into a 6×8 in pan
Refrigerate crust for about an hour

Blend filling ingredients well, and be sure the Irish moss is completely soaked in
Pour into crust
Refrigerate for a few hours (the Irish moss will help it set really well)

Bone Broth

We had some more bone broth throughout the day. This time we seasoned it like French Onion Soup just for fun!

We also ate 3 yummy salads that Doug made with shredded veggies and various delicious combos of herbs and spices.

And then there was quinoa. All 4 of us really felt the need to have the grounding energy of quinoa.


We are really not eating much differently than we usually do. But there is a lot more intent to stay on a high vibrational level.

We made a vision board and are of course seeing exact things come into fruition. This always amazes me!

If you remember that one of our goals was to help Dougie, cognitively. Well, we’ve seen results in the first day. He is truly connecting deeper with concepts we’ve been working– on especially with math.

Healing really happens when you sleep!

When you are awake, your immune system is awake–fighting parasites that threaten your skin, or battling fight or flight situations. But, when you sleep, your immune system goes deep within and can do things like re-populate your gut with healthy bacteria, transfer waste where it needs to go, give your organs a rest and so much more! Many of us are constantly in fight or flight stress mode and cannot heal no matter what good foods we eat.

I am grateful for the intention to get myself out of stress mode and get some real energy back.

I have been able to spend a whole lot more time meditating, and napping together with Dougie each afternoon.

Plus, we have been getting the boy in bed at moonrise. This is an amazing feat. We are very grateful for his new schedule. 😉

We’ll be on touch sharing all we can about how this Bliss Cleanse helps us!


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Bliss Cleanse 2012 Eating for Manifestation — Join Us!

Got too many things whirling around in your mind to focus on what you really want? It happens! 2012 has been a year of massive shifting in consciousness, and we’ve all learned so much about our purpose. I keep saying it, but it’s oh so true — people are waking up everywhere!

For once, the things that consume Doug’s and my thoughts are EXCITING images of all that we have. We’re reeling in the abundance of supportive friends and beauty everywhere! It’s kind of ironic when you’ve got a mind so full of awesomeness, that you get stuck materializing that awesomeness into what you know is supposed to serve the world. We have so many more gifts to share with you. So, many that we can’t hardly contain ourselves. It’s taking everything we have not to completely spill the beans. But, we need more energy to go through with some of the work involved. We need more focus. I could say we are a bit stuck. But, we know that these moments are the most inspiring for us. These moments when you think you are stuck, may actually just be catalysts for needed change.

Bliss Cleanse 2012 and What it’s All About

For us, this is about reclaiming our energies and providing ourselves with all of the necessary comforts and tools to shed what is not working. And, to make more space for what IS WORKING.

For you, we hope you will take our inspiration and build a cleanse for yourself that helps you MANIFEST what you want!

We will be using food, yoga, meditation and spiritual exercises to help us through. These are things we already do everyday. BUT, we are adding a greater intention and doing them with MORE PURPOSE. When you solidify your intention, and can see what you want as if it is already yours, then you create an emotional response that literally reprograms your thoughts.

Have you yet heard that your thoughts create your life?

Once you have connected neurons (like electrical wires) in your brain with thought and emotion, you will vibrationally attract more similar experiences that triggered the original connection. This is why mantras work. We repeat them and they change our perception and our life.


When I went all raw for 2 years, I felt amazing. I was warm in the winter — contrary to what experts said was supposed to happen. I also became more in touch with my intuitive abilities, and was able to begin offering intuitive services.

When I shared the benefits of a living food, probiotic rich diet with my family, my son spun out of autism symptoms in a blink. And, my husband got rid of his seizure disorder.

As you know, we have been eating some cooked foods and animal products over the last 2 years and that has also proven very beneficial to all of us for gaining strength. The foods we have chosen to eat have been very helpful to keep us energized and focused, happy and MORE!
During this Bliss Cleanse, we will focus on raw living vegan food, raw vegetable juices, wild foods, healing herbs, smoothies, and over all clean organic food. Of course, we will also have plenty of coconut kefir and fermented foods! We have a big pot of bone broth available to us — should we need those minerals and strength! As the fall leaves begin to shed, we too hope to shed any stored toxins from our trip to Mexico, or life in general. It often takes layers of cleansing and rebuilding to reach ultimate wellness.

The 3 of us are each unique beings with unique dietary needs. Our cleanse is personalized for each of us. And, we will share recipes and results with you as we go!

Our Personal Goals

Gina: I want to feel more energized and heal my dryish skin. I’d also like to increase my ability to quiet my mind, meditate and “see.”

Doug: I want to lose some weight and feel lighter. I want to feel a higher energy. I want to feel a better appreciation for food, and shake off my Chicago food taste buds (cravings).

Dougie: We hope to improve Dougie’s desire to learn and participate in home-school activities, his expressive abilities and his cognition in math. He has come very far and no longer displays the painful autism symptoms that he used to have. Yet, we know that healing happens in layers and he still has some viruses and metal poison that, when addressed, will open up his mind and abilities even more.

All 3 of us are intending for a new eco-fied house-on-wheels that will take us around the planet and allow us to bring our gifts straight to you. We’ve been traveling without one, teaching classes all over and really feeling the LOVE. We envision a Blissed Life much bigger. We envision a hunk of land where we can build a permaculture that feeds your souls. We envision luxury! We see it all happening now and are setting out to fill in the space between vision and manifestation with Bliss!

Today’s Recipes

BLISS Herbal Decoction

This “tea” contains lots of liver support, immune support and spiritual-upliftedness support. Our family does very well on olive leaf which controls candida, viruses and infections. Each of these herbs have so many interlinked healing abilities, when choosing herbs, I recommend starting with one at a time and creating a relationship with them.

1/4 cup of each dried herb (I used chaga mushroom powder to help the process go quicker)


Schisandra Berry

Milk Thistle


Holy Basil

Olive leaf

2 quarts clean water

I boiled the chaga for about an hour, and then added the schisandra berries for about a half hour, and then added the rest. I let the whole sha-bang steep for a long while.

Doug and I are drinking lots of it. Dougie is having only about a cup of it.

Bone Broth

We made this one with farmer’s market beef bones and added fennel, ginger, onion, celery and tons of garlic and good sea salt to the mix.

Dougie and Doug are having some. I’m not attracted to bone broth today 🙂

We’ll post the rest of our recipes as we go and let you know how we do with them.

We think its very possible to achieve material goals by changing your diet and to achieve health goals by changing your perception. We are all connected. When you join us on this cleanse, our magnified energy will support one another. What do you need to manifest?


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Autism Recovery: Autism Dads — You Can Embrace a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle!

When my son was born I thought that I was simply one of the luckiest parents on the planet.  He grew to have great communication and motor skills.  Moreover, he was happy.  He was the picture of health, and we did everything in our power to give him the best that could be provided by the highest recommended doctors that we could find.  Life was good, and then it happened… I took my son to get one too many vaccinations and my beautiful boy stopped smiling.  I couldn’t understand.  I thought that we were doing everything possible for him.

We took him back to the doctor to ask why he had stopped walking and talking.  They told us that he was just sick and prescribed him more medicine.  My wife looks back at those days and can still see the nurses trying to persuade us not to treat our child with these immunizations and antibiotics, but we couldn’t understand why they were directing us away from the doctors orders.  We were believers.  We thought that it was the best way, and there was nothing more important to us then getting our little Dougie back to perfect health.  Still, to hear them say that he was autistic and was never going to talk again seemed horrible.  How could they say that when they had all the medicine in the world to cure him.

We were dragging his little body through the mud of western medicine.  Destroying his immune system and making it impossible for him to heal.  It got to the point where he was refusing to eat anything but pizza.  So much for the natural foods full of nutrients that my wife had been making him from birth.  If he saw a pea on his plate he would throw a fit and refuse to eat.  I would say that he needed to go back to the doctor and my wife would urge me otherwise, stating that it wasn’t helping.  I couldn’t hear her though.

I had grown up watching my father go to work all day, come home and complain about it, and then go back out again.  I was bred to do one function and I had gotten pretty good at it.  I was in the legal field and it was paying me the money that I needed to provide my family with the medical treatment that I thought was necessary in today’s society.  With all the money that I was making I never learned how to budget out the resources to simply learn what was happening with my son.  I was in my preoccupation making money instead of time.

My wife refused to take my son to the doctor anymore, and said that she was going to learn about his health and why he had regressed into what the doctors labeled as autism.  She was reading and studying all the time, and stressed out to the max with a husband who was mad at her for not allowing the professionals to take care of our son.  I was so lost.  She changed his and her diet and encouraged me to join them, but I was too busy playing lawyer that I couldn’t hear her logic.  I would still eat dinner with them, but I would continue to eat the way that I had been, and they would eat what my wife had researched.

I didn’t fight her once I saw my son start to calm down, but I also didn’t join.  I learned the bare bones version of her health conquest so that way it was easy for me to feed Dougie while I was out alone with him.  It was terrible.  He hated his new food and I thought that he hated me for giving it to him.  I only wanted to see him happy.  If I had my way back then I would have just given him the pizza to watch him smile again.  I think that there are lots of men out there who understand exactly what I am saying here.  We just cant see the benefit in something if the immediate result is resentment.  Why bother with the health food when he is with me.  I only want to see him happy with the limited time that I had away from the job that supported his life.  Let the wife deal with recovery on her time.

Slowly, I started to see small improvements in my son over months of his diet change.  His mood started to change.  Every once in a while I started getting eye contact from him again.  I was turning into a believer.  He was eating better.  Living better.  My poor wife.  I agreed with the diet, but wouldn’t join her on it myself.  She would make food for them and then food for me.  Attempting to add in healthier and healthier options into my dinners.  I was fine with it, but would eat like crap at work when I was in my groove, not paying attention to what was going into my gut.  Tons of coffee and foods riddled with chemicals were the diet of choice at the firm.  I was working out every day, but not able to keep my body in shape.  I saw that Dougie and my wife were turning into a vision of health, but I couldn’t join them… not with the stress of my job.

Then, something amazing happened.  I was offered a way to move away and keep my position at the firm.  I was getting ulcers at the time and had started smoking quite frequently with the drama associated in a busy chicago-based law firm.  I jumped at the opportunity with an exasperated and immediate yes to the move.  We got rid of our possessions and only packed what we could fit into our little car.  A few weeks later we were in sunny California looking for the perfect home near Dougie’s school, and I was determined to finally learn what was going on with my wife and son.  Despite what all the so-called professionals who wanted to medicate our son had said, he had learned how to walk and talk again.

I started to learn.  It was hard.  Hard to believe and accept.  I was being poisoned by our supposedly secure food system.  Don’t believe that we are being poisoned?  I recommend that you go into your kitchen and start reading your own ingredient labels and research what all those unknown names are that they slip into our food.  My legal mind got mad.  No, make that furious.  I trusted and believed.  I voted for toxicity with my dollar every day.  I only had disease to show for all that money lost to fast food and poor health choices.  There was such an easier and better way to live that whole time.  But, I’m just a man, right?  I am too busy to think about health, right?  I needed to provide for my family and do that at any cost, right?  Wrong!!!!  I could never help my family by sitting on the sidelines acting like I cared by simply making money.  The only way for me to heal my family or anyone else was to heal myself.

I came out of my delusions and joined them in the healing process.  My family is thriving now.  We live a beautiful life full of joy and wonderment every day.  We love and live on a scale that I have no right to experience, and I thank God every day that we had the strength to pull through our confusion and come out on top.

To the lost/confused/skeptic, you are a wonderful being of light.  You have the ability to move mountains with your mind.  You can feel as perfect as you always wanted to.  There are no secrets here.  We all have the abilities that I only recently learned about.  I am not more or less than you.  We are all one, learning together.  I am proud to be here with you and wish you the best that life offers.

We’d love to help you create Bliss in your life through healthy eating! Contact Gina for your personalized session!


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