365 Books to Bliss: Book 3 — “Using Reiki Techniques with Children” By, Mary Riposo, PhD

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I began several books today. It’s raining here and my plans to hit up Barne’s and Noble’s big comfy brown chair went awry.

I got a hard lesson from the stacks  of books that clutter my bookshelf. I learned that I need to be wowed, and that some of my books would make better paper mache’ projects.

I truly see the beauty in everything. And, I have such appreciation for the books I’ve read through the years. But, since moving to LA from Chicago, and losing most of my book collection — I realize that my shelves are now full of mediocrity.

There are books I bought on the sale rack, the used book store ones that  were given to me by friends and clients who thought I’d appreciate them. They  were right. I did. Darn me for finding the gifts beneath the boringness.

I couldn’t even stomach the book about Indigo Children.  I wanted to. Really I did.   I love and believe in the concept. But another book that classifies  our kids into little boxes?  It wasn’t written with enough umph, you know? Then, I picked up a book on Shamanic Healing that went right back on my shelf after 20 some pages of talking about sacrificing (as in sacrificing lives as ritual). Sure, maybe it’s fact — but,  I still believe there’s a way to tell an interesting story.

You see, It’s not that I don’t have high standards. I do.  In fact, yesterday, a Facebook friend mentioned that she wanted to buy the  book I read. and I found myself thinking — “no no no.. why waste your time? I did it already and there are so many better books you could read. “

Half the books on my self are below my own writing standards.  I’m not trying to diss anyone here.. but it’s time to step up to the plate. I’ve decided to clear my shelves, even if it makes people think I’m  illiterate.  I must make room for the wow books.

The book I chose for today was the fifth one I opened and perused. “Using Reiki Techniques with Children” By, Mary Riposo, PhD was given to me by one of my Reiki teachers, and I never actually read it. Now, I am a Reiki teacher, so I decided that it was a good option. Most likely my best option considering I didn’t want to slosh through the rain and get soaked today.

I don’t recommend this book either. It’s not bad at all. It goes over a brief description of what Reiki is and how you can use it for children and yourself. It made me focus on how easy it is to feel Reiki and use this beautiful healing art. I use Reiki daily with my family — including Reiki-fying the food we eat, our apartment, our situations, our health etc.  Mary Riposo  describes how you can do that and how it works.

I suppose authors, especially doctors and professionals, have to be really careful in this country when they are writing about alternative treatment. So, I felt that even though she appears to deeply believe in the power of Reiki, she held back.

The book was informational, and it held my attention to the end.  I’m not new to Reiki so,  I learned nothing new.  My Reiki teachers did not specifically teach  all of the techniques  in this book, but they are things I have found to be useful in our home and family with my own practice.

Now, time to get wowed!

I’m reading 365 books this year, join me — whydontcha

What I used to be Grateful For

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I used to be grateful that the parts that hurt would soon be over….that wounds would heal, relationships would mend, I’d finally finish my work, I wouldn’t have to deal with the in-laws for too long, money would come, I’d pay my bills, friends would come back, my parents would one day understand me, I’d be given “a break,” my baby would heal and life would one day just be all fine and normal once I got over the hump. I survived those humps and bumps by mentally leaving my body and living in an only half-waked state.

The other day, I stopped washing dishes because my back hurt so badly that I was nearing tears. First, I thought, “how could pain just creep up on me like that?” But, creeping it did not. I was standing there hunched over the sink in such a mangled and jangled way, for over a half hour without noticing. Where was my mind? How did I not notice?

Well, I’ll tell you where my mind was.  The old brain was on autopilot, while my consciousness took a trip down memory lane, through the halls of time, somewhere over the rainbow and anywhere but in the now. I left my body because I didn’t like what was going on. I really don’t like housework. Who does? But, I’ve learned to leave my body whenever things get painful. You know what this really does? It creates patterns of scars. And it creates a pattern for me to keep doing it.

Whoa, deep stuff, right?

So, now I am grateful that I realized this about myself and that I have been doing this since I was a kid. When we’re talking survival mode, yeah, it’s  awesome to have this ability. I’ve needed it.

Now, I am grateful for NOW. Whatever my now holds is definitely something I want to check out. My body hurts from all this mental neglect, it’s true. And I’m grateful because it reminds me that I have this dreamy ability to travel those halls of time. But, as I put more attention to my physical body, I become connected to that dreamy quality on a higher level. It kinda rocks.


Legos and Other Blocks: A New Way to Pave Your Path

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The other day, I asked my son, Dougie to pick up his “blocks” from all over the living room floor. He’s 6. And, he has just started to enjoy arguing with me. “They are not blocks,”  he said. “They are Legos.  They build things”

Woah, my child is a genius, I thought!

What if those things that we think are blocking us from becoming who we want to be and getting where we need to go could actually help build our path? Could your greatest weaknesses truly become your greatest assets?

I’ll tell you that I think YES, of course they can!

A few months back I enlisted the help of yet another healer. I was trying to get over my “block” of not being able to conform. For years, all I have wanted to do is be able to conform just enough to do certain jobs without hassle. Do you want to know what she told me? She told me that I am on the right path. She told me that I am not conforming because I have a different purpose.

When I tell you that I cannot conform, I mean it. I mean, no matter how hard I try, I cannot follow rules. Never been able to.  I have lost money because of this. I was hoping to get an exercise I could do to get me beyond it.

So, I started to rethink everything else that was “stopping” me. And, I decided that instead of judging myself for it, I would honor that part of me and see how I could use it to become more the real me.

What are you afraid of? What do you think is your deepest-buried block? Maybe you don’t even know yet. Let’s start with one fear or weakness. Spill it! Tell me! and I’ll tell you more of mine. Put it right out here in the open. There’s no shame because the bigger your fear, the greater your so-called weakness, the more you have to benefit from. And you how, we will show you how.

I’m afraid of drowning,  being suffocated or hit by a car. I can’t spell. I swear a lot. Sometimes my body gets tired and my mind wants to keep going. I’m slower at some things that I wish I could be faster at. I worry way too much about EVERYTHING.

I’ve gotten over my need to conform. I’ve gotten over my fear of my sixth sense. I am using both right now to serve all of us. How I use these other blocks will be revealed right here in front of you. I have no idea of the outcome. Only that these blocks will FOR SURE become assets to me.

Spill the beans. What’s “blocking” you?  Think my blocks are lame and  that yours are harder to crack?

Don’t be shy! share away.