Ascension for Regular Star Seeds who still have Emotional Breakthroughs to be Had

This post was originally published in January 2015.

Bliss does not come from having a life of sweet tea and roses all day. At least it hasn’t for me. If you were simply born BLISSY and never had a bad thought enter your head, I’m sure you are either from another planet, or you are certainly an enlightened being. Read more

Occupy Forgiveness Now: A Key to Making the Occupy Movement Really Work for Us (plus a message from Laura Bruno)

~day 303: september 11, the path of forgiveness~
Image by theroamincatholic via Flickr

This repost is a much needed message from my amazing friend Laura Bruno.  I’m compelled  to share this article this morning because it speaks to a very important underlying concern I have about the Occupy Movement. Not only are we seeing innocent people being pepper-sprayed, but many of the people “occupy” with intentions to never forget and never forgive.

Personally, I acknowledge my own responsibility as a human being with free-will to have taken part in vibrationally creating this 1% (elite energy) — perhaps by not saying “no” to what was morally wrong in the past, perhaps for not asking questions about policies, perhaps for not looking into the mal-affects of vaccines before simply signing up for them.

We all have our own shadows. The parts of ourselves that we ignore or feel aren’t good enough. This elite energy represents our collective shadow. Do you know what our shadow selves really want?  They want to be accepted. Welcomed. Comforted. And do you know what happens when you really accept those shadow parts of you? Those shadows stop being so scary. They integrate with your light.

If we don’t forgive our shadow… our government…. the Banksters… We will suffer. I guarantee you that the  shadow government doesn’t “want’ your forgiveness. Because it feeds on lower energies of fear, doubt, anger and greed. If you can keep being mad at them, they can control your higher energies of LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS. And, they win.  Forgiving “them” is forgiving you and me. Its helping all of us. The intention to forgive is a great place to start,

Please read Laura’s post. It represents the reasons why I will not  “Occupy,”  but would rather support the occupiers with foods and energies to raise their vibration and heighten their message.

Occupy, George Soros and Anonymous: A Call to Lightworkers

By, Laura Bruno

I wrote this post as an after comment to my Uncle Brad’s recent insider report regarding Occupy Madison and Recall Scott Walker. Since my comment looks at more global patterns and symbolism, I thought I’d also include it as a separate entry:

find myself cautiously excited that so many people are waking up to hidden patterns that have arisen like giant boogie men in the night — boogie men that, ironically, are forcing people out of “comfortable” lies that never felt that comfy. As people mobilize from powerlessness and shame into anger, they begin to reclaim their power. There is power in rage. There’s power in saying, “Enough is enough.” And, as we’re seeing, there’s power in peaceful protest.

I still have my concerns on several levels, not the least of which is that Obama’s calling home 20,000 troops to deal with potential “domestic emergencies.” Earlier this year, way before George Soros’ money funded the initial Occupy Wall Street idea, returning vets admitted being asked if they would shoot American citizens if ordered to do so. I’ve had dreams to this effect, and I hope they don’t come to pass. The fact that Congress wants to cut veterans’ healthcare benefits but not Congress’s own cushy pensions and healthcare may result in more and more veterans waking up to how much their government continues to betray them and the Constitution they swore to protect. Thenew law by Obama to permit detention of 500,000 Americans as “terrorists” or “potential terrorists” makes him the first American President to name his own citizens as a threat to national security. “President Obama is said capable of seeing up to 500,000 American citizens jailed for the crime of opposing their government.” (Full article here.) Opposing their government? What exactly are all these Occupy folks doing? I support them, but I also support people being “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

I don’t like to give much attention to these sorts of things, but they do cross my radar, especially in light of all the police brutality and the fact that local law enforcement officials are being sent to Israel for “counterterrorism” training. I just really, really don’t want to see Occupy used as a justification for Martial Law, the cancelling of 2012 elections, and a grab for a New World Order One World Government. When these things cross my radar, I very firmly increase visualizations and feelings of peaceful, radical change –on both the inner and outer level.

Another thing that concerns me about Occupy is the credo of Anonymous: “We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion.” I do see this as a version of “Enough is enough,” but it also makes me cringe. Refusing to forgive or forget locks people into the ties that bind. In the words of Lewis B. Smedes, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” A movement aiming for freedom, which has as its motto a refusal to forgive, cannot ultimately attain its purported aim of freedom. I like Brad’s point that installing another candidate is a step, not the endpoint. Perhaps if we can focus on the initial steps to end the abuse, we can eventually all move to the next steps of forgiving and forgetting — forever liberating ourselves from abusive governments, corporations and religions. I am not known as the most patient of people, so I continue to tell myself, “Give it time, Laura, give it time. For most people, this is the first they’re discovering any of this. They are living in a Gloria Steinem reality: ‘The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.’”

And so I breathe. I do a lot of breathing, and I work to root out any lurking masochistic tendencies hiding in my own Shadow. I also encourage Lightworkers to amp up positive visualizations of what we do want.

The last part of the Anonymous credo makes me shiver, in part, because I hear myself repeating something scary, compassionless, fear-mongering Ann Coulter noticed.(Never say never!) The truth is, I am a closet Bible nerd. “We are legion” refers to Mark 5:9 where Jesus prepares to cast a demon out of a man: “Then Jesus asked him, ‘What is your name?’ ‘My name is Legion,’ he replied, ‘for we are many.’” Jesus then drives the Legion into a herd of pigs who fling themselves over a cliff and to their deaths. I don’t know if many people in Occupy know of this connection, but it gives me the heebeejeebees and makes me wonder if some sick wacko isn’t laughing with irony at the entire Occupy Movement. It would sort of be like Henry Kissinger saying, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” I really hope the Occupy scenario isn’t intended to set the stage for much imprisonment and many deaths, a la an Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius 90% depopulation scheme complete with FEMA camps, a one world government and a UN thug army.

I mention this not to create fear, but rather as an urgent call to all Lightworkers to please join me in surrounding this entire upsurging of humanity with lots of Reiki, healing, love, forgiveness and light. Love awakens DNA in ways that fear and unforgiveness simply can’t. Let’s consider that the torch has been passed, and now the masses themselves are beginning to see behind at least a few curtains. A new level of awareness has covered this planet, freeing Lightworkers to focus even more healing and positive energy towards the shift. Something’s shifting, alright, and I’m so encouraged by films like Thrive and I AM. I feel so encouraged to see people meditating at Occupy events and to see people refusing to take the bait of riot-seeking police.

But I love this planet, and I love this land and its people. The stakes are high now. I love a good story, and we’ve got an exciting one unfolding right before our eyes. Front row seats. I’m here for the happily ever after. We can find that space within and hold that space while the outside world sorts itself. If you want to make a difference and don’t feel right about physically protesting, that’s ok. Please do Occupy Yourself. And if you feel called to do so, please surrender and release this Movement and all movements to the Highest Good of All. Namaste and Blessed Be.

Laura Bruno is an author, medical intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher,  blogger and amazing soul who I am happy to know. Her work keeps us constantly updated on what’s really going on in such a love-action kind of way. Visit her at



My Spiritual Growth through Challenge


From fall 2011

I thought I would’ve waited much longer to write this post. Usually, I like to get a good distance from my challenging moments before I share their messages with you. But, it seems that that this last season’s happenings have turned out to be something that inspired the greatest consciousness shift I’ve ever experienced. Since that’s what this site is all about, I know it will help us all if I share it now.

My life has been full force into Bliss Consciousness since at least the time when we really discovered that Dougie was healing  from autism, and our family would thrive. This was about the same time that messages from guides and angels became a constant presence in my life, and I knew Everything is just as it should be. Somewhere around 2008, I read Elkhart Tolle, Louise Hay, discovered Abraham Hicks and decided that loving myself was an option. I even began to feel love for myself.

Since then, I endured a real-time week-long journey into my past lives — where I saw many of the places and people I’ve been. This included 24 straight hours in a trance-state where spirit both spoke through me and shared insights with me about my purpose, my health, and messages for friends that all proved to be true. I’ve had seizures. I‘ve experienced great healing of physical illness through diet change, energy healing and positive affirmations. I’ve spent days without money for food. Months without rent money. Changed careers. Hit ultimate financial lows and highs. Connected with amazing people on the same path. I’ve struggled through the disapproval of family members – wondering how I could remedy the pain that they inflicted on me just for being me. And, I’ve felt an increasing urge of gratitude pouring through me for all of these experiences. I would love the easy way out. I would. But, I’ve been programmed for the hard lessons and there has been so much joy through these challenges. I’ve recently been allowing for that thought-reprogramming to take place too 🙂

I began 2011 knowing that this was my year. And, by this time, I was more comfortable than ever with my psychic and healing gifts and how they play a role in my purpose here. My guides told me that I am here to help raise consciousness. The details by which I do that are my choice. But, I’ve noticed that I get instant karmic rewards when I make the choices that mean standing in my own power.

This week, I have finally learned that standing in my own power and the ultimate truth that we are all one – brings me closer to God, makes me feel eternally protected and grateful, and also fills me with whatever I need to keep doing my work. This week that translated into a boatload of funding for our Bliss Tour, excellent chiropractic work to help heal us from our car accident, a humongous increase in my psychic ability, a brand new iPad which makes business infinitudes easier, great sushi dinners with friends, angel-inspired encounters with government institutions, amazing and very informative dreams, and most importantly, a sense of inner peace that I never had before.

And I thought I was  already pretty Blissy.

This past summer really marked the beginning of the rest of our lives as healers and earth-loving consciousness boosters. We believe that when you chose to live a life in service of humanity, everything should be universally provided. It only takes allowing the flow. It always proves right for us. So, we came out to Chicago to buy an RV for living, working and traveling.  So that we can share and explore more of our purpose with you. This carefully crafted choice also reduces our expenses by 2/3 AND allows us to completely eliminate bills for things that harm the earth (working on the gasoline issue).

Our extended families live here. And, they  met us with instant opposition. I’d forgotten that not everyone lives divinely inspired lives because they block that inspiration. They block their beauty.  Sure, I too have blocked my beauty for so long…. Even now, I’m still feeling it more, daily.
I’d forgotten that we left Chicago having been wrongfully judged and blamed in the first place. I’d forgotten that most of the people we know here are not in agreement with our lives. Some of them wish us harm. Some spend time disapproving of us. We’ve been here for what seems like too long for my heart, but the reasons are so divinely amazing. I needed a breakthrough and I got one.

I will recap the events that I thought broke my heart, so that I can more quickly get to the Blissy part. 12 people in my friends and family passed away in the last 6 months. Most were younger than me. 2 were people who asked me for help, but didn’t find the time to make the changes I suggested even though they wanted to. 1 was a baby cousin who I thought was the absolute most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and her passing was accidental. Many of these people passed from cancers that grew almost overnight, and were not caused by smoking, overeating, or heredity.

Some family members have admitted loudly and angrily that they believe with all of their hearts that I am being manipulated, and therefore won’t accept me in their lives unless I make the changes they need for me to be acceptable to them. This may include divorcing the man God and Goddess sent to be with me on our Blissful mission. I received a text from a relative whom I had hugged in tears one month prior, while promising that nothing should ever come between us — warning me never to contact him again until I grow up. Another relative accidentally called me, and hung up right away when I told him I love him. I gotta tell you right now that the rumors got so bogus, I soon began to laugh at them. I’ve been called lazy, disrespectful, and “psychic” oooooooh!

Seems that my bliss doesn’t equal bliss by their standards. They equate love with worry and see me as a great target for their blame and baggage. Where people only passive-aggressively put me down in the past, the poop hit the fan this summer, baby.

I accidentally cut off my finger-tip one nigh on a razor, while fishing through a toiletry bag. And screamed at the top of my lungs at the moment – only to find that the 3 in-laws in the room next-door didn’t budge. Didn’t ask what happened. I was given a third-party account about how much of burden I am to the in-laws. I overheard that I do not take care of Dougie like I should. I got into a painful car accident. While we remodel our RV, we’re currently staying with some extended family who do not like me or love me and would rather I was gone. And, for the icing on the power-challenging cake- my son was harmed by someone close to the family, and we were chastised for even addressing the matter. To endure, because I know that I am always in the right place at the right time, I send myself and them love, light, protection, forgiveness and Reiki. I call upon the violet flame. I surround my thoughts with people I love and who love me. I have daily convos with St. Claire and St. Francis. And, I stay out of the energy field of people who have wrongfully accused me of being a burden. I send love in silence and I spend most hours away while getting my life lived. In other words, i live in a self-created light bubble. But, stuff was starting to painfully creep in.

Saturday evening was the most lovely amazing experience. Someone who wrongfully blamed me for being in their way, and hasn’t spoken to me in 6 weeks, passive-aggressively said I was rude (for not speaking to her). Hahahahahaha. This was either rock bottom or nirvana depending on how I look at it.

I didn’t at all connect with that accusation. It didn’t feel real. Think, false timeline stuff. I see these false realities all around me these days. But, I allowed myself to respond to her passive-aggressively by asking my husband out loud if we could leave. But,  I quickly realized the un-bliss in my reaction and turned it around right away. Doug would’ve taken me anywhere I wanted to go. But, both of us were crazy crashed after a day of working on the rv and with clients –our bodies needed to rest. That’s when my guides appeared around me. It was as if they were holding me up…. creating a backbone.

As long as I know that this person’s views of me are really not my concern and by no means define who I am, I had no reasons to leave that night. What was my need for being passive-aggressive? Did I want to cause her pain because her words stung me? No, I didn’t. I don’t wish her harm, I don’t care what she thinks of me. Woah ! Have you any idea what a breakthrough this is for me? I’ve always cared about what others think. I’ve always want to please. While that thought pattern has healed over the years, I’ve never allowed myself to feel so completely in the right despite being accused, as I did the other night.

I’ve been done fighting for a while now. I don’t really argue angrily with anyone. But, silence says so much. I was previously programmed for my silence to say that I am but a little piece of poo on the grand green mountain of abundance that was those people who put me down.

Saturday night for me was about giving myself permission to be me, and whatever that means is fine.  And, it can change/ It’s permission to let my light shine no matter what. I stayed because it was the right thing to do at the time. No one should endure such criticism, because it can take energy away from the Bliss Work we are here for. The point is that for whatever reason, I needed that particular challenge to really just feel awesome for being me.

Knowing that I am only bringing light into this world. I am only a mirror for those who judge me. And this was apparent on emotional and logical levels.

Wow! I’ve waited longer than my whole life to feel this way. That person, who has been in my life for centuries as a murderer and vibe stifler, just became one of my most valuable teachers.  And who wouldn’t love their teachers? She represents my shadow and my doubts. And she brought all my fears out to the surface. I’ve always been over-cautious of being rude or hurting people’s feelings. I thought it was what would make me a good person. I thought I had to belittle me in order to serve them. This was a pattern I set long ago, and lived with unconsciously.

I’m on this huge spiritual ride, and I know that the Universe will clear out all the junk that I don’t address myself. Those self-doubts were serious. They were deep. Nobody said anything about me that I didn’t secretly worry about myself anyway.

Everything that occurred in my life this summer happened only to help raise me up. There is no death or time. Energies that represent greed, fear anger, doubt, worry, shame, etc are fizzling away. Naturally, they grasp for life by stifling the ones who are here to change things. They resist change. It’s been a challenge for me because the people involved were people I cared about more than anyone (besides Doug and Dougie). The Universe had to get through to me somehow.

After a few days, I’ve been able to think about this whole situation and laugh…Rather abundantly too. I mean, think about how people really look when they are putting you down. When they are scowling their faces or making a point to judge you and ‘hate on you’ while you Bliss out with all of the miracles in your life. Here I am helping people on the other side of the globe heal a hole in the heart, while worrying that my Eco-fied priorities bug the heck out of people who find money, cars and exclusivity to be their thang. They don’t care enough about me to hate me. I know their blaming and poo-throwing is because they are uncomfy with themselves.  How silly am I? And, how silly are they?

We all play this silly game so we can learn.

It’s time for great change and great courage. Time to step into our power. You will know you have done the right thing if your truth doesn’t involve hurting anyone else in any way. Of course that is not to say that people won’t get hurt or blame you for it. But, you must know in your heart that your intentions are pure. Then, stand in the power of that purity and accept the gifts the Universe dishes out for folks who stand up for what is right. There are always signs and rewards. After my decision not to run from the false a accusations, I did some energy work on myself. Then, I was gifted with amazing new levels of psychic accuracy. I can only interpret that to mean that my path is being cleared of gunk that used to cloud my mind. There is so much freedom in finding that balance.

I’m so grateful for this summer and am so excited for Today!


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I Thank the Lord for the People I Have Found

Big Heart of Art - 1000 Visual Mashups
Image by qthomasbower via Flickr

Yep, I so borrowed that line from Elton John, and I thank the Lord for him too.   If you’re kind to me, I may one day share the love poem I wrote to EJ in 8th grade.

2010 has rocked my socks off

I went through countless and often very un-desired computer and electronic problems. In the throws of the current Mercury Retrograde, my phones fizzled out, my computer crash, boom, banged on many levels, I lost more of my files (research and other “important” stuff),my sink clogged, ants took over my apartment, my gas was turned off,  I broke the movie screen at our local library with 2 bits of Reiki (whoops)and I spent a lot of time in talks with my guides about what it all meant.

But, I’m convinced that these techy bumps in the road have cleared the path for what’s to come.

I wrote so much  this year that my fingers nearly melted, I surpassed my career goals, I held my little man’s hand to his first day of school, I said yes a lot,  I ate sushi again,  I  learned that I  love durian, I went to  my first  heavy metal concert, I connected with the awesomeist clients ever, I became a Reiki Master Teacher, I performed my first official intuitive/psychic readings (well, in this life time), I had a spontaneous 36-hour past life regression that taught me so much about myself, I learned how to say no, I forgave and let go, I spent 90% of the time with my my soul twin and hubby, Doug, and thankfully I found this yummy bliss inside that rocks my world.

And that’s just an ounce of it

I’m a people person. If you work with me, you know that it usually takes all of 2 minutes to become my friend. I’ve met and lost many friends this year. All in good vibes though –for the experiences have really helped me enjoy the taste of life.

I am so thankful to you  for making your way in my life and sharing your energy and lessons. I am grateful to be able to hug you, listen to you, and even let you go, if that’s where the world has taken us. You, my friends make me realize how precious life is and I honor every moment that I know you.

My angel card for today was forgiveness

And,  the forgiveness that I sent and experienced today has opened me up for so much more. I’m ready for 2011, are you?

what rocked about 2010.. and what do you want ore of in 2011?

I really am so grateful for you.