Mary Magdalene Channelings and the Star-Seed Awakening

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these photos comes from an amazing depiction of the Sophia By Leigh McCloskey.

Tell me…. What supernatural, paranormal, psychic experiences are you having lately?  How are they making you feel?

For many years now, I’ve been given the message to “Implant the Christ Consciousness.” While I didn’t know what it fully meant at first, as I have followed my path –it is being revealed to me. The Christ Consciousness is the alchemy of the divine marriage within us and without, harmony between masculine and feminine,  the inner and outer husband and wife.  It is the wholeness from which we came. I am being guided to share that wisdom of oneness in all that I do, energetically and out loud. For this, many guides and archetypes have revealed themselves to me. The daily downloads are almost too much to handle without creating a balance within myself. The true As Above So Below goes both ways, As Below So Above. We must care deeply for our bodies and treat ourselves to any healing necessary in order to be optimal channels of this beautiful wisdom. So, read on to hear some of the messages that came to me from Mary Magdalene.  Please also share what’s coming through for you, and let me know if you need help creating that balance in your life in order to better share your message.  Read more

Ascension and Your Divine Feminine: Back to the Goddess

The Goddess energy is a place inside you


that has, until now, been hidden or repressed. It’s the spark of your intuition and instinct. It’s what connects you to Gaia, Mother Earth and to your human body. It’s the solid foundation you live on. Your support. Your bones. Your core.

It is because of this Goddess in you that you can plant your feet and spread your wings. The more you are in-tune with Her in You, the higher you can go in dreams and consciousness. Dig your feet into the ground and know that there is a vibration there that has the ultimate healing power. Dig your perception deep within yourself and own your MAGIC. Discover the other side of your fears, doubts and worries. Know that by owning your humanity, you welcome in your Divinity. Know that there is pure magic hidden where the Goddess slept. It is fire and passion. It is sensuality. It is the ultimate sensing with all of your senses.

Let her loose, and the more creative and passionate you will be. The more wild freedom you will experience as you connect deeper with beings from many dimensions.

The awakening of the Goddess energy in you and me is what makes all of this possible. The awakening of the Goddess is the missing piece that will slowly or quickly (whichever you choose) repair an existence undone by the false use of the Divine Masculine energy.

When the Goddess in you awakens, she allows your Divine Masculine energy to rest. No more need to fight. No more need to inflict pain or force control.  No more need to repress.

The Divine Masculine can now step into his power…your power. And you can just be. You are free to create. Free to Flow. Free to Express. And your decisions are no longer filtered by the falsities that spawned from the imbalance.

Now is a time for the awakening Divine Feminine Goddess energy. She is emerging. She is part of you and me, my brothers as well as my sisters. With her comes the all-knowing amazingness of the abundant nature of the Universe.  The Multiverse. That life truly keeps flowing. That our Creators have both masculine and feminine energies.  That we feel connected because we are. That you are not wrong in your intuition, and in fact, it is your emerging intuitive knowing that will save the world. Yes, I said SAVE the world.

The Mayans prophesied a Golden Age that welcomes the Goddess back into our world. The Golden Age, or Age of Aquarius, can be traced back to the earliest of recorded history, and can be proven by studying astrology, physics, history, religion and ancient prophesy.  It is literally a cycle in the divine plan.

What was once only shared amongst secret societies of open-hearted/open-minded individuals who yearned for the answers to the mysteries of our existence, is now in the main-stream. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear that is. Free will still very much comes into play.

Cultures of thinkers are crossing borders and joining forces to  prove over and over again, for the logical-minded, that yes– everything IS ENERGY. ENERGY IS ABUNDANT AND NEVER ENDING. We go through stages of soul-growth, and our Creators have left clues about who we are for us in the stars, in people who remember their past lives, even in politics. Look around you. Notice how seeds grow trees, and trees produce seeds. Notice how humans produce humans who produce humans who breathe in the trees and feed the trees when the time comes. Notice how the geometry that creates the core of that tree seed is the same as the geometry at the core of you. The same geometry at the core of our galaxy and probably beyond.

The Goddess energy emerges and we can finally see our connections. We know we are not alone in this world. And maybe the world as we saw it was veiled. An illusion.

The Goddess wants you to see who you really are. Who you were in the beginning when you were but a seed inside of her. Her energy is strong. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to repress her. You will feel much better setting her free.

If this is the first you’re hearing of this collective expansion in consciousness, then know that your transition into deeper sensing is fully supported by Nature at this moment.

As you see things happening in the media, politics and what some call the “real world,” that challenge these thoughts, know that those energies are doing just what they were designed to do. Attempting to survive. These energies are a part of the corrupted masculine energy that spawned duality. These energies may not fully understand their divinity and therefore seek to control. And, control they do… through media, politics, banking, agriculture, medicine, commerce… the material world. It is natural for these energies to create wars. It is natural for them to grasp onto materials for their own keeping and attempt to convince you that there isn’t enough , and that you are not enough.

Is it natural for us to know that they represent a part of us, and as long as “they” are in our reality, they represent a lesson for us? Separation is an illusion. The Goddess won’t have it. Stepping into our power means taking responsibility without guilt or blame.

The system of Big Business that was designed to repress your feminine energy through poisoned water and food, mind control media, vaccinations, and the like is running out of steam. You may see intense outbursts of their work as last attempts to quell your inner peace. Transmute it with your love and truth and sing out loud that you are GOING BACK TO THE GODDESS.

The Mayans say that Dec 21 2012 marks the true end of the age of duality, and Dec 22 marks the ushering in of the Golden Age. Modern Science allows us to see that as we awake on the 22, we will indeed say good morning to the Age of Aquarius.  Pisces will no longer be on the horizon. What will happen because of that is clearly up to you, isn’t it?

Ascension may be an option as the veil between dimensions is exceptionally thin right now. My own dreams are full of past-life memories and the tying up of “issues.” I’m not sure we really know what ascension is in logical terms, but the feeling of HOME and TRUTH is surfacing. Feel it?

There are extraterrestrial beings making their existence known to us.

There are spirits allowing their messages to be channeled through us.

There are countless connecting facts being poured into the main-stream so that regular people like you and me have access to all of this wisdom. People are gathering and sharing and really getting it!

And, when you vibrate with it, and say yes to the Goddess energy, your true “other half”—I’m quite sure you will begin to manifest a joy that your soul has longed for.

Perhaps everything we were taught was wrong. But, the truth is even more amazing than we can imagine if we simply open our minds to it.



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Our Real Great Pumpkin Story and other Halloween Harvest Magic


Who doesn’t LOVE Halloween? Finally a day when people express that inner magic with celebration… and costumes, and treats! Me, I crave stories and folklore and love all things ancient. So the fact that Halloween has evolved with us since the days of Goddess and Earth-centered spiritual practice really kinda rocks my world. Plus, I’m designing a Fairy-Witch costume to wear while I make spider-shaped chocolates with my best buddy, Dougie.

Being an Un-Schooling mom is really a dream-come-true for me because I get to share with Dougie all of the true richness of our extended Earth culture. I get to share the deeper origins of holidays. And, being a conscious mom, I get to help him make decisions that deepen his soul experience. And, of course… I get to easily avoid Snickers bars, Hershey bars and genetically modified garbage candy– and ring in this gorgeous holiday with something better… more delicious and more meaningful.

There’s something really more magical brewing this Halloween though. With this passing full moon, I feel a sense of graceful release. As we collectively harvest our crops for Blissful Wintertime Slowness, I feel an urge to harvest my own inner wisdom and dig deep for the answers that are already there… To kind of just soak everything in. Pretty fitting for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (November 6th). It’s definitely a time of Inner Reflection. But, this time around, it comes so much more sweetly for me. It comes without regret or resentment for work unfinished –which has been my demise in the past ;). I can’t help but think that this has something to do with the sacred support I’ve received from the Divine Goddess Energies in my life. For sisters around the world who are owning their magic and for men who are embracing their feminine, intuitive sides in order to transmute those energies that we once thought of as negative. So, I join you this Halloween, Harvest Morning, feeling as though I’m finally reaping the harvest of Lifetimes of work to help bring forward the sacred feminine within all of us. What a powerful way to slide out of 2012. I knew this was MY year… And I’m sure I’ve told you that it’s yours too. Because it is!

How do we share this magic with our children? How do we open up the Real World to them? In our home, magic is reality. And the cool thing about kids is that they are usually up for this. I grew up thinking that the magic I had inside was wrong. My visions were incorrect. I wasn’t experiencing what I knew to be real. The adults around me loved me, but could not keep up with my differences. They still can’t. And, as time passed, I got to experience what it feels like to be shunned just because I was “trying” to express this magic. So, it’s an important and sensitive subject for me. One that I take to heart when parenting. When my son tells me he sees Faeries, I ask him what they say to him, what they look like, and what they taught him. So, on this magical Holiday, we take it up a few more notches.

Our son Dougie is very into the supernatural, super powers and the unseen. How cool! And can I just send another shout out to God and Goddess for hooking me up with the perfect soul-mate child for me!

So, on Halloween, we celebrate in our own way that comes from many traditions including, of course, Charlie Brown. We talk about the Harvest and the Celtic origins of this day. We talk about earth God and Goddess. We put together silly costumes and harvest a feast in our own kitchen of seasonal yummies. Today it’s creamy squash soup, apple cider, popcorn and home made chocolates. We Trick or Treat and fill up a big bucket of candy that we won’t eat!

What we do with our candy is one of the most important parts of Halloween for us. We offer it up to the Great Pumpkin… A spirit whose story we created, and we begin telling in early October.

You see, since the pumpkin has been on earth since per-historic times, the Great Pumpkin knows just what we humans and our animal and plant friends need. It knows how to feed us. And as children go out and collect all of the sugary, poisony foods this Halloween, the Great Pumpkin can take those foods and send them back into the earth to be transformed into something to serve us better. Of course, some children will eat many of these candies. That’s okay. All it takes is for one child to believe in the Great Pumpkin, and give his candy away to the Great Pumpkin, for the magic to happen on Halloween night. And, it is through the spirit of the Great Pumpkin that children’s tummies across the country will receive healing, so that they don’t get sick…. But instead just enjoy some sweetness for a moment. And, the Great Pumpkin will reward any child who leaves him his bucket of candy on Halloween night. He promises to grant one wish for each child who shares his candy with the Earth.

Dougie will be dressing as Iron Man today, and has wished for a radio-active spider to turn him into the Real SpiderMan right after Halloween.

And, we wake up on Nov.1 to a new wish-come-true, and a new celebration. We take this day to honor our loved ones who have passed. After spending 6 months in Mexco, Dia De Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) means even more to us. Tomorrow we will be creating honorary art pieces for our relatives and talking about their spirits and the love they have left here for us.

There are so many reasons to celebrate right now. Choose one that has some meaning for you and go with it. Your day deserves some magic.

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