Soul Searching and Finding Light

I am a being of light. I open my hands and I heal. I broadcast energy as I walk down the street or shop for my groceries. I shine from within and scream with intense joy, but it wasn’t always so.

I used to work long hours at jobs that created stress throughout my mind and body. I thank my guides and mentors every day for their direction, compassion and second chances.  Without them, I might still have ulcers and a poor attitude towards people and life.

I remember my friends and family telling me that I was overly negative. I had no clue what they were talking about. I thought that I was happy and successful. I was just a man doing what men do. I went to work and drilled myself into the ground to create a comfortable life for my family. This type of sacrificial consciousness is not very conscious.

When I was attuned to Reiki I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Funny thing is that my teacher knew that about me. I could see it in her eyes. It wasn’t disapproval that I felt, more like empathy for someone truly lost. I received my attunement with a knowing smirk that I only came to understand recently. Thank you!

I wish that I could transfer my understanding to the planet through a worldwide email that when read would make people illuminate. I wish that I could explain that the problems that we all face in our day to day occupations are all in our heads. Nobody is capable of making you sad, angry, happy or any other emotion.

You place yourself in these moods. If someone is making you mad then perhaps you need to do some soul searching.

The person who cuts you off in traffic and then flicks you off as a topper is having their own issues that brought them to that point. They are showing you what they are truly made of at that particular time. It is not a reflection of you. Think about it. If a child came up to you and said that you were out of your mind it simply would not be worth taking seriously, so why do we allow it to effect us coming from an adult? It might sting if that same child said that you were over weight or balding, but that sting is truly your own consciousness saying that you need to make some changes and haven’t yet. You would be coming down on yourself.

There is always an internal reason when your mood changes. People like to blame their emotions on others, but the only person who can make a change in you is you. It took me decades to really grasp this overly simple concept. You can’t change me and I cant change you. Nor should we crave that type of misguided relationship with each other.

You can live your life without the stress and demands of others. You are inherently free now and forever. Even if you were to be imprisoned or forced into another life you still are in control of your own spirit. You can soar above your constraints and feel the power associated with a truly liberated consciousness. Enjoy your life today and every day after this one to its top potential. Never be brought down for any reason.

Just remember that the more that you let go and accept that you are perfect just the way you are, the more you will get in return.