Soul Mates and Psychic Attacks in Scorpio–

I’m no astrologer. But, I have a husband with more than 3 planets in Scorpio ( Sun, Rising and Mercury ++ we can talk more about that later), and I’m fully aware of how the planetary arrangements affect my daily life.

Even if the Earth is flat as a pancake, something is going on in the sky that influences my thoughts and emotions. Scorpio, to me represents that dark feminine energy. The black water that so many are afraid to tread. And, she’s fierce. She calls out all your shadows and shit.  And, when she’s made up her mind that you’re to blame, there ain’t no holding back.

Very recently, some Scorpio friends who’ve left my life have come back to make amends. While this has been rare in my life, it has happened with several people since Venus, the Goddess planet of Love (and home of Jesus and chocolate) went retrograde (backwards) in the Scorpio sign.  When a planet goes retrograde, it’s all about self-reflection. How can we love ourselves? What are we blaming ourselves for? How can we embrace our shadows?

We’ve also entered the sun sign of Scorpio.

So today, after admitting to myself that I’m addicted to Facebook, and having a beautifully ugly cry in the mirror for the first time in ages, I woke up some more. Today’s moon is in Aries. And, I was born under an Aries moon. Add that to your Scorpio Sun and today’s astrology was bound to turn out cray for me. I’d been thinking that a good cry would be medicine for me. But, I just couldn’t do it until I was triggered by a message from the spirit of my Papa Joe. He came through the song, “Have I told you lately that I love you?” — which is his signature message to me. What followed that heart opening moment was a flood of vibrational information about the parasitic fake powers that infiltrate our hearts when we are not looking. I’m talking about vampiric energies that suck from our souls and attempt to use our free will against us. It sounds dark. But, like I said…that’s what Scorpio is all about. I do my fair share of demon-fighting in my work. And, I’m not just talking about battling my own fears. But, ultimately it has been the understanding of what and why this happens that helps me win every time. I fought some entities this morning. And, I’d have kept the whole thing to myself, like I usually do (so very Scorpio like), if it wasn’t for my Facebook friend, Esther.

Esther re-posted something I wrote a few years ago about these same energies and how they can invade sacred partnerships. I’ll let you read that now. And, then, I’ll follow-up with what came through today.

“As a psychic, sometimes I see and know things that I wish I didn’t. I’ve recently seen a lot of dark energies infiltrating love relationships in spaces where people have made unconscious or poor choices. I’m seeing it more every day. Someone makes a bad choice (bad for them), and entities attach and work through the person…. attempting to destroy the love bond. Pushing away all the goodness. At this point, I’m having one of those “way too psychic” moments, where I’m seeing it on the faces and energy centers, auras of many individuals here on FB.

In my own life, I have had many attacks on my love relationship, channeling through outside sources who really didn’t want us to be together. This is especially true when the world sees that your relationship not only benefits you…. but it has purpose in healing the rest of us. So, you are understood. I get it. WE get it.

My recommendation is to claim your personal power over any and all “negative” energies. You and your love in your own heart are stronger than curses, hexes, entities, agendas, hatred, and name those energies you feel are present. Claim it. Say it. BE IT. Give yourself all that love you share. Feel it within you. Love is the strongest vibration of all.

There are entities… I mean beings who attach to us like parasites that are not from this place. Not from your karma, not from the law of attraction or and New Age BS. There are a lot of energies here on earth now trying to divide us so that we do not fulfill our purposes. The solution is to become more aware. More aware of all energy and your power and purpose. To get down deep with yourself and ask what you are meant for. And don’t stop doing that regardless of what challenges you face.

You cannot change or save somebody who doesn’t want to be helped. But, by working on you so deeply, you may just find that you dissolve those energies because your fear of losing the other person was that last straw helping the entity to hang on.

When souls are meant to stay together for the goodness of all that is… at least this time around, chances are they will face this. Because we are in an age of serious awakening. And, a commitment to this type of work, and understanding how to dissolve and eliminate foreign energies that attach to your light is something we need to know.

So, ask yourself… what am I here for? Is this relationship helping me do that? Or is this lesson going to awaken me enough to take the next steps without my current partner? Staying together at this time is a choice. One that takes both people to step into their awesomeness.

My heart is with you if you are hurting.”

When I saw her post, I knew I had to speak to this again. Today, I saw those “you’re not enough” energies creeping in toward me –personified as black cloaked beings.  They came in from the corner of my room. Before I heard my Papa’s voice or started my cry, I saw these beings inching toward me — and I decided to take a stand. As I began to break through the goo of their hold, I could see how they can only get us if we choose to allow them in. We have free will. So, we get to choose to fall for the trap of self-denial. Where they can win, is when we believe their shit and decide to quit. They want nothing more than to take you off the path of light because they cannot fathom the light.

Five years ago, on a full moon in Aries, I was met by a reptilian energy while taking a shower. I could see it and sense it in my mind’s eye, but not in the physical. It caught me by surprise. It laughed at me — letting me know it had infiltrated my marriage. That it had put thoughts into my husband’s head. And, that my husband was hurting and I could do nothing to reach him. I laughed back. And, as I did, I heard music so beautiful and so loud, that I literally thought my friends (whose shower I was using) had installed music in their “high-tech” shower. When I laughed at these beings, I felt enveloped in light and love. I could see so clearly that any hole I had in my being… any self-doubt could act as a gateway for them to attach. I could see that even though I certainly don’t have “all my shit” together – what I had was enough. Their key was making me believe it wasn’t.

Today it was similar. These beings hovered over me. I could feel the weight on my physical body. My chest hurt. New tactic today: psychic attack when everything seemed to be going right. When I had crossed all my virtual “t’s” and dotted all my “i’s.” When I’d been feeling pretty connected, accomplished and full of love and appreciation for my life. Today, they came in to see just how much I believe in what I’m doing. I’d softened up. Let go of many things that were creating stress. My house was a mess, and I didn’t care. I felt good about me, and very excited about my work. So, of course I was meant to question my own choice to slow down. And, when I did, I’d decided that I’d be even better off to slow down more.

And, here’s where the relationship aspect comes in. When they cannot get to me directly, they work through my partner. They attempt to make me believe that I am not good to him. It’s kind of like, “Well, okay Gina, you’ve written a book, your clients are amazing – but, what about at home? If they can make me believe that I am a bad mom or wife, they got me. That’s the most important part of my heart. Today, I had to claim that what could be perceived as my weakness is actually a strength against these beings. And, really against anything that can come at me. I want to be softer. I want to let go more. I wasn’t sorry for myself for feeling emotion. That’s a fantastic part of being human. I rode that emotion. I got to cry and feel my Papa Joe’s support. I got to love my vulnerability. I got to really appreciate myself from an outside perspective. I got to be the spirit looking in on me, and loving these powers. But, also really owning the light. Evil will attach to you in whatever way you allow it. For me, it’s always been some form of guilt. There’s an attempt to thwart my light work by making me feel like a bad person. But, with the help from all my guides, it’s never lasted very long. Today, it was about 2 hours. I’ve learned that by really loving our perceived shadows, and understanding them – the vampires have nowhere to attach.


g and DLet me be clear that not everyone will see or sense entities. Instead (in the case of soul mates), you will have a disagreement or worse with your partner or someone close, and it will feel very “off.” And, that “off-ness” will set you spiraling into not being able to do your important work. And, I’m not talking about housework. It can creep in as anxiety or depression, exhaustion or victimization. The parasites love you to feel victimized and “gas-lighted.” Because when you do, you can always prove it. As long as you sit questioning “why me?” and finding blame factors, your consciousness is divided. As long as the focus is off of gratitude and self- love, real pure self-love – they have an IN.

There is a way to get out of victimization by slowing down and allowing yourself to really feel. Give yourself time to feel every emotion, including guilt and blame until it leaves you. What beauty can you find in your vulnerability? How about your mistakes? As Venus dances retrograde, ask yourself what can you forgive and LOVE about you that you never have before? The thing about emotions is that they do fade. But, we can get into programmed patterns of victimization, so we need to be mindful in identifying what behaviors hold us in those patterns. If you are without your sacred partner at this time, use this moment to dig in to your deepest shadows. Find the pieces of your life that are better off, and revel in them. Perhaps, now you can see where you need to dance more, where you need to explore your own art, where you need to really get to know yourself. I promise that you don’t have to get to a certain end-goal. The mere exploration of self and alignment with the work totally pisses off the evil dudes.


Being “soul-mates” with someone does not mean we must even live in the same country as them. Energy knows no bounds. We may not even need to speak to them. We have to admit that pain we are feeling “over them” may actually stem from some other unresolved issue, and dig into that. And, if our sacred partners cannot pick up the pieces of their own shit, we may never be able to make it work. Once we’ve become aware, it’s impossible to go back. You took the red pill, so to speak. There are some pretty fine lines here though. Like I mentioned above, some couples’ energies create a shift in the matrix. They come together to help humanity ascend. And, they likely have soul contracts to do so. This magnifies the attraction to the Sith Lords of our time. See, unlike what the incorrect view of the “law of attraction” teaches, light attracts a load of darkness. Spirit shows me that these energies are here for multiple reasons. Go to the primordial soup to see why they are here for you. There are layers. We could indeed call them our own fears doubts and worries, and that is true enough for many folks. I sense them as our opposition to ascension, and the option for humanity to crash, divide and die. Only there is no death. And, feeling that within your core is a must. What really dies? We just have a choice to be like Neo when he faces the creator of the matrix program, and witnesses how many times he’d repeated the simulation. We’ll just repeat. And, then one day realize we could have done something different.

As twins unite and break through the program by owning their individual magic, the rest of us get to see our own power more clearly. Send love to the couples doing the work for us all. And, the individuals going at it who don’t have that support from an infinite partner.

Doug and I have battled through some soul contract work to get where we are. We traveled many realms. And, faced our earth shit. We’ve made new vows often. We have agreements. Nothing can break us, but, oh how it has tried. Are you with your twin? It is worth every single second of emotional upheaval. It is worth owning your shit as much as your perceived beauty. Like I said, he is a Scorpio. He has the nature to want to bring truth to the surface. And, I’m a sun in Pisces who alchemizes. Better together doesn’t even begin to describe it.

All information is free in the Universe. You don’t need anyone else to tell you whether you are soul mates or twin souls with your beloved. But, if you do not know it to your core, you’ve got some personal work to do. So, have some fun with it, and watch things shift quicker. Definitely embrace the “work.” They penetrate when you to think that just because you are working on something, that you are not fully successful. The energies I’m referring to must use tactics. They do not have bodies or souls or free will. In order to carry out the mission of division, they MUST be allowed in. Now that you are more aware, they already have less hold. Do we need help with this? Sure! We all need one another. Any time you can feel good just because you are you, you win.


Take into consideration that “evil” is merely ignorance of the light from which we all came. Whether it happened accidentally or there’s some scheme behind it, it literally dissolves when you love you. When you can look at you in the mirror and thank God, Goddess, Buddha, Yoda and all the angels that you exist. Psychic attacks are on the rise now, and human powers are using technology to emphasize the impact on healers. I feel you if you are experiencing this. But, nothing is stronger than the energy of your pure love.

This is happening all day all the time to give you opportunities to see yourself de-programed. Take a breath. Use the energies of the day to help you. Learn how to harness the benefits from the moon, which just went full in Taurus (the bull) as I finished this blog.

There is so much move to explore here. Let me know your thoughts.


Don’t forget to

It’s not that serious!

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Humans are designed with amazing capabilities. Everything in our bodies is directing us towards leading a Blissed Life. You have the ability to harness the power. The natural flow of life.

I have passed energy through my hands, and I have healed my friends pains with it. I know what we are. Even the most anti-esoteric person still has dreams or “gut instincts.” Have you ever thought of that? Even they get visions.

We, you, are designed this way. Intricately housing billions of cells, our bodies are planets themselves. We have glands that secrete visionary substances in order for us to see clearly through that third eye. It’s magical. Our bodies are on auto pilot. They don’t demand anything for it. They simply are. The more natural that you make yours the stronger your true light will shine.


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New Class: Spirit Guides and Past Lives

We are all divinely guided by and connected to an abundant source of energy. In this class we will discover how that energy manifests itself for us as guides (Angels, Ancestors, Animals etc), and how this manifestation has evolved with our soul since the beginning.
Your spirit guides are extensions of yourself. How can they help you on this part of your life journey? What parts of your soul’s journey need to be re-collected in order to have the experiences that create your best life? The answers lie within you, and we will begin to dig them out together.

These classes are available for groups of 5 or more as part of our Bliss Tour. Contact us at to host a class in your space.

Spirit Guides and Past Lives

6.5 hours


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Learn how to let go of past-life blocks that prevent your growth in the now, and embrace the help of your inner guidance. We are in a heightened time of transformation, and we are welcoming back parts of ourselves that may have been abandoned over the ages.

This workshop is all about embracing our individual needs for this transformation.
You will Learn and Remember:

  • Your Karmic Path and how to Undo Karma that is Finished
  • Your Soul’s Purpose and Stops along Your Journey
  • Your Soul’s Hidden Skills
  • Meditations for Connecting to Your Highest Self
  • How to use Past-Life Memories to Heal Now
  • How to Distinguish Spirit Guides, Ghosts and Toxic Energies
  • How to Break-Free From that which doesn’t Serve You

Combine the Spirit Guides and Past Lives Class with the Dream Class for the discounted price of $133

Preview Image

Please register by July 30, 2012 by paying the applicable fees and contact with your questions.

See You There,

xoxo Gina and Doug!

Gratitude Journal Experiment Days 23-30 — It’s Been a Month! Gratitude Journaling Results


Time for some gratitude attitude! Yo DJ give me a fat beat to show some love to this awesome month. We have met new friends, learned new things, regressed and progressed. It’s been a month of deep understanding in what we do and who we are.

We spent time each day taking in our opportunities and blessings. We focused on healthy manifestation and worked towards happiness through self-fulfillment. If a scenario wasn’t for the greater good of making us smile, we found ways to turn it into something optimistic.

Dwelling will only bring more to dwell on. Like attracts like. Please take some time today to see the bright side of your life. We all have miraculous ability to make anything out of our future that we want. Fill yourself with hope and possibility. We make the change.

The lists

Doug’s Gratitude List:

Little Mexican lizards
New insights
Gina’s striped socks
Dougie’s ravenous banana eating
Talking animals on YouTube
People laughing
Parties on the beach
The sound of the ocean

Dougie’s List:
Iron Man
Burn Man
Super Dougie

Gina’s List:
Messages from Dear Old Friends
Lots of Time
This Moment of Breeze and Bugs Chirping
Bright Ideas
Super Dougie and his Love
A husband that keeps making me laughing, while supporting me through more than I thought I could ever handle.

The Results:
It’s somewhat difficult to put into words the tremendous results we’ve seen through this month of consciously practicing gratitude. Here are some of the highlights:
*A new and improved sense of financial freedom and security (yeah, we know!)
*Double or even Triple the access we had to healthy foods
*Business and personal connections in our new town
*Lots of physical healing and and developmental strides for Dougie
*Ideas to carry us through the next part of our adventure
*Much more success and consistency in our home school project
*More Happy Clients and connections with the Right People
*Healing of Old Emotional Wounds
*Creative Release
*Physical Healing for all 3 of us (Especially a very eye-opening liver detox)
*The ability to much more quickly recoup ourselves after a difficult moment
*Being More productive and selective with our time
*Past-Life Memories and Healing
*Tremendous increase in Intuitive Abilities
*Support from friends far and wide

We didn’t ask for most of this, but inside we knew we needed it. The need to be properly rewarded for the work we do, helps us continue on this path. It would be the same for anyone, we think. But, sometimes we just don’t even know what to ask for. We were so distraught a month ago, and we thought that all we really needed was material. We thought we had a handle on the spiritual and emotional stuff. Yes, it’s our strong-suit, for sure. But, simply practicing gratitude everyday has made us see everything more clearly. We are, once again– amazed.


Check out our whole Gratitude Journal Experiment here. We’re definitely not finished. well keep sharing as we go.