Dream: Shadow-Self Embracing with Jesus (Part 3: The Red-Power Tricycle)


Here is part 3 of last night’s dream. Catch up with part 1 and part 2

I ran  down the old Roman street so fast that my body began lifting off the road, and again I was flying. When I let go of the loss I felt for my life there and my husband I was sucked back into the light portal. I felt the colors cleansing me of pain left behind from Rome. I didn’t see the pain as details, but I felt it lifting. Pressure lifted from my head and limbs. I felt a sensation like being sucked through a vacuum.

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Letting Go of The Past: What Patterns are Holding You Down?


The Scorpio New Moon inspires us to dig up that which doesn’t serve it and allow for its infinite transmutation into LIGHTNESS.

My life is a whole bunch of miraculous events that shake my foundation and sculpt my reality, and these insights always bring me back to my core belief… We need to connect to our true nature in order to be complete. We are designed to be so much healthier than we are. Your body a magical machine, but so many of society’s normal and highly advertised products are meant to hold your body in a sick pattern and inhibit you from reaching your true potential.

There are foods that clog your insides and create pineal gland calcification. In fact, most foods that the public eats are designed to keep us docile and infertile.

With a clean system, your body can function at higher levels, giving you elevated psychic and energetic strength

Shoes with arch support create and environment where your feet get locked in place and never strengthen like they should. Why do you think that we have such high rates of shin splints, bad knees, arch distortion, bad backs, and the list goes on?

Lets also not forget that we are not even connecting to the Earth anymore, which is naturally antioxidant and inflammatory for your body.

Walk barefoot and sync into the healing power of the Earth

Our planet has its own electromagnetic field that flows through the whole planet. This means that if you were standing in Chicago with your bare feet on the ground and another person in Tokyo had his bare feet on the ground, you would both be connected to that same energy source. Not both feeding from the current, but both a part of it sharing the collective. We are made for the planet, but society is trying to tell us that we aren’t.

The media and elite agenda doesn’t want a bunch of clear minded, healthy beings walking the planet. None of us would listen to their dribble if we were awake. I am not as much of a conspiracy theorist as I am an observant person. I see doctors selling pills, getting paid on both ends, and I see the public staying sick. Holding their patterns as they await the next round of vaccines. It’s all so that people can get sicker and sicker, and pay more and more. I have observed this nature in just about every industry where big business is done.

A person will fight to keep their parasite. They will surrender their unhealthy cravings for dominance over their psyche. They will do anything to keep their parasite at bay so that they don’t have to be bothered with fixing a problem. This type of living is an allusion. To make a new year’s resolution to stop eating fast food instead of just learning what fast food is made out of and deciding to be a conscious eater IS NOT CURING your problem.


Address the real problem or else another evil will take the place of the first parasitic motive

Look at your day in its entirety. What did you do today, yesterday, last week, month or year? What are your patterns and where are you being held down? I took a lot of time with this question.

I had a very typical lifestyle before my son got sick. I was money and power-driven as I amassed wealth and toys. It was an easy life, where I ignored my body and true natural purpose. I would eat what was delivered for lunch and take a pill when the aches and pains showed up. I had crutches for every aspect of my life that wasn’t perfect.

I couldn’t see five feet beyond my own objectives. It took catastrophe which turned into amazing experiences to change my perspective and get me to view my world all over again. I began getting rid of everything that didn’t serve me. I only do the things that feel right for me now. I live by the example that I want to see projected all around me in my life.

I say do anything that feels right to you, but be smart. If you are doing things that hold you down, then change them if you feel like taking on some liberty. You are a natural being, here to live your life for you. You are not a puppet for the politicians, pharmaceutical companies, banks or big agriculture.

As I have said a million times over… enjoy your life.

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Autism Recovery: Letting Go of the Autism Label

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emily shaules 006

When Dougie was ill,  autism was a word I needed. I was looking for answers to my son’s illness, behaviors, developmental regression and complete change of character and consciousness. I needed a definition. I needed a reason.

I needed to call it autism and beat it with a bat. Scream at it. Punch it. Kick it. Spit in its face and hate it for all it did to my boy. For the night terrors and 36 hour sessions without sleep. For the vagueness in his eyes. For his sadness. For the loss of the boy who hugged and kissed. For all it prevented us from doing.

I hated autism. And I needed the word. I felt as though the definition would fuel my reason and research. But the word quickly became a taboo in our home. My husband refused to hear me say it. And he refused to ever say that Dougie had it. This made me angry. And I stored that anger in a little box marked “nobody in the world understands me.”

I’ve lived in close proximity to autism for my entire life. I’ve taught in “special” programs for “special” children. I have an aunt who works specifically with children on the spectrum. At age 10, I befriended a woman named Rosie who probably had the label. So, when Dougie fell into chronic illness and returned without the language he previously had, without the social skills he previously had, without the spark that the previously had –I had an instant inkling that I was witnessing autism happen.

That’s what got me. I never understood that autism could happen. I only understood that the children I previously worked with were just the way they were because they were born that way (and maybe some of them were). I never had a feeling of needing to “cure” them. I loved them. They glowed. Maybe they learned differently or occasionally hurt themselves – but there was something that made them magnificent. I taught them and worked with them with love and believe that we made a difference together. I never connected inner health with outer behavior/symptoms during my time with them.

But, at home, I was watching my son change. And become sicker and sicker. The behaviors and sensory expressions, like licking everything, seemed to be connected to his illness – not simply some unique character qualities. Dougie rubbed his face against the carpeting, spun in circles, stacked and lined up toys, containers or whatever he could get his hands on. I’d watch him and hold the little angel. And there was no question in my mind whether or not I could help heal his predicament. I knew I could, and I knew he wanted me to.

I felt that if I couldn’t call it autism I couldn’t recover him. But the majority of my early studies on the word only provided superficial reasons for these symptoms. No one was saying that there was a physical, scientific, reason that the body responds with exaggerated sensory activity. I was hearing that these children are “special” and there are so many great teachers and doctors out there who can help them succeed. I was hearing that there is no cure but there would be hope that he could get a “job.”

And, as soon as I began talking to other parents of children with autism, I ran into those who thought I was egotistical, insane, cold, un-accepting and of course a terrible mother and role model for wanting to rid my son of this beautiful illness. Have you heard of autistic children referred to as Indigo children or crystal children? I started to question whether this autism was a gift and if I should just let go of trying to help Dougie heal from it. I never questioned my son’s magic. We always had a very deep intuitive connection. And, I wanted to do right by him. Was this his true path?

But, then I thought… if my son fell and got a gash in his head, I would stop the bleeding. If he had a cold, I would help him heal. If he was sad, I would hold him until he wanted me to stop. If my son was licking the floors and the walls and people in public because that consciously made him happy, and he wasn’t displaying other symptoms of unrest, I would accept him. I would teach him that people do not like to be licked. I would help him find healthier ways of fulfilling this need.

And I tried doing that. But my instinct kept telling me they there was something deeper to this autism. No matter how many physical/cognitive attempts I made to help him stop behavior that was dangerous to him I didn’t seem to be able to succeed that way. No matter how many times I pointed to myself and self “mommy” – he wouldn’t respond.

Along the journey, I saw a life changing video made by a woman with autism that opened my mind about how she perceives the world in a really sensory way. How she communicates with water and air. How even though she couldn’t talk she could write eloquently and felt so much joy about her life.

I could deeply relate to her. I too can see energy in the air. Feel emotion from animals, people and water. I honestly started to question whether or not I had this “autism.” I began remembering spinning in circles as a child, not talking to anyone but my parents, rubbing my face on everything, putting everything in my mouth, crying all the time, lining up pop bottles and biting people in public. They mystery behind autism was beginning to unravel for me.

I’ve never been one to conform and this has never been about conformity for me. It’s been about helping my son become his healthiest self.

Many of his behaviors were not socially acceptable. But I never flinched when taking him out in public. I used to get shoved to the front of the grocery checkout line because of his screaming. I took him to the park nearly every day where he would insist on banging the metal slide pole to hear the sound. And I never felt the need to say “oh he has autism” to explain us.

I needed the word only for me. I needed the word to help heal him – or so I thought. And I allowed him to be evaluated and labeled by the school system – a long and painful process, so I could get my answer. And we accepted the label because we were promised help if we did so. We interviewed the Chicago Public School staff who performed the evaluation. We explained that we would completely recover our son from his illness. We explained that we would accept a label if it would bring us help that reflected our beliefs. We explained that although we generally don’t accept the idea of labeling a child, we would take this one if it meant that Dougie could get real help. Help that brought us closer to recovery. And most of all, we didn’t want him pigeonholed because of it. We didn’t want the word spoken around him.

I signed a piece of paper agreeing that my son had “autism.” I did it against my deepest intuition. My husband wouldn’t sign it. In the instant that I crossed the last “t” in my last name, I regretted it. My son did not have autism as defined by the school system so they could never help recover him. They could only offer services with the notion that he had speech and occupational difficulties. They couldn’t get the root cause of those issues because they did not have the tools.

Then I began to hate autism even more because of the way the school system made extra money from it. I hated it because it put a cloud over my son at his school… and the word was repeated over and over and over. I hated it because no one believed that we could end its destruction on Dougie’s life.

Early on, I began to understand Dougie’s condition as a toxic manifestation. As I studied I learned where those toxins came from and as many of you know, we have brought him into a very healthy light.

But I continued to struggle with what to do with this label that kept coming up. All of the negative comments I continue to get from people who call me an autism hijacker. And, the sick children out there whose parents struggle like I did over how to handle a disorder that is only defined in social, sensory and outward symptoms.

Finally, last summer I really embraced shamanism and studied with some amazing spiritual teachers. Dougie’s and my recovery through raw foods helped open both of our bodies for deeper healing. But, food could not bring us to the level of peace we now have.

Shamanic journeying, meditation, chakra balancing though sound and movement, and touch therapies like reiki all helped me realize the insignificance of labels. But most of all they helped me let go of my need to label our situation.

The autism label, as widely defined never described how my husband and I see our son. My husband knew this all along. We create our own lives. We manifest our desires. We are completely responsible.

By believing that my son does not have “autism,” but merely an overload of toxins that continue to melt away I am defining it more scientifically because this is actually what he has. And, by understanding how these toxins can be released energetically helps add more valuable tools to our healing regime.

As time goes on, I continue to practice shamanism and reiki and I continue to gain deeper acceptance for who my son really is.

I have realized that yes, this is about acceptance. Yes this was supposed to happen. Yes my child does have a magical reason for being here and for displaying these behaviors. There is something very intuitive about him. He can use touch to heal me when I am in pain.

I believe he was put here to help us all heal. Because we were able to heal him against the odds, I know that anything is possible. I don’t know if I realized that before. Letting go of autism has helped me let go of my addiction to all labels. Now I can enjoy life for what it is. I can enjoy the feeling of water on my skin and wind in my hair without having to define it. I am more relaxed thanks to my little angel.

It just so happens that as we continue to physically heal and release toxins though diet and energy healing, Dougie’s speech and communication becomes more and more typical. But his magic and his power also increase. I would love and adore my son if he never said a word to me. If he never looked at me. But, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t lead him in the direction for complete wellness and fulfillment.

Dougie is not autism. Dougie is Dougie. He’s my magical little spunkmuffin – a glimpse into the heavens, and my strongest role model.

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Letting Go – Blissful Beginnings Following My Reiki Master Attunement

By, Gina LaVerde

I’m a closet cleanser. Been addicted to cleansing most of my life. No, not “cleaning.” In fact – I can make a mother of a mess. But “cleansing” –like more of a profound changes kind of a thing.

I ritually purge closets and drawers of things we can do without.

A year ago, the two loves of my life, my Dougs, and I left Chi town for La La Land toting only our tiny Mercedes, my son’s Thomas trains, my massage table, our Vitamix and our clothes. My hubby didn’t bring any possessions. The car was his baby, and in June he gave that to his big bro.

We moved here because of a loud and clear vision and message I received from a spirit. It was so loud and clear that I called my hubby at work after I had it, and we began planning or bust-out immediately.

Possessions are nothing for us to giveaway.

It’s the people. And the ideas we have of people. And, our ideas of the ideas they have of us. And, the fear of moving beyond that, of course.

Last week, we went to a gathering, and this guy said to me “ Do you realize how many people work extra hard to avoid their true selves?”

Think about that – what if every moment that turns your stomach does so because it is taking you off your path? Because it is that struggle that keeps you feeling unwell, right? Isn’t it so that resistance or struggle frustrates the flying doo doo outa you?

So, what if you just let go? Ha! Easier said than done, right? Especially when it comes to thought patterns and life choices. Cleansing my life of possessions left me some free space, and gave me practice. But, wowza – did I not expect the pain and blessings that are shaping my moment.

The other day, I got another message. It said that if I don’t take care of things for myself, the universe is going to do it for me. Figure I better shape up and keep my eyes open. Roger that Sam! (Sam’s my spirit guy – I’ll talk more about him later).

My boys and I are planning a world tour. We’re home-schooling and want to give our son a cultural education. He needs it. He loves new experiences. But, we weren’t planning on leaving just yet. Then 3 things happened.

  • Our lease is ending
  • We got an offer to go somewhere else
  • Our landlord came up while we were sitting in candle-light and asked us to be quiet (significant because we weren’t making a peep)

Ok, I got this strange gut feeling when I opened the door. Now, I’m open to leave whenever we need to. Wfew!

But wait, this place is our new home, and the people who criticize us always remark about how we move so much. Ooh what will they say??? ( said my silly inner crtic)

So, that night in dreamland, I got to re-evaluate how I treat people, why I have recently lost friends, and why I was feeling frustrated. And I woke knowing that lots more changes were coming, I also woke with a “clean” perspective of the love in the hearts of the people with whom I have disconnected from. There was always a love n MY heart for them. But, you know what else I realized? I talk a lot!

Yes, I listen and yes I desire to know more about my friends. But not too many of them share with me as much (or even half as much) as I share with them. I woke knowing that I need to shut up a bit. But, more than that. Listen deeper. And, use my voice to reach more people. If my energy had been cooped up in wanting and yearning for something that doesn’t align with me, I’m wasting my energy.

We cannot afford to waste our energy. These are times when major positive shifts are happening. And, we cannot afford to be cooped up.  We owe. We owe. We re not “owed.”

On Saturday night, I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I’ve been studying with Laura Bruno to become a Reiki Master Teacher. She has been the TRUEST teacher I have had so far, and I am so mega stoked that I Finally listened to that gut feeling and contacted her.

Saturday night was my attunement to this level of Reiki. And it was filled with visions and love and reassurance – and this new kind of KNOWING.

And then came the tornado of events that I didn’t take care of…that the universe took care of for me. “Harmless” people who I let too close (who had stolen and lied to me in the past) began doing it in a kicked-up manner. I could have let that go earlier in a more peaceful way. Nothing “bad” happened. No one was hurt. But, I really got the confirmation that people interpret words and actions how they want to based on the way they see things in life.

We need to connect with people who vibe with us.

See, it turns out that accepting lies (mostly because I told so many of them before) is one thing. But allowing that in my presence now will hinder my purpose.  And yours.

You can love and accept everyone. You can keep your promises; lend a hand and all that jazz. And you don’t even need “respect.” But, if someone is disrespectful to you – how can that help you along? How am I serving people if I allow them to speak negatively behind my back? This kind of energy hurts them too.

I have equated love and acceptance with allowing peeps to walk all over me. And, of course they don’t know it. I would never let them know it.

But, dig this – No one can really disrespect you or treat you in way you don’t like, unless you allow it. Have you heard this? Of course you have!

So, ultimately these situations were not about me letting go of particular people. But more like patterns of my own. I aligned with people who would do this to me. It’s taken me forever to REALLY REALLY appreciate and accept those people who I “think” have hurt me.

As I move on with teaching and coaching it is an absolute necessity that I’m True. And that means I can no longer lie to myself. So, now I let go of a judgment that I never realized I even had – a judgment of me. It was my inner voice wrongfully criticizing me for this and that. Other intuitive people just picked up on it and joined the bandwagon.

No one did anything “to” me. This life is really just an awesome game of experiences.

You can seriously crawl into a ball of Bliss on your fave couch and revel in this, because it’s true. These experiences are taking us somewhere better. Yup! Even better than this. And, I don’t wanna go too quick with it, because I really dig life. I really like to sink my teeth into these moments and enjoy them for every ounce of flavor they got.

Do you realize that by fully aligning with who you are, you inspire others to do the same? If you are angry – how can you re-align?

Let’s all let go of some self-inflicted judgment today. I hope it does you all as good as it does me. Plus all this letting go constantly leads to crazy cool abundancy.

We are so flippin blessed that we have the ability now to really be who we are, and to communicate at this level.

Goodness Gracious, soak it up!

Namaste You Gorgeous Soul


Image Credit: Fuzzyyol