Unassisted Birth/Free Birth: Violet Sky’s Story

It’s time to share more about our pregnancy and birth. As we prep for our Blissed Life Retreat, Violet and I took some time in front of the camera to share with you. There is so much more I want to share!


Unassisted Free Birth: Welcoming Angel Star Child, Violet Sky

Here’s a glimpse of our free birth story. Violet Sky returned earth-side on Dec 8, 2013 at 311 am in the midst of a freezing Joshua Tree windstorm. The little fire-starter wanted nothing to do with the water birth we’d planned. She was born in our RV, amidst some sweet music; Nako Bear, Krishna Das and of course, Bob Marley.

She came butt-first, breech too, which was a huge surprise. And, when we recognized that the “thing” I intuited was “blocking her head” was in fact her bottom, nature kicked in. I rode the waves of each energy surge, allowing them to literally take over me. And with each surge, I screamed (also not planned), and i could feel her moving down.

At that point, none of our reading or planning remained in my consciousness. I was going in and out of my body and moving in ways I never knew I could. For once in my life, fear was gone. I placed all of my faith in the angels, who I called to, out loud, knowing that they would help Violet. And they did.

And the girl who I’d been talking to and loving in dreams for the last 4 years showed me her face. I held her for 2 hours while we waited for her placenta t want to come out. My muscles were a bit jello-y after the baby, so there was no pushing the placenta ( at least not too much).
We saved her placenta in the traditional lotus birth fashion, dressing it with lavender and sea salt and keeping it close to her. Her cord dried up quite early, around day 5, and fell off on its own. We buried her placenta on the Feb 1 new moon.

I held her wrapped in her blankey for 2 whole days without dressing her or diapering her. We tried elimination communication, and she actually used the potty 4 times in her first week.

There is so much more to tell. I will share with you  about the reading  I had 2 days before her birth from my dear friend Lynn McCallum, my communication with Violet in dreams before and after her birth, our past life experiences in the last few weeks, and the significance of her first word.  Violet’s placenta was also an interesting phenomena and a story in itself.
I’ve been wearing her everywhere and haven’t taken much time for that inline connection. But. I’m having an amazing spiritual experience with this little woman, and will bring more of that here soon.

Im so grateful to my amazing husband who supports this journey and was absolutely cool with helping bring Violet home to us without intervention. Because we worked together, we manifested an almost pain-free experience in a peaceful setting, I did not tear or have stretch marks, bruises etc and the baby was free of birth injuries.

We have a happy healthy almost 2 month old baby now and life is Bliss!

Inspired By Today: Angela Stokes Monarch and Matt Monarch — Lotus Birth

I’m in awe. It’s so inspiring when people take their lives into their own hands and do what they know is best for them and their families. We had Dougie in the “normal” way–at the hospital. I asked my doctor about a water birth, because that’s what I really wanted. But, I hadn’t done enough research at the time to know there were other ways to have a baby than at a hospital.  Now this all seems natural and normal to me and I’m grateful that there are people like Matt and Angela out there, showing us what it’s like to embrace nature.

Babies have been being born healthy and happy since the beginning of time without intervention style birthing, I’m so thrilled for Baby Oria, who chose to come into this world through the absolutely gorgeous way her parents  and Mother Nature designed for her. It seems so peaceful and welcoming,

Every person deserves such a beautiful welcome!

Watch the video here: