Our Real Great Pumpkin Story and other Halloween Harvest Magic


Who doesn’t LOVE Halloween? Finally a day when people express that inner magic with celebration… and costumes, and treats! Me, I crave stories and folklore and love all things ancient. So the fact that Halloween has evolved with us since the days of Goddess and Earth-centered spiritual practice really kinda rocks my world. Plus, I’m designing a Fairy-Witch costume to wear while I make spider-shaped chocolates with my best buddy, Dougie.

Being an Un-Schooling mom is really a dream-come-true for me because I get to share with Dougie all of the true richness of our extended Earth culture. I get to share the deeper origins of holidays. And, being a conscious mom, I get to help him make decisions that deepen his soul experience. And, of course… I get to easily avoid Snickers bars, Hershey bars and genetically modified garbage candy– and ring in this gorgeous holiday with something better… more delicious and more meaningful.

There’s something really more magical brewing this Halloween though. With this passing full moon, I feel a sense of graceful release. As we collectively harvest our crops for Blissful Wintertime Slowness, I feel an urge to harvest my own inner wisdom and dig deep for the answers that are already there… To kind of just soak everything in. Pretty fitting for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (November 6th). It’s definitely a time of Inner Reflection. But, this time around, it comes so much more sweetly for me. It comes without regret or resentment for work unfinished –which has been my demise in the past ;). I can’t help but think that this has something to do with the sacred support I’ve received from the Divine Goddess Energies in my life. For sisters around the world who are owning their magic and for men who are embracing their feminine, intuitive sides in order to transmute those energies that we once thought of as negative. So, I join you this Halloween, Harvest Morning, feeling as though I’m finally reaping the harvest of Lifetimes of work to help bring forward the sacred feminine within all of us. What a powerful way to slide out of 2012. I knew this was MY year… And I’m sure I’ve told you that it’s yours too. Because it is!

How do we share this magic with our children? How do we open up the Real World to them? In our home, magic is reality. And the cool thing about kids is that they are usually up for this. I grew up thinking that the magic I had inside was wrong. My visions were incorrect. I wasn’t experiencing what I knew to be real. The adults around me loved me, but could not keep up with my differences. They still can’t. And, as time passed, I got to experience what it feels like to be shunned just because I was “trying” to express this magic. So, it’s an important and sensitive subject for me. One that I take to heart when parenting. When my son tells me he sees Faeries, I ask him what they say to him, what they look like, and what they taught him. So, on this magical Holiday, we take it up a few more notches.

Our son Dougie is very into the supernatural, super powers and the unseen. How cool! And can I just send another shout out to God and Goddess for hooking me up with the perfect soul-mate child for me!

So, on Halloween, we celebrate in our own way that comes from many traditions including, of course, Charlie Brown. We talk about the Harvest and the Celtic origins of this day. We talk about earth God and Goddess. We put together silly costumes and harvest a feast in our own kitchen of seasonal yummies. Today it’s creamy squash soup, apple cider, popcorn and home made chocolates. We Trick or Treat and fill up a big bucket of candy that we won’t eat!

What we do with our candy is one of the most important parts of Halloween for us. We offer it up to the Great Pumpkin… A spirit whose story we created, and we begin telling in early October.

You see, since the pumpkin has been on earth since per-historic times, the Great Pumpkin knows just what we humans and our animal and plant friends need. It knows how to feed us. And as children go out and collect all of the sugary, poisony foods this Halloween, the Great Pumpkin can take those foods and send them back into the earth to be transformed into something to serve us better. Of course, some children will eat many of these candies. That’s okay. All it takes is for one child to believe in the Great Pumpkin, and give his candy away to the Great Pumpkin, for the magic to happen on Halloween night. And, it is through the spirit of the Great Pumpkin that children’s tummies across the country will receive healing, so that they don’t get sick…. But instead just enjoy some sweetness for a moment. And, the Great Pumpkin will reward any child who leaves him his bucket of candy on Halloween night. He promises to grant one wish for each child who shares his candy with the Earth.

Dougie will be dressing as Iron Man today, and has wished for a radio-active spider to turn him into the Real SpiderMan right after Halloween.

And, we wake up on Nov.1 to a new wish-come-true, and a new celebration. We take this day to honor our loved ones who have passed. After spending 6 months in Mexco, Dia De Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) means even more to us. Tomorrow we will be creating honorary art pieces for our relatives and talking about their spirits and the love they have left here for us.

There are so many reasons to celebrate right now. Choose one that has some meaning for you and go with it. Your day deserves some magic.

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Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven: Global Energy Healing Initiative Begins May 1

This world needs some sweet lovin from the inside out to bring us all back into balance. My friend and amazing teacher, Laura Bruno, has initiated a “calling out” of all healers, lightworkers, lovers and progressive peeps who want to feel the Bliss of a new and improved mama planet — to join together on May 1 for a Global, Virtual Energy Healing offering to catapult us forward in LOVE.

Who: YOU
What: Please Join Us May 1 for Ocean’s Eleven -Eleven, a Virtual Global Healing Initiative
When: All Day
Where: Worldwide (Earth)
Why: Because the Earth continues to give us signals that she wants to feel better and that the SYSTEM that governs us needs to change as they are working toward our mass destruction
How: Offer an energetic gift with intention to heal the core of the issues that are harming us and our planet

May 1 marks the traditional celebration of Beltane — a “purification ceremony and celebration of newness” (Laura Bruno). So, tomorrow, May 1 offers us the opportunity to turn an energetic “new leaf” for our planet and our selves. On May 1, we join to heal the core of our planetary illness. This will be the first step in “Oceans Eleven-Eleven”– A virtual gathering of “expert lovers and healers” who can get behind the scenes and heal our self destructive patterns of fear, doubt and worry. Much like the movie “Ocean’s 11,” this group of people understands the system and can use energy to repair what it wrong with it. In the movie, George Clooney and gang stole from a corrupt casino. In our real world, we’ll be taking it a step further to put an end to that corruption.

What can You do?

What is your offering? Are you a Shaman, Reiki practitioner, artist, dancer, mom, accountant, chef, teacher, healer, magician? What special gift of love can you offer to your own healing, our planet and your sisters and brothers (fellow humans and life on earth)? Let your gift come from your heart and be your expertise. The vibration that comes from the heart (an intention of love) is 5000x stronger than that which comes from your brain. And, you are energetically supported by hundreds of others with complimentary expertise.

Dedicate as much time as you can on May 1 to healing the core of the issues.

Set an Intention

Thought becomes reality when we solidify it with intention. This is how our creative energy takes form. Our group intention for May 1 is to heal the core of the issues that got us into a place of destruction (government mandated food toxicity (GMO, CODEX); Big Biz (Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Medica) control of cash and health; corruption, war, hate, fear etc). We want to get to the root of what caused this in the first place and we want to simply HEAL IT.

Face it. Then, Replace it!

To me, healing means finding the problem and replacing it with something much stronger — like feelings of love, forgiveness, gratitude, certainty and confidence. As you set the intention to heal the core issues of the planet, remember that we are all one. You are a part of the planet and have your part in what went wrong (consciously or unconsciously). Send out your healing gift with love and certainty. Send it out knowing that it will get to where it needs to go. Send it out knowing that it can work as promptly as you allow it to work. You are in control of your gift. You are using it to replace core deficiency with core Blissency. No dwelling. In fact, Laura and friends have declared it a complete no-no to bring forth any of the old into this new Kingdom of Bliss. And, that is where I believe we will make a difference.

What is the core of the issues?

I like to think of healing the core of the issues as healing the planet at a cellular level (at the root chakra). Humans and other creatures represent the earth’s cells to me. When I want to heal the core of my own issues or help a client do the same, I’m often led to the root chakra (base of spine, where stem cells are produced).

Since I am intending to HEAL (face it and replace it), I simply look at the issues as strong negative energies that I am pulling out of the core and replacing with loving thoughts, feelings, Reiki and balance. When I help someone heal, I often enter a meditative or trance state, and I plan to do just that tomorrow. I have to admit that I don’t know EXACTLY what caused all of this, but I know where to point my energy and who to ask for help.

I plan to help heal Mama Earth on a grander scale by treating her just like a client in my healing room. I know she will feel better when she leaves, yet I cannot take full credit for her relief.

It is her willingness to heal.. the openness of her cells, YOU and ME, to that healing energy. The ability of her cells, YOU and ME, to let go of old patterns with forgiveness and gratitude for the lesson and move into a NEW way of being.

We are the core of the issues. I’m ready, and I feel you are too.

Some More tips and How-To’s From Laura

Laura’s blog has a lot more explanation of gifts you can give including mantras that work.

I’m teaching Reiki classes today and tomorrow so the energy will be sky high over here. Our offerings are magified with love, sunshine, reiki, crystals, music, art, visualization, mantras and so many surprises. Tell me what you will offer.

PS Reiki peeps — vote early and often, you know how