Soul Mates and Psychic Attacks in Scorpio–

I’m no astrologer. But, I have a husband with 3 planets in Scorpio (we can talk more about that later), and I’m fully aware of how the planetary arrangements affect my daily life. Even if the Earth is flat as a pancake, something is going on in the sky that influences my thoughts and emotions. Scorpio, to me represents that dark feminine energy. The black water that so many are afraid to tread. And, she’s fierce. She calls out all your shadows and shit.  And, when she’s made up her mind that you’re to blame, there ain’t no holding back.   Read more

Unschooling Monday Moon-Day Mayhem: Getting Angry and Loving It!

Those chocolates are a combo of raw organic coconut oil, raw cacao powder, sea salt, raw honey, and fresh raw almond meal! we blended, molded and froze for about an hour. Great Moon Fudge ❤

The Moon influences the way we feel. Think about it. Notice when your emotions are high or low, when you feel more-so reflective, dreamy or passionate, and then take a look at the shape of the moon.  Or find out what sign it is flowing through at the time.

Of course, astrology being the first science, there is a great deal of information about how the stars above inspire the way we think, feel and act. The Moon tends to have a more noticeable effect on us Earthlings because it is so close. (I’m aware of many theories about how and why the moon was created including the idea that our current moon is a hologram. But, I decided to make this post short). Read more

Retrograde Reiki Readings $123 on 1/23

10314649_10153169650426988_2962507052415981917_nHow Fun would it be to CELEBRATE 1/23 with a FACE TO FACE Session? I’m inspired to offer RETROGRADE REIKI READINGS from the comfort of your own home. I’ll Share with you A Reiki Healing Atunement and Intuitive Reading to help LIGHT your way. And, I’m offering it for $123 (a $32 discount) If you sign up between now and 1/24 at 1:24 pm pst. Here’s some more info about my work.

Chat and Phone are still available if you prefer.

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As long as you sign up for your session on between 1/23 and 1/24 at 1:24 pm pst 2015, you may schedule your session at any convenient time.